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Q Anon: 04/11/20 Trust Trump's Plan ~ Vol.235, Q Day 897 ^ | 04/11/20 | FReepers and FReeQs, vanity

Posted on 04/11/2020 1:49:03 PM PDT by ransomnote

Q is the result of the sacrifices and commitment of countless patriots to win back our captured country from the Deep State and achieve the transformation President Trump promised in this campaign video. President Trump has said the awakening of the public is key to this transformation.

Q describes this awakening as follows: 

"The Great Awakening ('Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).

When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable. 

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’. 

"Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma. 

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see. 

The choice is yours, and yours alone. 

Trust and put faith in yourself. 

You are not alone and you are not in the minority. 

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day. 

WWG1WGA!!!" ~ Q (#3038)

We discuss Q drop content on our threads to learn the truth about the capture of our country, after a lifetime of reading, watching and listening to lies and distortions used to control us and tame the American spirit. The truth shall set us free. 

For summaries of Q drops (i.e., posts) discussed on our threads, I invite you to read the latest editions of The Oracle, which include helpful links and quotes to explain Q drop content. 

Q drops can be found here in their original format. 

Links to our Q threads, and Q drops posted on our threads, are listed in this table

The video, Qanon is 100% coming from the Trump Administration, is just one of many excellent responses to the all-important question, "Whom does Q serve?" Another excellent source for identifying Q's involvement with President Trump is found at the website titled

Q Boot Camp is a quick, condensed way to learn the background and basics about the Q movement. 

Q has reminded us repeatedly that together, we are strong. As the false "narrative" is destroyed and the divisive machinery put in place by the Deep State fails, the fact that patriotism has no skin color or political party is exposed for all to see. 

In the battle between Good and Evil, we can't afford to let false divisions separate us any longer. The changes heading our way and the information revealed will, at times, be very difficult to face, but we will face it together. We, and our country, will be forever made stronger for having reclaimed the truth and freedom of thought.

Where We Go 1, We Go All

Note: Links in the post above are included in a resource table linked in Post #2 below, along with many additional excellent links to the best Q analysts and informations sources we've identified.

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Miscellaneous; Weird Stuff
KEYWORDS: anydaynow; bathsalts; defectives; dogschasingtails; itstwuitstwu; jfkjuniorlives; maga; masksewingcircle; molechildren; q; qanon; qisaretweetoffender; qisdrudgelite; qlowns; trump; zeroinsideinfo
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To: TruthWillWin; All

Happy Easter FReeqs, and FRiends. Many blessings upon you all. Christ has risen and many are awake to that. Keep spreading the news. God wins. We win. Wear good clothes today as your momma would want you too.

261 posted on 04/11/2020 9:10:37 PM PDT by CJ Wolf ( #wwg1wga #gin&tonic #godwins)
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To: CJ Wolf; All

Happy Easter, All. He is Risen!

262 posted on 04/11/2020 9:11:51 PM PDT by meyer (WWG1WGA, MAGA!)
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To: All
Vote by mail?

Watchdog Confirms Law Violation: USPS Allowed Workers to Help Hillary’s Campaign

4 years later...

The Postal Service of the United States has apparently violated the federal law by allowing employees to work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and their work was even funded by the union, a Fox News report states.

The OSC determined that the USPS “engaged in systemic violations” of the Hatch Act, a federal law that limits some political activities of the federal employees. While they are allowed to do some political work while on leave, the report said the Postal Service showed a “bias” favouring the union’s 2016 campaign operation.

263 posted on 04/11/2020 9:12:14 PM PDT by eldoradude (Boycott Chinese made goods)
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To: TruthWillWin

Hold the Line.

Wait for the dawn.

264 posted on 04/11/2020 9:13:20 PM PDT by Unrepentant VN Vet (Never quit anything in my life, ain't going to start quitting now. WWG1WGA)
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To: ransomnote; Cats Pajamas; greeneyes; bagster; generally; Wneighbor; Swordmaker; Steven W.; TXnMA; ..



*This is the material texokie decided to present:*



Twelve Meanings of Candles Based on Their Properties>


Merciful Heavenly Father,

We gather together on this blessed Easter to lift up our joy and celebration of the Resurrection of the Life of our Lord Jesus.

While we rejoice in the beauty and grace of that Resurrection, and what it means for us, we also place before you our mourning for the lives lost in the Corona Virus pandemic. Father God, please bless each one who has lost his or her life, and please take them up in your arms to their appointed place in your Heaven. We lift up for your blessing and comfort those who were the loved ones of those who were taken.

