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There is a series of notes I have taken logging the X-22 reports beginning from June 28, 2019.

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Harvest Confirmed, Pelosi’s Impeachment Irrevocably Tainted, Hammer Introduced - Episode 1991b 186,828 views•Oct 9, 2019

Dave’s blurb:

The [DS] plan is tainted, they have nothing left to go with this plan, the people are catching on. [DS] players are scrambling, enter the race, call for impeachment, they are panicking. Trump and the patriots have the upper hand, they hold all the cards. The next wave of evidence has just hit, each time there is a wave it inflicts more pain on the [DS]. Trump just introduced the hammer, he deals with law and crimes. The harvest has been confirmed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



The Patriots Just Foiled The [CB] Economic Plan, Patriots Taking Back The Economy - Episode 1992a

Dave’s blurb

The Fed had no reason to cut rates, the economy is strong they say, so the question is why would they cut rates if the economy is doing better than 2017,2018 where they were raising rates, patriots are in control. The Fed is now fighting amongst each other. Trump and the patriots shutdown the [CB] economic plan, we have now taken back our port.


Bombshells Dropped, HB, BO Missing? IG FISA Report On The Way - Episode 1992b

Dave’s blurb:

The [DS] are using what every they can to keep their agenda alive. It is now falling apart, it is not gaining steam. RG releases a bombshell to the public. . The [DS] is trying to discredit RG, he predicted this. Ukraine is now investigating HRC emails. IG is ready to release the FISA Abuse report. The [DS] are panicking, the patriots are in control.

T’s notes:

Seth Rich is mentioned
George Orwell quote

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



[CB]s Push Fear, Deal Close, Economy About To Change - Episode 1993a

Dave’s blurb:

The [CB]s are not pushing fear if the BREXIT goes through. The [CB]s are creating charts and telling the UK and the world if the BREXIT happens the UK could face recession, high unemployment etc.  Consumers in the US are very optimistic about the economy, Trump and the patriots have now succeeded in their goal to get the people behind them. The China deal is very close to being made. The Fed officially starts QE even though it is not QE. Trump and the patriots are in control.

T’s notes:

Talks about his ability to work out a trade deal with China without Congress - and why China is warming up to us. Partial China deal


Impeachment Coming Apart, WB Revealed?, [DS] Is Trapped - Episode 1993b

Dave’s blurb:

The [DS] is now struggling to keep their plan from falling apart. The whistleblower identity might have been revealed. The WB does not want to testify and we have come to learn the WB has connections to AS and JB, this is a political hit job. The patriots are pushing their agenda in Syria, I do believe Turkey is their to remove the DS operatives, paid mercenaries in the Kurd area, this was preplanned, once removed Trump will mediate a deal with Turkey and the Kurds.

T’s notes:

Mitt Romney steps away from intention to run against Trump in a primary.
Gulianini says to keep eye on Rumania.
Fired ambassador who bad mouthed Trump - has been working with Dems according to Nunes DS attacking Guliani for trying to fire the ambassador. They released this information to try to discredit him… but it won’t work.
ERIC CIAMARELLA now thought to be the Whistle blower (9:52)
Deep knowledge of Ukraine, and member of CIA - connected to Ally Chalupa, DNC operative. Two Schiff hires, Abigail Grace and Sean Misco of NSC. Both hired for his staff…around the time the Whistle blower filed his complaint. Clapper associate Charles McCullough worked with the Whistleblower. Gregg Jarret quote regarding this.

Trump’s tax returns issue - discusses Deutsche Bank

Info about border wall near El Centro

Speaks of the Syrian situation - says Russia, Turkey, Kurds, and US have had a deal in place for the removal of the deep state mercenaries in the region. Brilliant.

DS have only one thing left to them: and Event….and they are now desperate to assassinate DJT. That is why the marine reserves have been called. Close to Declass.

