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Let the Vets Speak!!!

Posted on 07/31/2004 6:26:44 AM PDT by jmstein7

Most Vietnam Vets do not support John Kerry's candidacy, but you would not know it from the news coverage.  Vietnam veterans who object to Kerry, such as the Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry (VVAJK),  and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, have been muzzled by the mainstream media.  The minimal coverage they have received writes them off as right-wing activists, but that is simply not the case -- as the VVAJK has made clear that a significant portion of veterans opposed to Kerry are Democrats who would have voted Democrat if Kerry wasn't the nominee.  Even a major upcoming bestseller -- Unfit for Command -- a group of bona fide Vets, has received almost no coverage, unlike the much-touted books of certifiable nutcases and liars like Joe Wilson and Richard Clarke, who wrote Bush-bashing tomes. 

This is not acceptable, and there is something that can be done about it.

The New York Post, a popular New York paper, is a very "fair and balanced" outlet -- and often makes sport of ripping into bias at the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets.  The New York Post, though, can only report on "spiked" or ignored stories when it receives leads -- otherwise, they may very well not be alerted to the shenanigans that are going on.  So, the first step in correcting this injustice is to alert the Post.  Further, enough people have to contact them such that we break through the "noise" of the thousands of news tips they receive on a daily basis.  You may contact them here:

NY Post: (212) 930-8500

Chris Shaw:

I've learned that if enough people contact them, they do follow the story (e.g., when we barraged them with phone calls and emails about Peter Paul's release from Brazilian prison).

Second, the Public Editor at the New York Times, Daniel Okrent, happens to be a nice guy (though a flaming Dem) who does actually respond (in the paper itself) to criticisms of NYT news coverage.  While his response is not always favorable, it does often "make news" -- i.e., get reported by the rest of the press.  If enough of us make a stink, there is a good chance he will comment about it in the NY Times.  Favorable or unfavorable, it would give the Vets more visibility than they currently have.  Please contact him as well (but be nice, because he is generally responsive):

Daniel Okrent, NYT Public Editor:

Contact Number:  (212) 556-7652

If we all take a few moments to do these two things, that should get the ball rolling and result in a positive step in the right direction.

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KEYWORDS: kerry; swiftboatveterans; unfit; vietnamvets; vv4truth; vvajk
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Please ping your lists to this thread. Thanks!
1 posted on 07/31/2004 6:26:45 AM PDT by jmstein7
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To: EdReform; Mich0127; RightRules; MeekOneGOP; Peach; onyx; backhoe; Mia T; ...

Let the Vets Speak BUMP!

2 posted on 07/31/2004 6:31:15 AM PDT by jmstein7 (A Judge not bound by the original meaning of the Constitution interprets nothing but his own mind.)
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To: jmstein7

Will do, jmstein7.

3 posted on 07/31/2004 6:33:16 AM PDT by Peach (The Clinton's pardoned more terrorists than they ever captured or killed.)
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To: Peach

Thanks :)

4 posted on 07/31/2004 6:34:28 AM PDT by jmstein7 (A Judge not bound by the original meaning of the Constitution interprets nothing but his own mind.)
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To: Peach

Yes, that is a good link:

5 posted on 07/31/2004 6:35:39 AM PDT by jmstein7 (A Judge not bound by the original meaning of the Constitution interprets nothing but his own mind.)
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To: jmstein7


6 posted on 07/31/2004 6:38:56 AM PDT by EdReform (Support Free Republic - All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!)
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

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8 posted on 07/31/2004 6:39:52 AM PDT by jmstein7 (A Judge not bound by the original meaning of the Constitution interprets nothing but his own mind.)
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To: jmstein7


9 posted on 07/31/2004 7:03:17 AM PDT by E.G.C.
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To: jmstein7

Thanks for the ping!

10 posted on 07/31/2004 7:08:24 AM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: jmstein7; 8mmMauser; EGPWS; Acela; afterhoursguru; AlextheWise1; AniGrrl; ...
I posted this on another thread but will post it here as well.  John Fn Kerry never had a dirty fingernail in his life.  And I am sick and tired of the media putting him on a pedestal for being a "war hero."  War hero my arze!

My now deceased Viet Nam hubby, served 13 months in Viet Nam.  I believe he told me the biggest fight was in or for Da Nang.

They had to cut down trees and thick brush to make a clearing so they had clear view of any Con trying to sneak in on them.  They dug out bunkers to live underground.  Bunkers that reached 100 degrees in the day and nights of the hot humid summers.

Sometimes, they had to spend hours and hours in their bunkers because the Con kept firing incoming and the men couldn't go out until it stopped.  They shared their hot humid underground bunkers with black scorpions and rats.

Many spent the time telling jokes or writing letters home.  Others prayed.

