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Conservatives Blame GOP Leaders For Not Stopping ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’
Cybercast News Service ^ | May 18, 2015 | 5:05 PM EDT | Barbara Hollingsworth

Posted on 05/19/2015 1:03:53 PM PDT by Olog-hai

Republicans are not keeping the campaign promise they made to voters in 2014 to halt President Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America,” conservative and Tea Party leaders charged in an open letter to Congress on Monday.

On April 28, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) cited fast-track trade legislation and a bill requiring congressional review of the administration’s nuclear deal with Iran as the major accomplishments of the GOP-led 114th Congress so far.

Earlier that month, Obama praised what he called “some outbreaks of bipartisanship and common sense in Congress” over Iran and trade. The president also said he was holding bipartisan talks with the Republican leadership on transportation infrastructure issues as well.

“To the extent the majority leader and the president are making nice, I’m happy. We need a lot more consensus in the federal government. There’s partisanship at every turn,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) said Monday.

But the 50 conservative leaders who signed the Citizens’ Mandate in January reminded McConnell and the rest of the Republican leadership that voters who gave them a landslide victory last November have much higher expectations for them, such as ending executive branch overreach and restoring the constitutional balance of power. …

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TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Government; Politics/Elections; US: District of Columbia
KEYWORDS: 114th; barbarahollingsworth; change; communism; gopestablishment; obama; rinos; transformation; treason; uniparty
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To: Olog-hai

The EXEMPT undocumented Democrats:
"But We did keep our promise to our Moslem Caliph, lord-protector
that we would continue to attack American conservatives and Tea Party
using the IRS, while protecting our Moslem lord-protector
on his Benghazi-, open border-, Arab Spring-, and "rebel"-projects."

21 posted on 05/19/2015 1:35:37 PM PDT by Diogenesis ("When a crime is unpunished, the world is unbalanced.")
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To: Olog-hai
Remember all the gobbledegook to wit that they claimed that the “government shutdowns” would lose them the 2014 elections?

I do. In fact, I won't forget that nonsense. No GOP votes from me, other than Cruz. Far as I'm concerned, the GOP leadership, and the vast majority of the GOP elected, can go straight to hell. I'll vote Cruz in the primaries, and hopefully I'll be able to vote Cruz in the generals. Otherwise, straight 3rd party for me! I can't quite bring myself to just stay home, so 3rd party it is.

22 posted on 05/19/2015 1:35:50 PM PDT by dware (Yeah, so? What are you going to do about it?)
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To: amnestynone
  1. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

  2. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

  3. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

  4. Gain control of all student newspapers.

  5. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

  6. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, and policymaking positions.
  1. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

  2. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

  3. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV and motion pictures. …
— W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist (1958), Chapter 12, “Current Communist Goals”
It has been going on for some time.
23 posted on 05/19/2015 1:36:12 PM PDT by Olog-hai
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To: Olog-hai

John Boehner: ‘We’re ready to be led’ on taxes

24 posted on 05/19/2015 1:37:16 PM PDT by Ray76 (Obama says, "Unlike my mum, Ruth has all the documents needed to prove who Mark's father was.")
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To: Olog-hai

Yes I can unequivocally say I blame the GOP for not stopping the takeover. Not even slowing it down.

25 posted on 05/19/2015 1:42:41 PM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose o f a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: Olog-hai
HELLO!!! Is the mike on?

The 2009 demonstration (9/12 project), the elections since 2010 - how many of them now? -, waves and waves of ‘tea party’ candidates turned DC insider politicians,

NOTHINGS CHANGED. Obama gets to do as he pleases, GOP did diddly squat, except making noises about maybe they're thinking of doing something. No wonder PEOPLE are so disgusted.

26 posted on 05/19/2015 1:44:18 PM PDT by Sir Napsalot (Pravda + Useful Idiots = CCCP; JournOList + Useful Idiots = DopeyChangey!)
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To: Olog-hai

Many in government are not only incompetent they are also worthless cowards. They are a disgrace not only to America but to the human race.

27 posted on 05/19/2015 1:45:46 PM PDT by mulligan (I)
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To: Olog-hai

Republicans vs. democrats = Washington Generals vs. Harlem Globetrotters

28 posted on 05/19/2015 2:21:55 PM PDT by duffee (Dump the Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, joe nosef.)
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To: greene66

“They have failed to stop amnesty. They have failed to stop fag-marriage. They have failed to stop Obamacare....”

Gee, it’s almost like these SOB’s are not only perfectly fine with all that, but as in the case of Romney, are actually IN on it, and for it.

29 posted on 05/19/2015 2:44:04 PM PDT by Carthego delenda est
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To: Olog-hai
Washington DC is too big and corrupt to redesign itself. Only a handful of people out of 535 of them are not corrupt.

Only a major Revolution will fix it.

30 posted on 05/19/2015 3:19:24 PM PDT by lormand (Inside every liberal is a dung slinging monkey)
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To: Olog-hai

Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

We know the communists control the Democrat Party.

