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The info below is from many diffferent FReepers and much of it was collected by freeper Pete from Shawnee Mission. I've formatted and added to it and will continue to make additions.

Vegetable Growing Guides from Cornell U

Seeds, Fruit Trees, Gardening Supplies, And Equipment - Internet Resources

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Seed Saver Exchange Links

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Seed folder on my cloudware and more than half is seed saving info; https://permasteader.route66custom.com/cloud/index.php/s/b7CHfcGg4MWS9xj

88 posted on 6/6/2021, 7:17:43 PM by Diana in Wisconsin

Canning / Preserving Supplies

Posted by Honeysuckle Tn in another thread!

Books & Videos/playlists

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7 Books Aimed at Helping Hobby Farmers - https://www.hobbyfarms.com/books-hobby-farms-farming/

I own ‘The Woman Hobby Farmer’ and ‘The Lean Farm’ both of which I’ve found helpful.
107 posted on 6/21/2021, 9:45:28 AM by Diana in Wisconsin

I have this book. It’s for people gardening in limited space with limited resources. It does teach you a lot about growing vegetables and composting organically. (Good to know but I think If you have space and fertilizer, use it you will get larger vegetables and yields.)

“How to grow more vegetables in less space than you ever imagined” John Jeavons - https://www.amazon.com/How-Grow-More-Vegetables-Ninth-dp-0399579184/dp/0399579184/

I have not read this but am aware of some of his arguments for using space if you have it.
“Gardening when it Counts. Growing food in hard times.” Steven Soloman. (Founder of Territorial Seeds.) - https://www.amazon.com/Gardening-When-Counts-Growing-Mother/dp/086571553X

“Whizbang Gardening!” Herrick Kimball - https://whizbanggardening.blogspot.com/

“Four Season Harvest ” Elliot Coleman. - https://www.amazon.com/Four-Season-Harvest-Organic-Vegetables-Garden/dp/1890132276/

Some oldies but goodies from Rodale
How to Grow Vegetables and Fruits by the Organic Method
The Complete Book of Composting
All New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening - newer but also Rodale

Straw Bale Gardening

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Straw Bale Gardens Complete - https://www.amazon.com/Straw-Bale-Gardens-Complete-Karsten/dp/1591869072
49 posted on 2/20/2021, 10:54:22 AM by Qiviut

To: Qiviut
The book I used as a resource was “Straw Bale Gardens Complete” by Joel Karsten.
142 posted on 2/21/2021, 10:12:45 PM by Grammy

“How to Build a Straw Bale Garden” ~ Modern Farmer - https://modernfarmer.com/2013/07/straw-bale-gardening/

Misc Gardening

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Johhnys Seeds and BootStrap Farmer both have extensive how to resources
BootStrap Farmer - use resources in menu -https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/pages/resources
JohnnysSeeds - https://www.johnnyseeds.com/growers-library/growing-center.html

The Resilient Gardener & How to Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties by Carol Depp
Even if you don’t intend to take up plant-breeding, she has excellent advice about how to save seeds in a way that minimizes inbreeding depression, and how to select for plants that do well in your particular area.
278 posted on 3/13/2021, 2:40:14 PM by Ellendra

Landrace Gardening: Food Security through Biodiversity and Promiscuous Pollination
Joseph Lofthouse just published the book for you! His methods of landrace breeding break a lot of rules, but the result is an almost lazy way to breed new varieties. Check it out!
87 posted on 6/20/2021, 4:27:09 AM by Ellendra

The Orchard: A Memoir’ by Adele Crockett Robertson
The Orchard is an exquisitely beautiful and poignant memoir of a young woman’s single-handed struggle to save her New England farm in the depths of the Great Depression.
10 posted on 6/26/2021, 9:37:52 AM by Diana in Wisconsin

Disguised/camouflaged Gardening And Permaculture

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Permaculture folder on my cloudware; https://permasteader.route66custom.com/cloud/index.php/s/qxH3yLLFGqD2ptm




Edible Landscaping by Rosalind Creasy is an excellent book. ALL of her books are terrific!
I see that ‘Edible Landscaping’ is out of stock at this site, but you can find it elsewhere on line or at your library.
(I just hate linking to Amazon for anything these days!)

296 posted on 3/17/2021, 11:29:26 AM by Diana in Wisconsin

52 Weekend Garden Projects” By Nancy Bubel
To: bimboeruption
It's from 1992, but a really great reference with a lot of useful projects for the garden/yard.
posted on 2/23/2021, 9:40:20 AM by Diana in Wisconsin

The Founding Gardeners by Andrea Wulf
A friend recommended this to me, and it's in my 'stack-o-stuff' (Miss You, Rush!) to read.
Andrea Wulf's fine story of how gardening and farming shaped the thinking of Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison … One of Wulf's most luxurious and sharp-witted chapters concerns the matter that would fertilize a new nation: 'Mundane as it seems,' she writes, 'manure was of the greatest concern to all four of them.
San Francisco Chronicle
'Land Girls' is a pretty good series to watch, too.
186 posted on 2/25/2021, 10:25:57 AM by Diana in Wisconsin

Links To Various Subjects

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NPK of Everything


Gardening- Amount to Grow for family of five

Here’s a chart for Amount to Grow for family of five of various veggies. Basically for a tractor garden and row length needed ranges from 10 to 1,000 feet. Might be handy in these times we live in. Can be reduced down to one person or even less. Tells you how much of each veggie is produced per 100 foot row which is handy. Some of those units are in bushels. Row spacing is listed for a tractor. (pdf file)
57 posted on 7/10/2021, 4:04:58 PM by Pollard

Cooking for 100 - 1945 US Navy Mess Hall Cooking


pdf download - https://ia600300.us.archive.org/33/items/TheCookBookOfTheUnitedStatesNavy1944/TheCookBookOfTheUnitedStatesNavy1944.pdf

Before going into the garden!


