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  • Vinaya Vidheya Rama Box Office Collection Day 8 Telugu States | 8 days AP/TG Share

    Vinaya Vidheya Rama dips at box-office on day 8 After decent First week in Telugu States. Vinaya Vidheya Rama Collected share of around 1.65Crs on Day 8 in Telugu states and 8days worldwide share is around 59crs.
  • Hey, is this right place to post a vanity?

    04/29/2017 7:08:14 PM PDT · by bigmak007 · 62 replies
    I've never tried to be part of the Christmas decorations. My wife has yet to put away our Costco Nativity displays. I told her yesterday that Jesus called and is ready for his foam box nap. Her Irish wit said that if He is talking to me, I should put him away. Any help out here?
  • Who is running Free Republic now?

    11/19/2012 11:03:45 AM PST · by No Fly Zone · 291 replies
    Who is blocking comments on the Free Republic I used to love. (Used to being the KEY WORD here). Has Jim been warned not to let anything controversial (anti Obama - anti government) pass? Have we lost our right of free speech? Yes. It definitely has been or is being enforced on FR this past month or so.
  • Nazi defender retread ZOT.(and now i´m banned AGAIN without warning because i´m a Nazi troll???)

    06/23/2011 5:46:18 PM PDT · by former_user_darkside321 · 157 replies · 1+ views
    Serious is this what freerepublic has become? Someone don´t like your personal oppinion (btw. was a civil discussion) and then you are banned (after years of posting here?) without a warning or a chance to even complain (or answer to all the people who replied to you?). btw. if a moderator reads this my original screen name is: darkside321 Would be nice if someone can undo this ban because i will not use this new account anymore. (Of course i will answers post to this topic but after this i´m done with FR untill my old account is no longer...
  • Mitt’s backers: ‘RomneyCare’ overblown [DeMint defends Romney & his socialized medicine scheme]

    03/17/2011 7:31:53 AM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 304 replies
    The Hill ^ | March 17, 2011 | Michael O’Brien
    Mitt Romney’s supporters on Capitol Hill are giving him political cover for the healthcare plan he signed into law as governor, even as his competitors for the GOP presidential nomination ramp up their attacks on “RomneyCare.” Romney’s healthcare reform initiative in Massachusetts is viewed as one of his biggest political liabilities going into the Republican primary, due to its similarities to President Obama’s healthcare overhaul. But leading conservatives, including supporters of Romney during his 2008 presidential run, argue that the Massachusetts plan isn’t a deal-breaker. “One of the reasons I endorsed Romney [in 2008] is his attempts to make private...
  • War with Iraq, Don't blame Bush blame Carter!

    10/10/2010 2:24:02 PM PDT · by Tumba · 105 replies · 1+ views
    Blog Pimp | Wednesday, May 30, 2007 | Tumba
    That's right I mean Jimmy Carter. How is that possible, well that's where our little history lesson begins.... The United States in an effort to stop Russia from reaching a port in the Middle East (via an Afghanistan invasion) decided to aim it's intelligence agency right at that region. Worried what might happen to the Arab Peninsula if the Russians succeeded in their invasion the Saudis Funded the Afghan freedom fighters.
  • ZOT!! Fox News Edited Out Applause from Obama’s West Point Speech

    05/24/2010 4:25:31 PM PDT · by therightscoop · 107 replies · 4,086+ views
    Oh yeah they did. Watch here:
  • Poll: Rand Paul Easily Leads in Senate Race

    02/24/2010 11:17:49 AM PST · by Christian_Capitalist · 186 replies · 2,742+ views
    The Washington Independent ^ | 2-24-2010 | David Weigel
    Poll: Rand Paul Easily Leads in Senate RaceBy David Weigel 2/24/10 11:05 AM For some reason, Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul never gets called the "frontrunner" in that race. Secretary of State Trey Grayson, seen as the favorite of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), still receives that title. But it's another day and another poll -- this one from Magellan Strategies -- showing Paul crushing Grayson. He has a nearly 2-1 lead, 44 percent to Grayson's 23 percent, and a whopping 31-point net favorable rating to Grayson's 11-point net favorable rating.The secret to Paul's success? He's not seen as a...
  • Reality Check: J.D. Hayworth Is RINO.

    Hayworth's support of Bush's big-government polices included voting for the No Child Left Behind Act; the paperwork- and red-tape-friendly (and business-unfriendly) Sarbanes-Oxley Act; the pork-laden 2005 highway bill that included the infamous "bridge to nowhere"; and, most expensive of all, a Medicare drug benefit that created more than $7 trillion in unfunded liabilities. What is more, his support for a monstrosity known as the 527 Reform Act, which was intended to close "loopholes" in McCain/Feingold, and which was arguably worse for conservatives than the original article.
  • Selective Service was unknown to me

    10/22/2009 9:43:13 AM PDT · by Jeremiah1 · 167 replies · 4,685+ views
    When I found out about the selective service registration I was devastated. I am 32 yrs. old, have a wife and three children and am struggling to make dinner much less a future. I was recently layed off for the second time in 1 yr. Going back to the unemployment office was something I dreaded. I heard that President Obama made it possible to recieve unemployment benefits while attending school to change your career!! Fantastic, I thought. After alot of thought and planning my wife and I decided this was best for our family. I went to my local college,...
  • Thank you for your contribution. Your article has been submitted for review (Got Zot?)

