Since Nov 11, 2000

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(forgot my earlier FR nics)

AF Pilot during Carter-->Reagan; now a working scientist.

Constitutional conservative (NOT libertarian) ... I still haven't heard anything I disagree with Ann Coulter about. (see the article in the forum added about a year after I wrote this if you don't understand: An Appalling Magic) Many years later I find I still have never disagreed with her.

Friedman economic views. Very pro-life. Political realist.

Contract Bridge enthusiast addict always looking for a game.

keywords: NonTerroristAttack SuddenJihadSyndrome, fakedemsupport, DemDisinformation, FailedGreen [technologies and companies], ZeroCareEffects [unintended? effects of ObamaCare-medical,economic,etc.]

Modern "journalism" is all about deciding which facts the public should NOT know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.