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Q Anon: 10/18/20 Trust Trump's Plan ~ Vol.295, Q Day 1083 ^ | 10/18/20 | FReepers and FReeQs, vanity

Posted on 10/18/2020 1:58:03 PM PDT by ransomnote

Q is the result of the sacrifices and commitment of countless patriots to win back our captured country from the Deep State and achieve the transformation President Trump promised in this campaign video. President Trump has said the awakening of the public is key to this transformation.

Q describes this awakening as follows: 

"The Great Awakening ('Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding 'mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).

When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable. 

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’. 

"Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma. 

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see. 

The choice is yours, and yours alone. 

Trust and put faith in yourself. 

You are not alone and you are not in the minority. 

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day. 

WWG1WGA!!!" ~ Q (#3038)


The video, Qanon is 100% coming from the Trump Administration, is just one of many excellent responses to the all-important question, "Whom does Q serve?"

Q Boot Camp is a quick, condensed way to learn the background and basics about the Q movement. 

Q has reminded us repeatedly that together, we are strong. As the false "narrative" is destroyed and the divisive machinery put in place by the Deep State fails, the fact that patriotism has no skin color or political party is exposed for all to see. 

In the battle between those who strip us our constitutional rights, we can't afford to let false divisions separate us any longer. We, and our country, will be forever made stronger by diligently seeking the truth, independence and freedom of thought.

Where We Go 1, We Go All

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To: Oratam

My great grand-parents ran from the Brits - rowing out on a cold night to a small sailing ship anchored off-shore of the Isle of Skye. They met and married on the boat, which was heading to Nova Scotia.

It was the third wave of the “Highland Clearances” that they were desperately trying to escape with their very lives, running from the English marauders. Read up on the cruelty of their clearances of the highland clans to see how horrific they treated the Scottish crofters.

After the long voyage across the Atlantic, the young couple made a long trip across Canada to Bruce Mines, Ontario, where my great grandfather worked in the mines. My grandfather was the youngest of their 13 children.

The family all pitched in to help him get an education, so he became a successful metalurgical engineer exploring for rich deposits and developing successful mines across the northern western states, California, then eventually Mexico and all around the world.

He was one of the original founders of Republic Steel in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our histories are wonderfully strange. We stand on the shoulders of brave and strong people, but sometimes I wonder if we are equal to their courage and self-sufficiency.

1,841 posted on 10/21/2020 9:55:33 PM PDT by jacquej ("You cannot have a conservative government with a liberal culture." (Mark Steyn))
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To: TXBubba; mairdie

Hey Thanks. It’s been a while u-2.

The Irish (at least in my family) flip\flopped First and Middle names,(according to my wife) though not everybody.
I couldn’t find a pattern of why or why not...yet. (My wife is the genealogist)

An example”...My Grandfather was Eugene James..signed everything Eugene J.

His birth & baptism & death records show James Eugene.(He is a twin and his sister’s names are flipped based on the 1900 census.)

(His oldest son is Eugene Daniel. and I haven’t seen the birth\baptism\death cert to see if these are flipped. My dad’s names weren’t flipped)

My G’father’s older brother was Joseph John. Signed everything that way. Known as Joe. His records show John Joseph

Their grandfather’s first name was James.

take care - FreeRegards

1,842 posted on 10/21/2020 10:19:26 PM PDT by stylin19a ( 2016 - Best.Election.Of.All.Times.Ever.In.The.History.Of.Ever)
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To: All

Posted by Lame Cherryat 10:00 PM
In the Swirl of BIden child Rape

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I realize that many of you have been apprehensive about the re election of President Donald Trump, in doubting again, read through the headlines and allow the Lame Cherry to think for you again.

Trump - Biden DISQUALIFIED From Presidency
Due to Hunter Biden Laptop Horrors

Chinese Whistleblower & Other Sources State
There Are Videos of Satanic Hunter Biden Raping
and Torturing Little Girls in China - Giuliani And
Trump Said To Have Seen The Footage Of Biden

The Meeting Happened And Joe Biden took 10%
of The equity - Bannon says everything on Hunter’s
laptop is TRUE - The Hideous Biden Crime Family

Former NYPD Commissioner - I’ve Seen Hunter’s
Hard Drive, The Bidens ‘Belong in Handcuffs’

Chinese Communists OWN The Biden Crime Family
Creeper Joe’s Fans Wrote His Alleged Crackhead,
Pedophile Maniac Son’s Entire Resume

Watch...The Hunter Emails Will Be Called ‘Russian’!

Steve Bannon Behind The Roll Out Of Hunter’s
HIdeous, Depraved Emails And Photos - Says A
LOT More Will Be Coming Out

Reconstruct the time line.

