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Q Anon: 12/18/18 Trust Trump's Plan ^ | 12/18/18 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 12/18/2018 10:23:39 PM PST by ransomnote

“Trust The Plan”
YouTube President Trump This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (The Plan) - 6 min
YouTube Storm Is Upon Us Q - We Are The Plan - 6 min
YouTube Dan Duval Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval-Part 3 -Excellent orientation to Q by Praying Medic
YouTube Joe Masepoes Q - The Plan To Save The World - 13 min - popular introduction Also, Stormisuponus on Bitchute
Threadreader Jason Wright Q Anon Is Real - Oct, Nov 2017 Q drops + commentary
Twitter Paul Serran What is Q? - 31 point introduction
Medium Martin Geddes WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history - 4 min - quick overview
“Pay Attention”
Thread Q drops - created by Q, searchable by date or drop number, many additional features
Thread Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
Thread Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
Website Q drops and research - includes extensive resources and links
Website Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
“The Truth Is Spreading”
Thread Anonymous QProofs - compiled “proofs” that Q has trusted insider access to President Trump
Thread QProofs/Memes - compiled “proofs” and memes
Oracles Bagster Oracle - warm and witty summaries of each day's thread
Lexicon Swordmaker LexiQon - immense list of expanded acronyms and terms used by Q; invaluable reference
Website Whitehouse - President Trump's Executive Orders, Proclamations, Nominations, WH press briefings and news
Website FBI - new FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents and other media
Website State Dept. - Virtual Reading Room Documents Search
Table FReeQs Q Threads - Our prior Q threads on Free Republic
“Power to the People”
Website Saul Montes-Bradley Non Q Commentary also hosting Rex, Brian Cates and Thomas Wictor
Vimeo Praying Medic Series of videos explaining Q-drops. Also, his own website, ITunes and
Twitter Praying Medic Immediate reactions to Q-drop. Also, his own website
YouTube Dustin Nemos Series of videos identifying Q content - Well reasoned; excellent. Also, @NemoV on GAB.AI
YOUTUBEr X22 Report Investigative Q-drop reactions
GAB.AI Thomas_Wictor Includes excellent analysis of the Swamp
Twitter Lisa Mei Crowley Includes Q-drop reactions. Also, @lisamei62 on GAB.AI
Thread SkyPilot Story of Q - collection of Q information
“Silent Majority No More”
Website White House Email the White House with your support and suggestions
Website Congress Email Congress with your support and suggestions
Website Q Cards
Thread Little Jeremiah Memes
“Fight, Fight, Fight! ”
YouTube President Reagan A Time for Choosing - 3 min - 1964 speech set to Matthew Worth’s images
YouTube President Kennedy The President and the Press - 20 min - 1961 speech on secret societies

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: cohen; flynn; larp; manafort; q; qanon; sessionswasfired
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To: LiveFreeOrDie2001

Well, I can’t really advise you without much more knowledge, but in general, I’ll tell you that I myself am not counting on a Santa Claus Rally-already out until correction or crash. Invested in some real estate and Food, and keeping more than usual in cash.

In fact I’m pretty sure that the powers that be are going to go all out to crash this market and anything else they can do to hurt USA and Trump. Remains to be seen, if they can do it.

When the Fed kept the rates basically at zero, then people were arbitraging. So they invested in other countries and currency on margin. The minute the Fed. started raising rates, the funds started coming out of those emerging markets.

All the economies are already in the toilet, including Euroweenies, and the yield curve is now inverted-a signal for downturn in our future.

No way to predict, at this point. I wish you had liquidated what you needed a few weeks ago. Guess at this point, it all boils down to - DO YOU FEEL LUCKY?

681 posted on 12/20/2018 1:48:56 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: KitJ

It was fine to me. I was pretty lonely. Good night.

682 posted on 12/20/2018 1:49:43 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: greeneyes

I tend to agree with you. This feels like the start of the dot com crash and the start of our troubles in 2007. The move from no volatility to 900 points a day is a sure sign that the machines don’t know what is happening.

Sure there is 4% unemployment. But I know my company is tightening its belt going into the next year. Debt is getting more expensive and that is sucking cash out of our business.

A one week rally is not going to fix all this.

683 posted on 12/20/2018 1:56:38 AM PST by Vermont Lt
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To: KitJ

KitJ wrote:

New drops.