Clips from a Trump Rally where he slams the DS.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OCT 13, 2019


Phase One Of The Economic Deal Completed, It’s Happening - Episode 1994a

Dave’s blurb:

The patriots have now completed phase I of the economic trade deal with China, the deal is the first step into completing the rest. All of this is necessary for the transition, the economic landscape is changing. The [CB] has sent out the message that in order to reset the system you must have gold, gold will destroy the Fed.


Fear Is Flushing The [DS] Out, The Only Way Forward, Expose, Transparency & Truth - Episode 1994b

Dave’s blurb:

The [DS] is now regrouping trying to figure how to proceed forward. The Whistle Blower story is now falling apart, AS is making excuses and backtracking on why the WB doesn't need to testify. Omar is spotted at outside of Trump's rally in Minnesota, she was involved in the riots. HB steps down from the board of directors. Mifsud goes into hiding. The [DS] and neocons are panicking over Syria, Trump is bringing home the troops, the only way forward now is to expose the corruption and crimes and show the American people the truth.

T’s notes:

Talks about Hunter Biden, the former Ukrainian US Ambassador and the Ukrainian scandal coming down.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oct 14, 2019


The [CB] System Is Collapsing, IMF Prepares, Patriots Will Counter - Episode 1995a

Dave’s blurb:

The [CB] are completely exposed, Trump has completed Phase I of the trade deal, Phase II will be coming in 2020. The push to blame the collapse on the economy on the trade wars is falling apart. The [CB] believes it will transition the world into SDR, this is not going to happen, the patriots are ready to counter it.

T’s note:

Discusses how the CB/SDR system was formed and how the DS still thinks they are still headed for the accomplishment of their breaking down system.

The DS narrative about tariffs is starting to break down. Trump will begin talking about how the Problem is CB, not the CB-created Events.


The Swamp Is Draining Themselves, The Message Is Clear, Stay Alert - Episode 1995b

Dave’s blurb:

The [DS] is holding their fake impeachment inquiry the shadows, they do not want anyone to know what is really happening, they are looking for anything so they can go after Trump. The HB and JB are in trouble, all eyes are on them. Watch CA, this is on purpose. The patriots are allowing the [DS] to drain themselves.  Comey sends out a message to the [DS] operatives. The [DS] knows that they do not have much time and soon the patriots will make a move that will destroy the [DS].

T’s notes:

Trump has started pointing the finger at Obama.

Discusses the people connected to Jeffrey Epstein - especially Bill Gates - and also how the Rothschilds (the Central Bankers) are also connected. Darren Indyke - the second officer of JE’s corporation and also one of his executors. Lyn F De Rothschild had owned the property 116 East 65th street prior to Ghislaine Maxwell living there and before it was “owned” by JE. Fred Rudd handled the sale….his wife found later dead in a river.

Talks about pedophiles in prison
The deal Trump made with Mexico is helping the US with the control of the migrants.

CA voting irregularities / fires - Trump asks where the money went for the cleaning up of the forests? Homelessness. Long Beach Port taken back from Chinese. New firearm gun confiscation law. Q#2621 - Watch CA.

Project Veritas/ CNN. And Jeff Zucker’s wife is in a picture with Ghislaine Maxwell

Syria discussed - DS doing fake news in order to drum up war in Syria. Other European nations are realizing they can no longer remain in Syria. They are wondering how to cover everything up. Talks about DJT’s Syria strategy.

FISA Report - said to be the size of telephone book. Coded messages. Tweets by Comey and Ivanka Trump showing them with families and Star Wars toys. Ties into Q#586 and #3063 about knowledge of assassination plans by FBI of POTUS or family coming out….and possible current need of DS to try to execute this. It is possible things will be heating up. Be prepared.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oct 15, 2019


IMF [CB] Right On Schedule, The Economic Trap Has Been Set - Episode 1996a

Dave’s blurb:

Trump and the patriots are letting the people know that the economy is strong, wages are up, unemployment low, new trade deals are in the works. The US is now being prepped for the transition, do not get confused, the old [CB] is dead, Trump will drive it into the ground and transition us to a sound money system. The IMF fell right into the trap, the are now reporting that the trade wars are the cause of the global meltdown.

