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Al Qaeda again threatens New York, Washington and Los Angeles - Daily Terror Threat
Debka ^ | 11-3-2003 | Staff

Posted on 11/03/2003 9:17:27 AM PST by tubavil

Edited on 01/26/2004 3:58:09 PM PST by Sidebar Moderator. [history]

Monday, November 3, 2003

A new message was posted in the last few hours by the Jeddah-based al-Qaeda-linked Al-Islah (Reform) society calling on Muslims to flee New York, Washington and Los Angeles in advance of major al Qaeda attacks in those cities. This is revealed by DEBKAfile.

The message accuses the United States of predetermining its end (doom) by its policies. ?The Jews rule the Pentagon by remote control and (are the cause) of Muslims being killed in every corner of the world. The United States should therefore expect more blows.?

The message is signed on behalf of the al Bayan (The Threat) movement by ?your warrior brother, Abul Hassan al Khadrami?.

Our Muslim expert identifies the name of the signatory as belonging to a Yemeni from Hadhrameuth, the Bin Ladens? place of origin where Osama enjoys substantial tribal support.

DEBKAfile?s counter-terror sources stress that warnings appearing on these forums are taken both very seriously and with caution by the intelligence services keeping track of the terrorist network?s electronic traffic.

Last November, Jeddah-based fundamentalist forums addressed a message to an Al Qaeda member, saying whoever understands ? understands; whoever knows, knows, but we are marching towards an operation that will take us to Paradise. Three days later, the Mombasa Paradise hotel was blown up killing 12 Kenyans and 3 Israelis and a failed shoulder-launched Strela anti-air missile missed an Israeli airliner at Mombasa airport.

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To: Letitring
There are also a lot of underground tunnels on the west coast, back from the days of bringing in illegal Chinese and kidnapping drunks in the taverns to work on the boats. I know they are in Seattle, Portland and Pendleton (Oregon). The ones in Pendleton are a tourist attraction now. Probably are tunnels in San Francisco as well.
6,001 posted on 01/03/2004 6:19:40 PM PST by Oorang (Don't tread on me)
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To: All

Hunt for UK terror cell; may be carrying legitimate UK, US or other European passports
Observer ^ | 01/04/03 | Peter Beaumont and Antony Barnett

Posted on 01/03/2004 6:08:54 PM PST by Pikamax

Hunt for UK terror cell

"Hijack gang 'have British passports'"

Peter Beaumont and Antony Barnett Sunday January 4, 2004 The Observer

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Intelligence officials hunting Islamist terrorists suspected of planning attacks on British Airways flights believe they may be carrying legitimate American, UK or other European passports to try to beat airport security. According to US sources, last week's cancellation of the BA flights to Washington and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia was triggered by fear that terrorists with legitimate 'clean aliases' were planning attacks over the New Year holiday.

The alert comes amid compelling new evidence of determined efforts by jihadist groups to recruit suicide bombers in the UK and Europe both for operations against the American-led coalition in Iraq and against domestic targets.

Intercepts from a Western intelligence agency seen by The Observer reveal that jihadists regard London as a key financing and recruiting centre for their efforts.

Although Whitehall sources strongly denied suggestions that UK passport holders were suspected in the threat to British Airways, telephone intercepts seen by this newspaper make clear that Islamist terror cells are deliberately targeting 'well-educated' foreigners, Britons among them.

In one call, an unidentified jihadist tells a colleague: 'We need foreigners. We have Albanians, Swiss and English... all that is important is that they are of a high cultural level ... businessmen, professors, engineers, doctors and teachers.'

The focus on well-educated, capable and highly committed 'foreigners' was a hallmark of the al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, which ran a strict selection policy for its students."
6,002 posted on 01/03/2004 6:45:28 PM PST by Cindy
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To: TomInNJ; Letitring
Why was that mosque closed Tom? Do you have a link for that? It is still listed with ISAT.
6,003 posted on 01/03/2004 6:52:38 PM PST by Calpernia (Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.)
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To: tubavil; LayoutGuru2
>>Looks like the other manual in Farsi.

Can you read Farsi?
6,004 posted on 01/03/2004 6:53:31 PM PST by Calpernia (Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.)
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To: Oorang
Dallas, Tx.-tunnels.
6,005 posted on 01/03/2004 7:04:56 PM PST by Letitring
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To: freeperfromnj; JustPiper
Well, since that is posted publicly now....I guess I'll post this link here. Hell, we might be able to figure something out from the info. I have a feeling our enemy has more secrets then we as citizens will ever know.
6,006 posted on 01/03/2004 7:07:58 PM PST by Calpernia (Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.)
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To: Calpernia
No, but I have Farsi & arabic translation services available.
6,007 posted on 01/03/2004 7:09:23 PM PST by tubavil
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To: Letitring
Arlington, Tx. Tunnels. Even under the university, complete with maps. good grief.
6,008 posted on 01/03/2004 7:09:30 PM PST by Letitring
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To: Calpernia
6,009 posted on 01/03/2004 7:10:41 PM PST by Domestic Church (AMDG...)
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To: Domestic Church
OKC snipped from article

