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FreeRepublic ^ | Saturday, March 6, 2004 A.D. | SunkenCiv

Posted on 03/06/2004 12:43:01 PM PST by SunkenCiv

I'd been here a couple of months, and had begun to worry about handling all the threads. Sooooo, today I grabbed all of the pages by source, grabbed the tables of links to posts to and from me, and sorted them (the easy way, well, as easy as it gets) alpha instead of chrono.

Please, don't tell me that there's a way to do that automatically, or my brain will hurt.

TOPICS: Chit/Chat; Dimensional Doorway; Freeoples
KEYWORDS: alphabet; antikythera; antikytheramechanism; davidrohl; godsgravesglyphs; greece; hugevanity; orderly; pickles; rohl; smooch; socks; sunkenciv; wtf
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To: ValerieUSA

Have I shown you this?

81 posted on 10/11/2005 7:41:31 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Down with Dhimmicrats! I last updated by FR profile on Sunday, August 14, 2005.)
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To: SunkenCiv

Does your brain hurt yet?

82 posted on 10/11/2005 9:43:53 PM PDT by ValerieUSA
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To: ValerieUSA

Has been for a while. But the voices tell me that's normal.

83 posted on 10/12/2005 8:44:48 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (Down with Dhimmicrats! I last updated by FR profile on Sunday, August 14, 2005.)
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To: MeekOneGOP


84 posted on 10/12/2005 10:26:27 AM PDT by southland (New Orleans was an incident waiting to happen.)
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To: MeekOneGOP


85 posted on 10/12/2005 10:26:38 AM PDT by southland (New Orleans was an incident waiting to happen.)
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To: MeekOneGOP


86 posted on 10/12/2005 10:26:50 AM PDT by southland (New Orleans was an incident waiting to happen.)
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To: wagglebee; ValerieUSA; Berosus; blam; FairOpinion; StayAt HomeMother; Ernest_at_the_Beach

The weird thing is, this topic gathers in the occasional visitor, and that's not counting the ones who *don't* reply. ;')

Besides showing you what I did when I was still a fresh clean-cut newbie, it's also a way to update my tagline before I forget, iow, before I have something to actually post. ;')

87 posted on 11/02/2005 10:03:09 AM PST by SunkenCiv (Down with Dhimmicrats! I last updated my FR profile on Wednesday, November 2, 2005.)
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To: SunkenCiv

Something tells me that you have entirely too much free time on your hands! -:)

88 posted on 11/02/2005 12:03:02 PM PST by wagglebee ("We are ready for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom." -- President Bush, 1/20/05)
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That is not a picture. This post is just another in a never-ending supply of vanity blog type things. So don't write in, okay? ;')

