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Homosexual Rape and Murder of Children
Journal of the Family Research Institute ^ | Feb 2003 | Dr. Paul Cameron

Posted on 04/14/2003 5:06:15 PM PDT by Remedy

The homosexual historical footprint is large when it comes to the rape and murder of children. The most notorious child killer might be Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard), remembered for raping, torturing, and killing perhaps 800 boys in 15th century France. Gilles often raped the boy as he hung from a hook by the neck. Before he died, Gilles took him down, comforted him, repeated the act and either killed him himself or had him slain. In his confession, Gilles testified that "when the children were dead he kissed them and those who had the most handsome limbs and heads he held up to admire them, and had their bodies cut open and took delight at the sight of their inner organs; and very often when the said children were dying he sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed..." (

At the turn of the 19th century, "hobos" or "bums" in the U.S. were often driven from towns because it was believed that they were responsible for raping and killing boys. Even the murder of a boy by homosexual lovers Leopold and Loeb in 1924, then called the "crime of the century," likely involved rape. As of July 23, 2001, the Associated Press list of the worst serial killers in the United States was topped by Donald Harvey, followed by John Wayne Gacy, Patrick Kearney, Bruce Davis and Dean Corll in descending number of victims ( All these perpetrators of serial crimes in the 1970s and 1980s engaged in homosexuality, and the majority of the victims for the last four killers were boys.

Nevertheless, girls get raped and murdered too. Homosexual activists would have us believe that heterosexual abductions are far more common than homosexual child molestations. Perhaps our society has been so slanted against homosexuality that homosexuals are themselves victims of biased historical reporting. If so, what is the situation today? With our modern professional class Ñ including the media Ñ generally in favor of gay rights, it would seem likely that there ought to be minimal reporting bias against homosexuals in the coverage of child molestation cases. So the question remains: are those who engage in homosexuality disproportionately apt to engage in the rape and murder of children?

What We Did

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, an on-line search service, scans the whole text of over 50 English regional and national newspapers, largely in the U.S., but also including major papers in Australia, England, Canada, and New Zealand (e.g., the Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Independent [London], Ottawa Citizen, etc.). For 1989 through 2002 inclusive, every news story that included "child molestation" was examined Ñ a total of 6,444 stories which, after eliminating repeat stories about the same cases, reduced to 1,914 unique child molestation events. The 6,444 story database was double-checked by running "murder" and "killed" against it. Only news stories were tallied, not editorials or opinion pieces, so these were stories of fairly recent events.

What We Found

One hundred and three news stories involved the rape and/or murder of children: 90 involved the molestation and murder of a child or children, 11 stories involved only the abduction and rape of children, and two the rape and mutilation, but not the murder, of the children involved. Of the 90 news stories where the child was raped and murdered (0.47% of the unique child molestation stories), 40% involved homosexual molestation.

In the most unusual case, an "educated and relatively wealthy" leader recruited two other men and a boy. This team raped and murdered precisely 100 boys1. The leader had had prior arrests for suspicion of sodomizing boys, but his social status kept him from being convicted for many years. In another case, a man molested and killed 9 children of unreported sex.

Of the 95 perpetrators in these 90 stories, at least 43% engaged in homosexuality. These included 39 men, a boy, and a woman who all engaged in homosexuality, and 47 men and 7 boys who engaged in heterosexuality with victims. Of the 217 victims, at least 68% were victimized by homosexual perpetrators, and at least 67% were boys. Boys were also mutilated in the two stories involving mutilation. Furthermore, both multiple perpetrators and multiple victims were associated with homosexuality. In the three stories where two or more killers were implicated, the rapes were homosexual. In 69% of the 13 stories involving more than one victim, the perpetrator engaged in homosexuality. Another 11 stories involved a charge of attempted murder. In 64% of those cases, the perpetrator engaged in homosexuality.

When all other cases of child molestation from the Lexis-Nexis search are added to these stories, there were 2,181 perpetrators in the 1,914 distinct events whose sexual proclivities could be characterized by the sex of their victim: 41% engaged in sex with their own sex, the remaining 59% with the opposite sex (another 118 perpetrators violated at least 190 children whose sex was not given). Of the 5,630 underage victims of these molestations, 61% were victimized by individuals who engaged in homosexuality. And those who performed homosexual seductions were quite one-sided: 3,386 of their victims were boys, only 60 were girls.

