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  • Reliable charities for Christmas donating

    12/03/2023 6:40:27 AM PST · by bluescape · 26 replies
    Our household usually gets some toys and takes them to the local fire station during Christmas. They distribute them to needy children. Our church use to have a similar event but not this year. I'd like to see a list from the Freepers of good and bad charities that they know of. There are plenty of places to donate if one looks around, but some have high overhead and less get to those in need. I know of other organizations that have become politicized and not in a good way. Also I'm interested in seeing a sort of update on...
  • France Yellow Vests Week 264: Justice Minister Attacks National Rally With Racism, Anti-Semitism Accusations, Prime Minister Called Out For Vaping In National Assembly, Today's Protest, Saturday Night Terrorist Attack

    12/02/2023 6:44:54 PM PST · by Nextrush · 1 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/2/2023 | Nextrush/Self
    The death of Thomas, a 16-year-old stabbed after a dance party in southeastern France on November 19th triggered protests with the "Far-Right" blamed by the government. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin saying the government is seeking to ban small "Far-Right" organizations following those protests... The government of President Emmanuel Macron casting a wider net amid the controversy with a direct attack on the National Rally in France's National Assembly. Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti accusing the RN of seeking to divide France between its Catholic rural parts and urban Muslim parts. He claimed the RN needs to expel Racists and Nazis in...
  • Video shows violent armed robbery at Florida nail salon, police say suspect's 55-year-old mother was the getaway driver

    12/02/2023 9:14:19 AM PST · by DFG · 19 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 12/01/2023 | CARLOS GARCIA
    Florida police say a violent robbery caught on video in front of a nail salon had been plotted by the mother of the suspect for over a month. Yunet Sanchez is the owner of Champagne Nails in Hialeah, but she also sells jewelry at the store. On Sept. 16, she was leaving the business with a suitcase full of gold jewelry when she was violently robbed. The robbery was caught on surveillance video. The video shows a man wearing all black clothing and a facemask run up to Sanchez and grab the handle of the suitcase. When Sanchez refused to...
  • Di Leo: Questions and Answers in an Age of Horror

    12/02/2023 7:45:28 AM PST · by jfd1776 · 11 replies
    American Free News Network ^ | November 29, AD 2023 | John F Di Leo
    Life has always had challenges, tragedies, crimes, all sorts of horrors. There have been brawlers, thieves and murderers since the dawn of time, so the individual crimes of modern times are perhaps not without precedent. But there are differences. There are changes in the modern era – in how such crimes are received – that are without precedent in the past. In the 1920s, Soviet Communists murdered millions of their fellow Russians. Americans and other westerners didn’t know this, largely because the press intentionally suppressed such news. Many liberal Americans, even non-communists, supported friendly relations with the Soviet Union, but...
  • Vivek Ramaswamy - "The Climate Change Agenda Is A Hoax..."

    12/02/2023 6:25:00 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 63 replies
    Vivek Ramaswamy via X ^ | 11/30/23 | Vivek Ramaswamy
    The climate change agenda is a hoax & it’s hurting farmers in Iowa. Here’s how: the U.S. government enacted crony subsidies to reward those who build CO₂ pipelines across the Midwest to bury CO₂ in the ground, but most farmers don’t want the pipeline on their land because there are real hazards. But the GOP Establishment in Iowa now supports eminent domain to *seize* these farmers’ land. That’s a legal farce but also dangerous: if removing CO₂ is a justification for eminent domain, the government can use the same reasoning to seize your gas stoves & combustion engines while leaving...
  • We Will Work With Partners Around The World To Phase Out Unabated Coal (Power Plants)

    12/02/2023 5:50:45 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 31 replies
    Twitter ^ | 12/02/23 | John Kerry
    At #COP28 , I joined President @EmmanuelMacron & other leaders to proudly announce the United States is joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance. We will work with partners around the world to phase out unabated coal, an absolutely essential step for keeping 1.5 C within reach.
  • Abbott and Costello comedy skit: “13 times 7 is 28” – Real life students at Kennesaw State University: “15 times 4 is 48”

    12/01/2023 2:53:26 PM PST · by grundle · 25 replies
    Wordpress ^ | December 1, 2023 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    Abbott and Costello comedy skit: “13 times 7 is 28” life students at Kennesaw State University: “15 times 4 is 48”
  • Why Elon’s NYTimes Event F-Bomb Was Good For America