89 posted on 11/06/2005 8:26:11 PM PST by SunkenCiv (Down with Dhimmicrats! I last updated my FR profile on Wednesday, November 2, 2005.)
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Just cleaned up a few overlooked duplicates, and plan to dump a bunch of these links soon. America: Astronomy: Blogs: Catastrophism: Civ: Civil War: Climate: Cryptobiology: Election 1964: Election 2000: Election 2004: Election 2006: Election 2008: Energy: Europe: Fiction: FReepers: Genes: GGG: Health: Resources: Help: Islam: Keyword: Mac: Magazines: Obit: Personals: Philosophy: Physics: Ping Lists: Politics: Space: Technology: UFOs: Unclassified:
90 posted on 01/28/2006 10:22:49 PM PST by SunkenCiv (In the long run, there is only the short run.)
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  1. Add this page to your FreeRepublic bookmarks (thanks Swordmaker)
  2. America: Boycott French Products (message 49, Johnny Depp / Ira Einhorn) NEW LIST
  3. America: JFK's fatal head wound -- The truth for those who want to know (very graphic)
  4. America: Minor Political Parties (I started it)
  5. Blogs: Disagreeable Conservative Curmudgeon (a.k.a. "nowitall")
  6. Blogs: Free Republic Blog Directory
  7. Blogs: Impulse Blogs
  8. Blogs: James P Hogan BBS
  9. Blogs: Nomad
  10. Blogs: Pipeline News
  11. Blogs: Scott Alfter
  12. Blogs: The Conservative Dragon
  13. Catastrophism: Argument for the Cometary Origin of the Biosphere (I started it)
  14. Catastrophism: Astronomers unravel a mystery of the Dark Ages
  15. Catastrophism: Buffy raises questions on Solar System origins (I started it)
  16. Catastrophism: Catastrophic event preceded Dark Ages -- scientist
  17. Catastrophism: Celestial Collision (I started it)
  18. Catastrophism: Civ's remarks on Martian dynamism, impacts, water
  19. Catastrophism: Clube and Napier reply to LaViolette
  20. Catastrophism: Cosmic Hole-in-One Captured Over Antarctica (I started it)
  21. Catastrophism: Early volcano victims discovered (I started it)
  22. Catastrophism: Electric Arcs in Planetary Science (thanks Swordmaker!)
  23. Catastrophism: Eltanin Impact Crater (I started it)
  24. Catastrophism: Forests Frozen In Time (I started it)
  25. Catastrophism: Giant asteroid rocked Antarctica (I started it)
  26. Catastrophism: Grains Found in Ga. Traced to Asteroid (I started it)
  27. Catastrophism: Hazard of Near-Earth Asteroid Impacts on Earth (I started it)
  28. Catastrophism: Huge Idiocy Posted at FreeRepublic
  29. Catastrophism: Ice-Core Evidence Challenges 1620 BC date for the Santorini Eruption (I started it)
  30. Catastrophism: Impact Event in 3114 BC? The beginning of a Turbulent Millennium
  31. Catastrophism: In the shadow of the Moon (I started it)
  32. Catastrophism: It Came from Outer Space? (I started it)
  33. Catastrophism: June 1975 Meteoroid Storm, Encke, and Other Taurid Complex Objects (I started it)
  34. Catastrophism: Lake Michigan Impact in 1919 (I posted it)
  35. Catastrophism: Long-Destroyed Fifth Planet May Have Caused Lunar Cataclysm (Fred Nerks' post)
  36. Catastrophism: Loss of Musk Ox Genetic Diversity at Pleistocene-Holocene Transition (I started it)
  37. Catastrophism: Mass Extinctions -- the New Catastrophism in the History of Life (I started it)
  38. Catastrophism: Moon over Chicxulub (I started it)
  39. Catastrophism: Mutton Island or Enniskerry, Clare Co, Ireland, 9th century (I started it)
  40. Catastrophism: New evidence for the Moon's soft middle (I started it)
  41. Catastrophism: Niue 'flattened' by tsunami-type waves [blast from the past] (I started it)
  42. Catastrophism: Peekskill Fireball -- October 9, 1992 (I started it)
  43. Catastrophism: Powerful Quake Shakes Seabed Near Vanuatu (I started it)
  44. Catastrophism: Professor Says Mayan Calendar Does Not Portend Earth's Doom (2012AD)
  45. Catastrophism: Reality of Ancient Catastrophism
  46. Catastrophism: Red Planet's Ancient Equator Located (I started it)
  47. Catastrophism: Reworked Images Reveal Hot Venus
  48. Catastrophism: Road to Saturn by Dwardu Cardona (thanks Junior)
  49. Catastrophism: Samothrace anecdote from Ryan and Pitman
  50. Catastrophism: Shocked Quartz from Chesapeake Asteroid (I started it)
  51. Catastrophism: Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth (I started it)
  52. Catastrophism: Small Comets and Our Origins (I started it)
  53. Catastrophism: Spitzer Sees the Aftermath of a Planetary Collision (I started it)
  54. Catastrophism: Tracking Myth to Geological Reality
  55. Catastrophism: When the Days Were Shorter (I started it)
  56. Civ: 2006 calendar
  57. Civ: Books, Magazines, Movies, Music
  58. Civ: Detroit Lion Predictions for 2006 and 2007 (I must be crazy)
  59. Civ: Enemies List (I started it)
  60. Civ: Freemail me
  61. Civ: Hamas victory to have *what* impact on Israel's election (2006)?
  62. Civ: he signs up for the UFO list!
  63. Civ: My Amazon page
  64. Civ: My Posts
  65. Civ: Secret Handshake
  66. Civ: World a Century from Now (I started it)
  67. Civ: World a Year from Now ["Post your predictions for 2006"]
  68. Civ: zzz: Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Spirit Lands (my first FR post 1/03/2004)
  69. Civil War: Robert E. Lee Letter to Wife on Slavery (1856)
  70. Civil War: Robert E. Lee on Slavery (1856)
  71. Climate: 8,200 yBP Lakes Agassiz and Ojibway (I started it)
  72. Climate: Another Global Warming Theory Discredited
  73. Climate: Case Against Scientifically Honest Bjorn Lomborg Dismissed
  74. Climate: Eco-heretic Bjorn Lomborg beset by hate campaign
  75. Climate: Effective vs Honest (thanks StopGlobalWhining)
  76. Climate: Frosty Blast of Reality for the 'Global Warming' Crowd
  77. Climate: Illarionov Attacks Britain, Vows to Bury Kyoto
  78. Climate: Last 100 years warmest since 9th century, say British researchers (I started it)
  79. Climate: Link to paper on 100K climate cycles
  80. Climate: Making the desert bloom--or making the wells go dry (I started it)
  81. Climate: McIntyre and McKitrick
  82. Climate: Petroleum Will Not Run Out Before We Burn Up
  83. Climate: Rhythmic Submarine Volcanos And El El NiÒos (I started it)
  84. Climate: Science Wars -- We need to free science from the Commissars who now control it (thnx JohnH)
  85. Climate: Scientist demolishes The Melbourne Age on 'global warming'
  86. Cryptobiology: Mysterious amphibious human-like creature spotted in the Caspian Sea (I started it)
  87. Cryptobiology: She's a believer in the skunk ape (thanks ex-)
  88. Election 1964: Democratic Debacle -- 1964 convention, repercussions today (I started it)
  89. Election 2000: Pitchfork Pat Pans Perot; Picks Paranoid Party Prexy Push
  90. Election 2000: Roger Ebert on the 2000 Election (I started it)
  91. Election 2004: RatherGate and the corrupt Kerry campaign
  92. Election 2006: Mandy Grunwaldís Involvement in Rove/Plame Controversy (Vanity)
  93. Election 2008: Defeat Hillary Clinton 'blog (I started it)
  94. Election 2008: Hillary_Clinton_Forum_409 -- Supporting Hillary Clinton Since 1995
  95. Election 2008: In 2008, Will It Be Mormon in America? [Mitt Romney]
  96. Election 2008: Libertarians are CINOs (thanks, truth_seeker)
  97. Election 2008: Real Libertarians
  98. Election 2008: Winds of Political ChangeÖ And Why You Almost Never Feel Them Coming (I started it)
  99. Energy: Coal-to-liquid solution for energy woes
  100. Energy: Fossil Fuels Made without Fossils
  101. Energy: Fuel Cell Primer (thanks for the link Restorer)
  102. Energy: Heavy-Metal Nuclear Power (I started it)
  103. Energy: Here is what the acolytes of solar power don't want you to know... (thanks Boot Hill)
  104. Energy: How to Cut Oil Imports by Two Million Barrels a Week
  105. Energy: Methane Ice -eating worms on ocean floor (thanks, Fred Nerks!)
  106. Energy: New Mystery of Water (I started it)
  107. Energy: non-renewability of corn-based ethanol (my post)
