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The Amnesty Fraud (Thomas Sowell) ^ | May 22, 2007 | Thomas Sowell

Posted on 05/21/2007 9:10:14 PM PDT by jazusamo

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To: jazusamo


61 posted on 05/22/2007 5:03:33 AM PDT by Guenevere (Duncan Hunter for President, 2008!!)
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To: jazusamo

Sowell is always terrific- though I’m surprised he neglected the solution of attrition via enforcing the laws of fining the businesses who hire illegals.

62 posted on 05/22/2007 5:10:52 AM PDT by SE Mom (Proud mom of an Iraq war combat vet -Fred'08)
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To: Laptop_Ron
I agree. Though I don’t think he was advocating rounding up illegals. He was suggesting lifting the current gag orders that prevent LEO from asking for identity and arresting those that are illegal on the basis of that crime. In states like Washington, officers cannot ask for proof of citizenship.

Also, as much as I admire the mind and writings of T. Sowell, he won’t touch the economic aspects of this issue. He is a supporter of NAFTA and offshoring and any other 100% free-trade initiative (no restrictions) on the theory that global competition (even for jobs) is always good.

The fact that illegal workers have created an underground economy (a false floor of low prices in some key areas of economy, agriculture, construction) would topple a balance we’ve become comfortable with.

Once the citizenry becomes fully aware of the economic false floor, they will shout loud and hard against international competition for work (that is, people in foreign countries being able to do our jobs from their countries) because they will see that there is an unfair playing field in that they can work (at a much greater profit than those workers are used to) for wages far below the standard of living we are used to. I sent a couple of lengthy emails to Mr. Sowell outlining this very position, that the illegal immigrants are a concrete example of the theoretics behind international job competition. He shrugged it off and said he addresses the issue in the latest issue of his Basic Economics. I've only read the older version, so I don't know what his stats say. But we all know about statistics.

63 posted on 05/22/2007 5:17:38 AM PDT by Ghost of Philip Marlowe (Liberals are blind. They are the dupes of Leftists who know exactly what they're doing.)
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To: jazusamo
Now hear this:
I would love to cast my vote and write my political contributions to a ticket comprised of
Fred Thompson/Thomas Sowell.
64 posted on 05/22/2007 5:28:39 AM PDT by Gideon Reader (DEMOCRATS: Not quite American, and proud of it! And the Republicans remain bewildered.)
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To: tet68

“We can’t punish the law breakers, there are too many of them,
so we’ll CREATE some lawbreakers we CAN punish.”

I respectfully disagree.

First, the employers ARE lawbreakers.

Second, if you merely deport the employee, there are 50 more standing behind him to fill the same job.

However, if you punish the employer harshly for violating the laws, jobs will dry up and the illegal alien will leave.

Enforcement of the laws on the books will solve this problem.

65 posted on 05/22/2007 6:11:09 AM PDT by EEDUDE (The more I know, the less I understand...)
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To: jazusamo

Agreed... but hitting employers is insufficient. I don’t like ANY of these “comprehensive” plans. I write to my CongressCritters stating that I want to see:

1. the border locked down and
2. employers (including individuals who hire yard workers and nannies) be required to yield VALID ID AND SOCIAL SECURITY info for ALL employees for whom they file any tax deduction, and that heavy fines be imposed on any discovered hiring any illegal, and
3.furthermore that Congress pass legislation stating that no public or private services or benefits shall be required for a person who is not a legal immigrant or citizen.

66 posted on 05/22/2007 6:14:17 AM PDT by AFPhys ((.Praying for President Bush, our troops, their families, and all my American neighbors..))
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To: Laptop_Ron

His point is that we don’t have have to catch and deport EVERY criminal; just like other crimes, rigorous enforcement will have a deterrent effect.

In the book “Crime and Punishment” there is this (much-overlooked) gem: It is not the severity of punishment that deters crime, but the certainty of its enforcement.

I wish our public officials and the American public as a whole would remember this.

67 posted on 05/22/2007 6:22:55 AM PDT by alwaysconservative (Attrition through enforcement of the rule of law.)
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To: jazusamo
We are, after all, talking about a major and irreversible change in the American population, the American culture, and the American political balance. Why is there no time to talk about it?

No controlling legal authority when irreversible changes in the world occur?

A coup de grâce of Uncle Sam?

