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Hannity to Akin: You know you could cost us the Senate, right?
Hot Air ^ | August 20, 2012 | Allahpundit

Posted on 08/20/2012 3:47:45 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

Via BuzzFeed, it’s important that people like Hannity, Coulter, and the boss emeritus are leaning on this guy too, not just Romney and Reince Priebus. Without pressure from all-stars on the right, he can dig in and turn it into a “weak-ass establishment RINOs are selling me out to the Democrats” populist attack on D.C. Republicans. That might be enough to rally grassroots conservatives to his side and keep him in the race, but not enough to prevent him from losing to McCaskill and, just maybe, dragging the ticket down with him. How lucky do you feel? Want to bet the future of repealing ObamaCare on Akin’s ability to not only recover from his theory of the female body’s magical defenses against rape-sperm but to avoid other goofy errors between now and November? John Brunner, who finished second to Akin in the primary, is reportedly already angling to replace him if he drops; Sarah Steelman, who finished within a point of Brunner, is almost certainly interested too, especially since she’d be inoculated from Akin’s comments due to her gender. If the game’s on the line in the late innings and your pitcher’s getting shelled, why not go to the pen while you can? Even the Tea Party Express, imagining another Angle/O’Donnell nightmare scenario in November, is unsparing:

daveweigel✔ @daveweigel

Tea Party Express, which backed Sharron Angle, calls for Akin to go, based on "the lessons we learned in 2010" about bad candidates

20 Aug 12 Reply Retweet Favorite

Akin’s been consistent today about saying he’ll stay in, but I keep seeing reports like this from plugged-in pundits on Twitter:

Richard Grenell@RichardGrenell

Breaking: Senior GOP official: Akin advisors making preparations for a withdrawal tomorrow.

20 Aug 12 Reply Retweet Favorite

Erick Erickson✔ @EWErickson

Just to be clear one more time, consultants involved are telling me Akin will withdraw. Akin & his campaign deny he will withdraw.

20 Aug 12 Reply Retweet Favorite

David Harsanyi@davidharsanyi

Longtime Missouri GOP insider tells me that Akin is meeting with staff and having a prayer vigil tonight. Looking for way out "gracefully"

20 Aug 12 Reply Retweet Favorite

BuzzFeed’s getting mixed signals:

“Akin is taking concrete steps to withdraw by tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.,” a senior Republican told BuzzFeed, adding that Akin could still change his mind.

But a Republican close to Akin said his position hasn’t changed: He’s still in the race.

Tomorrow afternoon is an important deadline: If he files papers to end his candidacy in Jefferson City tomorrow he can end his candidacy unilaterally; after that, he would have to file an application in court.

Could be that Akin hasn’t given any indication privately about quitting but that the consultants, who suspect he’s DOA if he stays in, are trying to shove him towards the exit by creating a false narrative in the media about him supposedly dropping out. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: The more the press reports that he’s on his way out and the more positive feedback those reports receive from the right, the more Akin might feel that he has no allies left and is better off quitting. The thing is, if he decided to stick with it, how likely is it really that the NRSC and Republican Super PACs would follow through on their threats and refuse to spend any money on his race in the fall? He may lag behind McCaskill, but probably not by so much that the race’s outcome will become a foregone conclusion; if we get to October and he’s within five or six points, the pressure on the NRSC and outside groups to come to his rescue will be tremendous, even though the money they’d be spending on him could also be useful in other races. The reason they’re threatening to withhold funds now is purely a bluff to convince him that he has zero chance of winning and therefore stands to gain nothing by staying in. But if he does stay in, and ends up being the only game in town for Republicans, will they really cut him off?

Two exit quotations for this one. The first, from NBC: “[A] source with ties to Akin’s political operation tells First Read that the GOP congressman most likely won’t quit the contest, saying Akin believes this race is ‘providential’ and even if Akin was ready to get out, his wife would never let him quit.” The second, from Philip Klein: “At this point, if Akin doesn’t drop, McCaskill can run ads all fall simply quoting Republicans condemning him.”


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To: Truthsearcher
Oops...can't forget this...
Respondents reachable on a home telephone (76% of adults), interviewed on their home telephone in the recorded voice of a professional announcer, heard the audio portion of the above video clip.