They sat on self-made UNCOVERED toilets outside away from their bunkers (they had to dig a hole and construct the "seat") when they had to go.  Uncovered?  Yes.  So they could watch for incoming rounds. (I ask him 'how did you GO with everyone watching you?'  He said "Hey! when you gotta go you gotta go.  It was better for your guys to see you taking a s*it and be safe while you DO it.'

His outfit was subjected to Agent Orange over and over.  Crop dusters would fly over all the time dropping Agent Orange.  To 'kill the brush don't you know.'

He was out side the bunker on a quiet day when rounds started coming in and the rounds got him in the back and legs.  One of his men pulled him to safety.  To the day he died he still had shrapnel in his back and legs.

He received a Purple Heart, but he was able to bring that Purple Heart home alive, thank God.

If FnKerry had gone through HALF of what my hubby and the Army and Marines did during that time, I would have some respect for him.  But from the looks of it, FnKerry had a cushy job.  How the 'ell he received Purple Hearts is sure beyond me!  He should have walked a mile in MY hubby's boots just one  WEEK!


11 posted on 07/31/2004 7:15:17 AM PDT by SheLion (Please register to vote! We can't afford to remain silent!!)
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To: jmstein7

After our meeting at the American Legion on Wednesday night, we had an informal discussion about Kerry.

I can report that all members of our Marine Corps Association can't stand the self-confessed war criminal. All Marines were universally pissed that Kerry called us war criminals.

Although I only have anecdotal evidence, I believe the poodle will lose the vet vote big-time.

We need to sit down with a cup of coffee (or beer) with the World War II, Korean vets and those who served before and after Vietnam and tell them what Kerry did and said as a member of the V V A W in 1971.

I know the picture on the cover of Kerry's book gets Marine blood boiling. Vets might want to consider placing a photo copy of this cover in their wallet and pulling it out when Kerry is discussed.

12 posted on 07/31/2004 7:22:48 AM PDT by sergeantdave (Gen. Custer wore an Arrowsmith shirt to his last property owner convention.)
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To: jmstein7

Excellent anti-Kerry video laying out the VietNam case against him...

Great to forward and spread to the public.

Kerry Fitness Reports in Vietnam Show Him Unfit for Command
(Explodes Central Kerry Campaign Lie)

Kerry’s FITREPs are awash in dings, and some of the reports border on the adverse, particularly his combat FITREPs. The FITREPs convey significant performance problems and suggest problems in conduct, so much so that it is surprising that the campaign chose to release them. This may suggest that the FITREPs held from public view are even more adverse.

In what would customarily be an opportunity for a glowing “swan song” FITREP, the Commanding Officer of USS Gridley (DLG-21) tacitly blasts Kerry on his departure for Swift Boat duty by ranking him significantly below the norm in desirability for virtually every Navy assignment possible -– command, staff, whatever. He is a ship handler who is dinged in ship handling. He is in line for command, but his CO doesn’t want him near the bridge. He is slammed in all performance areas –- most notably and significantly in initiative and reliability. The “nice” narrative emphasizes performance in collateral duties, but in the grades and marks, the CO is telling the selection board and detailer loud and clear that this officer is lazy, unreliable and not suited for command. 3 SEP 68 (W.E. HARPER).

13 posted on 07/31/2004 7:37:12 AM PDT by MeekOneGOP (There is only one GOOD 'RAT: one that has been voted OUT of POWER !! Straight ticket GOP!)
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To: SheLion

God! Kerry served 4 MONTHS in Vietnam and got 3 shrapnel wounds no worse than paper cuts.

The landing in Boston harbor with his Swift Boat buddies did it for me!

Your husband was a real hero, can you imagine how he'd feel if he was still with us?

14 posted on 07/31/2004 8:12:35 AM PDT by Mears
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To: SheLion
Next time you think of your husband, will you please tell him my family says thank you?
15 posted on 07/31/2004 8:26:55 AM PDT by concerned about politics ( Liberals are still stuck at the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy)
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To: jmstein7; The Sailor; kjfine; Old Sarge; USAF_TSgt; darkwing104; txradioguy; Long Cut; ...

Distribute this post to everybody who wonders
about President Bush
and his service during Vietnam.

George W Bush's military record vs John Kerry's military record was started in 2000 to provide information regarding a wide range
of aerospace-related fields, including aircraft design, spacecraft design, aerodynamics,
and aerospace history.

