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    07/30/2020 2:50:44 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    susannah59 to amihow

    My oldest and I were working the same place when he got his first paycheck. He was totally flabbergasted when it was less than he’d calculated he’d be getting.

    He had anticipated income taxed but was not prepared for Social Security and Medicare.

    I explained SS to him like this: that amount there? That is being taken from your check and being put directly into your grandparents’ SS checks. There is NOT an account with your name on it, set aside for you and waiting somewhere until you retire. From time to time you’ll get a letter from Social Security telling you how much “you” have available. That’s imaginary, OK?

    A coworker and I had not long before that about the same subject. He had been looking at what he had been paying in SS as some sort of retirement account. We disabused him of that notion. He was a lot older than my kid, too!

  • Medical Journal Suggests Loss of Employment for Any Person Who Refuses to Take COVID-19 Vaccine

    07/30/2020 2:35:24 PM PDT · 110 of 177
    susannah59 to Harmless Teddy Bear

    I agree. Whether or not I, personally, get vaccinated, I don’t believe it should be forced on people.

    Unfortunately we’ve been heading in this direction for some time. Consider seat belt laws- I always use mine. I think they are a great idea. I don’t think that they should be compulsory for people over 21. Same thing with smoking bans. I loathe cigarette smoke. I still believe that business owners should have the right to decide if their businesses are smoking, non-smoking, or smoking in certain areas. I then have a right to patronize those businesses, or not.

    Then NYC limited the size of beverages that businesses could sell.

    Give those who think they know best for us (or who just enjoy control) an inch and they’ll take a mile or 15.

  • U.S. Mail Slowdown

    07/30/2020 2:12:00 PM PDT · 41 of 107
    susannah59 to escapefromboston

    My son waited a week for a package to get to our local post office from the hub our mail passes through (we are in a small town). Because the package was tracked he knew where it was and it sat there that long. We were told that the postal hub was very short-staffed (not sure if it is due to COVID or what).

  • Biden's Civil War

    07/30/2020 6:30:42 AM PDT · 4 of 21
    susannah59 to Lurker

    I wonder, though, how much of their willingness to stand down is due to the realization that if they don’t, they will get no support, will likely be injured or killed or, if they survive, will possibly lose their jobs.

  • Kanye West says he has been trying to DIVORCE Kim since she met rapper Meek Mill in a hotel room, calls her a white supremacist and dubs his mother in law 'Kris Jong Un' in another late night Twitter meltdown amid grave concerns for his mental health

    07/22/2020 6:13:04 AM PDT · 20 of 31
    susannah59 to Mark17

    I saw a program about this a while back. They interviewed Kris among other people. You are absolutely right, if she is to be believed. Kardashian started out believing that OJ was innocent but by the time it was over he was convinced that OJ was guilty. He was indeed stunned at the acquittal.

  • Open Schools This Fall

    07/22/2020 6:08:13 AM PDT · 4 of 16
    susannah59 to yldstrk

    I’m afraid we may be too late for that!

    My son’s GF is a middle school teacher. When the schools closed here (TX) they went to on-line teaching. She had one student who told her that she had not done her assignments because she had “better things to do.” Something neither I nor any of my classmates would have dreamed of saying “back in the day.” She wasn’t a great student who just stopped doing anything when the schools closed, she didn’t do anything much, anyway.

    The son’s GF taught 5th and 6th grades last year. She’s going to be teaching 6th grade only this upcoming year. She was happy to hear that, because she won’t be having to teach cursive writing. At some point the school stopped teaching cursive, then decided to start back, and they have been playing catch-up. She taught cursive to 5th graders last year so all her 6th graders this year should already have that skill. She also told me she removed the clock from her classroom because too many of her students couldn’t tell time!

    One of the “issues” with distance learning is that too many of the parents don’t make sure that their kids are doing the work and learning. Of course, those same parents don’t do that when the kids are in school, either.

  • Blue State Blues: Donald Trump, the Battle of Cowpens, and the Art of the Comeback

    07/03/2020 6:52:44 PM PDT · 21 of 21
    susannah59 to A strike

    Regardless of the actual number, it apparently was severe. There are accounts that his entire back was covered in scars and ridges. There is a story- true or not- that the night before Cowpens he showed his scars to members of the militia as he went among them to encourage them.