    11/30/2023 5:09:17 PM PST · by Enterprise · 8 replies ^ | November 30, 2023 | Wes Walker
    Not gonna lie, seeing Disney’s CEO flamed in public to his face is throughly satisfying. More than that, there is reason to believe it was a good day for America. We hear no end of left-wing finger-wagging about what’s ‘good for democracy’. But what Elon just did might actually help put the Republic back on firmer ground.There are two aspects to the F-bomb story. There what he did, and what he refused to do. Both are important in the bigger picture.Elon Musk stood in public and told one of the top-fifty corporations in the country that he didn’t need their...
  • "Stick it Up Your A**": Dan Bongino paints face in Chiefs colors, flips off cancel culture

    11/30/2023 5:03:03 PM PST · by Enterprise · 35 replies ^ | 11/30/23 | Bongino
    Outspoken Dan Bongino sticks up for the kid that a leftwing Carron tried shaming. This guy at Deadspin was trying to shame a little kid who had his face painted for the Kansas City Chiefs game and tons of people are calling that guy out - and rightfully so, because it was a totally scumbag move to target a little kid who's actually part Native American. Go figure. Bongino painted his face in support and told cancel culture to stick it up their ass, then flipped then two middle fingers for emphasis. Boom.Bongino said... “So folks sometimes you just gotta...

    11/30/2023 4:17:56 PM PST · by Rummyfan · 7 replies
    Powerline ^ | 30 Nov 2023 | Steven Hayward
    This week’s peak demonstration of leftist anti-Semitic madness comes to us courtesy of the Oakland City Council, where a resolution endorsing a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Gaza war was met with this parade of insane people...“Okay,” you say; “It’s Oakland. The Bay Area. Krazifornia. What do you expect?” All true, but don’t underestimate how widely spread, and supremely vocal, this sentiment is across the country, and it potential for ongoing malignancy in our body politic.Look no further than Atlanta, where pro-Hamas protestors showed up at First Lady Rosalyn Carter’s memorial service in Atlanta, apparently taking lessons tastelessness from the Westboro...

    11/30/2023 4:09:33 PM PST · by Rummyfan · 10 replies
    Powerline ^ | 30 Nov 2023 | John Hinderaker
    An Irish author has just won the Booker prize:Irish author Paul Lynch won the Booker Prize on Sunday. His novel, Prophet Song, imagines an Ireland that has fallen under Right-wing totalitarian control, and begins with members of the new secret police rapping on the door of a union leader to interrogate him for “sowing discord and unrest” against the government.The reality, of course, is precisely the opposite:The irony is that this is the exact opposite of what is happening in Ireland right now. The government in Dublin is indeed introducing extraordinary new legislation to restrict freedom of speech. But it’s...
  • Why 21st-century science is in trouble

    11/30/2023 3:58:04 PM PST · by Rummyfan · 31 replies
    Martin Hackworth Substack ^ | 29 Nov 2023 | Martin Hackworth
    A recent Pew Research Center poll indicates that public trust in science (and in scientists) is declining across the political spectrum in the United States. Among the specific findings of the poll was that fewer Americans now say that science has had a mostly positive effect on society. This decline in confidence in over way less than a decade has been precipitous. Similarly, trust in scientists is down. These declines are more notable among people on the right, who are already predisposed to distrust anything that smacks of government, but they are present and growing on the left as well....
  • US Naval Aviator explains why in air to air combat a P-51 Mustang would toast an F-117 Nighthawk everyday

    11/30/2023 3:21:06 PM PST · by Macho MAGA Man · 60 replies
    Aviation Geek Club ^ | November 30, 2023 | Dario Leone
    The F-117 Nighthawk The F-117 is the world’s first operational stealth aircraft. The Nighthawk is a single-seat, twin-engine stealth attack aircraft. Only 64 were ever built and first flew in 1981. The US Air Force (USAF) “Retired” the aircraft in 2008. Although officially retired, many F-117s remain airworthy and are used to support limited research and training missions based on overall cost effectiveness and their ability to offer unique capabilities. Moreover, as we have already reported, the remaining F-117s conduct dissimilar air combat training (DACT) missions with other USAF air assets.
  • DOJ Ordered Sweep of Trump’s Twitter Data for Everyone Who ‘Liked, Followed or Retweeted’ Trump

