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Dangerous Marxist leaders call for ‘The Great Reset’ to destroy capitalism
SkyNews ^ | 5/8/2020 | Digital Editor Jack Houghton

Posted on 08/16/2020 6:08:51 AM PDT by huldah1776

A disturbing movement to reform capitalism is gaining traction by those using the coronavirus tragedy to call for “The Great Reset”.

These are not the ramblings of a few disgruntled teenagers or a wacky sociology professor from inner-city Sydney.

The body pushing The Great Reset happens to be the World Economic Forum and its charismatic German leader Klaus Schwab who is calling for a return to Marxist principles, claiming that capitalism has empirically failed.

Professor Schwab has just released a book titled The Great Reset and has dedicated a large portion of the official WEF website to such articles as “Does capitalism need some Marxism to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”.

It is truly a terrifying notion that a man as educated and powerful as Schwab would use his supposedly independent economic organisation to push for a return of the deadliest social experiments of the 20th century.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Conspiracy; Religion; Society
KEYWORDS: 2020election; algore; antiamericanism; antichristian; capitalism; china; climatechangehoax; communism; davos; election2020; eussr; fourthreich; globalwarminghoax; gore; klausschwab; landslide; marxism; redchina; schwab; switzerland; trumplandslide; worldeconomicforum
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Posted on Twitter by Gen. Flynn's bro, Jack. It's opinion but had to share. It's the New World Order agenda. The New World Order is the 7 years of the Great Tribulation, IMO. This is a spiritual war. Gear Up with the armor of God!
1 posted on 08/16/2020 6:08:51 AM PDT by huldah1776
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To: huldah1776

yeah, you have to click one more time on “read more”. Daffy.

2 posted on 08/16/2020 6:09:32 AM PDT by huldah1776 ( Vote Pro-life! Allow God to bless America before He avenges the death of the innocent.)
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To: huldah1776

When I qualified in ‘84, the Expert score was 220-250. I shot a 230 on pre-qual...on qual day it was cool and windy and I shot a 219 - Sharpshooter! I
was pissed! Requested to my Senior Drill Instructor to have my pre-qual score count. His reply was ‘Stop whining and Mountain climbers until I get
tired watching you!’ When I got to my duty station a year and a half later, I re-qual’ed Expert and kept it.

A note on the range record...IIRC, one of the marksmanship instructors said that the range record was held by a WM at 247. He stated that said
WM had never fired a weapon until she had come to the Island, followed the instruction and set the record. I don’t know if this story was Marine
Corps Lore or not but it would give credence the ‘bad habits’ argument.
24 posted on 8/16/2020, 9:12:42 AM by major_gaff (University of Parris Island, Class of ‘84)
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To: AggregateThreat; All
You see, I read all books on hunting published in English, French, and Russian. I have but one passion in my life, Mr. Rainsford, and it is the hunt.”

And hunting, remember, had been my life. I have heard that in America businessmen often go to pieces when they give up the business that has been their life.”

“Simply this: hunting had ceased to be what you call ‘a sporting proposition.’ It had become too easy. I always got my quarry. Always. There is no greater bore than perfection.”

“No animal had a chance with me any more. That is no boast; it is a mathematical certainty. The animal had nothing but his legs and his instinct. Instinct is no match for reason. When I thought of this it was a tragic moment for me, I can tell you.”

The general smiled the quiet smile of one who has faced an obstacle and surmounted it with success. “I had to invent a new animal to hunt,” he said.

“Not at all,” said the general. “I never joke about hunting. I needed a new animal. I found one. So I bought this island built this house, and here I do my hunting. The island is perfect for my purposes—there are jungles with a maze of traits in them, hills, swamps—”

“Oh,” said the general, “it supplies me with the most exciting hunting in the world. No other hunting compares with it for an instant. Every day I hunt, and I never grow bored now, for I have a quarry with which I can match my wits.”

“I wanted the ideal animal to hunt,” explained the general. “So I said, ‘What are the attributes of an ideal quarry?’ And the answer was, of course, ‘It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason.”’
“But no animal can reason,” objected Rainsford.
“My dear fellow,” said the general, “there is one that can.”
“But you can’t mean—” gasped Rainsford.

“I can’t believe you are serious, General Zaroff. This is a grisly joke.”
“Why should I not be serious? I am speaking of hunting.”
“Hunting? Great Guns, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder.”
The general laughed with entire good nature. He regarded Rainsford quizzically. “I refuse to believe that so modern and civilized a young man as you seem to be harbors romantic ideas about the value of human life. Surely your experiences in the war—”
“Did not make me condone cold-blooded murder,” finished Rainsford stiffly.
Laughter shook the general. “How extraordinarily droll you are!” he said. “One does not expect nowadays to find a young man of the educated class, even in America, with such a naïve, and, if I may say so, mid-Victorian point of view. It’s like finding a snuffbox in a limousine. Ah, well, doubtless you had Puritan ancestors. So many Americans appear to have had. I’ll wager you’ll forget your notions when you go hunting with me. You’ve a genuine new thrill in store for you, Mr. Rainsford.”

“Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if needs be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure. I am strong. Why should I not use my gift? If I wish to hunt, why should I not? I hunt the scum of the earth: sailors from tramp ships—lassars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels—a thoroughbred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them.”
“But they are men,” said Rainsford hotly.
“Precisely,” said the general. “That is why I use them. It gives me pleasure. They can reason, after a fashion. So they are dangerous.”

Richard 1893-1949 Connell - The Most Dangerous Game

Who is preying on us? Who is preying with us?

My group is tight. My family is tight. My neighborhood is tight. Do THEY have enough ground forces at this time. The world has been a slaughterhouse throughout history. Let’s play...”Dangerous Marxists” and their leaders. What does Marxine say?

You say you want a revolution?

3 posted on 08/16/2020 6:18:45 AM PDT by PGalt (Past Peak Civilization?)
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To: huldah1776

Where’s prancing, preening, puss Beto O’Mao?

4 posted on 08/16/2020 6:20:25 AM PDT by PGalt (Past Peak Civilization?)
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To: huldah1776


5 posted on 08/16/2020 6:21:57 AM PDT by thesearethetimes... (Had I brought Christ with me, the outcome would have been different. Dr.Eric Cunningham)
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To: huldah1776

Capitalism is just the rules for distributing goods. The real objective is the elimination of individual private property including one’s own labor. This is just slavery in disguise.

6 posted on 08/16/2020 6:27:18 AM PDT by Dave Wright
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The so-called World Economic Forum was originally founded in 1971 as the European Management Forum, changing its name in 1982. The members of its Board of Trustees are hardcore Marxist for the most part, and count Al Gore among their numbers.

7 posted on 08/16/2020 6:27:56 AM PDT by Olog-hai ("No Republican, no matter how liberal, is going to woo a Democratic vote." -- Ronald Reagan, 1960)
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To: Olog-hai

Bring on the Bidens!
They are just the tip of the corrupt obama marxist muslim regime iceberg.

..its the marxist / muslim coalition at work.
Go read Carlos the Jackal for his opinion of how to bring down the west. He acknowledged that Marxism by itself could not bring down the west , nor could islam; but an alliance, a coalition of the two could. Obama was both a marxist and a muslim... and a lying radical at that.
Libya? Benghazi was all a part of that.

All Obama’s embedded marxists and muslims need to be weeded out....
The hijacking and destruction of America, the hub of western Christian man was well underway .... and many of its constituents are still fighting to maintain the nefarious obama agenda., fu
Had Hillary won? All of this would have been swept under the carpet ..... inclusive of America

8 posted on 08/16/2020 6:30:13 AM PDT by himno hero (had'nff)
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To: huldah1776
Been pushing for socialism/communism for over a century.

It's called progressivism here. Began in earnest in the 1910's -- Wilson, Dewey, The Fed, 19A, peacetime fed income tax..

Then it strengthened in the mid-1900's with The Frankfurt School's immigration here from Germany, the newly-birthed United Nations, the CPUSA's infiltration of our colleges and the NEA's flip to leftism.

They've been getting together the pot, the water, the stove and the frogs for some time. Now, the frogs are in and the water is hot and getting hotter...

9 posted on 08/16/2020 6:36:32 AM PDT by polymuser (A socialist is a communist without the power to take everything from their citizens...yet.)
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To: huldah1776

Communist Pigs.

10 posted on 08/16/2020 6:41:20 AM PDT by HighSierra5
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To: polymuser

excellent graphic. Gonna share. thanks!

11 posted on 08/16/2020 6:50:35 AM PDT by huldah1776 ( Vote Pro-life! Allow God to bless America before He avenges the death of the innocent.)
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To: polymuser

The NEA “flipped”? I would say that as a labor union, they were organized on leftist principles. When they were the National Teachers Association, their president, Zalmon Richards, lobbied for the expansion of the federal government by creating the Office of Education, which turned into today’s Department of Education. (He was also the first superintendent of Washington DC’s public school system.)

Remember that the tenth plank of communism starts by declaring that they intend to establish “(f)ree education for all children in public schools”, intending to destroy institutions of private education.

12 posted on 08/16/2020 6:53:06 AM PDT by Olog-hai ("No Republican, no matter how liberal, is going to woo a Democratic vote." -- Ronald Reagan, 1960)
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To: huldah1776
The Great Reset: a reset of everything.

The United States of America is in the way of this Great Reset. So they are destabilising the entire country.