68 posted on 05/22/2007 6:33:05 AM PDT by PGalt
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To: Cacique

Yes, all that matters is that you visit your congressman with a group. Five or more. They are of a mindset that if you don’t represent a corporation or NGO you don’t count (from the United Nations inspired ‘civil governance’ model the globalists want America to follow),so its up to us to change that.

69 posted on 05/22/2007 6:34:20 AM PDT by hedgetrimmer (I'm a billionaire! Thanks WTO and the "free trade" system!--Hu Jintao top 10 worst dictators)
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To: jazusamo
Dr. Sowell hits yet another one outta the park!
70 posted on 05/22/2007 6:34:31 AM PDT by Bigun (IRS sucks @getridof
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To: P-Marlowe; Laptop_Ron

I agree that this article is not about jailing 12 million people. It’s about making the nation unhospitable to illegal aliens and causing others to think twice about staying or arriving.

I’m convinced that working America doesn’t really understand what it means to their wages to have a flood of people enter the country who are allowed with their Z visa to compete legally for jobs. If 2 people compete for a job the wage is high. If 1000 people compete for a job the wage is lower. Supply and demand.

I’m convinced that politicians who refuse to act on illegal immigration are doing so to provide cheap labor to certain industries.

Not only should employers who hire illegals be fined, but any employer found to be paying any illegal less than the average national UNION wage for that work should be imprisoned.

Notice I didn’t say minimum wage.

We need to let America’s workers know that this seriously, very seriously threatens their jobs and wages.

71 posted on 05/22/2007 6:37:12 AM PDT by xzins (Retired Army Chaplain And Proud of It! Those who support the troops will pray for them to WIN!)
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To: IIntense
If we could be assured that they will never enter this country again, I suggest we skip the jail time and deport them immediately.

I can just hear the buzz this would create. "Hey, let's go to America and commit some crime. Even if we get caught, all they'll do is ship us back".

72 posted on 05/22/2007 6:44:22 AM PDT by Toddsterpatriot (Why are protectionists (and goldbugs) so bad at math?)
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To: AFPhys

Agreed...It’s not either/or, it’s all of the above if the illegal problem is to be solved.

73 posted on 05/22/2007 7:31:45 AM PDT by jazusamo (
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To: jazusamo

We can deport them.

74 posted on 05/22/2007 8:42:38 AM PDT by freekitty
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To: Toddsterpatriot

Who says they have to be deported to their home country?

Deport them to Afghanistan.

75 posted on 05/22/2007 12:03:02 PM PDT by The Pack Knight (Duty, Honor, Country. Thompson/Franks '08)
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To: jazusamo

If we start arresting and putting illegal aliens in prison, large numbers will decided to leave and far fewer will be encouraged to come.

76 posted on 05/22/2007 12:07:13 PM PDT by Dante3
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To: The Pack Knight
Deport them to Afghanistan.

That might work. LOL!

77 posted on 05/22/2007 12:50:53 PM PDT by Toddsterpatriot (Why are protectionists (and goldbugs) so bad at math?)
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To: attiladhun2

You are right. I’d willingly pay $4.00 per head for lettuce if I wasn’t being squeezed from underneath by the illegal underclass.

A guest worker program is in place for true MIGRANT farmworkers who actually come here for the harvest seasons and return to Mexico for the rest of the year. Expand that! I’m happy to have them!

78 posted on 05/22/2007 2:26:23 PM PDT by GatorGirl
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To: Laptop_Ron
I hate to do this, but I have to disagree with Dr. Sowell. We cannot just jail 12 - 20 million people. All we hear about now is jail overcrowding. Besides, why should we pay to keep them here in jail?

I don't think that he meant jailing every illegal alien: I think that he meant that if an illegal alien commits a crime of any sort, they need to be jailed AND THEN deported. If it's not a jailable offense, they should still be turned over to the feds.


79 posted on 05/22/2007 3:08:40 PM PDT by MarkL (Environmental heretics should be burned at the stake, in a "Carbon Neutral" way...)
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To: KoRn
They will go home voluntarily.

I just thought of something... Given the facts that the US is a "safety valve" for social strife in Mexico, and I also believe that money sent home to Mexico from illegal aliens in the US is either the second or third greatest source of income for the Mexican economy.

What happens if Mexico were to close the border, and tell us that they don't want their people back?


80 posted on 05/22/2007 3:22:30 PM PDT by MarkL (Environmental heretics should be burned at the stake, in a "Carbon Neutral" way...)
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