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A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....12-09-02
Billie and daisyscarlett

Posted on 12/08/2002 11:38:55 PM PST by daisyscarlett

A Few of FR's Finest.....
......Every Day

FR is a Treasure Trove of talented, compassionate, patriotic, wonderful people who gather every day to discuss the latest news and issues; salute and support our military and our leaders;  tell a few jokes;  learn a new word;  write poetry;  pray for those in need;  and congratulate those who are deserving. Thank you, Jim Robinson, for giving us the vehicle in which we can express ourselves.

Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997.   I can remember lurking when there were only a few regulars who posted, and now there are over 60,000 who have registered for posting privileges. The forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world.

A Few of FR's Finest November 11, 2001

So many people have written me since my original Veteran's Day Tribute, asking how they, or a loved one, could be included in that tribute. Since I can no longer add the photos to the body of the thread, I've been including them in additional posts as I received enough to make another collage.

Still that doesn't seem to be enough. I think there's never been a better nor more appropriate time to keep the faces of our own Veterans and Active Military in front of FReepers--every day! That's why I wanted to do yet another Daily Thread .....ABOUT FReepers .....and FOR FReepers. But not only about our Military FReepers; for all FReepers! Wouldn't it be nice to get to know a few of the other FReepers as well? That's why, in addition to seeing FR's Finest Military Personnel every day, I thought it might be fun to feature a different FReeper (or FReepers) each day. If you would like to be pictured, or know someone who would, please FReepmail me and we'll turn the spotlight - on YOU - for the day!

And do let me know if you'd like your picture added to the groups of Veterans/Active Military below. I will keep this page updated, and continue to add them to the comment section of the original Veteran's Day thread as well.

TOP: Logos, SwedeGirl's hubby, Neil E Wright, FallGuy, 1John, Sneakypete
MIDDLE:  T'wit, COB1, LadyX, Dick Bachert, 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub
BOTTOM:  YankeeinSC, Delta21, JoeSixPack1

TOP:  Bosniajmc, AFVetGal, Archy, A Navy Vet
MIDDLE:  4TheFlag, Aeronaut, 68Grunt, Xinga
BOTTOM:  Codger, AAABest, Clinton's A Liar, Duke809, dcwusmc

TOP:  mc5cents, Norb2569, LBGA's son, VanJenerette
MIDDLE:  Jim Robinson, KJenerette, davidosborne, KG9Kid
BOTTOM:  gwmoore, Equality7-2521, SAMWolf

TOP:  porgygirl, Phil V., MudPuppy, NorCoGOP
MIDDLE:  RaceBannon, OneidaM, rdb3, jwTexian
BOTTOM:  USMC Vet, TheMayor, Vineyard, rhododogma

We now have eleven groups of veterans/active military; we will post each group of three or four twice a week, with thumbnail/links of the remaining seven or eight groups on each thread. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the group full-size.


GROUP 5A: TOP:  spectr17, RightOnline, SERE_Doc, Tet68. MIDDLE:  FutureSnakeEater, RightOnline's wife, CIApilot, Clamper1797. BOTTOM:  usmcobra, onedoug, DiverDave, Joe6-pack.
GROUP 6A: TOP:  g'nad, AgThorn's son Justin, SLB, AgThorn's son Brett. MIDDLE:  fish70, razorback-bert, CheneyChick, Leroy S Mort, Mark17. BOTTOM:  Terry's Take, Taxman, DinkyDau.
GROUP 7A: TOP:  ValerieUSA's son Grant, SK1Thurman, kd5cts, RangerVetNam, dansangel and .45man's son-in-law Tony.BOTTOM:  rangerX, Old China Hand, Trish, Howlin's dad, Mustang.
GROUP 8A: TOP: ohioWfan's son, MamaBear's father-in-law, MamaBear's dad, ladtx. MIDDLE:  The Mayor's niece, M.Kehoe, Beach_Babe's son-in-law. BOTTOM:  deadhead's dad, HiJinx, Severa's hubby, viligantcitizen's granddad.

GROUP 9A: TOP: Q6-God, Scan59, Mama Bear and JKPhoto's son, ofMagog. MIDDLE:  Big'ol_freeper, JustAmy's great uncle, Prodigal Son. BOTTOM:  JustAmy's husband, JustAmy's brother-in-law, JustAmy's brother.
GROUP 10A: TOP: dakine's wife, MeeknMing's dad, Auntbee's nephew, MilitiaMan7, AlasBabylon. BOTTOM:  Joe Brower, Temple Owl, Temple Owl's wife, dutchess' dad, Aomagrat.
GROUP 11A: TOP: ladtx #2 son; DiverDave's twin Don; petuniasevan and husband poorman; Mustard; ladtx #1 son. BOTTOM: AlamoGirl's brother Floyd; AG's dad; AG's brother Jim (inset); WVNan's husband; ladtx' Aunt Eva.