A nine second soundbite! Amazing!

141 posted on 08/20/2012 11:17:15 PM PDT by philman_36 (Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty, and supped with infamy. Benjamin Franklin)
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To: philman_36
The new media ~ the social media on the internet ~ and on cell service ~ has allowed Elzbet Warren to turn herself into a total laughingstock.

They did it much more effectively than the MSM ever could do.

142 posted on 08/21/2012 5:28:18 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: philman_36

Landon, Willkie, Dewey, Nixon, Goldwater, Ford, Bush, Dole, McCain, ? ~ a Spectre hangs over America ~ how many defeats can the GOP-e deliver before we lose it all!

143 posted on 08/21/2012 5:28:26 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: philman_36

The Romney and Akin circumstances are parallel. I’ve advocated the Convention ignore the primaries so we can get a winning candidate. Same thing here. Having a winning candidate is more important than the fate of a single individual. This is war.

144 posted on 08/21/2012 5:28:47 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: muawiyah
The new media ~ the social media on the internet ~ and on cell service ~ has allowed Elzbet Warren to turn herself into a total laughingstock.
Yep, she made her mistake. Unusual times.
I don't hear a hue and cry for her to be removed. Do you? many defeats can the GOP-e deliver before we lose it all!
We haven't won this one yet so I would say one more.

Having a winning candidate is more important than the fate of a single individual.
So who determines which candidate is a "winning candidate"? The People? The Party? You make it sound like the "winner" is chosen in advance by the Party and not the People.

This is war.
Again, this is one battle in a series of battles in a war. In four more years another battle in the war will ensue with other minor skirmishes happening along the way.

145 posted on 08/21/2012 6:03:32 AM PDT by philman_36 (Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty, and supped with infamy. Benjamin Franklin)
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To: shhrubbery!
MARK LEVIN has just announced that according to his call screener, the "vast majority" of callers want Akin to "not resign" from his candidacy.

Yep, I'm sure the Democrats are burning up the phone lines to make sure Akin's gift to them keeps on giving.

146 posted on 08/21/2012 7:17:30 AM PDT by Inconvenient Truthteller
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To: philman_36; muawiyah

Rape is a crime and ought to be punished.

Murdering a child conceived as a result of rape is also a crime.

If one acknowledges that child murder is a crime, that does not make one “soft on rape”. The rape is not the issue when discussing abortion. Who the child’s father is does not make it acceptable to murder the child.

Leftists and liberals use _emotion_ to work on the minds of women, making them think that conservatives don’t care if they are raped. But of course, rape is a crime that should be punished.

The emotional trickery the left uses on women is a) they tell women that in order to be “cool” they need to fornicate, that is, have sex outside of marriage, then b) they tell them that having an abortion to get rid of any children resulting from such fornication is a “right” of theirs. They lie and tell them that the child’s body is THEIR body.

Republican political types, who are obviously working overtime on FR trying to “win the election”, have the instinct to replace a conservative Republican with “whatever the people in the district want” the moment the media says one word about the conservative candidate.

You don’t “win” by joining the other team that beat you.

If a Republican candidate adopts the Democratic party platform in order to “win”, and then votes anti-conservative on every issue once elected, why would a conservative vote for them ? They have an R by by their name, but they are essentially a Democrat.

America as a nation is turning away from God and God’s revealed law word, the Bible. Romney will probably win, and the political hacks of the Republican party will simply allow more government growth, state control, deficit spending, etc., etc. The coming bigtime bubble pop of sovereign debt will probably fall in the lap of Republicans. There’s another bubble, the regulatory bubble. The mountain of laws and regulations _only_ grows, it ratchets ever upward and never shrinks. It now is being used to foist immorality upon Americans, as sodomites have become a protected class bent on making sodomy ubiquitous. This is a severe drain on the productivity of the nation, since not only does sodomy serve no purpose it is actually counter-productive. Businesses are literally tip-toeing through a legal minefield as they operate, having to spend tremendous amounts relating to one government intrusion or another in order to avoid pitfalls that cost even more. Businesses - especially small ones - make less and less sense financially due to many factors that Republican politicians really don’t understand. While Democrat politicians frequently express derision towards business, Republican politicians “feel” pro-business and tend to agree with free enterprise concepts on a theoretical or general level. But they still don’t take the legislative steps necessary to start “deconstructing” the Federal behemoth.