  108. Energy: Oil, Politics, Israel, US (my title; post #13)
  109. Energy: Truth About Oil (I started it)
  110. Energy: Tumbleweeds good for uranium clean-up [DU contaminated soil cleansed, plants harvested]
  111. Energy: Windmills in the Sky (I started it)
  112. Europe: Greek Cypriots reject the solution in Cyprus
  113. Europe: Malta raises alarm over illegal immigration (I started it)
  114. Faith and Philosophy: Church to remove Moor-slayer saint
  115. Faith and Philosophy: Dizzy Dean Quotes
  116. Faith and Philosophy: Roman Catholic Irony by Arthur McGowan
  117. Fiction: "Inherit the Stars" by James Hogan cited (thanks lawdave)
  118. Fiction: Edgar Rice Burroughs [1875 - 1950] (thanks cripplecreek)
  119. Fiction: Favorite Science Fiction Movies
  120. Fiction: George Orwell "1984" from Bibliotheque ~ Virtuelle
  121. Fiction: Isaac Asimov's 'Nightfall'
  122. Fiction: The Chromium Fence by Philip K. Dick (1954)
  123. Fiction: Those About To Die by Daniel P. Mannix
  124. FReepers: (a mystery to me, showed up in an image search)
  125. FReepers: AlexMarko (lots of EU topics)
  126. FReepers: All (Since Nov 9, 2001) in case you thought as I did that it meant "all"
  127. FReepers: Berosus (Raseneb / Charles K / Zalmoxis)
  128. FReepers: Berosus (Raseneb / Charles K / Zalmoxis)
  129. FReepers: Bert
  130. FReepers: Blam
  131. FReepers: Boris
  132. FReepers: Buckhead (homepage offsite)
  133. FReepers: Buckhead, a FReeper champion
  134. FReepers: Congressman Billybob, a FReeper champion
  135. FReepers: Cornpone
  136. FReepers: Do not dub me shapka broham
  137. FReepers: Do not dub me shapka broham: Oh, now I understand. That clears up everything.
  138. FReepers: Eleni121
  139. FReepers: Ernest_At_The_Beach
  140. FReepers: FairOpinion
  141. FReepers: Fred Nerks "The Life of Muhammad (The flight of the moonbats.)" (thanks FN)
  142. FReepers: Fred Nerks
  143. FReepers: freebilly, part of the Artificial Cloud Generation
  144. FReepers: GrayBeard58
  145. FReepers: GreenFreeper
  146. FReepers: IncredibleHulk
  147. FReepers: Janus (not in since 2001)
  148. FReepers: jbloedow
  149. FReepers: Karl_Lembke
  150. FReepers: KC Burke
  151. FReepers: Larry Schweikart (Patriot's History of the United States)
  152. FReepers: Lonesome in Massachussets
  153. FReepers: MartinFierro
  154. FReepers: MeekOneGOP
  155. FReepers: Momaw Nadon
  156. FReepers: Mr.Atos
  157. FReepers: P Cottraux (Cryptobiology / anomalies ping list; cartoons)
  158. FReepers: Pharmboy
  159. FReepers: physicsphairy must be around here somewhere
  160. FReepers: Richard Poe (author "Black Spark, White Fire")
  161. FReepers: ScudEast
  162. FReepers: Southack
  163. FReepers: StayAt HomeMother
  164. FReepers: SunkenCiv (pic that isn't a pic)
  165. FReepers: SwordMaker
  166. FReepers: tahotdog (suspended -- an 'Enterprise Mission' freak, so fun)
  167. FReepers: TailGunnerJoe (lots of political/foreign affairs topics)
  168. FReepers: tallhappy
  169. FReepers: Tortoise
  170. FReepers: tricky_k_1972
  171. FReepers: Truth666's gone for good reason
  172. FReepers: VaBthang4
  173. FReepers: ValerieUSA
  174. FReepers: VanMorrison on FreeRepublic
  175. FReepers: VannRox Bookmark Archives - July 2004
  176. FReepers: VannRox on Amazon
  177. FReepers: VannRox
  178. FReepers: Yollopoliuhqui (Tripod)
  179. FReepers: Yollopoliuhqui (Yahoo)
  180. FReepers: Yollopoliuhqui (Yahoo)
  181. FReepers: Yollopoliuhqui
  182. FReepers: Zarf (thanks! to Zarf for posting that NatLamp oldie!)
  183. Genes: Man Offers $10K for Pedro Mountain Mummy (I started it)
  184. Genes: New RNA polymerase discovered in plants (I started it)
  185. GGG: - Birth of Gods, Graves, Glyphs eyewitness accounts
  186. GGG: - Discussion about a separate History list (thanks Blam)
  187. GGG: - Send 'Civ FReemail about the Gods, Graves, Glyphs ping list or weekly digest ping list
  188. GGG: A New Topic -- click to post one (thanks SwordMaker!)
  189. GGG: Africa: 100-Mile-Long Wall in Africa [Sungbo's Eredo] (I started it)
  190. GGG: Africa: Prehistoric skeletons found in cave near Oujda, eastern Morocco (I started it)
  191. GGG: Americas: Ancient Site in Newfoundland Offers Clues to Vikings in America
  192. GGG: Americas: Antiquity of Man in America (I started it)
  193. GGG: Americas: Atlantis [euphemism] in Rock Lake Wisconsin (I started it)
  194. GGG: Americas: Bison in Illinois earlier (I started it)
  195. GGG: Americas: Camisea Pipeline Unearths Ancient Peru Relics (I started it)
  196. GGG: Americas: Cotton domestication (thanks, Renfield!)
  197. GGG: Americas: Dating Early Man in the Americas (I started it)
  198. GGG: Americas: Did hardy Ice Age hunters find the West?
  199. GGG: Americas: Did the First Americans Come From, Er, Australia? (I started it)
  200. GGG: Americas: Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues (1)
  201. GGG: Americas: Did the Vikings Stay? Vatican Files May Offer Clues (2)
  202. GGG: Americas: Egg Island theory -- Where Did Columbus Make Landfall? (I started it)
  203. GGG: Americas: Evidence of humans in North America 50,000 years ago (I started it)
  204. GGG: Americas: Explorers Rediscover Incan City Near Machu Picchu (I started it)
  205. GGG: Americas: Fig Island has remarkable examples of shell rings (I started it)
  206. GGG: Americas: First Americans - Homo Erectus in America (I started it)
  207. GGG: Americas: First Americans by James M. Adovasio with Jake Page reviewed (I started it)
  208. GGG: Americas: Foreign Contact With Hawai'i Before Captain Cook (I started it)
  209. GGG: Americas: Houses may cover ancient grounds (I started it, thanks Radix)
  210. GGG: Americas: Kansas Dig May Have Found Early Campsite (I started it)
  211. GGG: Americas: King George's Madness Linked to Arsenic (I started it)
  212. GGG: Americas: Men's DNA supports recent settlement of the Americas (I started it)
  213. GGG: Americas: Myth of the Hunter-Gatherer (I started it)
  214. GGG: Americas: NAGPRA and scientists (I started it)
  215. GGG: Americas: Peopling Of The Americas -- Late Date for Siberian Site Challenges Bering Pathway
  216. GGG: Americas: Polynesian Connection (I started it)
  217. GGG: Americas: Prehistory of Kansas is not what you thought (I started it)
  218. GGG: Americas: Retracing the footprints of time (I started it)
  219. GGG: Americas: Romans in Brazil During the Second or Third Century? (I started it)
  220. GGG: Americas: Science Trumps Ritual in Mystery Skeleton Row [Kennewick Man]
  221. GGG: Americas: Seaport Museum Artifacts Ship Out (I started it)
  222. GGG: Americas: Sifting for Clues at W.Md. Dig (I started it)
  223. GGG: Americas: Skeleton in Armor (I started it)
  224. GGG: Americas: Solutrean Solution--Did Some Ancient Americans Come from Europe? (I started it)
  225. GGG: Americas: Strand of Ancient Yarn Suggests Early European Presence in Canada (I started it)
  226. GGG: Americas: Venona decodes (thanks LibLoather)
  227. GGG: Americas: When did the horse get to America? (I started it)
  228. GGG: Anatolia: A Talk With Colin Renfrew (I started it)
  229. GGG: Anatolia: Catal Huyuk (I started it)
  230. GGG: Anatolia: In Search of the Real Troy (I started it)
  231. GGG: Anatolia: King Midas' Modern Mourners (I started it)
  232. GGG: Anatolia: Kommagene, The Forgotten Kingdom (I started it)
  233. GGG: Anatolia: Lycia Where Greek language has left its mark (I started it)
  234. GGG: Anatolia: Lycian Influence To The Indian Cave Temples (I started it)
  235. GGG: Anatolia: Unlocking the Power of Myth (I started it)
  236. GGG: Anatolia: Was There a Trojan War? (I started it)
  237. GGG: Asia: 9000 Years Old Oriental Wine Found (I started it)
  238. GGG: Asia: Ancient Chinese may have worn necklaces 20,000 years ago (I started it)
  239. GGG: Asia: Ancient faces brought to life (I started it, Thanks, Blam!)
  240. GGG: Asia: Cambodian archaeological sites being decimated: archaeologists (I started it)