Calling for D-day.

Is there anybody out there?

Heading back over to the autists and shills. I am disappoint. Especially since I sacrificed myself for the 666 post.

I’m sorry KitJ, it looks like you didn’t receive the ping for those drops. Thank you for sacrificing yourself for the 666 post. :) The ping is here:

684 posted on 12/20/2018 1:59:02 AM PST by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: Vermont Lt

I’ve been searching to see how the Bank for International Settlements is doing today, but nothing’s really coming up. I’ll have to check in the morning.

685 posted on 12/20/2018 2:05:22 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: greeneyes

SYRIAN WITHDRAWAL- Announcement today on withdrawal from Syria. Read some more - Very quick 24 hr. withdrawal per Reuters.

Last time we were supposed to leave, there was a chemical attack. This is to be an even quicker movement out. Seems like something is up for sure.

686 posted on 12/20/2018 2:37:10 AM PST by greeneyes
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To: Enigo54

> noob status

How long you are on FR doesn’t mean a damn thing here.


687 posted on 12/20/2018 2:48:40 AM PST by Snowybear
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To: ransomnote; StormFlag; TEXOKIE; CPT Clay; buffaloguy; grey_whiskers; Wingy; bitt; Shady; ...


As storms clouds gather, the Q thread and patriots soldier on. Let's see what stories the Oracle is following.

  • There's one more day to get your votes in for the Oracle Person of the Year and FReeQ of the Year. All within the sound of my voice may cast a vote.

    Person of the Year and FReeQ of the Year Nominees.

  • General Flynn is NOT sentenced and the drama continues.

  • McSally appointed to Senior Senate seat in Arizona.

  • The saga of Brett Kavanaugh fizzles to an end. The derp media covers this story extensively. Just kidding. Stars & Stripes Forever covered it.

    Charlie Kirk; Verified account
    @charliekirk11 5m5 minutes ago

    Did you know:
    A panel of federal judges just dismissed ALL 83 ethics complaints leveled against JUSTICE Kavanaugh
    The Democrat hit job against an honorable man failed miserably.

  • Were the two people who died at the South Pole the same two as pictured in the Q post some time ago? Here's the answer.

    Greeneyes-South Pole Deaths.

    (excerpt/link included)

    Despite, what some are saying on You tube, the Q picture posted at the Geographical South Pole station, is not the same location as the station (McMurdo) where 2 technicians recently died.

  • Enigo54 brought is this tweet from our Awesome President;

    Donald J. Trump ‏Verified account @ realDonaldTrump

    Mexico is paying (indirectly) for the Wall through the new USMCA, the replacement for NAFTA! Far more money coming to the U.S. Because of the tremendous dangers at the Border, including large scale criminal and drug inflow, the United States Military will build the Wall!
    5:43 AM - 19 Dec 2018

    Some interesting related details;


    TEXOKIE stops digging for a minute and pens a morale boosting post in the face of the supreme negativity elsewhere.

    TEXOKIE-Kicking The Football Through the Goalposts of Q.


    What I see is more of those who are our beloved brother and sister Patriots suffering from the Lucy Yanking the Football syndrome. They are tired of trying. They are worn out. Understandable. It is easier to prepare to be on one's back again after a mighty kick. Or not to kick at all. They are being negative because they DO NOT WANT TO TRY TO KICK THE FOOTBALL ANYMORE! Furthermore, they KNOW it will be yanked away.

  • Did you think the Yellow Vest Movement was a flash in the French pan? ThinQ again, sportsfans.

    French Police joining in?

    Enigo54-French Police Blue Vest Movement.

    (excerpt/includes link)

    France’s national police have long complained about being overworked, under-appreciated and underpaid, and have tried to press their cause in the past to no avail.”

    The Yellow Vests have jumped the Atlantic.

    Little Jeremiah-Yellow Vests in Canada, Eh.

    (excerpt/includes link)

    Trudeau Facing Macron Nightmare as Yellow Vests Come to Canada, Protest Taxes, Illegals.

    In cities across the country this weekend, residents donned the recognizable safety gear and took to the streets, mostly to protest the immigration and taxation policies supported by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    Both the sissy twin derps are in hot agua. Don't eat the yellow snow, girls.

    Another bastion of derpishness contracts the Yellow Vest fever. This one is a shocker.