    12/29/2008 2:55:59 PM PST · by HollyButler · 116 replies · 2,603+ views
    Butler Holly ^ | 08-12-29 | Butler Holly
    Why does this mean every time I indicate something, I get Thank you for your contribution. Your article has been submitted for review. Does this also include like you have mail from another member the contents of any -e-mail will be read and Thank you for your contribution. Your e-mail has been submitted for review.Does this also mean Thank you for logging in Your password has been submitted for review.Does this mean Thank you for your contribution. Your e-mail account has been submitted for review by whom ? Are the folks who posted in This thread has been locked, it...

    11/12/2008 3:26:10 AM PST · by Maximus Publius · 18 replies · 196+ views
    Maximus Publius ^ | 2008 | Maximus Publius
  • Review This

    03/14/2008 2:09:03 PM PDT · by BorderDrama · 201 replies · 3,818+ views
    The Free Republic is not so "free."
  • Zot! Has anyone found fruitintheroom yet?

    04/13/2007 2:49:52 PM PDT · by fruitintheroom · 93 replies · 2,765+ views
    I'm re-posting this only because some little teeny-weeny Nazi admin mod with a Napoleonic complex pulled it last night after 8, or so, responses. The reason: "pulled". Lol....I guess they were too ashamed to give a two-year-old reason like "Buh-bye". The post contained no profanity, no personal attack, no nothing (except maybe in the addled brain of a total moonbat). It was all in fun. It was already starting to get funny in the first few responses. That was the whole point. To just have a little innocent fun. Is that no longer allowed here? I didn't explain it last...
  • Most Iraqis Favor Immediate U.S. Pullout, Polls Show

    09/27/2006 4:24:58 PM PDT · by ralphy77 · 79 replies · 1,814+ views
    Washington Post ^ | September 27, 2006; | Amit R. Paley
    A strong majority of Iraqis want U.S.-led military forces to immediately withdraw from the country, saying their swift departure would make Iraq more secure and decrease sectarian violence, according to new polls by the State Department and independent researchers.
  • Liberal Propaganda Targets Security Moms

    08/27/2006 7:29:30 AM PDT · by MPB07661 · 16 replies · 675+ views
    Washington Post "Is the GOP losing Security Moms? | 8/21/06 | Family Security Matters
    <p>Much is being said about how "security moms" will vote in the next presidential election (even the upcoming 2006 midterm elections). We can't let this debate go by without hearing from FreeRepublic’s own "security moms" whose voices led to many national media interviews and newspaper articles, and thus framed the national debate, in the last election. Take this quick poll so that you, too, can join the national debate on this all important issue.</p>
  • Thank the Lord for George W. Bush and for One Zotted Troll Over Easy with Toast

    08/27/2006 7:21:10 AM PDT · by a bush fan · 59 replies · 1,300+ views
    I quake in fear in my bed each night, shivering with the thought that a Mooooslim is about to blow me up with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Then I realize that George W. Bush is in charge, and will personally stop such things. Then I can sleep for one more night. What wll we ever do when he leaves office? I suppose we all will just die.
  • Big Brother watches Free Republic (Vanity)

    08/26/2006 8:30:52 PM PDT · by Total Package · 67 replies · 1,914+ views
    PeerGuardian 2 | Totalpackage (Vanity)
    Big Brother watches Free Republic. I was reading the post DIESEL BLUES I had PerrGuardian 2 running; and what do I see being blocked U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Source), (destination), and U.S. Department of Energy (source), (destination). Maybe now I should wait for the knock on the door, but I don’t think they will knock first. They will probably just take my harddrive to see what other NEWS I am reading.
  • Why so many garbage articles?

    08/16/2006 6:33:48 AM PDT · by Idaho Whacko · 129 replies · 2,769+ views
    me | me
    When I check into this site, often there were interesting discussions from the day before I want to look at. But they are already buried 4 pages deep because it seems some people just post anything they find. Who cares about a radio station promotional announcements, Bruno Kirby dying, or any of this other tripe that some people are posting up. I'm new here, but it seems that some guys are pretty much spamming the blog with articles that rate a "1" on the who gives a crap meter. If it isn't something that we will still remember in 10...
  • I sat on this sleeper account for four years so I could post this idiocy

    08/12/2006 4:24:42 PM PDT · by goGOP · 71 replies · 1,583+ views
    <p>If you go to google website and search for "failure" The first thing listed is George W. Bush bio.</p>