T’s notes:

Discusses how the people are becoming aware of how the FED and the CB system works. How it could play out, and the need to be prepared. Points out that either way, the system will collapse. Either the DS would collapse with the great harm to the people which that would entail….or it would collapse under the Patriots, with them seeking to make it as smooth as possible despite occasional rough times for some people. With Patriots in charge of the transition, the new system, once it settles in, will be serving the People.


Declas Disinformation Projected, Chatter, JA Back In The News - Episode 1996b

Dave’s blurb:

The [DS] has no way out of their plan that didn't work, they are holding close door meetings so the people don't catch on. The AS, NP have changed the rules to fit their agenda and now the people are catching wind of this. JA is now in court to see if he will be sent back to the US, the patriots are getting prepared for the evidence to be produced, timing is very important. The Syria plan is moving along according to schedule, here come the negotiations between Turkey, US, Syria and Russia, boom. Trump and Flynn have coordinated their banner pages.

T’s notes:DAVE'S 
Dave stated that Long Beach is in Adam Schiff’s district. It is not. It is in Adam Lowenthal’s district.

DS doing damage control re the Bidens. Discusses Hunter Biden’s interview, clips of which are shown. Points out the double standard. MSM taking H Biden’s word for his non-wrong-doing and yet investigating DJT. Hunter mentions Alice in wonderland. X22 thinks it is a message to deep state that if he goes down, he’ll talk. X22 cites Q#2050. “who are the white rabbits?” Hunter is getting caught up in his lies. Guliani has all the evidence on Hunter and Joe Biden. Rudy declined to be involved in the Congressional sham.

Flynn and Trump have put up similar twitter banners.
DS putting out feelers for Michelle Obama.

Sham Impeachment
14:40 FIONA HILL - testified before sham Congressional process behind closed doors. Was not even working in the White House at the time of Trump’s call - yet she was upset with the call - how could that be? She resigned days before the call. Not clear why they needed to speak with her FOR ELEVEN HOURS. She had zero knowledge of the call, and only heard rumors.

Dems keep changing the rules. …and are not getting the votes for the impeachment vote. Talks about the Andy Biggs resolution condemning Adam Schiff, which 125 Republican House members have signed on to.

He summarizes recent actions by Judicial Watch - former Ukrainian Ambassador Yovanovich caused illegal surveillance of a number of people, including DJTJr, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity. Others are listed as well. He breaks down the actions of Yovanovich. Broke law by monitoring a list of US citizen.

He notes that it is coming out that much of the info was being sent to Obama. Glenn Simpson’s memos went “directly to Obama” per BNL News.

IG Report now expected per Maria Bartiromo at end of month, not the 18th has she had been previously told. The delay allows the Patriots to hear chatter from DS. Also the delay confuses the DS. Don’t know if IG will be released on 18th after all…. Or on Halloween… or in November. He references Q#2856 “If you know your opponents move, what advantages does that present?…” The DS doesn’t know when to use their ammunition.

J Assange headed to court in UK. Q#3341 - Under protection. Threat is real. Key to DNC source hack 187”

All of this is about the wave upon wave upon wave upon the DS….so that they feel the pain.

Project Veritas is making CNN feel the pain.

Notes the increase in human/sex trafficking arrests.

Syria - DS hollering that Trump’s action there is wrong. He notes that we actually invaded that country, and had no right to be there Constitutionally. Our action there was to support the DS mercenaries/agenda. Talks about the role of Turkey.

In addition to deep fake videos/articles generated by AI, there are now tools which can ferret out fake articles. DS will try to explain away the evidence being brought by the Patriots by saying that it is all fake. But we will have the truth and real evidence… and there are now tools which can recognize the fake videos and articles.

