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Russia prepares to rain down hellfire on ISIS: Putin's forces deploy 'Blazing Sun'...missile [tr]
UK Daily Mail ^ | October 15, 2015 | Sara Malm

Posted on 10/15/2015 7:26:54 AM PDT by C19fan

Russia has deployed one of the deadliest weapons in its arsenal as part of their military action in Syria, according to reports. The mobile multiple rocket launcher - TOS-1A - features thermobaric weapons which can destroy eight city blocks in one strike, causing indiscriminate damage. This comes as Moscow announced that Russian fighter jets hit 40 ISIS targets in Syria since Tuesday morning.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Military/Veterans
KEYWORDS: katyusha; rocket; russia
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Meet the evolutionary apex of the Katyusha. The Iraqi gov't acquired some TOS-1s and used them against ISIS. There are YouTube videos if interested.
1 posted on 10/15/2015 7:26:54 AM PDT by C19fan
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To: C19fan

go Russia!

2 posted on 10/15/2015 7:27:39 AM PDT by TexasFreeper2009 (You can't spell Hillary without using the letters L, I, A, & R)
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To: C19fan

He’s going full Grozny on them. I imagine that should play really well to prove he is a strongman who keeps his puppets in power.

3 posted on 10/15/2015 7:28:44 AM PDT by elhombrelibre (Against Obama. Against Putin. Pro-freedom. Pro-US Constitution.)
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To: C19fan

Gosh....those white Toyota pick ups don’t have a chance!

4 posted on 10/15/2015 7:29:28 AM PDT by TMA62 (Al Sharpton - The North Korea of race relations)
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To: C19fan

I predict many beards will be shaved in the coming days.

5 posted on 10/15/2015 7:33:23 AM PDT by McGruff (Trump-Cruz 2016. Make America Great Again.)
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To: C19fan

Smoke the bastards. Give them a taste of what awaits them once we get a backbone in the Oval Office!

6 posted on 10/15/2015 7:33:58 AM PDT by Buckeye Battle Cry (Hillary - Ethically sleazy and politically stupid)
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To: C19fan

O’mullah’s proxy army is taking a righteous beating.

7 posted on 10/15/2015 7:34:43 AM PDT by Edgar3 (Libnorance is a mental disease, and it's getting Progressively worse!)
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To: C19fan

With this action by Russia in Syria, why does Germany and the Spanish Civil war keep coming to mind?

8 posted on 10/15/2015 7:34:56 AM PDT by stylin_geek (Never underestimate the power of government to distort markets)
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To: C19fan

This is nothing compared to the major speech Obama is going to give

9 posted on 10/15/2015 7:36:23 AM PDT by italianquaker
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To: TexasFreeper2009
Ted Cruz, recently, on Russia, Syria, Obama...

"If we want to actually dismantle ISIS, we need to dramatically change course. We need a real, robust campaign that maximizes our overwhelming air advantage.

We need to focus our efforts not on trying to create friends, but on supporting our real ones, especially the Kurds in Iraq and Syria who have actually had success against ISIS."


"We can redouble our efforts to develop the defensive weapons that neutralized the offensive Soviet threat -- particularly missile defense, which has seen a 25% budget reduction under Obama, according to an analysis from the conservative Heritage Foundation, and has been constrained by bad arms deals like New START.

We should not only move quickly to install the canceled interceptor sites Putin opposed in Poland and the Czech Republic, but also to develop the next generation of systems that will only increase his discomfiture.

These options do not entail a ground war in Syria, yet would effectively shake us free from the failed policies that have brought us to our current impasse.

These options set us on a new path that puts Putin on notice that the United States is reclaiming our traditional role as leader of the free world."


I think it would be a mistake to get involved in the Syrian civil war. There have been voices in Washington eager for us to send our sons and daughters over to fight that civil war for some time. I haven’t been one of them. I think the touchstone of U.S. military policy should be protecting the national security of this country.

What we’re seeing Putin in Russia do is a direct response to the profound weakness of Obama over six and a half years.

