Since Apr 9, 1999

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Transplanted Californian - Computer Application Developer (Lotus Notes and Domino)

Retired Army Chaplain (ret 1995); VietNam vet - 1967-1969 (Field Artillery Officer in those days)

I am currently teaching Comparative Worldview (biblical vs humanist) class in the evenings at the Air Force Academy Prep School, Colorado Springs. Eighth year at Air Force Academy. Taught same class at the West Point Prep school for five years.

I also have the privilege of teaching several classes in Colorado Springs to high school, college, and adults on comparative worldviews (biblical vs secular). As I read the various threads, some impress me as good for illustrating different worldviews. So, using some Army terminology, I mark threads as

When I get home, I download these reports to a database for future classes to use.

Anyone interested in pursuing the starting of a Reformed Episcopal Church, go to my web site for additional information. My Web Site

** NEW **

I am new ministry that presents a week-end seminar for youth groups and parents called "Forensic Apologetics" - equipping students (and their parents) defend their belief in the existence of God and to survive and thrive in today's secular, hostile classroom and community.

Based on Hebrews 11:6, Romans 1:20 and the CSI TV show, we will establish the forensic evidence for the existence of God, and, through interactive discussion, a strategy to avoid getting run over by secular professors and instructors. The goal is to equip them to stand on the Rock, wearing the Full Armor of God, and to even grow spiritually through their experience in the classroom.

Go to my web site to see more The Biblical Life System Institute