For reasons only a dope head, pedophile, who is sexing his dead brothers wife, knocking up another woman and getting married to a blonde young girl from South Africa, would know, Hunter Biden took a Beau Biden Foundation laptop to China, which means that Joe Biden used diplomatic immunity to get Hunter’s pedo lap top through customs, as again for some reason Hunter Biden, used that computer to record child sex rape of little Chinese girls.........and he left the computer at a a repair shop.....which only a dope head child rapist would understand, like Anthony Wiener.

This happened before December of 2019 AD in the year of our Lord. That is important in this story in your doubting Donald Trump. What you have not figured out yet, as Donald Trump was being investigated, impeached and run up the Coronavirus assassin project pole, he has known from December 2019 AD in the year of our Lord, that this child rape existed, because Rudy Guilianni knew, because Steven Bannon knew. Guilianni is the President’s attorney and Bannon is DIA.

With all of this, Donald Trump was playing this game with a poker face. He never once hinted at any of this. He let the democrats shove Bernie Sanders aside. He allowed senile Biden to be chosen. He allowed Biden to have George Soros choose Kamala Harris.

He knew the FBI was covering all of this up and for a real October Reality, candidate Donald Trump, suffering from Coronavirus (Does it now make a bit more sense why someone tried to assassinate the President with a biological weapon as they knew the Biden information existed.) played the Trump Card which cut the political vein of Joe Biden. Joe Biden is bleeding out.

The President of the United States has been aware that the FBI has been covering up the Biden crimes for almost a year, in the proof of that laptop, and the President orchestrated all of it. While the coup plotters were playing their game to get the President, Donald Trump was playing his game to perfection.

Joe Biden was taking bribes as Vice President. There is absolutely no doubt about that. These are high crimes, treason in fact. When Donald Trump defeats Joe Biden, he will have every legal responsibility to accomplish what he was elected for by the DIA, and that is to indict and fire those who should have been removed that Bush, Clinton and Obama left to thwart Americans from taking their country back.

Americans have a very astute leader as President. The way the President has played Joe Biden and the coup plotters, he has accomplished the same thing with every leader in this world.

1,843 posted on 10/21/2020 10:34:46 PM PDT by christianbasque (Toasting an Irish coffee to my beloved Carol & Sean...)
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To: numberonepal


That monkeywork “planefag” tweet goes a long way into my speculation that Hunter is in secure rehab at Black-site (Clown) COBRA, once “run” by Gina Haspel.

I’ll leave it here and off of twitter since it is chaff. But, something to watch.

1,844 posted on 10/22/2020 4:28:37 AM PDT by Cletus.D.Yokel (Scatology is serendipitous.)
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To: little jeremiah

Thanks! I never got pinged

1,845 posted on 10/22/2020 5:27:37 AM PDT by MNDude
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To: little jeremiah
Thank you LJ and thank you all for your prayers!

Infool7 taught me how to start a new post.

1,846 posted on 10/22/2020 6:56:54 AM PDT by Jamie Von - conspiracytheorist
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To: Cletus.D.Yokel

Eyes on!

1,847 posted on 10/22/2020 8:22:08 AM PDT by numberonepal (WWG1WGA)
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To: Jamie Von - conspiracytheorist

Sending prayers for sweet Stella

1,848 posted on 10/22/2020 9:18:10 AM PDT by AllAmericanGirl44
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Computer generated transcript of 51 minute Judicial Watch video dated 10/25/2020:

Major Biden Corruption Update, New Fauci Emails on China/COVID19, Wray-FBI Coverup

