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"Homophobia" Is A Lie!
toogoodreports ^ | 4/3/03 | Bernard Chapin

Posted on 04/13/2003 7:57:06 AM PDT by fhardesian

The Gordian knot of arguing with politically correct or leftist members of the populace is that they immediately insult you personally as a method of rejoinder. These people, that you have often just recently met, begin at once to analyze what your "real" motivations are in disagreeing with them. No, you can never simply disagree with them. Your disagreement must be due to one of the dark forces that they regard as terrorizing the earth (and thereby interfering with their favorite hobby of social engineering). They're response will be to immediately call you one of the following: a homophobe, a racist, a sexist or an elitist.

Well, I always grant out elitist because I avoid the television and spend my time reading and writing which makes me better than many of those who lead the lives of donkeys. So when called that particular name I grant it out and say "I'm elitist and proud." The other aspersions on my character I do not grant out and argue vociferously over. For the purposes of this essay I'd like to address only one of them which is the first name I mentioned of "homophobe."

Homophobe comes from the word homophobia which is defined by Websters 10th Edition as being "irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals." The word was derived in 1969 according to this source.

My first argument is to note that "homo" in Latin means human being. Specifically, the same source notes that Homo, is any of a genus of primates that includes modern humans. The use of homo as a prefix before "phobia" is very disingenuous to begin with. What homophobia really means is fear of humans. This is an immediate indication that whoever thought up such a bogus use of the term is highly uneducated and such a misuse of language was only allowed because homosexuals are a politically and socially privileged minority in America and people were afraid to question them then and still are today.

My second argument concerns the authorship of the term. No name is given and I've never heard anybody's name mentioned before as being the "father, mother, or androgynous creator" of the word. If we're going to evaluate whether a theory has any merit it is helpful to know something about the person who espouses it and we know nothing about them in this case.

A third argument is that 1969 was a time of sweeping social change and disruption in America and the damage the sixties has done to the United States is not something from which we will ever likely recover. Did the spurious concept of "homophobia" only get swept into our society due to its riding along with all the other excrement that embodied the sixties counter-culture? We should know the answer to this question before we accept the usage of the term "homophobia" ever again.

We should also note that "homophobia" is described as "aversion to" homosexuals. I've seen in other dictionaries that "fear of" is nowadays left out and is replaced with "aversion to" exclusively. This is very troubling as the word "phobia" is usually defined principally as an "exaggerated fear." Let's examine the qualities of an "exaggerated fear." The position of those who call people like me a "homophobe" is that I am afraid of them. This belief is patently ridiculous. I've lived among homosexuals, worked with them and know a couple of them socially and have no fear of them whatsoever. Oftentimes I disagree with them about particular policy issues and that's when I usually get labeled a "homophobe."

What's next? I disagree with the United Center over their five-dollar beer charge and get labeled a United Centeraphobe? When I disagree with socialist management of the economy do I get labeled a socialistaphobe? When I disagree with women chopping all their hair off as an enhancement to their appearance do I get maligned as a short-hairaphobe? It's all preposterous as disagreement with others does not automatically mean that you fear them.

If a person makes even a mild joke about homosexuals like: "Why don't you like homosexuals? Are you afraid one of them is going to break into your house and redecorate while you're gone?" you might get labeled a homophobe. The position is that when you laugh at them it must be due to your secretly harboring fears of them. This is another house made of sand and it quickly blows away after a few well-placed counter-examples are put forth.

I am far from a man of steel and like the rest of us, I have fears that I have to cope with everyday. Perhaps sharks are my biggest fear in life. I am not a person who'd go diving off the Great Barrier Reef as I've seen one too many "Shark Week" documentaries and can easily imagine what may happen to me if I did. However, I cannot recall one time in my life that I ever made a joke about Great White Sharks. Things like "Knock, knock who's there? Great White Shark" are not funny. As a matter of fact I don't find anything funny at all about sharks and cannot see me appreciating humor in anything involving them. To think that people make jokes about real-life phobias is outrageous and nobody should let an accusation like this go by without vigorous refutation.

"Homophobia" is a term of gay empowerment and has nothing to do with fact or the human psyche. We know this from another way in which it is used. Activists wield the term like a battle ax to discredit those who dislike their gay agenda. They try to argue that the people who oppose them are really attacking their own hidden homosexuality. This bit of sophistry is pernicious character assassination and may occasionally shut up the people who run athwart them but it should not. We know that this reasoning is false from the example of pedophilia. How many of us strongly dislike pedophiles? I'd wager every person reading this. How many of us do so as a way to attack our own inner pedophile? Not one of us I'd wager again. It is perfectly natural and healthy to despise people who corrupt and violate children. To think that our doing so is out of the fear that we may be one of them is juvenile and sick. Isn't it time we stood up to these people?

The last refutation is that by disagreeing with the gays we somehow hate them. I know I speak for many of our readers when I say that I don't hate anybody. Gays are no exception to this rule although the more virulent subgroup known as "gay activists" I do admit to strongly disliking. Any time you question anything that one of them says they come back saying that you hate them. Where does such a sophomoric concept come from? It comes from a desire to silence all dissent. The last thing they want is for you to argue with them. They want their heretical anti-gospel to be swallowed in entirety and you debating or asking questions interferes with their black crusade.