The 2021 Davos Summit is coming up right after Christmas, and for the Great Reset they need a President Joe Biden to hand the United States over to the cabal behind the Great Reset. This is why they are trying so hard to defeat Trump.

Obama was a figurehead for the cabal. Biden is also a figurehead for them. Trump refuses to be a figurehead; this is why they must stop him.

"Shortly after the speech at the UN that Donald Trump delivered, what do you think happened? The coronavirus was unleashed on the world, and Trump's booming US economy went on life-support. You think that was an accident?"

The strategy now is to bring the United States economy to its knees, so that everyone will want the Great Reset, i.e. make the 'new normal' so intolerable that everyone will beg for the safety offered by the cabal.

Whether or not the covid strategy has worked will be revealed on November 3, 2020.

They made a mistake: they tried to get Trump on their side. They invited him to Davos. But when Donald Trump really saw what they had in mind for America, he said this to them:

'We're committed to conserving the majesty of God's creation and the natural beauty of our world, but to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse. These alarmists always demand the same thing: absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives. We will never let radical socials destroy our economy, wreck our country.'

"Two days after Donald Trump gave that speech...George Soros made an emergency intervention, at Davos, once again, warning that 'the 2020 US Election will determine the 'fate of the whole world.''"

He was right about that!

This is why there is so much hate for Trump: He never will be one of them."

That's what the Great Reset is about. That's what the "Russia Hoax" was all about. That's what the "Impeachment Hoax" was about.

For four years they've been trying to stop Donald Trump because if he succeeds, if he strengthens America, if he makes America great again, if he brings the economy back--again, the Great Reset won't happen. They might never have another opportunity like this Covid Opportunity again.

Remember this?

‘"I have a lot of enemies. This may be the last time you see me for a while. I have a lot of very rich enemies. They're not happy with what I'm doing. But I figure we have one chance to do it. No other president is gonna do what I do."’
Donald Trump
Cleveland, Ohio
August 6, 2020

13 posted on 08/16/2020 7:13:15 AM PDT by Savage Beast (President Trump, loving God, America, and the American People, is on the Side of GOD and the Angels!)
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To: himno hero

personally, bho is a face and voice, jarrett is the brains. The money behind it all, feeding off both sides, is who/what has to be taken out. The key to do this is actually the child/human trafficking.

14 posted on 08/16/2020 7:14:44 AM PDT by huldah1776 ( Vote Pro-life! Allow God to bless America before He avenges the death of the innocent.)
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To: Dave Wright

absolutely. The richest people in the world are all in it for more money and power. Banks. Did you know in the Old Testament interest was collected only from gentiles?

15 posted on 08/16/2020 7:17:18 AM PDT by huldah1776 ( Vote Pro-life! Allow God to bless America before He avenges the death of the innocent.)
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To: Savage Beast

Lord God willing, He will give our nation the opportunity to overturn the legalized child sacrifice and grant a reprieve from His justice. The world is watching and hopefully will hear the truth.

16 posted on 08/16/2020 7:20:36 AM PDT by huldah1776 ( Vote Pro-life! Allow God to bless America before He avenges the death of the innocent.)
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To: HighSierra5

Communist, socialist, all the same. Fact is the “Great Reset” is already upon us. More than a few financial greats have been discussing the Great Reset, Martin Armstrong, James Sinclair, ....expect EXTREME financial turmoil into 2024. The “ greats” go into much detail with all the “ numbers”,
Armstrong’s ECM charts show expected dates. I have no reason not to believe Armstrong’s dates as he has nailed ever financial crisis to the day since 2000.....keep in mind, the Reset comes in two stages, man’s failed reset then Gods reset.

17 posted on 08/16/2020 7:56:06 AM PDT by delta7
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To: delta7

I forgot one bright fact, socialism’s great reset fails, ( with great turmoil) as does Socialism itself through bankrupting the masses. A good hard look at the socialist EU shows it is running on fumes, bankrupt, with member states starting to pull out, i.e., the EU instated negative interest rates in 2014, they are printing Euros by the trillions, they abolished cash transactions over $1000, the list is long....( England just pulled out and Italy, Greece, Spain and others are holding discussions on how to exit the EU).

18 posted on 08/16/2020 8:07:33 AM PDT by delta7
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To: huldah1776

And the democrat party is helping them in their effort.

19 posted on 08/16/2020 8:26:06 AM PDT by I want the USA back (Voltaire: To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.)
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To: polymuser
the CPUSA's infiltration of our colleges

With the assistance of the boys in the Lubyanka ...

20 posted on 08/16/2020 8:29:22 AM PDT by bassmaner (Hey commies: I'm a white male, and guilty of NOTHING! Sell your 'white g uilt' elsewhere)
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