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  • Ron Paul, Featuring Special Guests "The Jew Haters"

    01/19/2008 7:54:17 AM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 234 replies · 494+ views
    Radar Magazine ^ | 1/18/08 | Nick Curran
    In the stuffy world of politics, the Ron Paul campaign has earned the reputation of being something like a raucous, freedom-loving party. A raucous, freedom-loving party with lots of paranoid bigots. So it would probably be more surprising if the band reportedly headlining RonPaulapalooza didn't have a few teeny-tiny problems with the Jews, who they feel are trying to destroy everybody. The band Poker Face enjoys churning out a hard-chargin' "freedom rock" that they developed under the influence of Boston, the Beatles, and Frank Zappa, as well as a firm conviction that the Holocaust did not happen and that the...
  • Ron Paul Blames US Policy for Bhutto Killing

    12/27/2007 2:33:22 PM PST · by SeafoodGumbo · 267 replies · 1,619+ views
    LGF ^ | 12-27-07 | video of Ron Paul
    Ron Paul blames the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on the “interventionist” policy of the United States, and says Al Qaeda is justified in being “annoyed” at us.
  • Exclusive: Ron Paul to make third party run on Constitution Party ticket

    12/27/2007 6:02:59 AM PST · by connell · 350 replies · 1,120+ views
    Modern Conservative ^ | Christopher Cook has received a tip from a reliable source that may have election-shattering implications. According to our source, an activist here in Arizona has been approached by the Ron Paul campaign; the campaign has requested that he run the Arizona effort to get Ron Paul on the general election ballot as a candidate of the Constitution Party. Our source has requested anonymity, and we have agreed. We can, however, vouch for his/her general reliability. Our source also provided us with details that added credibility to the account. (Unfortunately, disclosure of those details would put at risk our promise of anonymity....
  • The Ron Paul Revolution [in a "Nut" Shell]

    12/26/2007 11:04:00 AM PST · by PlainOleAmerican · 150 replies · 241+ views
    Capitol Hill ^ | Dec 26, 07 | JB Williams
    Paul supporters claim to believe that Paul will shrink the size of the federal government by ending trillions in military, intelligence and foreign aid spending, the day he’s elected. Yet when questioned by Russert about the specifics of such a bold plan, Paul had no specifics about how such a plan could ever actually be implemented. He didn’t even know how many troops would have to be recalled from around the world. Russert had to tell him. He has repeatedly stated that he wants to abolish the Department of Education, the FBI, the IRS and the Income Tax, as well...
  • Ron PaulPots' MoveOn/GeorgeSoros Support!

    12/19/2007 9:36:41 PM PST · by jodiluvshoes · 349 replies · 1,827+ views ^ | 12.20.2007 | Kevin McCullough
    Desperate to take support from wherever he can get it. Some - well more like all of two readers have gotten a little cross-eyed over the fact that I dared to imply that George Soros/MoveOn forces were working covertly to assist the most Soros-like candidate on the GOP ticket. The truth is some of the support has been covert, some of it rather obvious... For instance one MoveOn group assisted in the funding and production of this television ad:
  • Before Today I though Ron Paul was Nuts Now I think He is the only choice for President

    12/24/2007 10:39:05 AM PST · by Reform Canada · 312 replies · 817+ views
    I saw the interviews with Ron Paul on Glen Beck and Meet the Press and found myself agreeing with much of what he said. He referred to a movie called Freedom to Fascism so I decided to watch. I am a very skeptical person yet I am now convinced. For the sake of your future and the future of your family watch this movie and decide for yourself. Link to VideoIf this post is removed I will be more convinced than ever
  • Paul Won't Rule Out Run as Independent (views on Civil War)

    12/24/2007 10:11:44 AM PST · by wardaddy · 398 replies · 975+ views
    Wash Post ^ | 12-24-2007 | Goldfarb
    Paul Won't Rule Out Run as Independent Ron Paul, the Texas congressman stirring up the Republican presidential contest with his libertarian-leaning views and online fundraising prowess, left the door open Sunday to running as an independent, should he not win the Republican nomination. Paul, who has railed against excessive federal spending, also defended his own earmarks to benefit his congressional district into spending bills, likening them to a "tax credit" for his constituents. He added that his position was consistent because he ultimately voted against the spending measures. And he decried the Civil War, calling it a needless effort for...
  • GOP contender will not rule out third-party run [Guess Who?]