  241. GGG: Asia: Nearly 3,000-year-old ancient state found in north China province (I started it)
  242. GGG: Asia: Scientists unearth bronze casting centre -- Vietnam (I started it, Thanks, Blam!)
  243. GGG: Asia: South Kazakhstan clay tablet, 1st-6th C AD (I started it)
  244. GGG: Atlantis: Exploring The Ocean Basins With Satellite Altimeter Data (I started it)
  245. GGG: Atlantis: Mysterious Deep Water Sonar Images Off Western Cuba (update)
  246. GGG: Australia: Australian Pyramids (I started it)
  247. GGG: Australia: Mahogany Ship, Phoenician Coin (I started it)
  248. GGG: Britain: Ancient coin worth a pretty penny (I started it)
  249. GGG: China: Excavation of tomb ruled out [Mausoleum of Qinshihuang] (I started it)
  250. GGG: Egypt: Abydos Royal Enclosures (I started it)
  251. GGG: Egypt: Ancient Egyptian treasure shown 16 years after discovery (I started it)
  252. GGG: Egypt: Bubastis stone (I started it)
  253. GGG: Egypt: Burial complex of Mentuhotep II (I started it)
  254. GGG: Egypt: Colossal find -- Ramses II statue at Akhmim (I started it)
  255. GGG: Egypt: Djedefre (I started it)
  256. GGG: Egypt: Dynasty 0 -- Egyptian colonies in Canaan (I started it)
  257. GGG: Egypt: Egypt discovers ancient tomb (I started it)
  258. GGG: Egypt: Egyptomania (I started it)
  259. GGG: Egypt: Glassmakers key to Egypt's status (I started it)
  260. GGG: Egypt: Great Pyramid may still contain Khufu's intact pharaonic tomb (thanks Constitution Day)
  261. GGG: Egypt: Group Statue of Ka-nefer and His Family [record price set for ancient sculpture]
  262. GGG: Egypt: Hyksos art and architecture in the Sinai (I started it)
  263. GGG: Egypt: Khufu's Tomb Chamber in the Great Pyramid
  264. GGG: Egypt: King Tut Exhibit Could Prove to Be Gold Mine (I started it)
  265. GGG: Egypt: King Tut slain by sword in the knee (I started it, thanks DaveLoneRanger)
  266. GGG: Egypt: Mysterious Inscription on the Great Pyramid (I started it)
  267. GGG: Egypt: Mystery of the Cocaine Mummies (I started it)
  268. GGG: Egypt: New Chronology -- David Rohl (thanks Scythian)
  269. GGG: Egypt: On Proving Ancient Megalith Construction by Jim Solley
  270. GGG: Egypt: Pharaohs and Kings / Test of Time -- David Rohl (thanks Scythian)
  271. GGG: Egypt: Pharaohs and Kings 2001 (wayback machine)
  272. GGG: Egypt: Quality of Life in the Desert? High Living in Rome's Distant Quarries (I started it)
  273. GGG: Egypt: Quest for the tomb of Amenhotep I (I started it)
  274. GGG: Egypt: Ramesses II Suffered From Arthritis (I started it)
  275. GGG: Egypt: Rare Nubian King Statues Uncovered in Sudan (I started it)
  276. GGG: Egypt: Remains of ancient Egyptian seafaring ships discovered (I started it)
  277. GGG: Egypt: Researchers to look into Victorian historical 'truths' (I started it)
  278. GGG: Egypt: Shipwreck at Assarca Island, Eritrea (I started it)
  279. GGG: Egypt: Smenkhkhare, the Hittite Pharaoh (I started it)
  280. GGG: Egypt: Swallowed by the Sands (I started it)
  281. GGG: Egypt: Tamil Trade (I started it)
  282. GGG: Egypt: Theban Mapping Project / Valley of the Kings etc (I started it)
  283. GGG: Egypt: Treasures of Tanis (I started it)
  284. GGG: Egypt: Tutankhamun -- Anatomy of an Excavation (thanks Romana)
  285. GGG: Egypt: US dig uncovers King Tut's neighbours (I started it)
  286. GGG: Egypt: Voyage around the Erythraean Sea (I started it)
  287. GGG: Egypt: Who Destroyed Megiddo? Was It David Or Shishak?
  288. GGG: Epigraphy: Papyrus Reveals Ancient Stories / Artemidorus (I started it)
  289. GGG: Etruscans: Engineering and Agricultural Achievements, Ancient City of Spina (I started it)
  290. GGG: Etruscans: Reopening the Case of the Mute Civilization (I started it)
  291. GGG: Etruscans: Where Did The Etruscans Come From? (I started it)
  292. GGG: Europe: 3000-year-old settlement found in Switzerland (I started it)
  293. GGG: Europe: Ancient Germans weren't so fair (I started it)
  294. GGG: Europe: Archaeologists unearth Celtic burial site (I started it)
  295. GGG: Europe: Basques in the European Y-chromosome diversity landscape (I started it)
  296. GGG: Europe: British Have Changed Little Since Ice Age, Gene Study Says (I started it)
  297. GGG: Europe: Buddha statue from 6th c found in Viking hoard in Helgo, Sweden (I started it)
  298. GGG: Europe: Ferriby boats -- 1600BC (I started it)
  299. GGG: Europe: From Hand-drag to Jumbo: A Millennium of Dredging (I started it)
  300. GGG: Europe: Golden treasures from Cornwall's past (I started it)
  301. GGG: Europe: Gozo's unique archaeological treasures to return home (I started it)
  302. GGG: Europe: Greek Temple Unearthed By UC Archeologists in Albania (I started it)
  303. GGG: Europe: Lady Eleanor Talbot (I started it)
  304. GGG: Europe: Malta's Magnificent Hypogeum (I started it)
  305. GGG: Europe: Man in Salt, Salzwelten, Hallstatt, Austria (I started it)
  306. GGG: Europe: Man's best friend stands test of time, study says (I started it)
  307. GGG: Europe: Mandible, Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain, Homo Antecessor, 800K years old (I started it)
  308. GGG: Europe: Most Paleolithic cave art the work of teens, not shamans (I started it)
  309. GGG: Europe: Neolithic Europeans Made Cheese, Yogurt (I started it)
  310. GGG: Europe: Neolithic France (I started it)
  311. GGG: Europe: Neolithic site wins reprieve from diggers (I started it)
  312. GGG: Europe: New Dating For Wat's Dyke (I started it)
  313. GGG: Europe: Oldest Bridge in Ireland (I started it)
  314. GGG: Europe: Sacred Precincts -- A Tartessian Sanctuary in Ancient Spain (I started it)
  315. GGG: Europe: Sardinia's prehistoric towers (I started it)
  316. GGG: Europe: Secrets of Ancient Iceland, Mount Hekla (I started it)
  317. GGG: Europe: Siberian Graveyard's Secret (More Redheads)
  318. GGG: Europe: Swedish bog man murdered - 700 years ago (I started it)
  319. GGG: Europe: Tall Tales / Medieval people weren't shorter (I started it)
  320. GGG: Europe: Viking burial ground dispels myth of longship marauders (I started it)
  321. GGG: Europe: Visigoth in Kent? (I started it)
  322. GGG: Genes: Cross-cultural estimation of the human generation interval... (I started it)
  323. GGG: Genes: Decoding of Mammoth Genome Might Lead to Resurrection (I started it)
  324. GGG: Genes: Earliest Animals Had Human-like Genes (thanks Pharmboy)
  325. GGG: Genes: Ears of plenty / the story of wheat / man's staple food (I started it)
  326. GGG: Genes: Genesis correctly predicts Y-Chromosome pattern
  327. GGG: Genes: Genome Sequencing Projects
  328. GGG: Genes: Ode to the Code (I started it)
  329. GGG: Genes: Origin of M1 mitochondrial DNA haplotype (I started it)
  330. GGG: Genes: Split Between English and Scots Older Than Thought (I started it)
  331. GGG: Genes: Triumphalism in Science (I started it)
  332. GGG: Greece: Anatolian tree-ring studies are untrustworthy (I started it)
  333. GGG: Greece: Antikythera Mechanism (I started it)
  334. GGG: Greece: Argonaut Epos and Bronze Age Economic History (I started it)
  335. GGG: Greece: City in the Clouds -- Sagalassos, ancient city in Turkey (I started it)
  336. GGG: Greece: Cyclops Myth Spurred by
  337. GGG: Greece: Cyrenaica Archaeological Project (I started it)
  338. GGG: Greece: Deepest Wreck (I started it)
  339. GGG: Greece: Franchthi Excavations: 17,000 Years of Greek Prehistory (I started it)
  340. GGG: Greece: Greek treasures unearthed -- Minoans, Linear A, Linear B (I started it)
  341. GGG: Greece: Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore (I started it)
  342. GGG: Greece: Helike, ancient Greek city swallowed by the sea (I started it)
  343. GGG: Greece: Herodotus' History (I started it)
  344. GGG: Greece: Khirokitia (I started it)
  345. GGG: Greece: Kourion -- Monuments Of The City (I started it)
  346. GGG: Greece: Porticello Wreck -- A 5th Century B.C. Merchantman in Italy (I started it)