    Greeneyes- California Yellow Vest Movement.

    (excerpt/includes link)

    YELLOW VEST MOVEMENT ADOPTED BY NEW CALIFORNIA MOVEMENT-47 OF 58 counties have formed committees to divorce from current state using same process used to separate Virginia. Agenda 21 also mentioned.

  • Troops being pulled out of Syria.


    (excerpt/link included)

    President Donald Trump has begun withdrawing troops from Syria, claiming victory in the war against the Islamic State, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Wednesday.

  • Here's a smorgasbord of diverse and important tweets.

    Little Jeremiah-Grab Bag of Tasty Tweets.

    (pot luck)

    "[LL] talking."

    Lawmakers: Loretta Lynch Forthcoming in Closed-Door Interview - Answered More Questions Than Comey on Certain Topics

  • tang-soo used some good gung fu and put together a new "boot camp" for Q initiates. This will soon be added to ransomnote's thread header, and provide a quick tutorial to the newly red-pilled and curious. Way to go tang-soo.

    Tang-Soo's Boot Camp.

    And now, without further ado, here is Q.


The Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking.
When will the 1st alarm ring?
If the Senate was the primary target (majority control)….
53-47 active when?
EO (designated_target(s)) active when?
Ongoing investigations…..
"There are a lot of sealed indictments" - SC
"It's all going to come out, U1, Dossier, CF, etc…." - SH
"I have pretty good sources…" - SH
There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.

(excerpt from linked article)

A year-old conspiracy theory simmering in both far-right message boards and mainstream conservative publications that predicted former national security advisor Michael Flynn would be exonerated fell apart on Tuesday at his sentencing hearing, leaving believers perplexed.

Guys. Because Flynn wasn't sentenced, the whole Q "conspiracy theory" FELL APART! Dang it. Just when it was getting good. Hahaha. NBC is a clown show. Literally.

Q asks when the FIRST alarm will go off on the ticking clock. He mentions the new Senate (53-47), which takes effect January 3rd, the Executive Order with DESIGNATED TARGET(S), which goes into effect January 1st, and the ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS (Huber/Horowitz) and perhaps the investigations which will pass from the House to the Senate in the new session.

Q then quotes Sara Carter (SC) and Sean Hannity (SH) and asks why they and John Solomon (JS) are ON STAGE.

It is the opinion of the Oracle and many that these three, among others, are media conduits that the Q/Trump team uses as the white hat version of the derp's "Mockingbird" media. Through them, it's theorized, that the good guys leak stories and information to plow the field, set the stage, and open the conversation to ready the American public for things to come.

Recall that planes softened up the Germans well before the Normandy invasion during WWII. What was that day called again? Stay tuned.

From bitt, here is a nice meme on the January 1st Executive Order.

Here is some reporting on the House turning over it's investigations to the Senate.

BiggBob-Sunday Talks: Bob Goodlatte Discusses Turning Over DOJ/FBI Probe to Senate….


Outgoing and retiring Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte, appears on Fox and Friends weekend to discuss the status of investigations into the DOJ and FBI corruption.

Goodlatte notes the reason for former FBI Director James Comey to refuse to testify to a closed session, and also outlines how the joint House Oversight and Judicary committee will turn over their investigative material to the Senate Oversight (Ron Johnson) and Senate Judiciary (likely Lindsey Graham) committees.


Why is FAKE NEWS Media and WaPo (CIA) Continually Attacking QAnon?

Q reposts his last, then this;

Why does the FAKE NEWS media continually attack a (as they say) so-called 'only a conspiracy' 'nothing to see here' 'lonely guy behind a keyboard' movement?
The largest media co's in the world giving so much attention….
WASH POST leading the attack?
Logical thinking always wins.

This is basic Q catechism, right here. The media represents the derp state. The Washington Post, in particular, leads the way because they are run by the CIA, derp state central. They go after the "Q LARP" because they are engaged in a shadow war for control of the United States government. Q team and Trump represent a threat to their control. Eezy Peezy.


This Is Not Another 4-year Election
This is not another 4-year election….
Listen very carefully.
Power returned to the people.
Long term solutions.

The link is to the Trump video that Q has asked us to watch VERY CAREFULLY on more than one occassion. This seems to be the mission statement of the plan, and the plan is causing PANIC in the derp state all across the world.