    12/23/2007 7:36:15 PM PST · by melt · 188 replies · 514+ views ^ | 12/23/07 | politicalticker
    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Texas Rep. Ron Paul refused to rule out a third party bid Sunday if he fails to win the Republican Party presidential nomination. When Tim Russert of NBC’s 'Meet the Press' asked the Texas congressman if he’d consider an independent bid, he replied: "I have no intention of doing that." When pressed by Russert to state unequivocally that he would not, Paul demurred. "I deserve one weasel wiggle now and then, Tim!" Paul lost to Phil Gramm in the 1984 Texas Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. Four years later, he ran for president as the Libertarian...
  • Paul: Country is moving toward fascism

    12/23/2007 6:44:53 PM PST · by AmericanMade1776 · 213 replies · 495+ views
    The Hill ^ | December 23, 2007 | Klaus Marre |
    White House hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Sunday that the U.S. is moving toward fascism, stating that corporations are increasingly “running the show” and citizens are being deprived of their liberties. Paul clarified that he did not refer to the type of fascism that Adolf Hitler practiced in Germany. “We’re not moving toward Hitler-type fascism, but we’re moving toward a softer fascism,” Paul said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “Loss of civil liberties, corporations running the show, big government in bed with big business.” The lawmaker said the U.S. is moving toward “corporatism.” He also lashed out at a...
  • Ron Paul: 'When fascism comes it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross'. (Drudge's Title)

    12/18/2007 7:41:42 AM PST · by mnehring · 1,038 replies · 2,782+ views
    YouTube video via Drudge- Ron Paul quote this morning on Fox and Friends- "When fascism comes it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross. "
  • [Ron] Paul Raises $6 Million in 24-Hour Effort [December 16, 2007]

    12/16/2007 10:43:13 PM PST · by grundle · 368 replies · 1,853+ views ^ | December 16, 2007
    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul's supporters raised over $6 million Sunday to boost the 10-term Texas congressman's campaign for the White House. Called a "Money Bomb," the goal was to raise as much money as possible on the Internet in one day. The campaign's previous fundraiser brought in $4.2 million. At midnight EST, donations were over $6 million, according to the campaign Web site. Those donations are processed credit card receipts, said Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. Benton said the median donation is about $50 in the fundraiser, which was the idea of Paul supporters who...
  • Ron Paul Set to Honor Tea Party

    12/14/2007 6:27:30 PM PST · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 88 replies · 1,986+ views
    Once again honoring the revolutions of history, Texas Congressman Ron Paul will commemorate the Boston Tea Party Sunday, with his campaign attempting to set another one day fund raising record and beat out the $4.4 million he collected from supporters last month on November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day. The campaign's new blimp also took to the air Friday, leaving North Carolina on its maiden voyage up the east coast. The blimp was originally scheduled to drop tea into Boston the harbor on Sunday, but a launch delay forced organizers to reschedule the flight plan for a New Hampshire primary...
  • Ron Paul Unplugged: Get Government Out of Health Care

    12/13/2007 10:58:57 AM PST · by traviskicks · 349 replies · 2,927+ views
    ABC News ^ | 12/13/07 | JOHN STOSSEL
    John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul on Youth Appeal, Opposition to Medicare, Medicaid "20/20's" John Stossel interviews Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, exclusively for Paul wants the government out of health care, and opposes Medicare, Medicaid, and federally mandated children's health insurance. (AP Photo) Over the last few months, I've heard from hundreds of viewers who said that I should interview unconventional Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. So I did. In our interview, published exclusively on, we talk about the Iraq war, when war is justified, the proper role of government, immigration, drug use, prostitution, gay marriage, and more. In...
  • The Ron Paul Revolution

    11/01/2007 6:38:53 AM PDT · by traviskicks · 60 replies · 313+ views
    Time Magazine ^ | 11/1/07 | Joel Stein
    It sometimes seems as if someone is playing a cruel practical joke on Ron Paul. He goes to a college and delivers the same speech he's given for the past 30 years of his political career, the one espousing the Austrian school of economics. Only now the audience is packed with hundreds of kids in RON PAUL REVOLUTION T shirts who go nuts — giving standing ovations when he drones on about getting rid of the Federal Reserve and returning to the gold standard. After a speech at Iowa State last month, when nearly half the crowd had to stand...
  • Ron Paul’s inclusive message attracting African American voters (HUGE black voter shift)

