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Thinking About Eternal Life: We're all going to die. That's100% certain. The question for you to seriously ponder is this, "Where are you going to be after you die -- heaven or hell?"

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1. Posts wisely, considerately, carefully and uses no profanity or incitement.

2. Uses his head and heart to form his posts before posting.

3. ALWAYS cites a source(s) when posting information/news related posts.

4. ALWAYS is careful to choose his source(s) because he knows accuracy counts.

5. Does not treat as a graffiti board.

6. Understands that posting threads when only armed with rumors, speculations, and unconfirmed "information" undermines as a credible news-related site.

7. Posts information and informed opinions even when the subject matter may not be popular and the topic may be unwelcome.

8. Thinks in-the-box and outside-of-the-box by using his critical thinking skills.

9. Does not participate in conspiracy theory threads.

10. Thanks God each day that free speech is still welcome on

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: ATTACK ON AMERICA! [Archives & Updates; Memorials & Tributes]

Life is short. Each day you live is a gift from God. Use it wisely. -Cindy