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!! Exposing the Anti-War Movement, Part I: (You Don't Know Jack!)

****166 years later, Texas recalls the Goliad massacre - "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!"

***In funds, Bush was clear victor - He raised four times as much as Gore during Florida recount

***Sorry Marine -- You're Too Old [Chief's last article post]

***State's highest criminal court hears Darlie Routier's appeal - Baby killer may get off?

***USO Canteen Freeper Style...Tuesday 04-16-02 / Special Day....

**DUBOB 9-- even *more* tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast.....

**Related Publications in the LAT/WP vs Free Republic Settlement Agreement

**Top THESE Weird Photos if You Can! ! - Post 'em Here!**

*A LETTER FROM ISRAEL - Good Concise Modern History, etc.

*AMERICA ATTACKED: Online FReeper library - Post your links to memorial sites, photos, videos, etc.

*Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

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......., you might be a Clinton [Laff Your A** Off HERE! !]

1st there was Cheese-eating-sister-biting Mooses, next "AYBABTU" have we moved to the next level?

A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day 08-13-02

A New Server (to Help with the FR server)

About This Forum [Thread from Jan 1997]

Are Freepers Still Winning the Online War? (Blog, anyone?)

Are You New To Free Republic? New Or Not- Fly Your State/Country Flag!

Bee Gees' Maurice Gibb dead at 53

Ben Franklin Quote - Your feedback please

Bland words, vivid images wait to nail Saddam's crimes (atrocities videotaped)

BLOGGERS: Add Yourself to the Free Republic Blog Directory

BREAKING: Conned big time "CIA Witness" to White House Lying about Intel story found to be FRAUD

Breaking: US Congress Subpoena Orders Ashcroft To Release Clinton Evidence – Thread 2

Bu-Bye Saddam Sons - Enjoy your stay in Hades

Bush Did His Service: It's the Press that is A.W.O.L. (Post #22 excerpts)

Bush: Net closing around terrorist backers

Cable Modem & DSL Tuning Tips, Tricks & Software For FR Users.


Celebrating Elvis' life - 25th anniversary of the King's death is mostly parties, parades

Check out this photo of madman Dean on Drudge

Clinton Haunted by Failure to Get bin Laden


Clinton's War on Terror [SEE POST #7 ! ! ! ! ! ! !]

Comcast Personal Web Page Help on Free Republic Smokers' Lounge

Copyright complaint from Corbis

Cornyn says he's puzzled by Kirk's comments on Iraq - Kirk cites class, race in Cornyn's War stance

Dallas Area FReepers! DSL or Cable?


Dallas Pro-America/ Pro-Military Rally, Sat., March 22


Death of Manufacturing

Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard [Buckhead's post #47]

DUBOB 9-- even *more* tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast.....

Entrapment by Bush: He plays Democrats for fools, and they always rise to his bait

Explosions Hit KABUL

Facts on Who Benefits From Keeping Saddam Hussein In Power

First Report From Dallas Pro-America Rally 3-22-2003

FOR THE RECORD: CBS Memos Controversy on Free Republic

FOX News: Clara Harris murder trial sentence - 20 years in prison, $10,000 fine

Free Republic and Jim Robinson's Finances

Free Republic LLC filed a Notice of Claim with the City of Fresno

Free Republic to Protest Rather “Fair and Balanced” Award

Freeper MeekOneGop's Brother Has Passed Away

Gay frat seeks approval from UT-San Antonio

Happy Birthday, President Reagan [91 Yrs]

Hey! My brother's first post on!

Hillary: Vindicated at Last!

Hilliard, county commissioner for 12 years, dies at age 89

History of FR (by Jim Robinson)

How Man Jailed By A Tyrant Repaid Him - By Leading US Troops To His Home And Earning A $30M Bounty

How many Flip-Flops has John Kerry made ?? Can we archive them here ??



How to navigate the wide world of eBay

HTML Bootcamp (Cyber patriot training)

HTML Sandbox

HTML Sandbox

HTML Sandbox is locked - Requesting HTML Information, Links, etc. for FReeper Newbies

I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam (MUST READ!)