  • Blue State Blues: Donald Trump, the Battle of Cowpens, and the Art of the Comeback

    07/03/2020 3:21:38 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    susannah59 to bert

    I haven’t done the entire trip but have been to most of those places. I had at least one ancestor among the Overmountain Men. (I still have relatives in Elizabethton, Marion, and in between.)

    Morgan’s brilliance was in how he dealt with and used the militia. He didn’t try to get the militia to act as regulars; he used their strength and weakness to his advantage.

    If you’ve never read it, I’d recommend The Road to Guilford Courthouse by John Buchanan.

  • Blue State Blues: Donald Trump, the Battle of Cowpens, and the Art of the Comeback

    07/03/2020 3:08:03 PM PDT · 18 of 21
    susannah59 to A strike

    Not a typo. Morgan himself told that story. He had his own wagon and team and hauled supplies for the British. He got into an altercation with a British officer and punched the officer out. He was sentenced to 500 lashes and, later, when he told the story he said that the person administering the punishment miscounted. He also showed his scars on at least a couple of occasions. Did he exaggerate? No way of knowing that, now.

  • Harvard grad who blamed Trump supporters for getting her fired from 'dream job' at Deloitte after 'All Lives Matter' TikTok stab video did NOT work for accountancy firm

    07/03/2020 2:44:38 PM PDT · 100 of 112
    susannah59 to tennmountainman

    Anyone who hired her would need their head examined.

    You should never hire someone who is signaling loud and clear that she would be a problematic employee.

    This one might as well have a flashing neon sign hanging over her head!

  • Donald Trump on Letterman, 1986-87 (33 years ago!)

    07/03/2020 2:12:35 PM PDT · 13 of 16
    susannah59 to rhinohunter

    I’ve never been a fan. I enjoyed Leno, but Johnny Carson was the best. Very funny but never mean. IIRC he poked fun at everyone equally.

    I enjoy Dennis Miller. My favorite line from him: Nancy Pelosi is crazy. She’s so bat**** crazy she sleeps hanging upside down! I think about that just about every time I see her picture!

  • UMass Lowell Nursing Dean Reportedly Fired After Saying ‘Everyone’s Life Matters’ in Email

    07/03/2020 9:15:29 AM PDT · 52 of 62
    susannah59 to littleharbour

    It infuriates me that saying “all lives matter” is considered hate speech or a way of telling people to sit down and shut up.

    For MANY people, it’s a statement of fact and the basis of the way we live our lives and conduct ourselves.

    I’ve been a nurse for darned near 40 years and these standards of conduct you mention are pretty universal. I’ve dealt with patients of all races, sizes, shapes, socioeconomic status, so on an so forth, and have always tried to treat each one as an individual, doing my best for them, from the unborn to those at the end of their lives. There have been patients I didn’t like and didn’t want to take care of, but that had to do with that person’s attitudes and nothing to do with their skin color or other superficial aspects.

    My very first patient in my first nursing school was an elderly Black gentleman at a VA hospital. I remember that because I was absolutely terrified, as was my partner that day (Black herself). We were convinced that he was as fragile as glass and that anything we did might kill him! Nobody cared about anyone’s skin color. I didn’t care then, don’t care now, and haven’t cared any time in between. Each person is an individual and treated as such.

    I take “Black Lives Matter” as an insult-to me and to many people like me, in nursing and other professions, because all lives really DO matter.

  • Don’t Pet the Deer

    07/02/2020 3:40:20 PM PDT · 70 of 95
    susannah59 to ProtectOurFreedom

    I had a co-worker who had a pheasant fly across the road directly in front of her truck. It took out one of her headlights.

    This is in rural West Texas. She ended up talking to an insurance adjuster who apparently didn’t know a pheasant from a robin. She had a heck of a time getting the adjuster to understand what had happened and why she needed her headlight replaced.

    She had almost as hard a time as they guy who had to explain to an insurance adjuster how a dust devil had destroyed a shed on his farm.

  • Heart conditions drove spike in deaths

    07/02/2020 12:39:40 PM PDT · 2 of 6
    susannah59 to spintreebob

    I’ve also read predictions that cancer deaths are expected to increase and that the increase may be seen over the next decade. Not only have routine screenings been delayed but some diagnostic procedures as well.

