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  • General Flynn Breaks Down The Fraud, “100% This President Is Going To Continue In Office”

    01/18/2021 8:28:19 PM PST · by amorphous · 96 replies
    We Love Trump Website ^ | 17 January 2021 | noah
    You may have already seen General Flynn’s interview with Alex Jones from a few days ago, but I had to share this with you. Someone did an incredible job of editing the interview and shortening it down to just the bombshell parts. I thought this was excellent, and if you haven’t seen it yet or even if you want to watch again, this will give you great encouragement!
  • Latin Phrases Patriots Should Know: Patriotic Latin Phrases and Their Translations

    01/11/2021 11:54:48 AM PST · by ammodotcom · 66 replies ^ | 1/11/2021 | Brian Miller
    “Sic semper tyrannis” – Thus always to tyrants, U.S. Navy 149th Fighter Squadron “De oppresso liber” – To liberate the oppressed, U.S. Army Green Berets “Legibus armisque devoti” – Devoted to law and arms, U.S. Army Legal Services Agency “Haec protegimus” – This we guard, U.S. Army Military District of Washington “Hiemes oppugnamus et montes superamus” – We battle cold and conquer mountains, U.S. Army Northern Warfare Training Center “Nous resterons la” – We shall remain there, U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division “Semper primus” – Always first, U.S. Army 1st Infantry Regiment “Noli me tangere” – Don't tread on me,...
  • Mr. "Bigo" Goes To Washington

    01/09/2021 2:09:10 PM PST · by amorphous · 10 replies
    Free Republic ^ | 9 January 2021 | amorphous
    Originally from Gravette in Northwest, Arkansas, “Bigo’s” real name is Richard Barnett, reportedly a former Memphis firefighter. Bigo said he went to Washington to see President Trump speak. “The crowds were unbelievable,” he said. “We marched down there. They start tear-gassing us. They start roughing up our people. It pissed some people off,” Barnett said. “They went to the front door, and they started demanding to be let inside. I wasn’t even up there at that point. I was climbing the steps to see what was going on. When I got to the top, they had breached the doors...
  • The Silver Trumpets

    01/04/2021 4:52:19 PM PST · by amorphous · 2 replies
    Bible ^ | 4 January 2020 | Moses
    The Lord said to Moses: “Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out. When both are sounded, the whole community is to assemble before you at the entrance to the tent of meeting. If only one is sounded, the leaders—the heads of the clans of Israel—are to assemble before you. When a trumpet blast is sounded, the tribes camping on the east are to set out. At the sounding of a second blast, the camps on the south are to set out. The blast will be...
  • Passing along useful auto tools and such, thread

    12/30/2020 4:19:36 PM PST · by Secret Agent Man · 99 replies
    As its winter, and a lot of people have batteries die on them due to the cold... Wanted to pass along a very nice tool that not only can start your car, but start a car with a dead battery And has the ability to ressurect a dead battery The autowit version 2 super capacitor pack It comes in two versions, a lite version for smaller car engines, and a standard version for bigger engines up to 7.0l gas engines There are youtube videos of the device out there And it is available on amazon I dont sell them but...
  • How to find my BOOKMARKED articles ?

    12/28/2020 7:22:17 PM PST · by Auslander154 · 26 replies
    Sorry Dumb Question Time. I have started bookmarking certain Free Republic articles. But now I can't figure out how to find them. They are not in my account? Where would they be? Can't seem to find a link. Thanks
  • Some Interesting Questions Raised About the Viral Video of the Nashville Bombing

    12/26/2020 11:46:24 AM PST · by amorphous · 40 replies
    Red State ^ | 25 Dec 2020 | Nick Arama
    Ford Fischer who has done a lot of coverage of Antifa and Black Lives Matter may have come across something interesting when it comes to the bombing in Nashville this morning. One of the most unusual things about the Nashville bombing was that there were reportedly gun shots before hand and then a recording in the RV which warned people to evacuate out of the area before the RV blew up. But then on top of that, Fischer noticed something else odd. Many in media have been sharing a viral video of the explosion area, taken from across the street,...
  • Serbian Warning: What Happened When Their Elections Were Stolen in 2000.