    11/29/2023 5:32:07 AM PST · by Tench_Coxe · 45 replies
    Attorneys for the Justice Department have revealed documents connected to their search warrant for Donald Trump’s Twitter account, indicating that prosecutors collected a massive collection of data about the former President’s social media activity—including information on every account that liked, followed, or retweeted him. (snip) As reported by Politico, Twitter’s dispute with Smith’s team stemmed from prosecutors’ decision to serve the warrant alongside a “nondisclosure order” that barred Twitter from informing Trump — or anyone else — of the warrant’s existence. (snip) This is chilling: Not only did Jack Smith seek to violate Donald Trump’s reasonable expectation of privacy in...
  • Di Leo: Gifts Under the Tree, for Johnny, Suzie, and Chairman Xi

    11/28/2023 8:59:49 PM PST · by jfd1776 · 7 replies
    American Thinker ^ | November 28, AD 2023 | John F Di Leo
    I don’t often take advantage of Black Friday deals, but I needed a set of tires, so I steeled myself for battle, and entered the hunt. The one thing most shops don’t advertise online is the country of origin (I wonder why), so I handled that part by phone. I called the shop, identified the deal I was looking for, and asked them to check the country of manufacture (as far as I’m concerned, USA would be nice, but I don’t want tires made in China). He put me on hold while he looked at the tire, and returned with...
  • How exactly is this a “school,” and how exactly are the people who attend it “students”? It seems more like a day care center for juvenile delinquents.

    11/28/2023 11:43:25 AM PST · by grundle · 30 replies
    Wordpress ^ | November 28, 2023 | Daniel Alman (aka Dan from Squirrel Hill)
    This video from NBC News shows multiple “students” brutally beating a school employee at Hill Crest High “School” in Queens, New York.I put the words “students” and “school” in quotation marks, because based on everything that the media has reported on this institution, it doesn’t seem to be a “school,” and the people who attend it don’t seem to be “students.”The “students” skipped “class” for two hours so they could jump up and down in the hallways, and yell and scream about a teacher who had attended a pro-Israel rally on her own personal time during off school hours. I...

    11/28/2023 5:43:41 AM PST · by Rummyfan · 12 replies
    Powerline ^ | 26 Nov 2023 | Scott Johnson
    The Biden administration is doing its best to engineer Israel’s submission to Hamas, or so it seems to me. Caroline Glick reads the tea leaves in her JNS column “Biden is the primary obstacle to Israeli victory.”In the column Glick picks up on Biden’s apology to five unnamed but “prominent Muslim Americans” as reported by the Washington Post. The Post story relates that Biden had voiced skepticism about the Gaza death toll provided by the Gaza Health Ministry — you may have heard that it is controlled by Hamas and therefore about as much of a “Health Ministry” as Orwell’s...

    11/28/2023 5:34:13 AM PST · by Rummyfan · 10 replies
    Powerline ^ | 27 Nov 2023 | Steven Hayward
    With each passing week since October 7, the outbursts of anti-Semitism in America have become more brazen, more widespread, more ferocious, and with fewer attempts to disguise its true character with academic jargon about colonialism. The Jew-hatred is completely out in the open now.The most shocking example this previous week occurred at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, where students rioted in the hallways against a teacher who had attended a pro-Israel rally, forcing the teacher to lock herself in her office. The video of the incident conveys the true horror of the moment far beyond the printed accounts...The...
  • Navy Medical Officer Reveals Covax Vaccine Related Heart Issues. These Numbers Are Astounding.

    11/28/2023 5:02:22 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 54 replies
    Twitter ^ | 11/28/23
    USA Wow, The Insanity Continues Navy Medical Officer reveals Covax Vaccine Related Heart Issues. These numbers are astounding. "Myocarditis up 151%, Ischemic heart disease up 69%, pulmonary heart disease up 62% and Heart Failure is up 973%" (49 second video at link below)
  • Di Leo: Who Must Israel Release in Exchange for Hostages?

    11/27/2023 4:52:27 PM PST · by jfd1776 · 4 replies
    Illinois Review ^ | November 27, AD 2023 | John F. Di Leo
    As we watch the news from half a world away, we suffer the usual dearth of information where sensitive negotiations are concerned: We want to know which of the hostages is finally being set free, almost 7 months past October 7, and we want to know what kind of criminals Israel has to release in order to win their freedom. Euphemisms play a role in this coverage, as we need to read between the lines, and remember the cultural differences between the rose-colored-glasses view of the world that we Americans often adopt in foreign policy, and the reality of a...