comey was spying on trump
the reason he was writing the memos was
to create a record so that he could
destroy no american
knowingly colluded with the russians to
interfere in our election campaign
oh wait unless you mean hillary clinton
prosecutions and transparency
hey everyone judicial watch president
tom fitton here with our weekly update
on social media thanks for joining us
this week a very busy week
astonishing corruption revelations about
joe biden
we have new lawsuits over
fbi hidden text messages
and on top of that we've got new emails
from dr
fauci they've never seen been seen
before about china that you're going to
want to
learn about as well but first up
obviously is the big news about
the metastasizing the burgeoning
biden family corruption scandal and
i talked about this a little bit last
we have several kind of ongoing
concurrent scandals now
we have the underlying scandal of what
the biden family was up to
in terms of and the emails and text
messages suggest
that hunter biden and joe biden's other
family members brothers and such
were doing international business and
potentially it looks like saving uh and
holding back and for payment to joe
the monies they were getting and
there's been dramatic evidence about
related to a china deal which i'll talk
to you about in a little bit
so the other aspect of the scandal is
that the fbi and justice department
have had this information through at
least since at least december of last
and have evidently done nothing with it
and in fact probably have hidden it
and then the third corruption scandal
associated with it
is the media and big tech suppression of
the story
despite new revelations despite further
confirmation of the authenticity of the
you still have the big media and big
tech suppressing information about
it uh in an effort to
help joe biden and oust donald trump
and i'm not saying that uh you should
vote for or against any candidate
i'm just saying that you shouldn't have
information about candidates withheld
from you
by improper and fraudulent intervention
by either big tech companies
or the media and so what judicial watch
is aiming to do is to provide
you information that you pro you may not
be able to find elsewhere
although thankfully um given our new
media age and the new internet
uh and i know the internet's not new but
the fact that we can now
access information outside
the traditional gatekeepers you probably
know about what a lot about what i'm
talking about
now remember these documents are not
foia documents these documents
are material that was in
in in a few places uh there's emails
that have been
released separately uh from one of joe
uh hunter biden's business partners
there's emails from
uh a gentleman mr uh
what was his name of course i'm going to
forget his name
tony babilinski who
uh is a retire as a veteran and also
a business partner of hunter biden and
his colleagues
who has said uh he came forward after
revelations in the last few weeks
that essentially uh he was part of this
china deal that was
being pushed by it looks like uh
very very senior folks in china uh
to give millions and millions of dollars
uh joe biden's son
and uh bubulinsky says
that the email about the big guy the big
guy email that i've told you about
where hunter says that he would hold 10
percent of
uh some of that money for 10 of the
money for the big guy
that was joe biden and bobolinsky says
when joe biden says he didn't know
anything about
hunter's foreign business interests he
says that's not true he personally
witnessed hunter and joe talking about
his businesses and regularly consulted
with him on it in fact
he says he met with joe biden for i
think for an hour talking about this
china deal
which at least i think was happening in
and this is on top of the barista
scandal so you know what i was thinking
about this that you know we knew
and found out most directly about uh joe
biden getting
excuse me hunter biting getting all that
money from barisma and joe biden's
uh to coincidentally remove the
prosecutor investigating barisma yes and
there was an ongoing investigation and
diversity at the time
we knew about that thanks to the
whistleblowing of president trump
now the deep state was angry that joe by
that president trump wanted
accountability for what ukraine was
doing both in terms of its
uh interfering uh in a way to upend
his candidacy and then his his uh
his presidency and also the corruption
tied to the biden and barisma issue
and little did we know i mean we can't
we saw that they were willing to blow up
the constitution
once he raised questions about that
biden's defenders in the house and the
senate the leftists and the democrats
but now we know that the 83 000 whatever
amount of money that
biden joe hunter biden was getting per
was a side hustle for them wasn't it you
got three and a half millions
from the russians according to a senate
this china deal it's not clear how much
money was ever transferred it looks like
at least five million maybe
but they were talking tens of millions
of dollars 10 million dollars just for
introductions in this china deal
and who knows how much other money has
been sloshing around there
and of course the text and emails
suggest that hunter biden and his family
were taking money from those deals and
passing it through
to their father joe bide now this was
during the debate uh joe biden's
response was to suggest it was russia
disinformation which was
which is obviously silly i know the
media is pretending that's the case it's
there's no evidence of it
it's just more of the same type of
smearing you raise
questions about corruption in the
democratic party now you're a russian
that's the new rule of thumb for the
left-wing media
and its acolytes and or its allies i
should say
in places of power uh like in the house
and the senate it's unbelievable
you have adam schiff lying about it
again you have other members of the
senate lying about it again they know
it's not russia collusion they know it's
not russia disinformation
we've had the fox news and the wall
street journal confirm
the china email and frankly the contents
of the laptop indirectly as a result
now we know that the fbi has been
embarrassed into questioning
mr bobolinsky
after his revelations why didn't they
talk to him six months ago eight months
it's not like they didn't know what his
name was they had he had the information
in the laptop
this is just like the weiner laptop all
over again
it's politically inconvenient data and
so the fbi
covers it up
so you know in washington dc
being as obsessed in dc as we are about