We ask for the protection and guidance of our President,( known to us as Q+), and our FLOTUS, and their family and loved ones and loyal team members. Father God, please bless and protect all of our beloved military, police, nurses, doctors, medical professionals, and all first responders and those in service in harms way in any way, shape, manner, or form. God please bless and protect those who are keeping our supply lines sustained, our Farmers, Food Processors, those who transport the supplies by truck and rail, as well as all our grocery store and drive through restaurants and all who are providing the food to our tables.

Grant, Lord the healing of our economy in this nation and the world. Those who are your children we know, are not meant to have a stone when they are hungry, but are meant to receive bread and abundance from your hand. Grant us to always be mindful of our gratitude for the Living Bread and your many blessings. Overturn by your grace and will this effort by the Evil Doers to destroy the American and World economies!

Father, we are most grateful for our Savior, and our opportunity to bask in this Holy Day. We ask that His grace may penetrate and gather into His arms every little lamb, regardless of age, including but not limited to those who have been led astray or abused in any way by the Deceivers and Evil Doers.

Father God, let us be the hands and feet of our Lord in the earth. Let us be that Light and Flame giving your comfort and grace to all. Let us walk in our Savior’s footsteps so that we may, in His name, be that Light of the World, which He is. In the name of our Savior, we do pray and ask that all of our prayers may be adjusted and made perfect and acceptable in thy sight. Let all be done according to thy will.




The clip is 45 minutes long and features solo piano, with hymn lyrics overlaying the mountain nature scenes which could easily have been taken at our Qanteen grounds:


The following are the program notes on the youtube page:

Kaleb Brasee - pianist

This a piano medley of hymns for Easter about Jesus' life, death and resurrection

Thanks to Noah Bradley for the beautiful nature pictures!

0:00 - The Old Rugged Cross
4:45 - O Sacred Head Now Wounded
8:07 - What Wondrous Love is This
11:28 - Lead Me to Calvary
14:00 - Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)
17:53 - Alas and Did My Savior Bleed (At the Cross)
22:23 - O the Blood of Jesus
23:43 - I Will Sing of My Redeemer
28:08 - Glory To His Name
30:50 - Hallelujah, What a Savior
33:02 - Hosanna, Loud Hosanna
34:22 - Christ Arose
36:45 - Christ the Lord is Risen Today
39:14 - At Calvary
41:36 - What a Wonderful Savior




265 posted on 04/11/2020 9:15:25 PM PDT by TEXOKIE
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To: TruthWillWin

Yes that is a fantastic video. Thought I saw it before. Might ha e been in festivals past.

266 posted on 04/11/2020 9:16:16 PM PDT by CJ Wolf ( #wwg1wga #gin&tonic #godwins)
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To: meyer

He is Risen, Indeed!

267 posted on 04/11/2020 9:19:49 PM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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268 posted on 04/11/2020 9:21:56 PM PDT by cibco
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Perfect Easter post!

269 posted on 04/11/2020 9:22:13 PM PDT by meyer (WWG1WGA, MAGA!)
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To: generally; ransomnote; Cats Pajamas; greeneyes; bagster; Wneighbor; Swordmaker; Steven W.; TXnMA; ..

I can’t get Twitter to load in a browser (which is the only way I read it).

Anyone else having that problem? Is Twitter down?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That is my exact problem, which I’ve been having now for over a week, maybe two. Most frustrating!

I don’t do tweet on a phone, etc. I also read them on my browser, by following the tweet links. They have not been loading at all!

I really do wish I knew what was going on and how to access them. I’ve got Q drops to read, and he and POTUS use twitter!

270 posted on 04/11/2020 9:22:42 PM PDT by TEXOKIE
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To: ransomnote; All

Happy Easter FReepers & lurkers

271 posted on 04/11/2020 9:24:48 PM PDT by PGalt
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I shut down all my (many) browser windows and that seemed to fix it.

I had multiple Twitter windows open, and I’m guessing one of them was “stuck”. Maybe a previously open window was from an account that got suspended and it was trying to refresh or something. A lot of the twitter accounts that I check on have been suspended.

And if closing your browser doesn’t work, “Have you tried turning it off, then turning it on again?” (i.e., your whole computer)

272 posted on 04/11/2020 9:25:49 PM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: Cats Pajamas

Good catch!

273 posted on 04/11/2020 9:26:46 PM PDT by Steven W.
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I got to part 4. Happy Easter TEXOKIE. Nice visuals you got going on. I am about ready to hide some eggs and make some baskets. Dang I dont have enough time to make baskets. I also skipped the underwater basket weaving class in school, so I might not know what I am doing. I will have to use the ones i got at wallmart awhile ago. They were made by the chinese....dumbdumd dum.