Overall, there was a slightly higher rate of homosexuality among perpetrators who raped and killed than among those who "merely" raped or molested (43% vs. 41%). In addition, the proportion of victims attributed to homosexual perpetrators who raped and murdered was higher than the proportion attributed to homosexuals who only raped or molested (68% vs. 61%). All of the cases involving eating or torturing the victim were committed by homosexual practitioners.

What the Findings Mean

The newspapers indexed by Academic Universe undoubtedly concentrate upon events that occur in urban areas. Nonetheless, since the rape and murder of a child is of such widespread interest, a considerable proportion of such events outside of urban areas were probably also cited in these newspapers. It may even be true that the proportions of perpetrators and victims in this sample are roughly representative of what has recently happened in the industrialized world.

Contrary to the claims of homosexual activists, history seems to have repeated itself. The past 14 years give every indication that those who engage in homosexuality are still disproportionately involved in the rapes and murders of children. Likewise, the few instances of mutilation also implicated homosexuals. The historical record disproportionately implicating homosexuals in the rape, torture, and murder of children appears to be in harmony with more recent events.

Murder and child molestation combine in the rape and murder of a child. These two social problems are also independently associated with those who engage in homosexuality. Blanchard, Barbaree, Bogaert, Dicky, Klassen, Kuban, and Zucker, working with male offenders, concluded in 2000 that2 the "best epidemiological evidence indicates that only 2-4% of men attracted to adults prefer menÉ; in contrast, around 25-40% of men attracted to children prefer boys.... Thus the rate of homosexual attraction is 6-20 times higher among pedophiles [those who have sex with children under the age of 12 yr.]" (p. 464).

Likewise, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual III-R (DSM III-R, 1987)3 of the American Psychiatric Association, summarizing the clinical material about men, states that "Attraction to girls [aged 13 yr. or younger] is apparently twice as common as attraction to boys" and notes that the "course is usually chronic, especially in those attracted to boys.... The recidivism rate for people with Pedophilia involving a preference for the same sex is roughly twice that of those who prefer the opposite sex" (pp. 284-5).

Both of these sources estimated that about a third of child molesters engage in homosexuality Ñ similar to the 41% of male perpetrators who ‘only’ raped the underage in the newspaper database. In other studies4, it has also been found that male perpetrators who engage in homosexuality claim larger numbers of rape victims than non-homosexual rapists. For instance, 84% of the 28,574 children under the age of 14 who were raped in Abel, et al. were victimized by homosexuals. Also, the higher rates of recidivism by homosexuals noted in the DSM would imply more victims too.

In line with these reports, of the 217 victims in the 90 murder and rape stories, at least 68% were victimized by homosexual perpetrators. This 68% falls between the estimate that "roughly equal numbers of girls and boys, each year fall victim to some form of sexual exploitation" cited in a recent National Association of Social Workers review of a large set of studies of child molestation5 and the 84% reported by Abel, et al.

Murder also appears to be disproportionately associated with homosexuality. Jim Warren did the intake interview for almost all younger murderers (i.e., those under age 36) at the Washington State Corrections Center from 1971-82. In an interview in 1994, Warren opined that he was "probably the only one who examined the entirety of each of their case files." Warren said that he was struck with how frequently homosexuality turned up in the cases. Starting with a trickle of 2 or 3 murders/year in 1972 until dozens/year by the early 1980s, he noted a recurrent pattern: Although the motive listed in the report was often robbery or theft, he said that "about 50% of the time" it was associated with homosexuality. Typically, he said, a homosexual would meet someone at a bar or park and invite him to his home. Eventually, an argument would ensue and he or his visitor would be dead.

In Amsterdam, police spokesmen have stated that in "one out of four of all murder cases the victim was homosexual" (quoted by Gemert, 1994, p. 150)6. Gemert opined that "[e]lderly homosexual men often don’t have much to do in daily life. When they know that they will be unwanted in the gay world in the future, they will... seek this form of excitement. Visiting Central Station and ‘hunting’ boys is very important to them" (p. 172). Gemert thus offers a theory about the linkage between child molestation, murder and homosexuality Ñ albeit, one that accounts for the high rate at which homosexuals are murdered by boys, not why they in turn disproportionately rape and murder boys.

Although murder and rape of children are not common events, they are extremely frightening and can greatly impact the communities in which they occur. As its most precious resource, our society takes great pains to protect children and to ensure their safety. Amazingly, our society is also at the vanguard of the pro-gay rights movement. But consider: a group constituting perhaps 1% to 5% of men (1.3% in the 1996 National Household Survey of Drug Abuse; higher in Black, et al.7, Anderson & Stall8, and Cameron & Cameron9) generated 43% of those who were recorded in the most recent 14 years of news stories as having raped and killed children. That this group also accounts for around a third of child molesters, commits between a third to two-thirds of child rapes, and may be involved in up to half of all murders, adds substance to the traditional belief that participation in homosexual activity is anti-social.


