Since Apr 30, 1999

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I guess after 25 years I should introduce myself.

Retired NASA (contractor) computer programmer (FORTRAN, C, Java). I like COBOL so I sometimes play around a little with it.

X Bar owner, I still get to drink for free there.

X ordinary seaman, a couple of years way out in the Gulf of Mexico

Inactive Marine, long time inactive but once a Marine always a Marine, “G*d bless you Chesty Puller no matter where you are”

“Never make a pretty woman your wife” been there done that, never again.

Once was a mason (brick, block, concrete) back when I lived in NY, the Texas Sun ended that career.

Currently in South East Texas right next to Galveston Bay.

I do appreciate a good whiskey, a fine woman and a loyal dog.
I like a good horse too. I’ve known quite a few of them since my dad raised thoroughbreds. If you like thoroughbreds check out Zenyatta’s videos.

Educated in the 50s and 60s when education really was education.