...Nevertheless, we have established that the F-102 was serving in combat in Vietnam at the time Bush
enlisted to become an F-102 pilot. In fact, pilots from the 147th FIG of the Texas ANG were
routinely rotated to Vietnam for combat duty under a program called "Palace Alert" from 1968 to 1970.
Palace Alert was an Air Force program that sent qualified F-102 pilots from the ANG to bases in Europe
or southeast Asia for periods of three to six months for frontline duty.
Fred Bradley, a friend of Bush's who was also serving in the Texas ANG, reported that he and Bush
inquired about participating in the Palace Alert program. However, the two were told by a superior,
MAJ Maurice Udell, that they were not yet qualified since they were still in training
and did not have the 500 hours of flight experience required. Furthermore, ANG veteran
COL William Campenni, who was a fellow pilot in the 111th FIS at the time,
told the Washington Times that Palace Alert was winding down and not accepting new applicants....
The point of this discussion is that the military record of George W. Bush deserves a fair treatment.
Bush has been criticized for avoiding service in Vietnam, though the evidence proves that
the Texas Air National Guard and its F-102 pilots where serving in Vietnam while Bush was in training.
Bush has been criticized for using his family influence to obtain his assignment,
but the evidence shows that he successfully completed every aspect of the more than
two years of training required of him.
Bush has been criticized for pursuing a safe and plush position as a fighter pilot,
but the evidence indicates the F-102 was a demanding aircraft whose pilots regularly risked their lives.
Bush has also been criticized for deserting the Guard before his enlistment was complete,
but the evidence shows he was honorably discharged eight months early because his position
was being phased out...
While it is not our goal to compare and contrast the records of the candidates on this subject,
the fact that the questioner cites John Kerry's military service makes us feel it necessary to comment.
It is interesting to note that there are just as many, if not more,
irregularities in Kerry's military record as there are in Bush's.
Kerry can certainly be praised for some of the actions he performed while in the line of duty,
but his record does contain some troubling portions as well.
Not the least of these is his involvement in the controversial group
Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) while he was still an active-duty member of the US Navy.
Kerry's testimony before Congress as VVAW spokesman in 1971,
during which he accused soldiers serving in Vietnam of being war criminals,
was found to be based on largely falsifed information as documented by Wikipedia.
The Boston Globe has also reported on troubling accusations regarding the circumstances
surrounding Kerry's medals, particularly his first two purple hearts awarded for
minor injuries that may even have been self-inflicted.

John Kerry's record

DD 214 shows 17 Feb 72 terminal date of Reserve Obligation for John Kerry

Kerry's anti war activities were doing this period!

What is Senator John Kerry's relationship to VVAW?

Since Vietnam Veterans Against the War's inception in 1967, tens of thousands of vets, GIs and supporters have participated in and supported the actions of VVAW. One of those members in the early 1970s was John Kerry. Kerry was appointed to the VVAW Executive Committee to assist in preparing Dewey Canyon III, VVAW's limited incursion into the land of Congress in 1971 (Nicosia, 98-99). Kerry made his greatest contribution to the anti-war movement and to VVAW in his speech to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on April 23, 1971 (Brinkley, 371-373: Hunt, 109-110; Nicosia, 136-138; Wells, 495).

Content of the speech is found at:

By 1972, John Kerry had moved on from VVAW (Brinkley, 406: Hunt, 127-128; Nicosia, 211).

He was not one of the original founding members of VVAW in 1967.

16 posted on 07/31/2004 8:32:32 AM PDT by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub (Support Our Troops!)
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub


17 posted on 07/31/2004 8:34:15 AM PDT by E.G.C.
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub

Good post, real good.

18 posted on 07/31/2004 8:35:54 AM PDT by jwalsh07
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To: SheLion

May God bless you for posting that story.

19 posted on 07/31/2004 8:37:29 AM PDT by Adult Adoptee (Exodus 2:1-10)
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To: SheLion

I salute your late husband and the sacrifices he made for all of us. God Bless you. God Bless our Troops. God Bless and Guide our leaders. God Bless America.

If you read this aloud with your best Kerry impersonation you will get the full effect.

Kerry 2004

I want to be the President,
Though all know I can’t lead.
I really want the power though,
It’s really what I need.
I’ll lie and cheat and fabricate,
I’ll flip and flop for sure.
The left’s so dumb they’ll vote for me,
For stupid, there’s no cure.
George Bush lied, I’ll chant and sing,
Though I know it’s not true.
I love America I’ll say,
Another lie for you.
I’ll back the UN’s global push,
No sovereignty for us.
The world rides free at our expense,
We’ll even buy the bus.
Let terror rain down on this land,
We really are to blame.
Oh yes, I fought in Viet Nam,
Four months, then home I came.
Three Purple Hearts for paper cuts,
Like some rite of passage.
You bet my name’s John Kerry,
And I approve this message.

Conspiracy Guy 7/30/2004

20 posted on 07/31/2004 8:39:31 AM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (They are where you least expect. Look around and you'll see them too.)
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