Paul Atreides
FReeper since 04-04-02

Northern Alabama

Paul Atreides' favorite science fiction book is Dune and his screen name is the main character in that book. (As El Rushbo would say, For those of you who live in Palm Beach,) Dune is one of the most popular novels in the history of science fiction. It has spawned two film versions, a host of sequels, a fake encyclopedia, and several video games. Published in 1965, it won both Hugo and Nebula awards. Thirty six years on, its popularity shows little sign of waning.

Paul Atreides is a college student who composes humorous photo montages to suit various posts on the FR Forum. He, in fact, composed the above montage of Rush and Daschle. This was posted just about everywhere on FR (including the Finest thread) and delighted many of us. Including Rush Limbaugh, who mentioned the montage and the site (Free Republic) it appeared on. Immediately afterward, FR's servers went down and many attributed it to Rush's listeners trying to check out Free Republic. This montage has also been featured on the Home Page of Free Republic since that time (along with a Welcome to Free Republic to Rush listeners) and was mentioned on Rush's website.

In Paul Atreides' Words:

"It is funny how the Rush/Daschle composite came about; I was on another thread, and someone made the comment that Daschle was acting like a big baby having a temper tantrum. When I thought of a baby kicking its legs and crying, I immediately thought of the Jackson photo that had been so prevalent in the news. I did Google image searches for Rush and Daschle. I used my photo editing software to do cutouts of their heads, and pasted them on the bodies. I painted out some of the areas that weren't needed. I uploaded the photo to my storage site and created a "Caption Rush Limbaugh" thread on FR. Some on the caption thread suggested that the photo be sent to Rush. I didn't have his email, but someone managed to send him the link. The next day was a school day (I had somewhat forgotten the photo) and didn't get a chance to listen to Rush. Imagine my surprise when I came home and saw that the FR server had been maxed out and that Rush had bust a gut laughing over my photo!"


"Al Letting it Rip"

One of Paul Atreides' favorites was created after Al Gore made his statement about how he would "let it rip" on this next campaign. That just opened up the floodgates for everyone to laugh at him and make jokes out of the statement. Since Al had gained weight, Paul Atreides took a photo of a sumo wrestler's body and transposed Al's head onto it.

"Gephardt and Daschle as Dr. Evil and Mini-Me"

Remeber the James Cagney movie, in which Cagney smashes the grapefruit-half in a woman's face? Well this is what happened when PaulAtreides put Bill and Hillary's heads on the bodies. (Hee hee, one of my favorites...ds)



12-07,08-02 Weekend Thread
Opinions by our own 'King of Ping'
The guy's good, folks!

Thanks, Mixer!

1) Click on the graphic to open the Calendar.
2) Once there you can click on any month and even click to the right to go into next year. Once you are in the month that you joined FR you will need to click on the number in the calendar and then an add item screen will come up.
3) In the next box enter your name in the "Calendar Text" field and then click on submit.
4) If any of the screens fail to load simply click on refresh in your browser and that will usually fix it.
5) If all else fails or simply if you want me to do this for you send me an FReepmail and I will gladly do it for you. ~Mixer

Time's Running Out! ~ Billie

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Miscellaneous; News/Current Events; Political Humor/Cartoons
KEYWORDS: freepers; fun; military; politics; surprises
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1 posted on 12/08/2002 11:38:55 PM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: ST.LOUIE1; Mama_Bear; Billie; The Thin Man; Grammy Bear; Diver Dave; JustAmy; g'nad; Swede Girl; ...

2 posted on 12/08/2002 11:41:30 PM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: daisyscarlett; Paul Atreides
Evening DaisyScarlett! I'm just on my way to bed, and you're UP awfully early! (I seem to be writing someone's BIO! LOL ) Congratulations Paul on your wonderful Rush/Daschle graphic. Way to hit the big time! Enjoy your day on FR's Finest!
Congratulations Paul!

3 posted on 12/08/2002 11:48:37 PM PST by Libertina
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To: Paul Atreides

4 posted on 12/08/2002 11:50:23 PM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: tinacart; Slyfox; ErnBatavia; doug from upland; Boxsford; martin_fierro; Geezerette; MeeknMing; ...