What people have a hard time believing is that they have captured both parties, which is becoming painfully obvious.

We will be prevented from nominating anyone who would stop the invasion/cheap labor importation/colonization.

31 posted on 05/19/2015 3:46:14 PM PDT by Lurkinanloomin (Know Islam, No Peace - No Islam, Know Peace)
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To: Olog-hai
I'll keep voting pub and I'll donate to some candidates, but the total lack of effort to stop these arse in the white hut is just disgusting....

we're getting all these awful somalians being loaded here like animals....

Romney would have been better, much better....

32 posted on 05/19/2015 6:02:42 PM PDT by cherry
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To: marsh2
libertarians are the democrats best friends...I'll say it right out loud....they are conniving, dishonest, arrogant, illogical, and pathetic....

they have no ideals except to have free unabated child porn on their computers without getting in trouble....

33 posted on 05/19/2015 6:05:16 PM PDT by cherry
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To: cherry

Nobody switched to voting for Obama away from Romney, the latter of whom could not get the independents.

Whenever I see “Romney would have been better” it’s like looking at someone saying “McCain would have been better”. Is it not written that God rules in the kingdoms of men and even gives the rule to the basest of men?

34 posted on 05/19/2015 6:07:51 PM PDT by Olog-hai
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To: mulligan
the only explanation that would make sense if that those Clintonian FBI files and the total takeover of federal agencies by obamists eg the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA...etc have really taken hold of pubs by the balls....

I have to believe that or else I'm left with the idea that the pubs at least some of them just want all this stuff to happen anyway....

35 posted on 05/19/2015 6:09:03 PM PDT by cherry
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To: Olog-hai

to which I say....McCain OR Romney would have been better, far, far better and everybody knows it in their hearts...

36 posted on 05/19/2015 6:10:37 PM PDT by cherry
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To: Olog-hai

I have always stood with Republicans, defended the defenseless, made excuses and gave them the benefit of doubt. After the November BS, they can go to hell, because that is what they deserve.

37 posted on 05/19/2015 6:14:35 PM PDT by Toespi
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To: cherry

That’s only because Obama is exceptionally far left.

38 posted on 05/19/2015 8:09:34 PM PDT by Olog-hai
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To: All
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39 posted on 05/19/2015 8:12:33 PM PDT by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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Rand Paul On Shutdown: "Even Though It Appeared I Was Participating In It, It Was A Dumb Idea"
I said throughout the whole battle that shutting down the government was a dumb idea. Even though it did appear as if I was participating in it, I said it was a dumb idea. And the reason I voted for it, though, is that it's a conundrum. Here's the conundrum. We have a $17 trillion debt and people at home tell me you can't give the president a blank check. We just can't keep raising the debt ceiling without conditions. So unconditionally raising the debt ceiling, nobody at home wants me to vote for that and I can't vote for that. But the conundrum is if I don't we do approach these deadlines. So there is an impasse. In 2011, though, we had this impasse and the president did negotiate. We got the sequester. If we were to extend the sequester from discretionary spending to all the entitlements we would actually fix our problem within a few years.
[Posted on 11/19/2013 12:16:51 PM by Third Person]
Rand Paul: Time for GOP to soften war stance softening its edge on some volatile social issues and altering its image as the party always seemingly "eager to go to war... We do need to expand the party and grow the party and that does mean that we don't always all agree on every issue" ... the party needs to become more welcoming to individuals who disagree with basic Republican doctrine on emotional social issues such as gay marriage... "We're going to have to be a little hands off on some of these issues ... and get people into the party," Paul said.
[Posted on 01/31/2013 5:08:50 PM PST by xzins]
Rand Paul's immigration speech
...The Republican Party must embrace more legal immigration.

Unfortunately, like many of the major debates in Washington, immigration has become a stalemate-where both sides are imprisoned by their own rhetoric or attachment to sacred cows that prevent the possibility of a balanced solution.

Immigration Reform will not occur until Conservative Republicans, like myself, become part of the solution. I am here today to begin that conversation.

Let's start that conversation by acknowledging we aren't going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants.

If you wish to work, if you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you...

This is where prudence, compassion and thrift all point us toward the same goal: bringing these workers out of the shadows and into being taxpaying members of society.

Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers.12 million more people assimilating into society. 12 million more people being productive contributors.
[Posted on 03/19/2013 7:04:07 AM PDT by Perdogg]
Rand Paul calls on conservatives to embrace immigration reform
Latinos, should be a natural constituency for the party, Paul argued, but "Republicans have pushed them away with harsh rhetoric over immigration." ...he would create a bipartisan panel to determine how many visas should be granted for workers already in the United States and those who might follow... [and the buried lead] "Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers...
[Posted on 04/21/2013 1:52:42 PM PDT by SoConPubbie]
[but he's not in favor of amnesty, snicker, definition of is is]

40 posted on 05/20/2015 4:09:11 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (What do we want? REGIME CHANGE! When do we want it? NOW!)
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