  347. GGG: Greece: Prehistoric settlements found in Greece (I started it)
  348. GGG: Greece: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, Int'l Trade and the Late Bronze Age Aegean (I started it)
  349. GGG: Greece: Sensational Finding at Samoil Fortress (I started it)
  350. GGG: Greece: Specialists Identify Bulgaria-Found Thracian King's Body (I started it)
  351. GGG: Greece: Vast and Deadly Fleets May Yield Secrets at Last (I started it)
  352. GGG: Greece: Was There A Trojan War? (I started it)
  353. GGG: Greece: Xenophon's Retreat (I started it)
  354. GGG: India: Kadakkarapally Boat -- An Ancient Sailing Barge in India (I started it)
  355. GGG: India: Ruins of Harrappan city found in Haryana (I started it)
  356. GGG: Iran: Oldest Temple and Brazier of the Iron Age Discovered in Qom (I started it)
  357. GGG: Ireland: Was Ollamh Fodhla King David of Israel? [No. Next!]
  358. GGG: Jerusalem: Calvin to show Petra exhibit (I started it)
  359. GGG: Jerusalem: Dynasty 0 -- Egyptian colonies in Canaan (I started it)
  360. GGG: Jerusalem: Ethnic Groups in Philistia (I started it)
  361. GGG: Jerusalem: Finds or Fakes?
  362. GGG: Jerusalem: Geologist rebuts claim of forged Jesus inscription on ossuary
  363. GGG: Jerusalem: King Hezekiah's Water System (I started it)
  364. GGG: Jerusalem: Mesopotamian Climate Change (8,000 Years Ago)
  365. GGG: Jerusalem: New Archaeological Site in Jerusalem's Old City (I started it)
  366. GGG: Jerusalem: New Chronology -- David Rohl (thanks Scythian)
  367. GGG: Jerusalem: Revision of Ancient History -- A Perspective
  368. GGG: Jerusalem: Who Destroyed Megiddo? Was It David Or Shishak?
  369. GGG: Language: Ancient Scripts, A to Z
  370. GGG: Language: Ancient writing found in Turkmenistan (I started it)
  371. GGG: Language: Arzawa (I started it)
  372. GGG: Language: Correct Dating of The Linear B Tablets (I started it)
  373. GGG: Language: Dorians / Achaeans -- their origin? (I started it)
  374. GGG: Language: Inscription in Carian and Greek (I started it)
  375. GGG: Language: Jiroft Inscription, Oldest Evidence of Written Language (I started it)
  376. GGG: Language: Latin 1 -- the Easy Way (I started it)
  377. GGG: Language: Latin Course Stage 6 -- Pompeii Slave Girl (I started it)
  378. GGG: Language: Macro-Etymology: Paleosigns [writing 20,000 years ago?] (I started it)
  379. GGG: Language: Nestorian Tablet in China (I started it)
  380. GGG: Language: Non-Attic Characters (I started it)
  381. GGG: Language: Ogham alphabet (I started it)
  382. GGG: Language: Omniglot, a guide to written language
  383. GGG: Language: Original Draconian Laws may be Revealed by New Machine (X-ray fluorescence imaging)
  384. GGG: Language: Phaistos Disk (I started it)
  385. GGG: Language: Quarry, Setting and Team Marks -- The Carian Connection (I started it)
  386. GGG: Language: Semerano, The Scholar Feared By The Academy, Awarded (I started it)
  387. GGG: Language: Status drives extinction of languages (I started it)
  388. GGG: Language: Studies of Amazonian languages challenge linguistic theories (I started it)
  389. GGG: Modern: CT tells mummy's secret: Preservation no accident (I started it)
  390. GGG: Modern: Warren G. Harding Was Black (I started it)
  391. GGG: Modern: Yankee Air Museum Fire (update)
  392. GGG: Near East: Ancient fire temple found in Sabzevar (I started it)
  393. GGG: Near East: Armenian Archaeologists Find Large Settlement Of Early Bronze Age (I started it)
  394. GGG: Near East: Did the Urartians failed to overcome harsh winter conditions? (I started it)
  395. GGG: Near East: Dilmun seals inscribed with Indus Valley inscription (I started it)
  396. GGG: Near East: Discovery of the First Prostrate Figure Burial in Burnt City (I started it)
  397. GGG: Near East: Statue of Goddess Anahita can be only modern cast (I started it)
  398. GGG: Near East: Tombs of Mede Priests Found in Qom Province (I started it)
  399. GGG: Near East: Turquoise-like Stones Unearthed in Burnt City, Iran (I started it)
  400. GGG: Origins: Ancient Humans in Europe Controversy (I started it)
  401. GGG: Origins: Author says prehistoric humans were a lot like us [Jean Auel] (I started it)
  402. GGG: Origins: Big Chill Killed Off The Neanderthals
  403. GGG: Origins: Chinese Fossil Provides Clearer Picture of Pleistocene Humans (I started it)
  404. GGG: Origins: Early volcano victims discovered (I started it)
  405. GGG: Origins: Earth Story -- Plants arrived early [Panspermia]
  406. GGG: Origins: Evidence for the Orangutan Relationship (I started it)
  407. GGG: Origins: Evolution through the Back Door (thanks Alamo-Girl)
  408. GGG: Origins: Find all arguments on all sides specious, but this made me laugh really hard
  409. GGG: Origins: First Americans - Homo Erectus in America (I started it)
  410. GGG: Origins: First Mariners (I started it)
  411. GGG: Origins: Freeper Views
  412. GGG: Origins: Hidden History of Men -- thanks Blam (I started it)
  413. GGG: Origins: Humans march to a faster genetic 'drummer' than primates, UC Riverside research says
  414. GGG: Origins: Humans vs. Neanderthals: Game Over Earlier (I started it)
  415. GGG: Origins: Neandertal Forefathers
  416. GGG: Origins: Neanderthal Extinction Pieced Together
  417. GGG: Origins: Neanderthal femur from France (I started it)
  418. GGG: Origins: Neanderthals and modern man shared a cave (I started it)
  419. GGG: Origins: Out-of-Place Artifacts or Out-of-Whack Chronology (I started it)
  420. GGG: Origins: Schizophrenia 'price for speech?' (I started it)
  421. GGG: Origins: Scientists discover Neolithic wine-making (I started it)
  422. GGG: Origins: Spears Spawned Ancient Group Violence? (I started it)
  423. GGG: Origins: Threads of old -- thanks Blam (I started it)
  424. GGG: Origins: Were the dinosaurs done in by fungus? (I started it)
  425. GGG: Phoenicians: Archaeology Team Helps Find Oldest Deep-Sea Shipwrecks (I started it)
  426. GGG: Phoenicians: Quest for the Phoenicians -- National Geographic special (I started it)
  427. GGG: Resources: Anthropology in the News
  428. GGG: Resources: ArchaeoBlog
  429. GGG: Resources: Archaeological News
  430. GGG: Resources: Archaeology magazine (headlines)
  431. GGG: Resources: Biblical Archaeology Review and Archaeology Odyssey
  432. GGG: Resources: Biblical Archaeology Review archive CD-ROM (for Mac; a PC version is available)
  433. GGG: Resources: Birth of the Military History Ping List (thanks indcons)
  434. GGG: Resources: Dienekes' Anthropology Blog
  435. GGG: Resources: Gene Expression blog
  436. GGG: Resources: Gods, Graves, Glyphs blog #1
  437. GGG: Resources: Gods, Graves, Glyphs blog #2
  438. GGG: Resources: Google News on Ancient Egypt
  439. GGG: Resources: index of maps of ancient Greek world
  440. GGG: Resources: Megalithic Sites, also outside Europe (thanks Sonofron!)
  441. GGG: Resources: Rogue Classicism
  442. GGG: Resources: Rune Fonts (a nice index to downloads and whatnot)
  443. GGG: Resources: The Anomalist
  444. GGG: Resources: Yahoo Anthrop- and Archaeology (thanks Shermy)
  445. GGG: Resources: Yuri Kuchinsky's
  446. GGG: Rome: Ancient Roman temple found (I started it)
  447. GGG: Rome: Archaeologist's dig reveals solution to ancient riddle of lost Roman town (I started it)
  448. GGG: Rome: Bernheze Roman Bronze Hoard from the Netherlands (I started it)
  449. GGG: Rome: Big new Roman find in city (I started it)
  450. GGG: Rome: Britain is likely to lose magnificent Roman tombstone (I started it)
  451. GGG: Rome: Claudius' Naumachia on Fucine Lake (I started it)
  452. GGG: Rome: Domitii Mark -- Rome's Greatest Brickmakers Identified (I started it)
  453. GGG: Rome: Emperor Aurelian -- Lucius Domitius Aurelianus (I started it)
  454. GGG: Rome: Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins (I started it)
  455. GGG: Rome: Eusebius' Onomasticon -- Geographical Knowledge in Byzantine Palestine (I started it)