5 posted on 12/08/2002 11:51:55 PM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: Paul Atreides
Congrats Paul!

It's young conservatives like you that give me hope that we CAN restore and defend our free republic.

As Rush and Jim Robinson and others have proven, we can be the inventors of the media of the future...and we can get our critical message across with a sense of humor and talent...both of which God has given you in spades.

Thank you for putting that gift to good use, and don't ever stop, my friend! :-)

6 posted on 12/08/2002 11:55:12 PM PST by EternalVigilance
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To: Libertina
No Tina, I am up late like you. I am a left coaster also. And, like you, I am also on my way to dreamland. Good to see you my FRiend. Seems like ages since we crossed paths.

Glad you like our choice for today's Finest. That Rush/Daschle was so very special as is all of Paul Atredies work.

7 posted on 12/09/2002 12:13:10 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: Paul Atreides; daisyscarlett; Billie; Mama_Bear; dansangel

Paul Atreides - I was listening to Rush the day your graphic was mentioned. Way to go!


To all my friends here. . . I have missed y'all. My life is just a little topsy-turvy these days. I am working nights mostly and driving Dad to his daily treatments during the day and catching fits of sleep in between it all. A little excitement in my life though - I stopped by Michelle Malkin's book signing when she was in town and took some pictures. Mr. Malkin saw one posted here and has used them on her book's web site (the 4 pictures on the 6th row) and bought the rights to one of them.

I took the picture below after a delivery in San Luis Pass. I stopped on the beach to get some pictures of the sunrise. I had put my camera away, happy I had some good pictures. and turned to go to the car and saw the rainbow.


God Bless America, land of the free, home of the brave. . .


Rainbow at Sunrise - San Luis Pass

Texas!- Photo by Flyer



8 posted on 12/09/2002 12:13:50 AM PST by Flyer
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To: EternalVigilance
Thank you for those very appropriate comments on Paul Atreides.
9 posted on 12/09/2002 12:14:37 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: Flyer
It is so good to see you again (though we knew you were very busy with you dad) and congratulations on the Michele Malkin photos. We featured your Profile Page last week and highlighted the link to your Photo Gallery.

Thanks so much for stopping in. We miss you and the wonderful photos you bring to us!!

10 posted on 12/09/2002 12:20:38 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: Billie; Mama_Bear; dansangel
Good morning, sistahs. Hope you all got a lot done this weekend in preparation for the Holidays.

Ah...I can relate to this calendar page, can't you?

11 posted on 12/09/2002 12:23:02 AM PST by daisyscarlett
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To: daisyscarlett
We featured your Profile Page last week

Oh gee, I'm so sorry I wasn't here to share in that.

BTW - Dad seems to be seeing some postive effects from his treatment. Thanks to all that have offered their prayers.

12 posted on 12/09/2002 12:25:06 AM PST by Flyer
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To: daisyscarlett
My pleasure, actually!

Thank YOU for all you do to en-courage the troops...nothing could be more meaningful and important! :-)
13 posted on 12/09/2002 12:27:29 AM PST by EternalVigilance
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To: Paul Atreides
Congrats Paul. You deserve this recognition! You've done an outstanding job keeping us laughing with your creations. Keep up the good work. I do appreciate the laughs. ;-) God Bless, Kristy
14 posted on 12/09/2002 12:57:46 AM PST by NRA2BFree
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To: daisyscarlett
Good morning Daisy.

15 posted on 12/09/2002 1:36:55 AM PST by Aeronaut
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To: daisyscarlett; Paul Atreides; M. Thatcher
Congratulations, Paul...very neat to hear the background behind the Michael Jackson/Rush/D'asshole montage...LOL!! That's hilarious, although yer hijinx did cause to be outta commission fer a good little bit.

Keep up the great work and enjoy yer day as FReeper's Finest!!


16 posted on 12/09/2002 2:39:47 AM PST by Mudboy Slim
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To: Flyer
Good Morning, Flyer!

That rainbow picture is beautiful! :^)

17 posted on 12/09/2002 3:03:57 AM PST by Pippin
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To: Mudboy Slim
18 posted on 12/09/2002 3:04:50 AM PST by Pippin
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To: Pippin
Hi Pippin! I need to make time to go skating with you again.
19 posted on 12/09/2002 3:05:43 AM PST by Flyer
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 17 | View Replies]

To: daisyscarlett; Paul Atreides
Hi, Daisy!

Hi, Paul!

Congratulations to you, Paul!

enjoy your day! :^)

20 posted on 12/09/2002 3:06:41 AM PST by Pippin
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