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My FR handle is in honour of some relatives who served in the US Army Air Corps (later, US Army Air Force) during WWII.

Hard-core capitalist and conservative. I have a bunch of letters after my name indicating a variety of educational accomplishments.

I was born early enough in the 1970s to remember The Peanut Farming President and I idolised Reagan while I was young and now admire the man.
Proud 7th generation Texan.
The US Constitution and the Word of God are my guides.

Member of RKBA.
RKBA Title: Army Air Corps - K'nigget Commander of The Order of La Vache Puissante Qu'on Peut Jetter. Purveyor of Archaic Widgets, Custodian of Relics of the Future, Empirical Fantasist, Master Anglicist, and Holder of The Cromwell Chair (Sandhurst)

My list of favourite political books includes:

    The Road to Serfdom -

    Gulag Archipelago -

    All the Trouble in the World - P. J. O'Rourke

    The Federalist Papers -

    The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith

I recommend the following history books:

    Great White Fleet - James Reckner

    The Rocket and the Reich -

    Nuclear Axis -

    One Hell of a Gamble -

    Kaigun -

    Strange Victory - Ernest R. may

    The Nazi Doctors - Robert Jay Lifton

    Graf Zeppelin & Hindenburg: The Golden Age of the Great Passenger Airships -

There are more; if you want a list of books, Freepmail me.

I am a proud member of the Civil Air Patrol (TX 293)

Janine Turner - One of my favourite conservative babes.

I have traveled to Vietnam and greatly admire the people of the South. The communists may have "unified" the country,
but the Republic of Vietnam still exists in the heart and the spirit of south Vietnam. One day, it will be the south that liberates all of Vietnam.

Remember Terri Schiavo (Schindler) (1963-2005)

Remember the horrible, cowardly terrorist attacks in London (7 July 2005)

In Memoriam - Tara Wilson (23), 20 March 2006. Friend crushed in roof collapse of restaurant.

Vietnam/Vietnam War Ping list: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; ken21; Victoria Delsoul; U S Army EOD; PROCON

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This is the Rock Pile near Khe Sanh, summer 2004.

Some Favourite Websites

          Boeing - One of my favourite aircraft manufacturers
          Bell Helicopters - Cool toys that I wish I owned
          Royal Air Force Downloads
          League of World War I Aviation Historians
          American Aviation Historical Society
          Encyclopedia Astronautica

          The National Archives (US)
          The Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University - The largest collection of material on the Vietnam War outside the Federal Government
          Centre for Military History - The US Army's military history centre
          Naval Historical Centre - A massive resource for documents and photographs related to the US Navy's History.
          History of Aviation Collection at UT Dallas - Just WOW!  A great, growing archive of military and civil aviation history.
          Air Force Historical Research Agency - A fantastic resource for researchers of USAF history.  Great source of documents and photographs.

          National Air and Space Museum - The premiere Aviation Museum in the US
          National Museum of Naval Aviation - THE museum of America's Naval Aviation Heritage and Tradition
          Witte Museum - Possibly the best museum in San Antonio
          The National Museum of the United States Air Force - The museum of the USAF
          American Airpower Heritage Museum - A museum that pays tribute to all aircraft and airmen of WWII
          The Houston Museum of Natural Science - Just about the coolest museum in Houston

  • Online Radio

          Little Saigon Radio - The voice of the Vietnamese Community in the US.

          Mad Rabbit Productions - A humour site operated by my oldest and best bud.

Per Ardua Ad Astra