  456. GGG: Rome: Greek Farmer Finds 2,000-Year-Old Monument (I started it)
  457. GGG: Rome: How did Trajan succeed in subduing Parthia where Mark Antony failed? (I started it)
  458. GGG: Rome: Italian archeologists on trail of ancient warships (I started it)
  459. GGG: Rome: Laocoon and His Son (I started it)
  460. GGG: Rome: Majdel Tarshish -- Roman Remains 50 km from Beirut (I started it)
  461. GGG: Rome: Major excavation for Roman relic (I started it)
  462. GGG: Rome: Mindell has role in ancient shipwreck discovery (I started it)
  463. GGG: Rome: new HBO series (I started it)
  464. GGG: Rome: On the outskirts of Rome, an ancient city rivals Pompeii (I started it)
  465. GGG: Rome: Pannonian gladiators (I started it)
  466. GGG: Rome: Quality of Life in the Desert? High Living in Rome's Distant Quarries (I started it)
  467. GGG: Rome: Rare coin find stuns historians (I started it)
  468. GGG: Rome: Rescuing a Roman Mosaic (I started it)
  469. GGG: Rome: Roman 'motorway' secrets unveiled (I started it)
  470. GGG: Rome: Roman Chariots Unearthed in Thrace (I started it)
  471. GGG: Rome: Roman roads in Britain (I started it)
  472. GGG: Rome: Roman ruins to remain under rainwater canal (I started it)
  473. GGG: Rome: Roman shipwrecks From the wine-dark sea (I started it)
  474. GGG: Rome: Romans in China? (I started it)
  475. GGG: Rome: Romans in Ireland (I started it)
  476. GGG: Rome: Salvaging Caligula [Nemi Ships, Caligula, and Mussolini] (thanks FastCoyote)
  477. GGG: Rome: Sofia Perched on Huge Ancient Amphitheatre (I started it)
  478. GGG: Rome: Unearthing the Treasures of the Mediterranean (I started it)
  479. GGG: Rome: Villa Medici and 'Mount Parnassus' recover their former glory (I started it)
  480. Health: Drug Lingo - What does 420 mean?
  481. Health: Eating Fruits, Vegetables Won't Reduce Cancer Risk (I started it)
  482. Health: Gardening (with pics)
  483. Health: HIV vaccine breakthrough reported (I started it)
  484. Health: Kary Mullis' comments about HIV / AIDS
  485. Health: Masturbation -- Prevention of Prostate Cancer?
  486. Health: Puzzling Origins of AIDS (I started it)
  487. Health: Resources: Folding@Home (downloads)
  488. Health: Resources: Folding@Home (FR team)
  489. Health: Scientists Reverse Paralysis in Dogs (I started it)
  490. Health: Thimerosal neurotoxicity is associated with glutathione depletion (thanks Coleus)
  491. Health: Top 20 home remedies, a witches' brew of elixirs and potions that work! (thanks Coleus)
  492. Help: Can't Find It? The update to information for freepers
  493. Help: Colorful Free Republic Daily Site Statistics
  494. Help: Conversion of Various Weights, Measures, Areas, etc.
  495. Help: Eating our own -- Time to make a new start in Free Republic.
  496. Help: Email the Congress etc (Boston Terror Plot Suspect in Custody)
  497. Help: Excerpt or Link Only?
  498. Help: Excerpting Articles the Update (thanks Sourcery)
  499. Help: FR members by state
  500. Help: Freeper profiles
  501. Help: FreeRepublic Donor Scorecard
  502. Help: FreeRepublic List
  503. Help: FreeRepublic Opinion Polls
  504. Help: Google Scholar (thanks SteveH)
  505. Help: Google search for FR and GGG
  506. Help: Have You Filled Out Your FR Profile Yet? #2
  507. Help: Have You Filled Out Your FR Profile Yet? #3
  508. Help: Hero Library, web resource for the Defense community
  509. Help: HTML Cheatsheet
  510. Help: I want my 250 posts back!
  511. Help: Is changing screen name possible?
  512. Help: LA Times / Wash Post Related Publications
  513. Help: Lexicon of FreeRepublic
  514. Help: Links to News Sources (v 1.8)
  515. Help: Links to News Sources v 1.6 (thanks Hal9000 and Kitchen)
  516. Help: List of the Victims of 9/11
  517. Help: More Precise Google Search (thanks AZLiberty)
  518. Help: Online Periodic Table
  519. Help: PDF to HTML translation
  520. Help: Posting Guidelines and more
  521. Help: Public Passwords for Websites
  522. Help: Regarding "anti-Catholicism" on FreeRepublic (thanks Admin Moderator)
  523. Help: Researchers -- What are your favorite research sites? (thanks Bump in the night)
  524. Help: Translation page
  525. Help: Ultimate Sidebar Management Thread
  526. Help: Web Archive / Wayback Machine
  527. Help: Wise Words from Jim Robinson (and thanks to him)
  528. Islam: Cat Stevens on Salman Rushdie ("Singer Cat Stevens Says Awarded Libel Damages")
  529. Islam: Islam Faces a New Era (I started it)
  530. Islam: Palestinians made millions selling cheap cement for Fence (I started it)
  531. Islam: Politically incorrect facts about The Crusades
  532. Islam: Real History of the Crusades (2nd thread, msg 24)
  533. Islam: Real History of the Crusades
  534. Keyword: Gods, Graves, Glyphs (alpha order)
  535. Keyword: Gods, Graves, Glyphs (old version)
  536. Keyword: Gods, Graves, Glyphs
  537. Keyword: MacUser
  538. Keyword: MacUserList
  539. Keyword: Neo-EU-Nazis
  540. Keyword: Religion of Peace
  541. Keyword: Will and Grace
  542. Mac: 10.2.8 update
  543. Mac: Allume Systems (formerly Aladdin) d/l area (PC)
  544. Mac: Allume Systems (formerly Aladdin) d/l area
  545. Mac: bus error at startup caused by Enternet broadband extension
  546. Mac: Computer Questions: Ethernet, Spyware, Viruses
  547. Mac: Convert Pics to HTML Tables while you wait (also for PC, or anything really)
  548. Mac: How ATA security functions jeopardize your HD data
  549. Mac: Mac anti-rip code surfaces on Sony BMG CD (thanks postaldave for the Windows hint)
  550. Mac: Macintosh / Apple blog (I started it)
  551. Mac: Macs A Key Part Of Controversial Anti-Bush Ads
  552. Mac: Microsoft topics on FR
  553. Mac: Mike's Ad Blocking Hosts file (mostly for Wintel)
  554. Mac: Mozilla / Mozilla Firefox Spoofing Vulnerability
  555. Mac: Netscape d/l area
  556. Mac: Netscape-hosted background images for pages (also for PC or anything really)
  557. Mac: PageStream, Professional Publishing for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows
  558. Mac: Show My IP Address (works for PCs etc also, handy for dynamic IP broadband users)
  559. Mac: software d/l archive [Aquafiles]
  560. Mac: software d/l archive [MacUpdate]
  561. Mac: software d/l archive [OS9 Forever]
  562. Mac: software d/l archive [VersionTracker]
  563. Mac: software d/l archive
  564. Mac: Why Prescription Coverage Is Soooo Needed (#1)
  565. Mac: Why Prescription Coverage Is Soooo Needed (#2)
  566. Mac: Why Prescription Coverage Is Soooo Needed (#3)
  567. Magazines: American Spectator, from R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
  568. Obit: John Mack 1929-2004
  569. Personals: 30-Year-Old Grandpa [originally "Family life inspires Kutcher role "] (I started it)
  570. Personals: Can't afford real fakes? Bra offers illusion of gel-filled sacs (thanks Pissant)
  571. Personals: Conservative Match
  572. Personals: Get Your Guy [sic] to Heel (Book to ignore alert)
  573. Personals: Girls Just Want to Be Mean
  574. Personals: Her Bra Belongs To Daddy
  575. Personals: How bad is Chuck Norris! (thanks skaterboy)
  576. Personals: Mexican Women flocking to Holland
  577. Personals: Oh, Fine, You're Right. I'm Passive-Aggressive (thanks martinfierro)
  578. Personals: Sensitive? Step Aside - Study Finds Women on the Pill Prefer Macho Men
  579. Personals: Sick, Sick, Sick (no peekin', Val)
  580. Personals: Teacher wed girl in pagan ritual (I started it)
  581. Personals: Wedding guests eat victim (I started it)
  582. Personals: What Japanese Women Want -- A Western Husband
  583. Personals: Why men are attracted to subordinate women
  584. Personals: Why White Men Prefer Asian Women
  585. Personals: Why Women Should Love Fat Men
  586. Philosophy: Day by Day, by Chris Muir
  587. Philosophy: Death of Jesus and "The Jews"
  588. Philosophy: Immaculate Conception (thanks SafiSoft)
  589. Philosophy: Jesus in the Talmud (malakhi's replies)