    Sometimes the services just aren’t available and sometimes the patients are delaying things for fear of COVID.

    Telemedicine is great in some situations, but some things have to be done in person and hands on.

  • Woman, 72, gored by bison while trying to take photo at Yellowstone National Park

    06/30/2020 11:07:32 AM PDT · 89 of 109
    susannah59 to OrangeHoof

    I call it “Disneyfication” as well. Disney may not make “live” animal shows any more, but others have taken it up.

    One thing that I have noticed is that human feelings and emotions are attributed to the animals. “The mother coyote is worried that she might not find enough food to feed her cubs,” that sort of things. Do animals worry? Do they feel proud? It’s fairly subtle until you start to pay attention. I think that this has contributed to the misconception that animals are just people in fur coats! Plenty of people these days haven’t spent much time around domestic animals, either. They aren’t aware that cows, pigs, and horses can kill you.

    We were at Yellowstone several years ago, and yes there are signs all over the place warning people not to approach the animals. A park ranger there told me that bison kill more people in Yellowstone than bears do.

  • White people say they want to be an ally to Black people. But are they ready for sacrifice?

    06/30/2020 9:12:54 AM PDT · 114 of 127
    susannah59 to dfwgator

    That’s been going on for quite a while now.

    Around 30 years ago, I worked with a black woman who was a very hard worker. She was not well educated; she and her siblings were raised by their grandmother after her mother passed away and she had to quit school to go to work to help out.

    “Annie” had a daughter who was in high school at the time. She was a single mother who raised her daughter alone; her husband dumped them when the daughter was an infant. She had no other children.

    Her daughter was quite intelligent and aspired to be a lawyer. She was accused often of trying to “act white” or “talk white.” It made Annie furious. She did not see hard work nor success in racial terms.

    I lost touch and never found out if the daughter reached her goals.

  • Lockdown and social distancing could make our immune system weaker, says Oxford scientist

    06/27/2020 12:28:17 PM PDT · 18 of 19
    susannah59 to Steely Tom

    I agree with you completely. Kids aren’t “allowed” to be sick. Hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, go home from school or stay home with the least little thing. I remember most of us walking around with minor respiratory illnesses all winter and it was “normal.” Kids get colds! We only got sent home from school if we had vomiting or diarrhea. I never heard of a peanut allergy until I was an adult.

    Modern kids immune systems don’t have anything to do and so start reacting to things that they shouldn’t, such as peanuts.

    Hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap are great in healthcare facilities but most of us don’t need to use them at home.

  • Western churches should rethink white Jesus, Church of England head says

    06/26/2020 8:49:45 PM PDT · 25 of 49
    susannah59 to conservative98

    Does anybody remember back 20 years or so ago when the Taliban blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan?

    I wonder how the Archbishop reacted to that. Was it fine and dandy for that to happen since the Buddha statues offended the Taliban? Somehow I doubt that.

  • Houston Realtors to drop the term "master" bedroom

    06/26/2020 8:37:32 PM PDT · 53 of 72
    susannah59 to dfwgator

    That has already been brought up! Not just based on the supposed connotation that Master refers to slave/master, but also because, supposedly, the site was at one time a plantation which had slaves. Before becoming a golf course the site was a plant nursery.

    I don’t think that the PGA can change the name of the tournament. It’s trademarked by the Augusta National. I suppose that the PGA can refuse to have a tournament there unless it’s changed.

    I lived in Augusta 18 years. (I never set foot on the golf course). I don’t recall any suggestion, ever, by anyone, that there was any tie between the name of the tournament and slavery. To me it’s obvious that the name refers to the players being “masters” of the game of golf- expert players, the best at the game- just as a Master Carpenter is an expert at carpentry.

    I’m beginning to feel like I opened a door and inadvertently stepped into an alternate universe.

  • Houston Realtors to drop the term "master" bedroom

    06/26/2020 8:14:18 PM PDT · 48 of 72
    susannah59 to Soul of the South

    Yes. And forget about Master Carpenters, Master Gardeners, Master Mechanics, and so forth.

    I have a Master’s Degree. It doesn’t mean that I have slaves or even servants, any more than having a Bachelor’s Degree means I am an unmarried man! The utter silliness!