  1. Popham, P. (2000) Child killer sentenced to be throttled, cut up and immersed in an acid bath. Independent [London, England] 3/17/00.
  2. Blanchard, R., Barbaree, H. E., Bogaert, A. F., Dicky, R., Klassen, P., Kuban, M. E., Zucker, K. J. (2000) Fraternal birth order and sexual orientation in pedophiles. Archives of Sexual Behavior 29, 463-478.
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  4. Abel, G. G., Becker, J. V., Mittelman, M., Cunningham-Rathner, J., Bouleau, J. L., & Murphy, W. D. (1987) Self-reported sex crimes of nonincarcerated paraphiliacs. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2 (1), 3-25.
  5. Houston Chronicle (9/26/01) Define child sex abuse to combat problem. Editorial.
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  9. Cameron, P. & Cameron, K. (2002) What proportion of heterosexuals is ex-homosexual? Psychological Reports 91, 1087-1097.

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: antiamerican; anticilvilization; antifamily; antigod; gay; governmentschools; homosexualagenda; murder; paulcameron; prisoners; rape; secularhumanism; sexualdeviance; sexualimmorality; sin; sodomities; tyranny; violence
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The Poisoned Stream "Gay" Influence in Human History. Volume One. Germany 1890-1945. View as HTML

Igra's primary value to us today is that he was an eyewitness to the changes that occurred in Germany; an eyewitness with a uniquely prophetic sense of the danger of "gay" influence in society. I consider it a great privilege to be able to review his work for the modern reader.
Igra's Thesis: Homosexuality Was at the Root of Nazi Evil

"I had finished the writing of [Germany's National Vice]," writes Samuel Igra, "when my attention was called to a British White Paper, 'Concerning the treatment of German Nationals (including the Jews) in Germany,' in which the following statement is made: 'The explanation for this outbreak of sadistic cruelty may be that sexual perversion, and, in particular, homosexuality, are very prevalent in Germany. It seems to me that mass sexual perversion may offer an explanation of this otherwise inexplicable outbreak.' [Page 20. His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1939].
"The author of that statement is Mr. R. T. Smallbones, who was British Consul-General at Frankfort-on-Main from 1932 until the outbreak of the war in 1939. Previous to 1932 he had been stationed in other German cities. His opinion therefore rests on firsthand experience of the German people for a long period of years. I am convinced that his explanation is the correct one. For, as a matter of fact, the widespread existence of sexual perversion in Germany, not only at the time the Hitler movement rose to power but also under the Kaiser's regime, is notorious... And authorities on criminal sociology are agreed that there is a causal connection between mass sexual perversion and the kind of mass atrocities committed by the Germans (ibid:7).

The Roehm Purge, then, was not a "moral cleansing" of the Nazi ranks, but a re-alignment of power behind the German government which was primarily forced upon Hitler by powerful political elements whose support he needed to maintain control. Igra goes on to point out that not only did the majority of the SA homosexuals survive the purge, but that the massacre was largely implemented by homosexuals.

There is no question that homosexuality figures prominently in the history of the Holocaust. As we have noted, the ideas for disposing of the Jews originated with Lanz von Leibenfels. The first years of terrorism against the Jews were carried out by the homosexuals of the SA. The first concentration camp, as well as the system for training its brutal guards, was the work of Ernst Roehm. The first pogrom, Kristallnacht, was orchestrated in 1938 by the homosexual Reinhard Heydrich. And it was the transvestite Goering who started the "evolution of the Final Solution...[with an] order to Heydrich (Jan. 24, 1939) concerning the solution of the Jewish question by 'emigration' and 'evacuation'" (Robinson:25).

HERMENEUTICAL ISSUES IN THE USE OF THE BIBLE TO JUSTIFY THE ... Thus, the sin of the two groups of men in Sodom and Gibeah is, in both instances, the desire to engage in homosexual rape. But there is validity in connecting this sin to the violation of the norm of hospitality. There is weight to the suggestion that the desire to rape the visitors is less the expression of homosexual desire and activity per se, and more the use of forcible homosexual rape to express dominance over the strangers. This practice occurred in the Ancient Middle East when armies were defeated, and it occurs today in certain all-male settings, such as prisons.[11] This is supported by the fact that in both instances, when women were offered to the men, both groups of men initially rejected the offer. The conclusion, more clearly for Sodom than for Gibeah[12], is that the goal of homosexual rape is the male inhabitants' desire to express their dominance over the strangers.