Hopefully the Republican party will be finished as a result of the bubble collapsing on their watch so America can begin “deconstructing” the political machines and getting down to truth; no parties, no campaigning and no career politicians, replaced by the original American system of citizen-leaders, but with the added requirement of term limits.

It may not happen today, next week or for decades. But simple logic and math tells us that the fat, evil, self-perpetuating Federal beast simply will not allow prosperity as it did in the past, before it was this big. And with the people we have in power now, it ain’t gettin’ any smaller. Because it all starts with morality. You can’t have financial fixes until you have moral fixes in place, and of course this applies not just to the government, but to American society as a whole. Everyone does not have to be “perfect”, but there needs to be, once again, a “critical mass” of people who “get it”. There won’t be a political savior; it’s the people who need betterment. People follow societal leaders (not just political), so leaders in every sector of society need to “get it” and then lead the way.

147 posted on 08/21/2012 7:37:24 AM PDT by PieterCasparzen (We have to fix things ourselves.)
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To: Uncle Slayton

Thats a BS argument. Akin is a fool.

148 posted on 08/21/2012 7:39:34 AM PDT by KC_Conspirator
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To: PieterCasparzen

Nicely said, but you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.

149 posted on 08/21/2012 7:46:12 AM PDT by philman_36 (Pride breakfasted with plenty, dined with poverty, and supped with infamy. Benjamin Franklin)
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To: philman_36
The party outside the Deep Souf' has uniformly adopted a system where the winner of the primary is the one with the most votes ~ so this guy got about 1/3 of the votes, and so did a couple of other Conservatives.

If Republicans were to adopt RUNOFF PRIMARIES for statewide and national office you wouldn't see minority factional guys like this running for Senate, or President, against the Democrats.

I hope you see the problem here ~ the party committees, supposedly made up of the wise old gray beards, have created rules that are not serving us. At the same time if we end up without a candidate for the office they are allowed to fill it using their wisdom and judgment.

This one candidate, with only a small following in the party base, should have known to toe the line closely and avoid several things. First off, he should not have agreed to a one on one interview with a literal Demon from Hell ~ and Priebus, the RNC Chairman should have had briefing sessions with all the new Senatorial candidates where they could be addressed by old hands about what can happen. As you know, with few exceptions, folks who run for state legislatures or the House of Representatives rarely get interviewed by anybody. Senatorial candidates always get interviewed. So it's usually a surprise to many such new candidates that this can happen ~ it didn't happen before, but there you have it.

Secondly, the new candidates should always ASK FOR ADVICE. I have a feeling this Aiken guy would be the last candidate to bother asking other Senators about the dangers in this sort of campaign.

Let me bring that down to a focus. The problem was the candidate wasn't helped by the RNC chairman, the candidate gave an interview to the wrong reporter, and third, the candidate didn't ask for any help from the existing body of Senators and their experienced staffers.

In short, the Republican party let this guy down, and, simultaneously, he ignored them.

The combination was poison.

We have a similar problem at the top of the ticket where we have another minority faction candidate who won because of twists and turns in the rules, and the lack of runoff primaries, and also because the RNC Chairman decided his own personal choice was much more important than the choices of the people.

That candidate, though, could buy advice, which he did ~ much of it bad advice nonetheless, but he's not typical of candidates these days who simply don't have the bucks on their own to buy advisors. That, BTW, is where the party has to come in ~ both at the national and state levels, and the local levels, parties were created to empower their designated individuals to actually campaign. Currently that's not happening at all in the Republican party.

We must fix that. And, it's not too late to get a candidate who can win. In Missouri they got until 5 pm today. In America I think we have to mid September.

150 posted on 08/21/2012 11:43:21 AM PDT by muawiyah
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To: philman_36
Regarding replacing Elzbet, I think it was too late for the Massachusetts Dems to do that unless she died ~ you know states all have different laws on these things, and the Dems run a one party operation up there so they want everything nice and neat and tidy and no last minute loose ends.

They are going to go down to some serious defeat with that woman and there's probably nothing they can (Legally) do about it.

151 posted on 08/21/2012 12:57:25 PM PDT by muawiyah
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