    12/20/2020 8:00:23 PM PST · by amorphous · 18 replies
    IceAgeNow ^ | 19 December 2020 | Robert
    Milosavljevic stole the elections. And people took to the streets. Started with strikes. Civil disobedience. More than a million people. Basically, everyone who could walk took to protest. A sea of people. Milosavljevic’s generals said no. His police chiefs said no. There was even someone who took a bulldozer. He used that bulldozer to destroy state television. Now the question is, “Do you have the guts? Do you have the guts to reclaim what is yours? You know that they stole the elections. You know. It’s obvious to everyone with two brain cells. You know that they stole the elections!...
  • How Birth Control Messes Up Mutual Attraction

    12/14/2020 7:44:30 AM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 29 replies
    Natural Womanhood ^ | December 10, 2020 | Kathleen Taylor
    For many women on birth control, it’s pretty obvious that it has effects beyond simply preventing pregnancy. After all, birth control side effects are common, and some are more obvious than others. On the less obvious front is the possible effect of birth control on mutual attraction. That’s right: hormonal birth control can actually change who you’re attracted to—and who’s attracted to you. Now, before we unpack that mind-blowing assertion, I’m going to tell you a joke. What did the boy monkey say to his three favorite girl monkeys? Nothing; because his three favorite girl monkeys were injected with Depo-Provera....
  • Founding Fathers Quotes: Our Favorite Quotes from America's Courageous Revolutionaries

    12/11/2020 5:17:47 PM PST · by ammodotcom · 9 replies ^ | 12/11/2020 | Brian Miller
    HUGE collection available on link. “Our unalterable resolution should be to be free.” -Sam Adams, to James Warren, 1776 “Wear none of thine own chains; but keep free, whilst thou art free.” -William Penn, "Some Fruits of Solitude", 1693 “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve YOUR freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it.” -John Adams “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive.” -Thomas Jefferson, to Abigail Smith Adams, February 22, 1787 “The price of freedom...
  • SCOTUS 9-0: Election Day Is One Single Day. Listen to oral argument from Foster v. Love (1997)

    12/11/2020 12:55:02 PM PST · by rxsid · 58 replies ^ | 12.11.2020 | naturalborncitizen
    SCOTUS 9-0: Election Day Is One Single Day. Listen to oral argument from Foster v. Love (1997):If the state Legislatures would just sit down for an hour and listen to the oral argument in Foster v. Love, they would have such an easy time understanding their plenary authority was triggered at midnight after Nov. 3rd. (You may listen to the audio here.). Let’s examine some of the transcript:Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “It is an election, and it seems to me, being an election it conflicts with the Federal single Election Day.” You can’t canvass for days/weeks on end. As Justice...
  • Congressional Inaugural Committee Adjourns After It Fails To Agree Joe Biden Is President-Elect

    12/08/2020 3:29:36 PM PST · by Kaslin · 33 replies
    Red ^ | December 8, 2020 | Streiff
    The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies met today. Since 1901, this committee composed of the House Majority and Minority Leader, the House Speaker, the House Majority and Minority Leaders, and a chairman chosen by the Senate, has been responsible for designating a theme for the inauguration and setting a schedule of events.(Did you know inaugurations have themes? I didn’t. In case you have even the tiniest bit of curiosity, this year’s theme is “Our Determined Democracy: Forging a More Perfect Union;” Good luck with that sh**.) Not much got accomplished. Congressional Republican leaders rejected a resolution that asserted that...
  • SCOTUS Blog: Pennsylvania Democratic Party v. Boockvar

    12/08/2020 7:28:20 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 31 replies
    SCOTUS Blog ^ | December 8, 2020
    Several states have filed Amicus Briefs in support of the PA republican party on the grounds that SCOTUS should grant certiorari to uphold the Constitution’s command that it is the legislative branch of each state, not the judicial branch, that determines federal election rules. The states are OK, IN, KS, NE, TN, WV, MO, IL, AR, FL, KY, LA, MS, SC, SD and TX. Read the briefs at link. Compelling.
  • Alex Trebek Left a Thanksgiving Message for America