Conclusion to the Psychological Effects of Combat - Dave Grossman, Author It is often said that "All's fair in love and war," and this expression provides a valuable insight into the human psyche, since these twin, taboo fields of sexuality and aggression represent the two realms in which most individuals will consistently deceive both themselves and others. Our psychological and societal inability to confront the truth about the effects of combat is the foundation for the cultural conspiracy of repression, a deception and denial that has helped to perpetuate and propagate war throughout recorded history.

In the field of developmental psychology, a mature adult is sometimes defined as someone who has attained a degree of insight and self-control in the two areas of sexuality and aggression. This is also a useful definition of maturity in civilizations.

Sadomasochism That sadomasochism and homoeroticism often occur together with Nazism in the Holocaust film is a fact that has long been recognized and is frequently observed. Ilan Avisar, in Screening the Holocaust, traces what he calls the connection of Nazism and "sexual deviance" to Rossellini's Open City.[1] Gerd Gemünden suggests that in 1942, "the association of male homosexuality with sadism and perversion [as in the effeminate portrayal of Heydrich in Hangmen Also Die] ... anticipates postwar films such as The Damned (Visconti 1969) and Night Porter (Cavani 1974)."[2]

[1] Ilan Avisar, Screening the Holocaust: Cinema's Images of the Unimaginable (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1988), pp. 134-48

[2] Gerd Gemünden, "Brecht in Hollywood: Hangmen Also Die and the Anti-Nazi Film," TDR 43 (4) (Winter 1999): 65-7; The earliest book in English to conflate Nazism with sexual perversion was Samuel Igra's Germany's National Vice (London: Quality Press, Ltd., 1945).

The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror ALL SERIAL KILLERS, almost without exception, are severely sexually abused as children. The kind of people who hijack a plane with innocent people and drive it into a building with thousands of other innocent people are related to this phenomenon.

In this culture, males sexually penetrating males becomes a manifestation of male power, conferring a status of hyper-masculinity. It is considered to have nothing to do with homosexuality. An unmarried man who has sex with boys is simply doing what men do. As the scholar Bruce Dunne has demonstrated, sex in Islamic societies is not about mutuality between partners, but about the adult male's achievement of pleasure through violent domination.

There is silence around this issue. It is the silence that legitimizes sexual violence against women, such as honor crimes and female circumcision. It is also the silence that forces victimized Arab boys into invisibility. Even though the society does not see their sexual exploitation as being humiliating, the psychological and emotional scars that result from their subordination, powerlessness and humiliation is a given. Traumatized by the violation of their dignity and manliness, they spend the rest of their lives trying to get it back.

Violating the masculinity of the enemy necessitates the dishing out of severe violence against him. In the recent terrorist strikes, therefore, violence against Americans served as a much-needed release of the terrorists' bottled-up sexual rage. Moreover, it served as a desperate and pathological testament of the re-masculinization of their emasculated selves.

Gay Nazis: the Role of Homosexuality in Nazism & Hitler's Rise to ... Thus butch hypermasculinity, visibility for homosexuals, and organization were the three necessary ingredients in the mix which allowed the SA leaders to make their unique and essential contribution to the rise of Nazism. Another important consideration is that visibility is enabled when homosexuality assumes a political voice. In this way, the politicization of homosexuality, which supported gays in the process of socially identifying themselves as such, was a necessary condition for Hitler's success.

Violence and Homosexuality

Was Hitler's Homosexuality Nazism's Best-Kept Secret?

1 posted on 04/14/2003 5:06:15 PM PDT by Remedy
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To: scripter; EdReform; HumanaeVitae; I_Love_My_Husband
2 posted on 04/14/2003 5:08:43 PM PDT by Remedy
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To: All

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3 posted on 04/14/2003 5:10:16 PM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: madg
  1. Homosexual Propaganda Campaign Based On Hitler's 'Big Lie' Technique
  2. Gay Rights Strategies Involve Conscious Deception And Wholesale Manipulation of Public Opinion
  3. New Book Guides Journalists in Reporting of Homosexual Issues
  4. Selling Homosexuality To America
  5. Homosexual minority dominates mainstream America

4 posted on 04/14/2003 5:10:33 PM PDT by Remedy
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  1. Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement, by Steve Baldwin
  2. Coming Out of Pedophilia
  3. Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth by Judith Reisman
  4. Gay Foster Parents More Apt to Molest
  5. Homosexuality and child molestation: the link, the likelihood, the lasting effects
  6. Homosexuals target Boy Scouts
  7. Child Molestation and Homosexuality
  8. Talking Points: Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse
  9. Report: Pedophilia more common among 'gays'

5 posted on 04/14/2003 5:13:52 PM PDT by Remedy
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To: Remedy
This is gay-bashing posing as sociology, IMHO.