I Was Wrong!**A Must Read

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

Iraq's Saddam Hussein Cartoons :-)

JFK's fatal head wound: The truth for those who want to know (very graphic)

John Kerry- some selected, informative links...

John Kerry: I Committed Atrocities (THE Rare 1971 Audio)

Kerry Says He Will Repair Damage If He Wins Election (Kerry's campaign e-mails the Tehran Times)

Kerry's Other War Record (John Fund of WSJ targets VVAW Assassin Plot)

Kofi Annandersen: Enron-style accounting at the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program.

Live Thread: Ben Barnes and CBS Attempt Another Bush Smear (60 Minutes) [TankerKC #147]

Mallard gets 60 years - Chante Mallard, windshield murderer

Mark Steyn: Here comes General Clark, his policies will follow shortly

MemoGate- sedition, slander-- or something worse?

Moby's anti-Bush tricks (Kerry supporters admit to TROLLING conservative sites to hurt Bush)

MoveOn.Org Supporting the Texas Chicken D's - Letter from Senator Rodney Ellis

Need Raging/Outrageous Hillary Clinton Pics for PhotoShop Project

Never forget [Can't Cry Hard Enough]

New Bush neighbor picks place for peace - residents say he chose wrong town for anti-war effort

NEWCOMERS: Welcome Center and Information Desk

Nixon Thought John Kerry Was a "Phony" [John "F" Kerry's Anti-War activity]

Obama Needs to Explain His Ties to William Ayers

Obama, Fonda and the "Patriotism of Dissent"

Osama bin Laden Phones President Bush

Parents wake to slaying's reality - Siblings who admitted killing brother, 6, to remain in custody

R U new? Some Tips....

Reference For Excerpting Articles - Please Read And Bookmark (Feb 2004 Update)

Registered: The Millionaire ... and his wife; Thurston Kerry III - post YOUR Kerry Parodies here

Request Copies of Military Personnel Records

Ron Kirk, Texas Race-Baiter

Ronald Reagan

Routier appeal rejected - woman on Texas Death Row for murdering 2 young sons

Saddam sons killed in loo [bathroom]

Senate Floor Statement

Set up? Anatomy of the contrived Wilson "scandal"

Seven million died in the 'forgotten' holocaust [Ukraine]

Six pivotal tragedies that shaped the nation [The Assassination of JFK]

Socialism in America's Congress: A Primer (Vanity)

Some Texas stations drop Dixie Chicks tunes

Suggested Titles For Clinton's New Book????

Tens of thousands protest possible war with Iraq - it's all about "oil and control of the world"

Texas Redistricting - Senate [PASSES!] new redistricting !!!

Texas State Constitutional Amendments - Discussion Thread

The Clinton Files (FReeper backhoe's great work)


The Coming Trials of Sarah Palin

The Cross Burning Case: What Really Happened (Judge Charles Pickering)

The Democratic Party's Legacy of Racism

The Earth at night in lights or a map of civilization

The Free Republic FAQ

The Lowdown on the Showdown - Pre-Iraq War Summit in the Azores


The Photo Dems Fear Most: Kerry with 'Hanoi Jane'

The Soros Threat [Newsweek: Soros is "a crackpot"]

The Squirrel Grenade (EXTREMELY funny article)

The Ultimate Flame (mildly offensive)

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints

Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints (April 2004)

Valentine's Day snow likely for North Texas (1-3" possible in Dallas)

Viking KittiePAC Puts a Bounty on Trolls at FR

VINCE FOSTER - The Mirage of Suicide and The Reality of Murder

VINCE FOSTER - The Peripatetic Gun

What does Patrick Knowlton Know? More on the Vince Foster case***

Wm Ayers Has Been the Mastermind Behind the Rise of Barack Obama

ZOT! I am Genuinely Curious Why Conserva tives Don't Love Genocidal Dictators Like We Libs Do