Since Apr 19, 2002

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I love to read, collect political memorabilia, research family history and American history. I've been a member of the RNC and MDGOP since 2001, and a Third Order Secular Franciscan since May of 2000. I love God, My family, and my country.

I'm proud of our president and first lady.
God Bless President Bush and Laura
God Bless America

My Maryland....

Baltimore Oriole

Thanks Louie and Billie!

LouieWolf found the oriole but it wasn't animated so Billie fixed it.

The Crabs are from either Lodwick or Diver Dave. :)

Thank you, Louie!

But I am also proud to be part of another heritage.
I honor my Mother's country Canada.
May God Bless Canada!
Thank you for your support, Canada!

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Thanks, Mama_Bear
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Thanks, Billie
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Thanks, Billie
Some of my dolls
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Thank you, Nan
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Thank you for visiting my page.
Thank you, Jim and John Robinson,
for giving us this home on FR.