the political consequences of scandal
and how it might impact the election
you've got this distortion
going on with the cover-up and as i
pointed out the big tech censorship
which is uh
fraudulent business practices where
they're pretending to be neutral when
they're not
they're political and they target people
based on politics
not in some neutral business principle
that can be defended frankly
in court
so the big focus is as a result on what
is the political consequences of this
what's going to happen in the election i
don't know
you know personally i suspect president
trump will probably win again
i'm not saying that because you should
vote for against president trump or vote
for against president uh excuse me
mr biden i'm not advocating someone's
just giving you a guess as to what i
think will happen
uh but um but in many ways this is kind
of like the clinton email scandal again
isn't it doesn't it remind you of that
i just i just you know that and the
consequence of the clinton email scandal
was that
that we uncovered uh that trump the
consequence of the clinton email scandal
was uh i think uh was a significant
contributing factor to put it mildly
to the president of the united states
donald trump being
put into the presidency uh by the
american people in 2016. and we'll see
if there's new
this new corruption issue uh
makes a uh uh results in
similar outcome uh in his re-election i
don't know
but i'm gonna be a little bit more
positive about what the outcome
is here because people have asked i just
did an interview with my friend charlie
kirk for uh his uh for his podcast
and he said what's good what do you
think's going to happen legally if biden
wins on this issue
you know and it occurred to me that it
may not be it's
look they're going to try to shut down
any criminal investigation of joe biden
in a biden administration i know that
will be the case they will try
and they will probably succeed
but it isn't going to be as easy as you
think it isn't going to be as easy as
think so just because joe biden may win
the presidency
it will not shut down any criminal
targeting him you know we still do have
a government that is answerable to the
american people
it's run by politicians who are afraid
of the voters more or less they don't
want to be turned out of office
so if there is a serious criminal
investigation of joe biden and you know
that's a big if
i don't know if it's going to be able
he's going to be able to shut it down
i don't know i you know i i'm not naive
in the sense that they'll do anything
significant against him
but it could dog him for some time and
you know past experiences the best
of future results when it comes to these
so joe biden's likely to be protected no
matter who
becomes the president whether president
trump is reelected or biden is
re-elected uh but he's not it's not
risk-free for him
so the fbi for instance investigating
his business partner
i mean if you listen to what rudy
giuliani is talking about and of course
rudy has been right on this
i shouldn't call him rudy's the mayor i
call him the mayor
has been so right on this you know he's
been blowing the whistle on this and for
his pains
his patriotism
he's been attacked viciously
he's been targeted with you know threats
of jail and being called a russia agent
all sorts of smears
because he was blowing the whistle on
this corruption
for two years and he was righter than
president trump was righter than right
i mean heck i you know i knew there was
something big with biden i knew but i
didn't know
what was so big because i saw the
reaction that they were willing to blow
up the constitution with this coup
attack on president
trump after he just raised some
reasonable questions about what biden
was up to in ukraine
and i thought the overreaction suggested
there was something much
bigger there and sure enough it's just
the tip of the iceberg ukraine was just
one of many countries
uh that they were um involved
that was a part of the looks like the
for the biden family so uh
is the fbi going to do anything i don't
trust the fbi to do anything is the
justice department going to do anything
i don't trust the justice department to
do anything this is why i think the
should appoint a a separate special
not in the justice department not in the
there are other law enforcement agencies
in the government
at the federal level that can perfectly
investigate this
they don't need the fbi to investigate
you could have dhs investigated you
could have the postal service
investigated they've got an inspector
they got a criminal uh investigative
unit they can investigate this
i don't trust the justice department the
fbi to do it they've kind of proven
that they can't be trusted and it
doesn't mean that
tenor general barr is corrupt doesn't
even necessarily believe
mean that rey is corrupt it just means
they are not they can't they will not
um and me at least and i know millions
of americans
i speak for that any investigation will
be legit
because of their prior corruption and
the failure of those agencies
to hold those responsible for that
corruption accountable till now
so if i were the president uh i'd
recommend he
i i'd appoint a special counsel so
uh we'll see what happens with the joe
biden scandal now judicial watch of
is on it we already have cases and
lawsuits about joe biden
and barisma you know for instance
we uncovered that hunter biden went to
uh 29 countries we uncovered that
through a freedom of information act
and what's interesting in these emails
because we had asked for additional
documents about his travels we didn't
get them so we sued and the secret
server said look
we don't have secret service records
after i forget which month in
in 2014. suggesting that biden given up
his secret service
retinue and protection at that time
which raised additional questions what
was he doing when
why why did he give it up if he did
now these emails suggest that
he didn't give it up that the secret
service was still providing protection
for him
so we may go back to the court and
reopen our case
i tell you you know what's awful about
these corruption issues is that you know
that you can't trust the
agencies that interact with corrupt
government officials as a result because
there's this almost reflexive effort to
cover up on their behalf and i don't
know if that's happening here at the
secret service but we're going to look
into it
based on the new emails that we've
uncovered and of course we've got
uh we immediately sent out foias and are
sending out freedom information act
on the new revelations here with respect
to china
and and uh biden laptop generally and