Mainstream America is not full of haters. Our nation is the most free and tolerant society on earth and it is one to which we, gays included, owe a great deal. We tolerate everybody regardless of sexual orientation but that doesn't mean gays have the right to define us out of the debate with their hysterical accusations about our "hidden motivations." Again, I write for many when I say, we don't hate you but we hate the way you misrepresent our views. I wish people who used the term homophobia would stop the fireworks and fabrications, it'll be good for the entire social fabric.

What's to be done? Well, perhaps the best refutation of all might be to corrupt one of their slogans and chant back at the person who calls you a homophobe that he's "right, he's gay, he's spreading lies today."

To comment on this article or express your opinion directly to the author, you are invited to e-mail Bernard at .

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April 3, 2003


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Toogood Reports contributor and "Best of the Web" award-winning writer Bernard Chapin is a school psychologist and adjunct university faculty member in Chicago. He ardently believes in the old Santayana quote 'The best men in all ages keep classic traditions alive.' His main goal is to document the greatness that is Western Civilization. He is the author of the novel NAPALM is the Scent of Justice. Bernard is working on another novel at present. His E-mail is if you'd like to contact him.

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1 posted on 04/13/2003 7:57:06 AM PDT by fhardesian
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To: fhardesian
2 posted on 04/13/2003 7:57:43 AM PDT by fhardesian
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To: All


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3 posted on 04/13/2003 8:00:59 AM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: fhardesian
Interesting article. I'm keeping it.
4 posted on 04/13/2003 10:38:10 AM PDT by SpookBrat
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To: scripter

BTTT for later...
5 posted on 04/13/2003 12:01:26 PM PDT by EdReform (Thank You to ALL Freepers and Lurkers who support Free Republic!)
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To: fhardesian
read later
6 posted on 04/13/2003 2:40:17 PM PDT by LiteKeeper
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To: EdReform; *Homosexual Agenda; Remedy; GrandMoM; backhoe; pram; Yehuda; Clint N. Suhks; ...
Thanks for the ping. It only takes a freepmail to add or remove you from my homosexual agenda ping list.

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7 posted on 04/13/2003 3:08:41 PM PDT by scripter
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To: fhardesian
8 posted on 04/13/2003 3:29:44 PM PDT by Houmatt (Call Ashcroft and demand he enforce the laws on treason, sedition and sabotage!!!)
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To: fhardesian
Compared with their heterosexual peers, homosexual men were at greater risk for psychiatric disorders, including mood and anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic disorder, agoraphobia, social phobia, and simple phobia. ---Theo G. M. Sandfort, Archives of General Psychiatry Vol. 58, Number . , 2001. Page(s) 85-91. SO MUCH FOR HOMOPHOBIA
9 posted on 04/13/2003 3:53:21 PM PDT by Remedy
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Comment #10 Removed by Moderator

To: fhardesian
ok, so how about queerophobia
11 posted on 04/14/2003 4:26:55 AM PDT by RWG
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To: fhardesian
Thanks for an interesting post.

And welcome to FR

12 posted on 04/14/2003 4:41:10 AM PDT by Freebird Forever
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To: fhardesian
The root of homosexual, and hence homophobia, is not the latin homo (genus of man), but rather the greek homo (same).

The author is quite correct, however, that homophobia is a nonsense term coined by political activists in the 70s.

13 posted on 04/14/2003 7:34:52 AM PDT by beckett
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To: fhardesian
My first argument is to note that "homo" in Latin means human being.
Sheesh. You would think SOMEONE would have done a bit of fact checking on that claim. Come on! homo- is Greek, meaning 'like' or 'same'. If the prefix means "human being", what the HELL is in homogenized milk?!

Just another case to bolster the position that Latin and Greek should be required for a HS diploma. What happened to the good ol' days? My kids will certainly be studying both...

14 posted on 04/14/2003 8:08:36 AM PDT by Rosencrantz
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To: madg
Yes, homo means human both to you, my essay and the dictionary.
15 posted on 04/14/2003 9:05:33 AM PDT by bchapin
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To: Rosencrantz
Words have more than one meaning. YOur point in no way refutes mine. Homo means human being. I quoted directly from my source. Such a dispute in no way disputes the essay's thesis. I assume you agree homophobia is a lie.
16 posted on 04/14/2003 9:06:58 AM PDT by bchapin
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Comment #17 Removed by Moderator

To: madg
That's not responsive or even witty. I'll write a better one on the gays this week to add to the collection. Wait for it.
18 posted on 04/14/2003 9:12:21 AM PDT by bchapin
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To: Rosencrantz
If the prefix means "human being", what the HELL is in homogenized milk?!

LOL..........that's a true "LOL" there, for me!

19 posted on 04/14/2003 9:17:58 AM PDT by FourtySeven
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To: FourtySeven
Again, consult the dictionary, number 1 and number 2 words have more than one meaning. That should be clear to everyone else.
20 posted on 04/14/2003 9:19:30 AM PDT by bchapin
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