  590. Philosophy: Jesus' Teaching on God's Law
  591. Philosophy: Legacy of Eric Hoffer (thanks JohnHuang2)
  592. Philosophy: Papal Succession, Pope John Paul II (African cardinal tipped to succeed the Pope)
  593. Philosophy: Perceiving Beauty (I started it)
  594. Philosophy: What are the most influential books you have ever read?
  595. Philosophy: Who Killed Jesus?
  596. Physics: "Bosenova" -- Implosion and explosion of a Bose-Einstein condensate (I started it)
  597. Physics: Anti-Gravity Beam Claimed (transluminal propulsion?)
  598. Physics: Artificial Gravity Generator Based on Ceramic Superconductor
  599. Physics: Fairie Dust Acronym (thanks medved)
  600. Physics: Gravity Probe B [Is Earth In A Vortex Of Space-Time?]
  601. Physics: Is the Sun really hot? (thanks Super Secret Agent)
  602. Physics: Keyword: Fusion
  603. Physics: Keyword: Podkletnov
  604. Physics: Laser Cooling (I started it)
  605. Physics: Magnetic effects seen in water
  606. Physics: Meet the Indian who took on Stephen Hawking (thanks CarrotAndStick)
  607. Physics: Nanotubes 'don't like' to climb steps
  608. Physics: Philo T. Farnsworth's Fusor experiments (I started it)
  609. Physics: Physicists Announce Possible Violation of Standard Model of Particle Physics
  610. Physics: Predictions on 'Deep Impact'
  611. Physics: RejectedElements.gif
  612. Physics: Sansbury Experiment (thanks to medved, who was banned in 2002)
  613. Physics: Scientific maverick's theory on Earth's core up for a test (I started it)
  614. Physics: String Theory Omnibus on FR (original topic by Dead)
  615. Physics: Time may amend physics laws such as speed of light
  616. Physics: US No. 1 in Space Warfare (Podkletnov)
  617. Ping Lists: Free Republic "Bump List" Register
  618. Ping Lists: List of Ping Lists and Their Keepers #2 (thanks Asphault)
  619. Ping Lists: List of Ping Lists and Their Keepers
  620. Ping Lists: Old Time Bump List
  621. Ping Lists: Ping List Envy -- How big is your Ping List? (thanks PJ-Comix, and Farmfriend)
  622. Ping Lists: SeaMole's Concise List (thanks SeaMole!)
  623. Politics: Arafat and King Fahd symbols of world peace?
  624. Politics: China: Attacks on Chinese police rising (I started it)
  625. Politics: Continuing Degeneration of FR by Malcolm Garris (looks like we're all Communist Nazis!)
  626. Politics: Dhimmicrats' Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism
  627. Politics: Europe: Schroeder, SDP, Greens, Going Down To Defeat (I started it)
  628. Politics: Great Post by WideAwake
  629. Politics: Gulag the Bear (thanks, you of the weird name, Do Not Dub Me Shapka Broham -- I think)
  630. Politics: In Era After Arafat, Islamic Militants Are Edging Into Power (I started it)
  631. Politics: Liberalism Defined, Debunked, and Lampooned! (thanks opineapple)
  632. Politics: Peace for our time -- Alistair Cooke
  633. Politics: Pitchfork Pat Buchanan defends foreign aid for Hamas
  634. Politics: Resources: Academic Accountability
  635. Politics: Resources: European Union at the Glance
  636. Politics: Resources: National Budget Simulation
  637. Politics: Resources: Palestine Media Watch
  638. Politics: Rosenbergs were guilty
  639. Politics: Saddam's infiltration of Jordan (old style topic)
  640. Politics: Sharon names his new party 'Forward' (Kadima)
  641. Politics: Testing Egypt, Mubarak Rival Is Sent to Jail (I started it)
  642. Politics: Voters reverse Islamists' rise in Pakistani politics (I started it)
  643. Politics: Wager between Julian Simon and Paul Ehrlich (I started it)
  644. Politics: Whatís Holding Blacks Back?
  645. Politics: Zogby Research Indicates Earth Is Flat
  646. QandA: How to Get Banned
  647. Resources: Fallacies of Distraction by Stephen Downes
  648. Resources: Volume of a Sphere (and more)
  649. Space: Asteroids: 2004 MN4 / 99942 Apophis -- Earth Impact Risk Summary
  650. Space: Asteroids: Asteroid May Hit Earth in 2029
  651. Space: Asteroids: First Neptune Trojan Discovered (I started it)
  652. Space: Asteroids: NEO Close Approaches
  653. Space: Comets: History's Greatest Comet Hunter Discovers 1,000th Comet (I started it)
  654. Space: Comets: Novel way to look for comets beyond Neptune (I started it)
  655. Space: Comets: Predictions on Deep Impact mission (thanks SwordMaker!)
  656. Space: Jupiter: Jupiter's Metallic Hydrogen
  657. Space: Jupiter: Rare Event -- Jupiter to Hide Behind the Moon (I started it)
  658. Space: Keyword: Moon
  659. Space: Keyword: Space
  660. Space: Mars: Biospherics, Dr. Gilbert V. Levin
  661. Space: Mars: Giving future human space explorers the credit they're due (Civ comment)
  662. Space: Mars: NASA to Announce 'Significant Findings' of Water on Mars Tuesday!
  663. Space: Mars: On to the Moon, and to Mars, via von Braun
  664. Space: Mars: Yardangs of Mars (I started it)
  665. Space: Moon: Moon Base Has Certain Advantages
  666. Space: Moon: New evidence for the Moon's soft middle (I started it)
  667. Space: Moon: Spacecraft Snoops Apollo Moon Sites (I started it)
  668. Space: Resources: Free Wallpapers / Desktop Backgrounds (link)
  669. Space: Resources: Google Moon (thanks KS Flyover)
  670. Space: Resources: Jack Horkheimer, Star Gazer
  671. Space: Saturn: Auroras Defy Scientists' Expectations (thanks Swordmaker, Gummy III)
  672. Space: Saturn: Scientists Find That Rotation Period Is A Puzzle (I started it)
  673. Space: Stars: Magnetic Stars
  674. Space: Stars: Oliver Manuel's Iron Sun
  675. Space: Vehicles: Brief History of the HARP Project (I started it)
  676. Space: Vehicles: Burt Rutan, Scaled Composites, receive $10 Million Prize (I started it)
  677. Space: Vehicles: Chinese would-be rocketeer in 1500 AD (I started it)
  678. Space: Vehicles: Delta-V, Gravity Losses, specific impulse, etc.
  679. Space: Vehicles: Everyday Astronaut -- "for the cost of a paper study" (I started it)
  680. Space: Vehicles: Finish the X-33
  681. Space: Vehicles: Heavy Lift Is Needed
  682. Space: Vehicles: Idiotic Idea
  683. Space: Vehicles: Solid vs Liquid rockets, specific impulse, etc.
  684. Space: Vehicles: Space Elevator [sic]
  685. Space: Vehicles: Static Test of Hydrogen Peroxide Kerosene Motor (Robert Compton)
  686. Space: Vehicles: Wickman Spacecraft
  687. Space: Venus: Reworked Images Reveal Hot Venus
  688. Space: X-Planets: 55 Cancri (V connection)
  689. Space: X-Planets: Astronomers Find a New Planet in Solar System (all such topics listed)
  690. Space: X-Planets: Far-out worlds, just waiting to be found (I started it)
  691. Space: X-Planets: Giant Kuiper Belt planetoid Sedna may have formed far beyond Pluto (I started it)
  692. Space: X-Planets: Massive Object Calls Planet Discoveries into Question (I started it)
  693. Space: X-Planets: Moving the Orbits of Planets (I started it)
  694. Space: X-Planets: Rethinking the Planets (I started it)
  695. Space: X-Planets
  696. Technology: Flame Proof -- Starlite (can withstand temperatures of 2,700 degrees Centigrade)
  697. Technology: Haber, Inc. Electromolecular Propulsion
  698. Technology: Nanoscale magnets promise more-shrinkable chips (I started it)
  699. Technology: New Acid Has Potential To Help With A Variety Of Processes
  700. UFOs: Fermi Paradox - Are We Alone in the Universe? (thanks Conservomax)
  701. UFOs: Fermi's Paradox II -- What's Blocking Galactic Civilization? Or Are We Just Blind To It?
  702. UFOs: National Institute for Discovery Science UFO page
  703. UFOs: Refuting Fermi -- No Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life? (I started it)
  704. Unclassified: A baby dragon, or a bad joke?
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91 posted on 03/08/2006 10:29:09 AM PST by SunkenCiv (Yes indeed, Civ updated his profile and links pages again, on Monday, March 6, 2006.)
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Hillary's ''Rodham'' Geneology
ChronWatch | 14 July 2006
Posted on 07/14/2006 1:51:11 AM EDT by Aussie Dasher