Gardening can do wonders for your health, but if you don’t take care and stretch your body before spending time crouching, bending, and pulling weeds, you can become very stiff, sore, or injure yourself badly. These simple stretches for gardeners are easy and gentle for every body. Spend just a few minutes doing these before you head into the garden and you’ll feel a world of difference.

  1. Tall Like A Tree
  2. Touch The Earth
  3. Tumbleweed Your Shoulders
  4. Tight Like a Bud, Flourish Like a Flower
  5. Find Your Deep Roots
151 posted on 5/27/2021, 7:12:13 AM by Diana in Wisconsin

Freeper Gardening Wisdom

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WATERING: (Advice from Diana)

The Proper Way to Water Your Garden - Watering Plants and Lawns Efficiently


Watched a few of the Daisy Creek Farms videos. Very informative and well done.
A good primer for Newbies on which veggie plants NOT to buy at a nursery...because they are super-easy to grow yourself from seed! $4 for 6 corn seedlings? LOL!
What a racket!

Never Buy These 12 Veggie Plants from Nursery

78 posted on 6/28/2021, 2:55:52 PM by Diana in Wisconsin

J. Jevois "Do not water plants....always water the ground around the plants!"

Fertilizing Root Crops

Look for a 5-10-10. LOW in Nitrogen, and higher in both Phosphorus and Potassium (aka, Potash.)

So, bone meal will be good, but also add Muriate of Potash. Most garden centers will sell either of these components separately, or have a blend of fertilizer specifically for root crops.

You can use the same combo on anything ‘root crop’ such as carrots, potatoes, onions, kohlrabi, turnips, etc.

Even a liquid TOMATO fertilizer would be OK for growing potatoes in a pinch - they’re both in the Nightshade family.

Just remember: as little nitrogen as possible for potatoes. Too much and you’ll get beautiful, lush plants but little or nothing BELOW. :)

Container Potatoes per metmom


Some Of Diana’s Advice On Selecting And Growing Tomatoes

Tomato blight is in the SOIL, so the key to prevention and/or slowing it down, is to mulch your tomatoes well, but leave a gap around the stem for direct watering/fertilizing. Also, pruning your lower tomato plant leaves well above the soil and using a copper spray on the bottom 1/3 of your plants on a regular basis helps knock it back, too. Humidity and dew really don’t contribute to spreading the disease; heavy rain downpours on un-mulched garden beds can splash the blight up onto the higher leaves, spreading disease. You will almost always see blight starting on the LOWER leaves and working its way UP. HOWEVER - if your tomatoes are packed in and there’s not enough air circulation around them, that also contributes to blight issues. I know it’s too late for this year, but in the future get in the habit of buying seeds/plants that are blight resistant. Look for AAS Winners; they’re usually a winner because they don’t have the disease issues other varieties have. The AAS Winners listed here are the small and cherry-types.- https://all-americaselections.org/aas-winning-tomato-types/

Here is a listing of blight resistant tomatoes that are newer to the market: https://www.bhg.com/gardening/gardening-trends/best-new-tomatoes-2020/ Here are some ‘old standards’ many of us have been growing for years: https://tomatopedia.org/blight-resistant-tomato-varieties/ Disease Resistant Codes (usually listed in the catalog description; sometimes are part of the actual tomato variety name):

Disease Resistance Codes

I heartily recommend ANY of the tomatoes in the ‘Chef’s Choice’ series - but leave room because the plants and the tomatoes are BIG!
152 posted on 7/15/2021, 9:38:44 AM by Diana in Wisconsin

Some Of Diana's Advice On Selecting And Growing Cucumbers

Cucumbers will stop setting fruit if the temperatures get too high. Have you been having that Heat Wave by you?

Also, you can either have too many male flowers and not enough females (that carry the fruit) or vice versa. They usually even themselves out in the end. ;) Too much nitrogen in the soil, or what you’re using as fertilizer can cause that, too. Just like tomatoes, if you have too much nitrogen, you get big plants but little production out of them.

How are pollinators by you? Do you have bees and such buzzing around? Lack of pollination can be a problem for cucumbers, too.

Lastly, they have cucumber varieties now that are Parthenocarpic, which only produce female flowers and self-pollinate - no male flowers needed. “A few parthenocarpic cucumber varieties are available for home gardeners. Parthenocarpic slicers include Sweet Success, Euro-American, Socrates, Tyria, Diva, Tasty Jade and Suyo Long. County Fair 83 is a parthenocarpic pickler, but the slicers can also be harvested young and used for pickling since seeds are not a problem.”
Of those above, I have grown ‘Diva’ which was nice, but fatter than I wanted. I like the English-style cukes that are long and thinner with few seeds and thin skins. This season I am growing, ‘Sweeter Yet’ and ‘Summer Dance.’
23 posted on 7/10/2021, 9:04:21 AM by Diana in Wisconsin


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Pollard's COVID-19 Protocol(based on what I can get - started 12/20/21 after wife tested positive twice at nursing home she works at)

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