    11/26/2020 3:33:22 PM PST · by Kaslin · 17 replies
    Red ^ | November 26, 2020 | Nick Arama
    In what has become a highly fractured political climate, it’s perhaps hard to find someone who everyone likes, appreciates and didn’t seem to ever be on a political side, but seemed to be on the side of all Americans, attempting to enrich and uplift all with the simple joy of his show, Jeopardy. That of course was Alex Trebek, a man universally loved and appreciated for all the years he entertained America. Trebek died on November 8 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, which he fought with dignity and grace. Trebek was 80. But even at 80, he seemed...
  • Rush Limbaugh To Trump: ‘Take MAGA Rallies To Georgia’

    11/24/2020 11:24:33 AM PST · by Kaslin · 33 replies
    Red ^ | November 24, 2020 | Jeff Charles
    Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head once again. On Monday, Limbaugh urged President Donald Trump to hold rallies in Georgia to ensure that the Republican Senate candidates win the runoff election. The two races are particularly crucial because they will determine which party controls the Senate. If Democrats win both seats, it will mean that the Senate be a 50/50 split between them and the Republicans. If former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) end up winning the election, it would mean that Harris would cast the deciding vote on legislation if...
  • Lucy McBath Pens Heartbreaking Letter To Son ‘Jordan’ Who Was Shot Dead 8 Years Ago

    11/23/2020 4:57:37 PM PST · by ben10 · 11 replies
    Mag Grand ^ | November 24, 2020 | Team Mag Grand
    Today marks 8 years since Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old high school student was murdered by Michael David Dunn, a 45-year-old software developer, following an argument over loud music played by Davis and his three friends. Dunn shot and killed Jordan on November 23, 2012, at a Gate Petroleum gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. Jordan’s mother, Lucy McBath, 60, who is currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 6th congressional district, has taken to twitter on Monday to write a heartbreaking note in remembrance of her son and to other mothers who lost their children in the cause of gun...
  • The Newsom Chronicles, Episode 7: The Rona Got My Family!

    11/23/2020 11:37:42 AM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies
    Red ^ | November 23, 2020 | Jennifer Oliver O'Donnell
    Sadly, the Newsom Chronicles has not yet been canceled, but added a new episode. After King Gavin’s “Doubling Down on Stupid”, and new curfews, we have this curious development: “California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his family are in isolation after three of his children were exposed to a California Highway Patrol officer who tested positive for COVID-19, Newsom said in a tweet late Sunday night. “Newsom said that his entire family tested negative but will adhere to local guidance by quarantining for 14 days. ” ‘We are grateful for all the officers that keep our family safe and for every...

    11/18/2020 10:51:05 AM PST · by amorphous · 38 replies
    Peak Prosperity Channel on Youtube ^ | 11/18/2020 | Chris Martenson
    As many parts of the (so-called) developed world enter second lockdowns, and people line up for miles in their cars seeking food handouts in Texas, the less developed nations are busily discovering Cvoid-19 treatments that actually work. Really well. They work in an outpatient setting, in mild, moderate and severe cases of Covids-19. They work prophylactically. As always, I present the studies for your thoughtful examination.
  • CNN's Brian Stelter Goes 'Pants on Fire' in Describing Attacks on MAGA Marchers, Gets Dunked Into Next Week

    11/16/2020 2:44:33 PM PST · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    Red ^ | November 16, 2020 | Sister Toldjah
    Remember in the weeks prior to the presidential election when journalists and other media figures like CNN’s Brian Stelter fretted, without evidence, about the possibility of “right-wing violence” in the event Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won the election? Though the winner of this race won’t be certified until after all votes are counted, various recounts are done, and the Trump campaign’s legal challenges are sorted out in the courts, the media has declared Joe Biden the winner. In response to that, the “Million MAGA March” took place in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, where “tens of thousands” of Trump...
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    11/14/2020 8:22:51 AM PST · by grey_whiskers · 12 replies ^ | Nov 12, 2020 |
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