Since Jun 16, 2004

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Libertarian ping!

I was the former bearer of the FreeRepublic Libertarian ping list (200+ Freepers), the list was founded by freepatriot32 and is now run by bamahead, who has taken the list to new heights.

What is a Libertarian? Here is a brief animation and essay for further explanation.

About me:

I am 29 years old, registered Republican, and I am currently completing my Radiolgoy Residency at Mt Clemens Regional Medical Center just outside of Detroit MI, with plans for fellowship in Neuroradiology. Past political activities include a position as the Student Osteopathic Medical Association National Director of Political Affairs and more recently as an active member of the Ron Paul meetup group in Las Vegas NV. I am also a certified Yoga teacher.

My blog is, . Last month, 4/07, we received over 200,000 hits. I blog on the left hand side, often using stories from the FR libertarian ping list.

On the right are some larger more investigative type research papers including:

Medical Education in Nevada: A Tale of Two Medical Schools
A Charter School Tale
Tsunami Tyranny
A Theory of God
John Kerry's Foreign Policy
Welfare; History Results and Reform
Fahrenheit 9/11

And some smaller group postings and essays including:

Intermediate Meditation

Beginning Meditation

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne a review

Youthful Optimism and the Darkening Sky

Return of the Jedi

Bailout Commentary

Detroit Michigan seen from Nevada

Ron Paul Candidates on the March in NV

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: a Vision of the Future

The Libertarian Scare

Elephants Stampeding (and Donkeys Ditching Jackasses)

DO Day on the Hill, Round 3

Manifesting Revolution

An analysis of energy and film

Sivananda Yoga Recordings

Pain and Suffering

Technology in the Age of Big Government

Ezekiel for an Hour

Excerpts (a listing of all excerpts)

The Conspiracy Theorists

SOMA Resolution on FDA approval

Wind in the Windy City (SOMA, AOA Chicago Convention)

DO Day on the Hill, Round 2

Restricting the body, Elevating the mind

A Tale of Two Tragedies (VA shooting)

Warning Concerning a King, a Biblical Perspective

New Leadership on HealthCare: a Presidential Forum

Christ In Life

In Pursuit of Happiness

Responsibility, Part II

Personal Responsibility, Mental 

Settling the Small Business Hype

Ron Paul 2008

Milk, It Does A Government Good

Optimism on Nov 8th

Personal Responsibility, Mental Responsibility

Airbus vs Boeing

Good Karma, Bad Karma?

Free Trade

Ideology, Emotion, and Reason

Ebay, Tax Cuts, and Capitalism

Israel Lebanon Conflict

Social Conservatism

Nevada Politics

Media Freedom

Amnesty From Government

The Bureaucrat In Your...

Medical Lobbying

RIP Carrie Largent


Communist Musings

FDA Tyranny


Israel Palestine Conflict

The Post Office

French Riots

Gasoline and Government

Guns and Crime

Secondary Problems of Socialism

Club For Growth; Defending Liberty

Wal-Mart, Aiding America's Poor

Transportation Socialism

Voting with your Feet (Las Vegas Vs. Detroit)

Inequality, Aid, and the Nature of Governments

Academic Bias

The Internet


USA and Freedom Abroad

American Heroes 

Government Condescension





Media Bias 

Government Kidnapping

British Health Care 

Canadian Health Care 

US Government Health

New Government Food Pyramid

Farm Subsidies 

The Minimum Wage

Supreme Tyranny (Kelo)

Charitable Corruption

Constitutional issues

Here is a link to my quote page, including the quote pages of Donald Rumsfeld and Janice Rogers Brown.

My favorite picture from the Welfare paper: the Reverend Jackson marching with N.O.W against Welfare Reform and the results of the reforms they so adamantly opposed. State Reform was begun in 1992 and the National Bill was passed in 1996. More charts here.