    10/29/2007 11:31:08 PM PDT · by OrthodoxPresbyterian · 354 replies · 2,582+ views
    USA Daily ^ | 10-25-2007 | Maple Brown
    Ron Paul’s inclusive message attracting African American votersMaple Brown, USA DailyPublished 10/25/2007 - 11:34 a.m. EDTRon Paul’s inclusive message of peace, freedom, and prosperity may be attracting African American voters. According to this poll, Ron Paul leads his GOP opponents among black voters in general election contests.In general election matches Paul loses among African American voters 60% to 33% against Hillary Clinton and loses 61% to 31% to Barack Obama.In 2004 CNN exit polls show Bush receiving 11% of the African American vote in the general election against Kerry.The averages of general election match up against either Hillary Clinton or...
  • Ron Paul Revolution in Tempe Arizona [Paul supporters, make your pitch to Chiropractors]

    10/14/2007 6:59:01 PM PDT · by SJackson · 102 replies · 64+ views
    Planet Chiropractic ^ | 10-14-7 | Michael Dorausch, DC
    Ron Paul Revolution in Tempe pm PST by Michael Dorausch, DC Supporters of the Ron Paul Revolution were evangelizing out on the streets of Tempe this past weekend, while thousands were in town for the ASU vs. Washington Huskies game at Sun Devils Stadium. It started online and now it's moving into the physical world, I'm beginning to see this guy's name in more places and I'm recognizing someone is doing a hell of a job at getting the message out. Earlier last week I authored a blog post about Chiropractors Voting for Ron Paul and there were quite...
  • Ron's Revolution: Could Dr. Paul Really Surprise Us?

    10/09/2007 7:07:34 AM PDT · by Captain Kirk · 83 replies · 1,548+ views
    National Review Online ^ | October 9, 2007 | Dave Kopel
    This weekend, I attended and spoke at the Second Amendment Foundation’s annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, which was held at a convention center in northern Kentucky, a few miles away from Cincinnati. What I saw and heard there changed my mind about the viability of Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy; Paul is going to far outperform the expectations laid out for him. First, for some background: twenty years ago, the Second Amendment Foundation (the second-largest pro-Second Amendment group in the U.S.) began sponsoring an annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, in conjunction with other pro-gun groups, including the NRA. For a full...
  • [Ron] Paul says Americans' freedoms under siege (politico)

    10/10/2007 9:18:03 AM PDT · by traviskicks · 191 replies · 1,983+ views
    the politico ^ | 10/10/07 | John Bresnahan
    If Rep. Ron Paul had his way, a lot of things would change. Abortion would be illegal. There would be no federal income tax, nor even an IRS. The United States would be out of the United Nations. The U.S. Supreme Court wouldn’t be messing with state law. The Federal Reserve and World Bank would disappear. And there would no longer be background checks to buy handguns. And should the Texas Republican win the White House, as he’s trying to do now, the war in Iraq would end, as would the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Pain Relief.”...
  • Paul for the Long Haul

    10/10/2007 1:15:22 PM PDT · by SJackson · 42 replies · 663+ views
    Hawaii Reporter ^ | 10/10/2007 | John Fund
    Could Ron Paul be considering a third-party run for the White House after the GOP primaries are over? After all, in 1988 he left the GOP to run as the Libertarian Party candidate. He is just ornery enough to do it again. A hint of his dissatisfaction came last night during the CNBC debate when Chris Matthews asked him if he would promise "to support the nominee of the Republican Party next year." Mr. Paul's answer was a flat no. "Not unless they're willing to end the war and bring our troops home. And not unless they are willing to...
  • Why So Many Conservatives Don't Like Ron Paul

    10/10/2007 12:18:58 PM PDT · by mnehring · 141 replies · 1,144+ views
    It's no secret that I don't care much for Ron Paul, but after reading some of the hurt and angry responses from Ron Paul fans to his first place finish in the Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select Their Least Favorite People On The Right (2007 Edition) poll, I thought it might be worth taking the time to explain to them why Paul is so unpopular with mainstream conservatives. In an effort to be polite, I am not going to be snarky about it, but I should forewarn Paul's fans and, for that matter, any "Big L" Libertarians who may be reading, that...