the fbi and justice department's
so judicial watch is on the case whether
or not the justice department and
fbi do what is required under the law
uh and don't expect them to have
anything done before election day
that's they're not going to do it
they've made the decision to protect him
you know the big question i have you may
recall i think was back in may of this
year attorney general barr said
that he didn't see anything that they're
going to be investigating barr um and
cuny obama are buying for
well did he know about the hunter biden
laptop at the time if not why not
if not why not so
it's interesting it's it's going to be
an interesting period of time here
and um i i want to separately raise the
of election integrity we've had some
cases come up
just recently we had chief justice
roberts i think
wrongly uh intervene or refuse to
chain um basically the supreme court has
eight members now right
so uh there was a pennsylvania court
that author changed the law change the
that authorize ballots to be counted up
to three days after the election in
pennsylvania that arrive up to three
days after the election
with or with that without a postmark
so uh the trump campaign and the voters
and others
uh sued and tried to get the supreme
court intervened to change that and it
split four
four meaning the lower court ruling was
and justice roberts was on the side of
the liberals in the court
uh and also in north carolina there was
a a court-mandated rule change i think
and i think it's six states they'll be
counting ballots after the election
so those are two big states now judicial
watch separately has
lawsuits over cleaning up the election
rules in north carolina and pennsylvania
and we've uncovered upwards of two
nearly two million names on the rolls
that shouldn't really be there
which shows that as i speak as i
constantly say the recklessness
of of large-scale mail-in ballots
relying on such lists
now i don't believe in either state they
they are
um i shouldn't say
i don't want to guess too much but i'm
not quite sure the rules are if they're
just mailing blindly the ballots to the
but when you've got dirty lists it can
mean dirty elections
that's that's the reality of it of
course you you instinctively know that
don't you
i say that the left says what do you
mean that's outrageous
of course it's not outrageous it's a
so in those two states there's going to
be more controversy about the election
because they've provided a pathway
for fraud in north carolina and
pennsylvania thanks to activist court
rulings in the case of north carolina
you had the liberal-controlled appellate
court in the fourth circuit
uh endorse this uh radical rule change
and i don't know what the supreme court
is going to do now thankfully
chief excuse me judge amy connie barrett
just yesterday confirmed by the senate
judiciary committee
and she should be on the supreme court
by tuesday of next week
october 27th i don't know if she'll be
technically on the court but confirmed
now um so we may have a vote
in the just in a new vote in a
uh in the supreme court with a justice
that will support the rule of law on
see the left likes to think it's all
about oh if you're
they believe in political politicized
judicial decision making i see it as
do you want the courts to intervene in
the elections
to help one side or do you kind of come
up with a rule of
application that says the law is what it
and you can't have judges making it up
as they go along in the end
to help their perceived political allies
now the left will scream that well
that's just republicanism it's not it's
just conservative judicial decision
i mean chief justice roberts is in many
ways being
political when he refuses to stop judges
from messing with our elections
so my that's a long way of saying that
uh if when justice barrett becomes when
judge barrett becomes justice barrett we
may have
even better outcomes in the supreme
court on behalf of the rule of law and
election integrity
which is why the left was so crazed
about opposing her
and to that end i once again encourage
you to
call your senators at 202-225-3121
and tell them what you think about the
confirmation of
judge barrett you know it wasn't
inevitable and it's not inevitable
practically speaking it is now
inevitable that she's confirmed
that she what would have been confirmed
before election day
or confirmed at all
and so let your senators know what you
think about this outcome
you know if they if they did the right
thing by your lights
praise them they did the wrong thing let
them know what you dispute
but your senators want to hear from you
they do want to hear from you
i mean i know you think they don't want
to hear from you they hate to hear from
they love to hear from voters
what's what political animal doesn't
want a barometer of what their
constituents are thinking through phone
voluntary phone calls that voters are
making to them
they love to hear it helps them figure
out where they stand
and what to do next if they're good
senators they don't they aren't afraid
to hear from you but
if you disagree with them or agree with
them let them know
uh it is a great day it will be a great
day for the constitution
when judge barrett is confirmed it will
be a great day for the constitution
it will be a great day for the
constitution because the american people
don't want politicians and robes she is
committed and she has a record
demonstrating her commitment more
to applying the law as written and
originally understood by the founders or
the legislatures of if it's a later law
at least federally
or constitutional amendment at least
so uh we we can expand i don't know if
she'll rule in a way that i will agree
with every time
but i do know that she has a approach
with respecting our right to govern
our right to have the constitution be
applied in a way the founders
and the writers of the various parts of
it intended
and that congress and the legislative
executive branch
should not be unduly interfered with by
the judicial branch
the judicial branch is there to serve as
a check and balance
not to be a supremacist or
there's this idea of judicial supremacy
i reject that
it's contrary to our republican form of
and justice uh judge barrett agrees
uh with our approach on that so good
good for senator graham for getting this
pushed through
good for all the senators that are going
to support her uh
you had the democrat senators refused to
show up and participate in the final
committee vote
talk about someone who had to talk about
showing contempt for the voters
so if your senator was a democrat on
this committee