Discussion of the FLYNN and DJT twitter banners.

Rally attendance has GROWN.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oct 16, 2019


MSM Manipulates Economic Numbers, Trump Controls The Economic Narrative - Episode 1997a

Dave’s blurb:

The MSM is trying to make the people believe that the economy is weak because they are pushing a recession, they know that Trump controls the economic narrative and he has the magic wand. Trump is letting the people know that if he is not in office we will enter a depression. The Fed is prepared for another rate cut.

T’s notes:

Examines retail sales and food services sales numbers - also gasoline sales. There are fluctuations in these sales seasonally. DS has been cherry picking a slice of the drop off at the end of a sales season to tout the coming recession. People are spending because they see the improvements in the economy. He is warning if he is not elected, the economy will crash….and it is true. DS’s plan all along was to crash the economy because the fiat system is coming to its end. DS does not care who gets hurt - but the Patriots DO care. CB economy cannot be fixed. New plan by Patriots is to create a system whereby there is no interest in the printing of money. And the current is backed by sound stable substance, more than likely gold. CB banksters will be exposed and people will learn that money systems should not ever be turned over to a private company.

We will see major changes after the transition. Currency will hold value. You won’t need a debt ceiling. Govt won’t be able to borrow more than they have. Corruption will diminish. Get prepared.


[DS] Plan Fails, Strange Messages Sent, 17th Mentioned - Episode 1997b

The [DS] impeachment plan has just failed. The secret meeting behind close doors are not working, and they do not have the votes, the fake investigation is going know where. Trump lets the public know that the FISA report is coming and it is bad,plus he wants to know where the server is that holds HRC emails.  The patriots are rejecting the fake subpoenas. The Syrian plan is moving forward, and the terrorist are being removed from the Kurd area. The [DS] is panicking and they are sending messages, JB flubs and says the number 17, NP wears green with a bullet bracelet with orange beads.

A top diplomat testified that Obama Administration not the International community orchestrated the Ukraine prosecutor’s firing. GEORGE KENT of State Dept who works on the agency’s Ukraine portfolio. He directly contradicts the narrative that Obama was merely following the lead of the so called international community in demanding the firing of Viktor Shokan. ~3:55

Patriots are rejecting the fake subpoenas.

Schiff was trying to manipulate/trap the witnesses to say things against DJT.

Trump demands the SERVER - Where is it??? - We think Ukraine

Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell learned of devices of Joseph Mifsud and is demanding the info from them. Also documents related to an event involving him in late 2015. 302s. Exculpatory for Flynn. It is Brady information and it will have to be released.

Border: DS tried to stop the Wall.

Sealed indictments being unsealed. Child porn and human trafficking arrests increasing. He mentions a big one which was a web site in S. Korea. Cases will become bigger and bigger until we get to the more prominent ones.

Obama emerged from the shadows. Didn’t mention Biden. Did a tweet about Justin Trudeau endorsing him. But he has not endorsed any American candidate. Is he waiting for someone who is not in the race yet? Hillary? Michelle?

Syria. Talks of the movement of where the various forces are. He says he thinks Turkey has the mission now of getting rid of the DS mercenaries. The DS created this war.Talks about how the DS rebrands various of the mercenaries groups. Soros and Obama were planning to have the Syrian merc forces returned to Europe. They won’t want them. This is not happening now. Refugees will be returned to Syria. The Mercs will no longer be in control.

Code talk:
Ivanka and the Star Wars toys tweet “The force is strong with my family.” Comey also had a Star Wars theme tweet. Dave seems to think that at one point the family was not going to be a physical target of the DS…but that seems to be off the table now. They are now, if I understand Dave correctly. Pelosi was wearing a bullet bracelet with orange beads. Orange=“Orange Man. Bullet=Take him out. Her green dress=Green light;go ahead. The impeachment vote failed. All they have now is an event.