92 posted on 07/13/2006 11:45:10 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (updated my FR profile on Wednesday, June 21, 2006.
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Secession Timeline
various sources

Platform of the Alabama Democracy -- the first Dixiecrats wanted to be able to expand slavery into the territories. It was precisely the issue of slavery that drove secession -- and talk about "sovereignty" pertained to restrictions on slavery's expansion into the territories. January 1860

Abraham Lincoln nominated by Republican Party May 18, 1860

Abraham Lincoln elected November 6, 1860

Robert Toombs, Speech to the Georgia Legislature -- "...In 1790 we had less than eight hundred thousand slaves. Under our mild and humane administration of the system they have increased above four millions. The country has expanded to meet this growing want, and Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri, have received this increasing tide of African labor; before the end of this century, at precisely the same rate of increase, the Africans among us in a subordinate condition will amount to eleven millions of persons. What shall be done with them? We must expand or perish. We are constrained by an inexorable necessity to accept expansion or extermination. Those who tell you that the territorial question is an abstraction, that you can never colonize another territory without the African slavetrade, are both deaf and blind to the history of the last sixty years. All just reasoning, all past history, condemn the fallacy. The North understand it better - they have told us for twenty years that their object was to pen up slavery within its present limits - surround it with a border of free States, and like the scorpion surrounded with fire, they will make it sting itself to death." November 13, 1860

Alexander H. Stephens -- "...The first question that presents itself is, shall the people of Georgia secede from the Union in consequence of the election of Mr. Lincoln to the Presidency of the United States? My countrymen, I tell you frankly, candidly, and earnestly, that I do not think that they ought. In my judgment, the election of no man, constitutionally chosen to that high office, is sufficient cause to justify any State to separate from the Union. It ought to stand by and aid still in maintaining the Constitution of the country. To make a point of resistance to the Government, to withdraw from it because any man has been elected, would put us in the wrong. We are pledged to maintain the Constitution." November 14, 1860

South Carolina December 20, 1860

Mississippi January 9, 1861

Florida January 10, 1861

Alabama January 11, 1861

Georgia January 19, 1861

Louisiana January 26, 1861

Texas February 23, 1861

Abraham Lincoln sworn in as
President of the United States
March 4, 1861

Arizona territory March 16, 1861

CSA Vice President Alexander H. Stephens, Cornerstone speech -- "...last, not least. The new constitution has put at rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution -- African slavery as it exists amongst us -- the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution. Jefferson in his forecast, had anticipated this, as the 'rock upon which the old Union would split.' He was right. What was conjecture with him, is now a realized fact." March 21, 1861

Virginia adopted April 17,1861
ratified by voters May 23, 1861

Arkansas May 6, 1861

North Carolina May 20, 1861

Tennessee adopted May 6, 1861
ratified June 8, 1861

West Virginia declares for the Union June 19, 1861

Missouri October 31, 1861

"Convention of the People of Kentucky" November 20, 1861

93 posted on 10/20/2006 11:51:34 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Dhimmicrati delenda est!
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[Alabama] "...Whereas, the election of Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin to the offices of president and vice-president of the United States of America, by a sectional party, avowedly hostile to the domestic institutions and to the peace and security of the people of the State of Alabama, preceded by many and dangerous infractions of the constitution of the United States by many of the States and people of the Northern section, is a political wrong of so insulting and manacing a character as to justify the people of the State of Alabama in the adoption of prompt and decided measures for their future peace and security... And as it is the desire and purpose of the people of Alabama to meet the slaveholding States of the South, who may approve such purpose, in order to frame a provisional as well as permanent Government upon the principles of the Constitution of the United States, Be it resolved by the people of Alabama in Convention assembled, That the people of the States of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri, be and are hereby invited to meet the people of the State of Alabama, by their Delegates, in Convention, on the 4th day of February, A.D., 1861, at the city of Montgomery, in the State of Alabama, for the purpose of consulting with each other as to the most effectual mode of securing concerted and harmonious action in whatever measures may be deemed most desirable for our common peace and security." [Jan 11, 1861]

[Texas] "...The recent developments in Federal affairs make it evident that the power of the Federal Government is sought to be made a weapon with which to strike down the interests and property of the people of Texas, and her sister slave-holding States, instead of permitting it to be, as was intended, our shield against outrage and aggression..." []

[Virginia] "...the Federal Government having perverted said powers not only to the injury of the people of Virginia, but to the oppression of the Southern slave-holding States..." [Feb 23, 1861]

[Arizona Territory] "...a sectional party of the North has disregarded the Constitution of the United States, violated the rights of the Southern States, and heaped wrongs and indignities upon their people... That we will not recognize the present Black Republican Administration, and that we will resist any officers appointed to this Territory by said Administration with whatever means in our power." [16 March 1861 -- Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as President of the United States on March 4, 1861. The pretext for Arizona's secession was interruption of U.S. postal service.]

94 posted on 10/20/2006 11:55:14 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Dhimmicrati delenda est!
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To: SunkenCiv

Can you do this every Friday for us?

95 posted on 10/20/2006 11:57:02 PM PDT by MaineVoter2002 (If you dont vote on election day, then who are you electing?)
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To: MaineVoter2002

Depends on what your definition of "this" is. :') And isn't it Saturday?

96 posted on 10/20/2006 11:58:58 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Dhimmicrati delenda est!
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To: SunkenCiv
And isn't it Saturday?

God! Yes it is. And I have to be at work at 6am.

Night all!

97 posted on 10/21/2006 12:01:13 AM PDT by MaineVoter2002 (If you dont vote on election day, then who are you electing?)
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To: MaineVoter2002

G'night. You still haven't told me what "this" is. :') Some other night, perhaps?

98 posted on 10/21/2006 12:02:10 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (Dhimmicrati delenda est!
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To: SunkenCiv

Oh, Im sorry. I thought it was you that did all the research. I was asking if you could post every thread/title of each week on fridays

99 posted on 10/21/2006 11:12:10 AM PDT by MaineVoter2002 (If you dont vote on election day, then who are you electing?)
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To: MaineVoter2002

Back before I knew about certain features of FR, I was keeping track of things manually. Sucked. So, I occasionally park little things in this topic that I want access to later from wherever I happen to be. :')

100 posted on 10/22/2006 8:15:20 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Dhimmicrati delenda est!
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