Since Feb 26, 1998

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I'm LikeLight (Stephen Bloom), FReeper Class of '98.

I'm a practicing lawyer, frequent media guest and speaker, Adjunct Instructor in Management & Business at Messiah College, and Consultant at the United Methodist Stewardship Foundation of Central Pennsylvania. I'm currently running in the Republican primary for Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 199th District. My campaign website is

I'm author of "The Believer's Guide to Legal Issues" (2008, Living Ink Books), a contributing writer at, and former host of the “Practical Counsel – Christian Perspective” radio program.

I've been involved in the leadership of numerous community and ministry organizations, including my church, where I'm a Certified Lay Speaker.

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Below is the list of what's in my book - several chapters are free online at my blog Is There a Lawyer in the Church?

Foreword by Samuel Casey, Executive Director of Christian Legal Society

Chapter 1: The Litigation Trap

Chapter 2: The Divorce Industry

Chapter 3: The Prenuptial Blues

Chapter 4: The Criminal-Defense Dilemma

Chapter 5: The Estate-Planning Illusion

Chapter 6: The Living-Trust Hard Sell

Chapter 7: The Medicaid-Planning Shell Game

Chapter 8: The Living-Will Slippery Slope

Chapter 9: The Bankruptcy Bailout

Chapter 10: The Business of Ethics

Chapter 11: The Tax Dance

Chapter 12: The Real Estate Push

Chapter 13: The Christian Conciliation Alternative

Chapter 14: A Contract with God (An Invitation)

Appendix: Helpful Resources