Putin views Obama as weak, as ineffective, and frankly, as a laughingstock. And, as a result, he is moving in, he is invading his neighbors – like Ukraine – he’s kidnapping Estonians, and he’s moving into Syria to gain a stronger foothold in the Middle East."


"According to the Washington Free Beacon, Russia’s nuclear arsenal how has over 100 nuclear warheads above the limit set by the treaty.

Since the treaty was launched, Russia has deployed 111 new nuclear warheads, bringing its total number of deployed warheads to 1,648. That treaty limit is 1,550 warheads — a number that must be reached in 2018.

Comparatively, the numbers of U.S. nuclear warheads, missiles and bombers have fallen dramatically and are already below the limits set by the treaty. Additionally, the United States has decreased the number of warheads in its deployed nuclear arsenal by 250.

While the United States intends to eliminate heavy bombers and launchers, Russia has launched a strategic nuclear force expansion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also recently announced a new doctrine that placed priority on nuclear forces.

If this raises concern for you, you are not alone.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, said Russia “is in the business of violating treaties.”

Rogers said Putin has violated several agreements and treaties in the past, and he simply “violates any treaty or agreement that puts limits on capabilities that Mr. Putin and his cronies desire.”

“Russia’s arguable adherence to the New START Treaty just indicates how bad a deal it is for the United States,” he said.

Adm. William Gortney, commander of the U.S. Northern Command, said Wednesday that Russia has read our play book and is “fielding cruise missiles that are very, very accurate, very long range.”

Gortney said these missiles have the ability to reach targets in Canada and the United States. He added that Russia has been participating in war game scenarios recently that simulate cruise missile strikes in Alaska.

This news is serious because it appears Russia has no intention of abiding by New START or any other treaty. We should therefore be building up our military and our arsenals instead of depleting them.



From the FreeBeacon:

Russia Adds 111 Warheads Under Arms Treaty
Moscow warheads above New START treaty limit

By: Bill Gertz
October 9, 2015

Russia has now deployed more than 100 nuclear warheads in its strategic arsenal above the limits set by the New START arms treaty limits—two years before it must meet treaty arms reduction goals.

New START nuclear warhead and delivery system numbers made public Oct. 1 reveal that since the 2010 arms accord went into force, Moscow increased the number of deployed nuclear warheads by a total of 111 weapons for a total of 1,648 deployed warheads. That number is 98 warheads above the treaty limit of 1,550 warheads that must be reached by the 2018 deadline of the treaty.

At the same time, U.S. nuclear warheads, missiles, and bombers have fallen sharply and remain below the required levels under the New START pact.

The United States during the same period of the Russian increases cut its deployed nuclear arsenal by 250 warheads. ..."(more...)


The New START Treaty: Central Limits and Key Provisions
Congressional Research Service


The United States and Russia signed the New START Treaty on April 8, 2010. After more than 20 hearings, the U.S. Senate gave its advice and consent to ratification on December 22, 2010, by a vote of 71-26. Both houses of the Russian parliament—the Duma and Federation Council— approved the treaty in late January 2011, and it entered into force on February 5, 2011, after Secretary of State Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov exchanged the instruments of ratification.

New START provides the parties with 7 years to reduce their forces, and will remain in force for a total of 10 years. It limits each side to no more than 800 deployed and nondeployed land-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) launchers and deployed and nondeployed heavy bombers equipped to carry nuclear armaments.

Within that total, each side can retain no more than 700 deployed ICBMs, deployed SLBMs, and deployed heavy bombers equipped to carry nuclear armaments. The treaty also limits each side to no more than 1,550 deployed warheads; those are the actual number of warheads on deployed ICBMs and SLBMs, and one warhead for each deployed heavy bomber.

New START contains detailed definitions and counting rules that will help the parties calculate the number of warheads that count under the treaty limits. Moreover, the delivery vehicles and their warheads will count under the treaty limits until they are converted or eliminated according to the provisions described in the treaty’s Protocol. These provisions are far less demanding than those in the original START Treaty and will provide the United States and Russia with far more flexibility in determining how to reduce their forces to meet the treaty limits. ..."