and they didn't show up the vote you
were deprived of your
you know constitutional expectation that
they would represent you
in the governance of the country what an
attack on our republic and an
attack on the senate that is i mean it's
not only
juvenile and petty but it undermines the
rule of law in our republican form of
government when you have
elected officials decide to take their
take their little toys and go home
rather than participate in the process
completely lawless so we'll see
next week will be a good week for the
constitution uh if things go
as we expect so judicial watch
uh is uh another big issue obviously and
it's been up it's come up in the debates
between president trump and
the former vice president biden about
china and coronavirus
and our friends at the daily caller news
foundation asked the
nih specifically
for documents about wh
o china and coronavis and and the
documents were
dr fauci's emails and the emails of his
top deputy
so needless to say they got the stone
wall and then so judicial watch came to
the rescue
to file a lawsuit on behalf of the daily
caller news foundation and
uh the response was stonewall delay in
fact they wanted to turn they
found documents they did the initial
search but they didn't want to turn over
any of them until
after the election and a federal court
judge says no you got to at least begin
giving us the first batch before the
election which was october 21st so we
finally got the documents
uh last night or yesterday and uh
and they show the following
they show that a w-h-o entity
let me call it up here
wanted um was oddly
focused on pushing out a
friendly press release for china this is
again during the beginning of the
and the entity is the global
preparedness monitoring board which is
an entity convened by the world health
organization and world bank
and they wrote an email in january 27
2020 and this was before
they knew the full scope of the virus
and all of that
uh it was called a time sensitive
message from
the gpmb this w.h.o body
co-chairs review of a drafts gpmb
statement on the 2019 novel coronavirus
there was a consensus for the gpmb to
issue a statement supportive of
especially china lay right in
and wh response efforts and to call for
urgent action to further strengthen
global preparedness
and response to this outbreak please
find attached a draft
statement on january 29th
fauci responds looks fine please see my
comments and attach document of course
they didn't provide the draft comments
which is typical
inappropriate but typical
and so uh
you've got this who entity
pushing for the statement to be released
about covid
with a focus on praising china
and of course job it was done
because i went and looked online to see
okay what statement was actually issued
and this is what the statement says
the global preparedness monitoring board
gpmb as i said convene on january 27
2020 to discuss the current opera
break of the 2019 and cove
which is the novel coronavirus coven
which was first detected in wuhan china
and is now quickly spreading
the board commends the speed of the
response so far by countries
and the world health organization
the transparency of china in sharing
and the genome sequence of the virus and
the strong collaboration between china
and affected countries and with who
so i don't need to tell you about the
controversy in the way china handled
this in terms of
targeting those who are blowing the
whistle internally on it
delaying disclosure to key entities
about what was going on in china
and other problems and isn't it
interesting that whos
and their you know this front for who
because you know i keep on calling it
the gmpb
it's really who
their collective concern is
most you know it's clear in the email
about praising china's role here
it helps explain why they don't want to
turn over this document doesn't it
and uh i think it's real interesting
there are other emails here that
kind of show you the back and forth and
they're interesting to read but this is
the big stuff
and i don't know what else is out there
i tell you
it is exceedingly frustrating that
agencies presumably nomin
uh you know nominally run by the
president of the united states
continue to withhold information and i'm
convinced they withhold information
because it it can be seen to be helpful
to him as opposed to hurting him that's
the way i'm
that's what's been happening it's it's
been relatively consistent
dr fauci according to the government
is is the reason it's slowed down is
because he has to review all these
emails which is
as i wrote in our statement these facts
emails show how praising china was the
odd priority
of the hwho in the face of a novel and
dangerous coronavirus that the nih tried
to slow roll
the release of these emails and is still
sitting on
thousands more as a scandal so they've
only reviewed 300 pages
there are 4 200 pages that they've found
and they're going to release the monthly
so now what's three
into 42 12 is 30 say for 14 months so we
won't be able to see these documents
2022 and in their entirety
i jokingly say we'll be in a chelsea
clinton administration
before we see all the documents that
deep state is hiding from us
and as our friends over at the daily
caller news foundation the now
government is uh says neil patel
the government is now ever so slowly
complying with the law and letting the
american people know
how they did business with who in china
at the outset of this pandemic
we are grateful for to judicial watch
for helping us force the government to
do its job
which is to follow the law
oh boy and what i found interesting
about these emails admittedly it's only
a small portion of the documents
but they don't show at least in this
that they saw this as a dramatic virus
you know you can go and look at the
documents and i encourage you to review
themselves there's no there's no
indication that
this was like a high red alert issue
i mean they were moving people to try to
study it that's clear
uh but it's pretty clear early on they
didn't see it as the contagion that
since come to learn it was or or
threatened to be they didn't kind of
know about it probably because the
chinese weren't telling them about it
and um you know it looked like they were
deferential to the chinese here
uh in the emails uh you know why praise
them when you
really didn't know what was going on i
mean in my view
if you're dealing with the chinese
communist government you
should be skeptical of them and just
presume they're lying about everything
i mean you know my view is you should be
skeptical when the government tells you
pretty much anything