It’s all but forgotten now, but long ago there was a secret Chinese city in tunnels underneath downtown Oklahoma City. For years, there were rumors of this secret underground city, known to few, if any, white people. Their network of tunnels was rumored to stretch from the North Canadian River all the way to NW 17th and Classen, complete with opium dens, gambling casinos, living quarters and more. Then, in the early days of urban renewal in 1969, it was discovered - not the huge labyrinth purported in myth, but a small network of connecting rooms and tunnels, long since abandoned. Chinese writing covered the walls, indicating that at least a few rooms served as gambling parlors. There were stoves, laundry areas, and yes, a Buddhist temple with peeling gold wallpaper. Records indicated that the businesses in the area were owned by the Chinese from 1910 to 1929, but people were reported to be using the tunnels as late as 1949. The Chinese originally came to Oklahoma to work for the railroads, then stayed here. No one knows why they left the tunnels. Today, nothing remains of the Underground Chinese City. On its site now stands the Cox Business Services Convention Center. However, the spirit of the underground city lives on in the Metro Concourse, a vast network of underground tunnels that connects many of the buildings downtown, letting the people who work here avoid the heat of summer and the cold winds of winter.

6,010 posted on 01/03/2004 7:13:49 PM PST by Letitring
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To: Letitring
When you came on this morning....did you start reading posts? Or just posting? I started posting here this morning: There are posts from me that follow about NXT Energy and their Belly River project along with a map I posted.

did you see that?
6,011 posted on 01/03/2004 7:14:32 PM PST by Calpernia (Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.)
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To: Calpernia; Letitring
I don't know if it's closed. I was asking Letitring if it was closed. Letitring was also not aware as to wheather it was closed or not. But we (letitring and I) both expressed hope that it was closed or eventually will be.
6,012 posted on 01/03/2004 7:16:51 PM PST by TomInNJ
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To: tubavil
I guess Islam just wants to fight. So let's give them all they want and a little more.Stupid mindset they have-- stay ignorant and ineffective and rail against the civilizations that are actually worth something. Islam is a useless way of being.
6,013 posted on 01/03/2004 7:20:33 PM PST by mathurine
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To: Letitring
Hum, looks as if OKC takes it's tunnels very seriously. Good deal.
6,014 posted on 01/03/2004 7:21:45 PM PST by Letitring
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To: Calpernia
I real it, Cal, but didn't know what to make of it. No, I went back and read everything I'd missed. My recall isn't what it should be right now, but I just didn't understand that map or the discussion about the belly project.
6,015 posted on 01/03/2004 7:23:39 PM PST by Letitring
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To: Calpernia
What do you think it means about the belly river project?
6,016 posted on 01/03/2004 7:25:34 PM PST by Letitring
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To: Calpernia

February 13, 2003 18:27 IST

A UK-based news agency says it has a new audio recording of Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

The 53-minute tape was recorded this month and acquired from a seller over the Net, the Al-Ansaar news agency says.

"In this final year I hurl myself and my steed with my soul at the enemy. Indeed, on my demise I will become a martyr," the Al-Qaeda leader purportedly says.

"I pray my demise isn't on a coffin bearing green mantles. I wish my demise to be in the eagle's belly," he says.

Experts contacted by Al-Ansaar believe that the 'eagle' refers to the US and the quote reveals bin Laden's wish to end his life in a final act of terrorism, Khan says.

He wishes to die in the Eagle's belly. Hum. All that talking about deep dark caves, etc.

Have all those pictures disappeared off those websites and what about those cars? They looked to be under close observation, by someone.
6,017 posted on 01/03/2004 7:28:59 PM PST by Letitring
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To: tubavil
New info on the Red Sea Crash from a poster on (unknown credibility):

According to the Al-Ahram,An Egyptian news paper, and from the ATC of Sharm AL shake, the aircraft was at 5500 Feet when all the sudden the radar showed that the aircraft started shifting hard to right and left and then dropped 200 feet then started descending to 4000 feet then disappeared. Another interesting thing is the The F/O of the previous flight from Italy to Sharm just before the accident indicated that the aircraft was perfectly fine and working fine with no problems at the long flight from Italy to sharm. The aircraft received a C/d check four month ago. And was leased from ILFC For five years. The victims Included 133 French tourist , one Moracan, one Japanese and 13 crew member in which 6 were on duty and the other 6 were not.

The 6 off-duty Egyptian crew members scare me the most - it was an off-duty crewman who dove Egypt Air 990 into the sea . . .

Also, the text on that Red Sea/Bloody Hand image said something about watching the battles on the Arabian Island . . . there are numerous small islands in the area of the plane crash . . . some are in Saudi Arabian territory (although the term Arabian Island apparently sometimes refers to the whole of the Arabian Peninsula) . . .

6,018 posted on 01/03/2004 7:29:26 PM PST by LikeLight ( ___________________________________ it's a line)
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To: LikeLight
Where is that picture? Do you recall which post number?
6,019 posted on 01/03/2004 7:30:42 PM PST by Letitring
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To: LikeLight
>> "...all the sudden the radar showed that the aircraft started shifting hard to right and left..." <<

I may be reaching here, but could that indicate a struggle at the controls?
6,020 posted on 01/03/2004 7:32:05 PM PST by liberallyconservative (Im a politician which means Im a cheat & a liar. If Im not kissin babies Im stealin their lollipops)
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