274 posted on 04/11/2020 9:31:41 PM PDT by CJ Wolf ( #wwg1wga #gin&tonic #godwins)
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To: Wegelhof

Things have been quite biblical lately. Just saying.

275 posted on 04/11/2020 9:33:17 PM PDT by CJ Wolf ( #wwg1wga #gin&tonic #godwins)
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To: Cats Pajamas
Here's what's in his banner:

276 posted on 04/11/2020 9:34:15 PM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: meyer

Peace be with you!

277 posted on 04/11/2020 9:35:23 PM PDT by CJ Wolf ( #wwg1wga #gin&tonic #godwins)
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To: Steven W.; bitt

Over 90% of the world’s population believes in a “God”.
Vast majority of those will reject ANY effort to push ANY “mark”.
When that day arrives, the collective earth population will enter the DARKEST PERIOD OF MANKIND.

278 posted on 04/11/2020 9:37:04 PM PDT by Cats Pajamas (Social = unite / Distance = Rebellion social distance = unite in rebellion (ours))
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To: Farcesensitive
I hope everyone can, in some way, spend it with family. God's grace will be with you all and your loved ones.

My late parents, who knew about such things, taught me that a church is not a building; it is the people of Christ.


The growth is still highly linear, so I am replacing the broken "Reduced Exponential Model" with a simple linear model beginning from April 2, 2020.

This will enable us all to see when the curve finally breaks out of the linear channel -- UP or DOWN.

United States COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Date    	Daily	Total	Linear Model
          	Growth	Cases	Since
        	Actual	Actual	4/2/2020
3/14/2020		 2,717 	
3/15/2020	 761 	 3,478 	
3/16/2020	 1,167 	 4,645 	
3/17/2020	 1,717 	 6,362 	
3/18/2020	 1,407 	 7,769 	
3/19/2020	 5,911 	 13,680 	
3/20/2020	 5,605 	 19,285 	
3/21/2020	 7,462 	 26,747 	
3/22/2020	 8,478 	 35,225 	
3/23/2020	 11,107  46,332 	
3/24/2020	 8,816 	 55,148 	
3/25/2020	 13,870  69,018 	
3/26/2020	 16,635  85,653 	
3/27/2020	 19,363 105,016 	
3/28/2020	 19,448 124,464 	
3/29/2020	 17,892 142,356 	
3/30/2020	 22,003 164,359 	
3/31/2020	 25,151 189,510 	
4/1/2020	 27,005 216,515 	
4/2/2020	 28,698 245,213 245,213 
4/3/2020	 32,740 277,953 277,216 
4/4/2020	 34,123 312,076 309,219 
4/5/2020	 25,544 337,620 341,222 
4/6/2020	 30,576 368,196 373,225 
4/7/2020	 31,916 400,112 405,228 
4/8/2020	 32,020 432,132 437,231 
4/9/2020	 33,618 465,750 469,234 
4/10/2020	 35,551 501,301 501,237 
4/11/2020	 31,942 533,243 533,240 
4/12/2020		 . 	565,243 
4/13/2020		 . 	597,246 
4/14/2020		 . 	629,249 
4/15/2020		 . 	661,252 
4/16/2020		 . 	693,255 
4/17/2020		 . 	725,258 
4/18/2020		 . 	757,261 
4/19/2020		 . 	789,264 
4/20/2020		 . 	821,267 
4/21/2020		 . 	853,270 
4/22/2020		 . 	885,273 
4/23/2020		 . 	917,276 
4/24/2020		 . 	949,279 
4/25/2020		 . 	981,282 
4/26/2020		 . 	1,013,285 
4/27/2020		 . 	1,045,288 
4/28/2020		 . 	1,077,291 
4/29/2020		 . 	1,109,294 
4/30/2020		 . 	1,141,297 
5/1/2020		 . 	1,173,300 

279 posted on 04/11/2020 9:38:04 PM PDT by Disestablishmentarian ("the right of the people peaceably to assemble")
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To: Aquamarine

Q Anon: 04/11/20 Trust Trump’s Plan ~ Vol.235, Q Day 897
4/11/2020, 8:19:30 PM · 171 of 279
generally to ransomnote; Steven W.; greeneyes; TEXOKIE; txhurl; saywhatagain; Swordmaker; ptsal; bagster; ...

BREAKING: After President Trump issued a major disaster declaration for Wyoming, all 50 states plus DC & 4 US Territories are now under a disaster declaration

It is the first time a president has ever declared a major disaster in all 50 states

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~ ~ ~ ~


280 posted on 04/11/2020 9:42:30 PM PDT by TEXOKIE
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