Joe Biden is also doing a bad job of Code Talking. His face gives it away that he was not supposed to mention the number 17. Clip at 25:28.

The FISA [I thought it was the IG report - but oh well - T] was slated to be released on the 18th….was there an attempt perhaps planned for the 17th? They at least seemed to be at least planning something planned for the 17th. They have a green light…so we need to be vigilant. Trump traveling to Texas. Patriots are listening to the chatter and are pre-empting the DS plans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oct 17, 2019


[CB] Up To Their Old Tricks, NP Exposed On The Economy - Episode 1998a

Dave’s blurb:

BJ and the EU have made a deal for the BREXIT, the deal seems as though it is a duplicate of Theresa Mays deal, this is why the EU agreed. Nigel Farage says this is not a BREXIT deal. McConnell wants to know why Pelosi has not voted on the USMCA. The reason because she is following a different agenda. Blue collar workers are now making more. Moody's reports that whoever control the economy wins the election. IMF goofs and lets everyone know it was their policies that cause the economic problems.

T’s notes:

Patriots are working to put into place those strictures which will remove the wealth gap in the new system.


The Panic Is Real, Middle East Plan Perfectly Executed, 17, Coincidence - Episode 1998b

The [DS] panic is real, NP and CS freaked out in a meeting with Trump, stormed out. Sidney Powell pushes for the 2 JM phones. The middle east plan perfectly executed, peace is coming. The number 17, coincidence. Rep Cummings passed away. Patriots are in control.

T’s notes:

Describes NP’s meltdown in the White House. Also speaks of Guliani’s investigation of the Urainian issue. It appears that the ones coming after him are trying to find something to blackmail him, like they did Flynn and Cohen. This was known ahead of time and Rudy said so….Patriots are trapping the black hats.

Patriots going after Adam Schiff now. House Republicans voting on a censoring of AS.

Senate now looking into Clinton and DS operatives. Grassley stated: “it’s a fact - not merely an allegation - that the Clinton campaign and Democrat party used a foreign intel officer and information from the Russian government to undermine the Trump campaign and later his administration.”…so time to look into the DNC.

Trump is asking about Weiner’s laptop in a tweet.

Mifsud and Sidney Powell’s request for info from his phones. Barr and Durham have that info…shows that Mifsud is a western agent. If truly a Russian agent, our govt would not now be possession of the phones. Mifsud attended the Russia Today dinner Moscow on Dec 17, 2015. This is the event where Flynn was photographed with Vladimir Putin. So this is a second connection between DJT’s campaign folks and Mifsud…the first being Papadopoulos. Govt has not told Powell “No” about getting the information. Only If “is relevant or discoverable.” Barr and Durham are the ones controlling the investigation. It looks like she has a source sympathetic to Flynn. She will be pushing for the evidence, and eventually she will get a ruling. It will be game over once that evidence from the blackberries is released.

Discussion of Dem Senate effort to override the Wall veto of their effort to stop the Wall.

Syria discussed - Trump maintaining optics. Lindsay seems to be panicking….DJT seems to be calming him to remain focused on judiciary and not on the foreign wars. Was that a signal to Lindsay to move forward?

Tom Fitton reveals that” Obama/Clinton were aware of arms going through Syria through Benghazi and were warned about the rise of ISIS, and they were supporting terrorists in Syria. Obama/Clinton created Syria/Iran mess.” Syria cease-fire. DS lost Syria, they lost Urkraine, Iraq, Libya, and they will be losing Afghanistan.

“17” and Biden’s flub. 17 is letter Q of the alphabet. It so happens that Elijah Cummings passed at age 68. Died in a hospital on the 17th. Possible it is a coincidence that his death is for clogging news cycle? FISA coming out, so probably another DS event is coming up. The Patriots are bringing out the information in waves…bits and pieces. DS won’t have enough events to cover that. MOAB is coming.