New START Treaty: PDF:

10 posted on 10/15/2015 7:37:13 AM PDT by ETL (Ted Cruz 2016!! -- For a better and safer America)
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To: C19fan
NO PROBLEM---Putin and our fearless leader are on the same gameboard.

11 posted on 10/15/2015 7:37:25 AM PDT by Liz
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To: C19fan
From Aug 23, 2015:

"a recent investigation conducted by Novaya Gazeta, one of the few independent newspapers left in Russia, complicates this cozy tale of counterterrorist cooperation. Based on extensive fieldwork in one village in the North Caucasus, reporter Elena Milashina has concluded that the “Russian special services have controlled” the flow of jihadists into Syria, where they have lately joined up not only with ISIS but other radical Islamist factions.

In other words, Russian officials are adding to the ranks of terrorists which the Russian government has deemed a collective threat to the security and longevity of its dictatorial ally on the Mediterranean, Bashar al-Assad."

Understanding Provocation [Provokatsiya]

March 29, 2014

One of the most powerful tools the Kremlin has in its secret arsenal of Special War is provocation, what they call provokatsiya.

While Moscow cannot claim to have invented this technique, which has existed as long as there have been secret services, there’s no doubt that Russians have perfected the art and taken it to a whole new level of sophistication and deviousness. At times, it can become a strategy all on its own (not always, mind you, with edifying results).

Provokatsiya simply means taking control of your enemies in secret and encouraging them to do things that discredit them and help you. You plant your own agents provocateurs and flip legitimate activists [in this case, dupe actual Jihadis -ETL], turning them to your side.

When you’re dealing with extremists to start with, getting them to do crazy, self-defeating things isn’t often difficult. In some cases, you simply create extremists and terrorists where they don’t exist. This is causing problems in order to solve them, and since the Tsarist period, Russian intelligence has been known to do just that.

While this isn’t a particularly nice technique, it works surprisingly well, particularly if you don’t care about bloody and messy consequences. ..."

In other words, it's like starting a fire, or pouring gasoline on a fire, in order to be the 'big hero', being first on the scene to put it out. Except in this case, you get to grab control over the buildings and town you helped 'saved' from the fire you helped to start.

12 posted on 10/15/2015 7:38:18 AM PDT by ETL (Ted Cruz 2016!! -- For a better and safer America)
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To: TMA62

Let's see how fast they can go in reverse.

13 posted on 10/15/2015 7:38:33 AM PDT by McGruff (Trump-Cruz 2016. Make America Great Again.)
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To: C19fan
Russia prepares to rain down hellfire on ISIS: Putin's forces deploy 'Blazing Sun'...missile

The best sales people know the value of a proper demonstration.

Looks like the announcements are being made so that old and potentially new customers will be paying attention.

Ready on the right? Ready on the left?

Let the sky fall.

14 posted on 10/15/2015 7:40:09 AM PDT by GBA (Just a hick in paradise)
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To: C19fan
more info on this weapon here youtube vid
15 posted on 10/15/2015 7:43:45 AM PDT by jpsb (Believe nothing until it has been officially denied)
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To: C19fan

Do it!

16 posted on 10/15/2015 7:46:31 AM PDT by armydawg505
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To: C19fan

Collateral damage? Rules of Engagement? What’s that?

17 posted on 10/15/2015 7:49:01 AM PDT by JJ_Folderol (Just my opinion and only worth what you paid for it.)
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To: All
What passed for US foreign policy under Obama and Hillary.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, right hands Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a red button to symbolize the administration’s “reset” of relations with Russia, in Geneva on March 6, 2009. CREDIT —

The reset button was translated into: "We Ruskis got two wimps on our hands."

18 posted on 10/15/2015 7:51:20 AM PDT by Liz
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To: C19fan
For those who want to know...

19 posted on 10/15/2015 7:52:50 AM PDT by ImJustAnotherOkie
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To: C19fan

GO Russia! and after your thru with obuma’s muslim brotherhood buddies, let us know and we’ll ship him and his buddies from America to you in Russia and let you get rid of them....

20 posted on 10/15/2015 7:54:10 AM PDT by HarleyLady27 (I have such happy days, and hope you do too!!!)
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