It also blurs cause and effect: Homosexuality might not lead to peadophilia, it may be just another manifestation of anti-social behavior.
6 posted on 04/14/2003 5:21:04 PM PDT by ffusco ("Essiri sempri la santu fora la chiesa.")
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To: Remedy
I don't why the guilt of Bluebeard must fall on all those who find love and sexual satisfaction in relationships with the same sex.
7 posted on 04/14/2003 5:22:18 PM PDT by MattAMiller (Iraq was liberated in my name, how about yours?)
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To: ffusco
YOU have been propaGAYgandized.
8 posted on 04/14/2003 5:22:43 PM PDT by Remedy
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To: MattAMiller
Major Scientific Study Examines Domestic Violence Among Gay Men
9 posted on 04/14/2003 5:26:00 PM PDT by Remedy
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To: Remedy
The Roehm Purge, then, was not a "moral cleansing" of the Nazi ranks, but a re-alignment of power behind the German government which was primarily forced upon Hitler by powerful political elements whose support he needed to maintain control. Igra goes on to point out that not only did the majority of the SA homosexuals survive the purge, but that the massacre was largely implemented by homosexuals.

I remember reading that the homosexuals sent to the concentration camps were largely the effeminate one, while the SA gays were the "butch", "hyper-male" types

10 posted on 04/14/2003 5:26:37 PM PDT by SauronOfMordor (Heavily armed, easily bored, and off my medication)
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To: ffusco
Anything that is supported by facts and cast a different view upon a subject is considered bashing. Call it what you may but this is the road that leads to Americas destruction.
We are beginning to pay a price for this groups takeover of the American media and communications.
This is the greatest disease to ever get a foothold in America.
11 posted on 04/14/2003 5:28:06 PM PDT by gunnedah
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To: ffusco
Your Opinion is wrong..

Homosexuality leads to pedophilia or Homosexuality is just another manifestation of a anti-social behavior which includes a high rate of pedophilia!

Who cares either way? It is a mental issue that must be dealt with in love and with a helping spirit - but firmly.

Homosexuality has almost always played a part in the downfall of societies and has always been linked to violence. Only now do we make excuses for the sick instead of helping them.
12 posted on 04/14/2003 5:40:38 PM PDT by CyberCowboy777 (In those days... Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.)
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To: Remedy
"YOU have been propaGAYgandized."

Not your cleverest comeback. Plus, it works better as "propaGAYndized", don't you think?

13 posted on 04/14/2003 5:42:04 PM PDT by Qwerty
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To: Remedy
Do you (or anyone else) know anything more about Dr. paul Cameron?
14 posted on 04/14/2003 5:45:02 PM PDT by Rudder
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To: Remedy; *Homosexual Agenda; GrandMoM; backhoe; pram; Yehuda; Clint N. Suhks; saradippity; ...
Very informative ping. Thanks, Remedy.

Homosexual Agenda Index
Homosexual Agenda Keyword Search
All FreeRepublic Bump Lists

15 posted on 04/14/2003 5:49:49 PM PDT by scripter
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To: Remedy
Remember when they tried to spin the homosexual cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer as a "homophobe" because he only ate fellow homosexuals? The fact is that there are some good people who are homosexual who should be accepted as fellow human beings, but the public's acceptance of that lifestyle can only be accomplished through propaganda and spin because it is a deviant lifestyle that is unhealthy for its adherents as well as for society. And we all know this, at some level.
16 posted on 04/14/2003 5:52:04 PM PDT by rimmont
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To: ffusco
Just remember, Jesus loves you unless you're a fag.
Then you're going to hell where all the good Christians can watch you burn!

Damn, guys, talk about shooting your cause in the foot.
17 posted on 04/14/2003 5:55:53 PM PDT by Saturnalia
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To: Remedy
Thanks for posting this.
18 posted on 04/14/2003 5:59:46 PM PDT by Raymond Hendrix
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To: Remedy
Unsurprising information. Thx for post.
19 posted on 04/14/2003 6:01:29 PM PDT by HumanaeVitae (Tolerance is a necessary evil.)
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Comment #20 Removed by Moderator

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