even in a democratic or constitutional
republic why would we believe anything
in the chinese
that the communist government in china
would be telling us on something
obviously they would have a
significant political interest in
but that's the way things work and
that's what dr fauci
uh approved according to these new
emails so we'll see what else is
happening and we'll uh
talk about it uh uh
later i'll give you updates as we get
more documents as they come in
but again the president should just
order the release of every document they
do it now do it now the government can
release it
when they say it takes months and months
and years and years it's just
excuses that's not reasons it's the
government they can do whatever they
so it's frustrating um
next up speaking of
hiding documents we are talking about
rey's fbi
director ray has not been any different
as far as i can tell
probably even less transparent than
comey has been
you heard that right less transparent
and one of the big fights we've been
having with ray's fbi
is over text messages they've taken the
legal position
that their uh text messages written by
fbi agents
are not subject to the freedom of
information act
they say well it doesn't mean we don't
save them which frankly is even more
meaning they've got them and they still
don't want to turn them over it's not
like they just disappear
and specifically we had asked for
i think this is some time ago for text
messages between andrew mccabe
and peter strzok and let me let me be
specific here
peter uh
yeah uh andrew mccabe lisa page peter
jennifer leonard who was another fbi
and lisa monica who was their one of
their key contacts over in the obama
white house
we wanted text messages and the fbi
takes the position they're not subject
to foia and they're not going to give
them to us
and what's really interesting is we
appealed this determination
you know uh attorney general bar has got
to take responsibility for what ray is
doing here
you know when we sue uh for records in
the fbi
guess what the name of the lawsuit is
it's not judicial watch versus the fbi
it's judicial watch versus the
department of justice
the fbi is a sub-agency of the
department of justice
specifically i think the director of the
fbi reports to the deputy of
of mr barr
and so we appealed their refusal to turn
over records to the justice department's
office of information privacy
and the justice department kicked it
down to them and said you got to review
they remanded it fbi did nothing
just complete contempt for the rule of
law and that's and what justice
department policy generally is on text
we've been fighting this battle for
years more or less
and once again we had to file a new
lawsuit to get information about the
text messages of the kookaball
that was illicitly targeting candidate
trump and then later president trump
and who's protecting this kookaball
raise fbi
raise fbi
the ray fbi asserts contrary to doj
it can delete and keep secret all text
including those by the corrupt cadre
responsible for the illicit spying on
president trump
the court should quickly order the fbi
to preserve and produce text messages as
foia requires
and um it's interesting the so when we
file a lawsuit
unless it's related specifically to
another case
uh it gets randomly assigned or it's at
least supposed to be randomly assigned
and uh
in this case was randomly assigned to
judge emmett sullivan so judge sullivan
is the case
as our uh judge in this new case against
fbi for hiding records now remember we
uncovered how
mueller's f team including fbi agents
were deleting
uh had records excuse me phone's white
we've been uncovering the page struck
email communications we haven't gotten
text messages
in fact you know we have been asking for
uh fbi text messages of mccabe's in
a separate lawsuit and the fbi kind of
backed away after court ruled hold on
what are you doing here
and they did give us text messages but
they were almost completely redacted
they were completely useless
and in giving them to us they said oh
they're not covered by foia we're just
doing this to be nice
so once again i mean this is why you
can't trust the fbi because they are
in a cover-up mode for
the obama game and taking this
extraordinary position that their text
messages aren't subject to foia
so imagine if you're under investigation
by the fbi and they you say fbi record
oh these text messages these aren't
you can't have them the fbi would come
in and take your phone and take them
anyway right
so we're just go we have to battle every
in every way to get access to
information from ray's fbi and it's
it's just awful and uh we're happy to do
the work
uh but it's a as i call it the rule of
law crisis and this is one of the
reasons we have a rule of
law crisis because the fbi doesn't want
to turn over records as you're supposed
to under the law
and the justice department's letting
them get away with it
so this is the same gang you think are
going to investigate biden
this is why i'm skeptical about it so
uh i'll let you know if we get anything
or maybe the fbi will start turning over
records magically after this lawsuit
so um we also have another case that i'm
kind of outraged about
i am outraged about we've been
representing a
78 year old veteran a variety of issues
uh for several years now bob rosebrock
and bob had been protesting the big l uh
outside the big la facility for the va
for years almost i forget the
number of sundays he's been out there
talking about this issue he's been
trying to
to kind of bear witness to the fact that
this facility which was
placed there and its purpose is to
provide services for homeless veterans
isn't being used for those purposes
and because uh he has been uh
a problem for the va for highlighting
this issue they've been
targeting him he was arrested improperly
in our view
they tried to put him in jail really
outrageous stuff and we had to defend
him in a criminal trial federal criminal
trial because over the issue whether he
a little flag you know one of these
small little flags that you can hold in
your hand like a t
a t size flag and um
whether he put that flag in a fence this
giant wrought ordering fence they were
willing to try to put him in jail
in a federal criminal trial over it
really outrageous stuff
so unfortunately we had um a ninth
circuit ruling that didn't go our way
and litigation we bought brought related
to that
let me bring it up for you because it
was a bit of a complicated case
so it was the decision related to the
granting of qualified immunity for the
the va officers who arrested bob
uh he's been doing uh
