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If I'm missing your comment or not replying in a timely manner, it probably is because I'm busy over on my online store a lot lately.

Sorry 'bout that. :)

Here it is if ya wanna check it out. :)

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Texas Freepers get to meet Jim and Shiela Robinson:

June 8, 2004
(Report and Photos)


For those of you who have never met Jim in person, he is everything you would expect and more. Lightning shoots from his eyes and fingertips, and he went around all night telling everyone to “knock it off.” :-)))

No, in actuality, Jim is a kind-faced man with smiling eyes, a gentle demeanor, and a sincere laugh.

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Excerpt of President Bush's radio address to the nation September 15, 2001
after the WTC/Pentagon Terrorists Attacks of September 11, 2001:

This is a conflict without battlefields or beachheads, a conflict with opponents
who believe they are invisible. Yet, they are mistaken. They will be exposed,
and they will discover what others in the past have learned: Those who make
war against the United States have chosen their own destruction.

This Says It All

GREAT Guys wear White Hats! . . .

. . . and ride white horses.

President Bush & Laura @ The Inaugural Ball

God Bless Ronald Reagan!


Thank you Billie for these!:


My better half ...

Huh? How'd this get here? :) ...

President Bush! (top left)......Dad! (top row, next to Pres. Bush)

Top, 2nd from the left is my Dad (John P. Meek), USAF Retired, 1975.
(Right next to President Bush and the woman!)

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