as i said he's been highlighting this
issue it's a
380 acre
facility in the heart of los angeles and
they granted qualified immunity
said it applied to the va police
officers who
arrested bob and as i said in our
it's a miscarriage of justice the ninth
circuit would allow the va police
who arrested rose brock to escape
accountability for their actions
the court does not appear to have even
considered the compelling arguments
judicial watch made on rose brock's
or the trial court's reasoning in
the officer's qualified immunity claim i
mean we had a success in the lower court
that said that
what the officers did was so outside
any reasonable uh analysis
of what they should have done that they
lost their immunity
the va clearly holds a grudge against
rose brock
although a setback the the ninth circuit
ruling is just one small skirmish
as i said in rose rock's years-long
against the veteran homelessness and
demands for va accountability
in my view president trump should demand
answers about who at the fva
and the doj are responsible for
perpetuating this grudge
against the true american patriot as
well as answers about the va's failed
policies on veteran
homelessness and continued misuse of
at the west la va qualified immunity as
you know
is may be appropriate for uh
circus uh police officers in some
but it clearly wasn't rosebox case it's
probably it's the exception that proves
the rule frankly
and the ninth circuit clearly got it
wrong he was initially cited for
allegedly taking
unauthorized photographs
i mean when you see the space we're
talking about just imagine
you know 24 feet of
i don't know literally it's 24 feet but
it's a huge sidewalk in front of this
open gate big gate
it's like taking it's like being
arrested because you're taking photos
outside the white house
50 you know way way outside the gates of
the white house it's just unbelievable
or the capital something crazy like that
he's taking unauthorized photographs of
american flags on memorial day 2016.
the va for you arrested veteran for
doing that
the following sundays va officers
sighted and arrested rose brock and
seized his cameras for allegedly taking
the unauthorized photographs of the
officers at the same park entrance
during the 2000 during the june 12th
roserack was handcuffed mistreated and
forced into the back of a police vehicle
he was acquitted of any wrongdoing in a
criminal case
and they even appealed that acquittal
and the court found under law that the
law under which rose brock had been
which expressly authorized photographs
for news purposes at entrances
did not prohibit anything so he's
arrested for doing nothing
and then we filed the lawsuit and that's
what ended up before the ninth circuit
in their appeal the officers argued that
even if the law
under which they arrested rosebach did
not prohibit the photographs in question
they still had reason to arrest
because among other disingenuous claims
protest signs lying face down under a
constituted an unauthorized
demonstration on va property and
rosebrack was lawyering
rose brock was lawyering on va property
because he was at the entrance of the va
park on a sunday afternoon
without an official purpose when va
offices were closed
i mean talk about having it in for
i mean this veteran is out there every
sunday they know what he's doing
they were very much aware of what he was
doing and it's pretty clear they
concocted a reason to arrest him
and it's a it's too bad and frankly as i
said a miscarriage of justice the ninth
circuit is going to let him
at this point let them get away with it
that it was an unpublished opinion and
what is an unpublished opinion means it
means there's no presidential value
and makes it harder to appeal it and it
makes it harder to hold account
accountable the court for the awful
so we're gonna have to figure out what
to do here but this is what we do
i know we do these big cases about the
fbi and
obamacare the worst corruption scandal
of american history
but then you got this other corruption
uh that
and if you're a veteran and you've had
trouble with the va you know exactly
what i'm talking about
and uh you've got this kind of
vengeance by bureaucrats in the va
against the vietnam war vet who is 78
who takes personal time to bear witness
and do what he's allowed to do under our
first amendment outside their facility
because he knows what's going on there
is a misuse of government funds and va
that aren't helping the veterans it's
intended to help
it all it ought to stop i mean the fact
that we're having to litigate this to me
is the scandal it's bad enough to get an
adverse decision
but the fact that we're facing the
justice department and the va
as they bring all these resources to
bear against this veteran is just
incredible to me
so this is the sort of work that
judicial watch is able to do with your
support and i encourage you to continue
to support it and before i go
you can uh also show your support for
judicial watch by buying our new book
my new judicial watch book is now on
sale can you see it i'll bring it up
a republic under assault
it certainly is isn't it it's a great
book it
uh i tell you what it's the most
important book you read this year and
it's urgent you read it now
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great gift
uh if there's a young person in your
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it's uh it's very readable
it's this is our third judicial
watchbook the other two are bestsellers
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judicial watch as well so it's another
way of signing
showing your report i know it's already
selling like gangbusters but we gotta
keep on pushing hard for the truth here
so thank you for your time and i will be
next week with the judicial watch weekly

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To: Steven W.


I don’t know if this was previously posted.

BREAKINGKamala Harris Resigns From Senate 2 Days Before InaugurationAvatar
ByJackPublished on January 18, 2021
Kamala Harris finally resigned from her senate seat on Monday just 2 days before the presidential inauguration.

Harris formally submitted a letter of resignation for her senate seat to California Governor Gavin Newsom.

A 50-50 senate gives Kamala Harris a very powerful tie-breaker role as US Vice President.

Gavin Newsom appointed scandal-ridden California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to replace Kamala Harris in the US Senate.”

Good deal. She no longer has the protection of being Senator.

Sounds like its time.

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