[D] Day, Patriots

[D] Day, Patriots.
We will have our Country back!

And finally, President Trump (Q+) himself chimes in to let us know that [D] Day approaches, and that as a result, WE WILL HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

The only riddle of the night seems to be what exactly the [D] in a box signifies.

The Oracle's best guess is;


But what about...


The Oracle likes DECLAS best, pending further information.

Here are some possiblilities and information for [D] Day scenarios;

Larry-Moe and Curly-"Sec. 3. (a) Pursuant to section 5542 of the Military

See you in the funny papers.

[D] Day approaches, patriots. Please stand by.

We are the Mouth of America.
Not all can hear our voice, but more do every day.
Can you hear us?

Will you join in our crusade?

The adventure continues tomorrow, sportsfans. See ya ‘round the popsicle stand. Same Q time. Same Q channel.


688 posted on 12/20/2018 2:59:31 AM PST by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas".)
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To: Snowybear
> noob status How long you are on FR doesn’t mean a damn thing here. -SB

I'm afraid that whole slide was my fault — I called the poster "Newbie" as a joke (I thought that would be obvious, since he's been here a LONG time), sorry to have been misunderstood.

My bad, next time I'll include ;)

689 posted on 12/20/2018 3:07:42 AM PST by M. Thatcher
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To: M. Thatcher
I called the poster "Newbie" as a joke (I thought that would be obvious, since he's been here a LONG time), sorry to have been misunderstood.

I often find it more politically correct to go with "noob" or even the not-at-all-offensive "nub".





690 posted on 12/20/2018 3:26:07 AM PST by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas".)
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To: bagster

Ok, so I turn on Fox news on satellite radio on the way home from work. They’re already blaming Trump for the lack of a wall. Flip channels to “patriot” channel. The talk show guy is blaming Trump for no wall.

Deep staters are all blaming Trump, when it is the fault of the RINOS that have infested the House and Senate these last few decades.

The President cannot force them to vote any given way. And considering the disdain they have for him, and us tea party/Conservative folks in general, how they can even think of blaming the President is beyond me.

I’m going to finish my beer and go to bed!

691 posted on 12/20/2018 3:58:23 AM PST by meyer (WWG1WGA, MAGA!)
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To: bagster

Whatever you say, noobster.


692 posted on 12/20/2018 3:59:12 AM PST by M. Thatcher
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To: meyer
They’re already blaming Trump for the lack of a wall. Flip channels to “patriot” channel. The talk show guy is blaming Trump for no wall. Deep staters are all blaming Trump

Pretty impressive cooardination, I'd say.

Sophisticated operation.

They think they can control all of us.


693 posted on 12/20/2018 4:02:44 AM PST by M. Thatcher
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To: Cletus.D.Yokel; Enigo54

Cletus.D.Yokel wrote:

“Just posted this elsewhere. Something to keep in mind. (The Judicial Branch is not tasked was prosecuting a war.)

:: close the border for national security reasons ::

This seems the peculiar “fly in the ointment” because, once a national security emergency is declared, the courts have absolutely no power to stop it. CinC can move and direct DefFor anywhere and is NOT SUBJECT to any court action in doing so.

And, we have not yet rescinded the declaration of war made in 2002.”

Ties in with this:

From the article:

“...But on Dec. 11, following Trump’s initial claims that he would direct the military to begin wall construction, Pentagon spokesman Army Lt. Col. Jamie Davis said, “to date, there is no plan to build sections of the wall.”

“However, Congress has provided options under Title 10 U.S. Code that could permit the Defense Department to fund border barrier projects, such as in support of counter drug operations or national emergencies.” “


Also see this for details about who could build it:

694 posted on 12/20/2018 4:11:42 AM PST by WildHighlander57 ((WildHighlander57 returning after lurking since 2000)
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To: ichabod1

I christen the Corsi award the Corsican’t Walk of Flame.

695 posted on 12/20/2018 4:43:10 AM PST by Melian (Check yourself before you kek yourself. ~ Melian)
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To: smileyface

If this is the day, then D5 is Christmas Day.

Remember Geo. Washington did a surprise attack on Christmas Eve. He was a little Sun Tzu himself.

696 posted on 12/20/2018 4:46:17 AM PST by Melian (Check yourself before you kek yourself. ~ Melian)
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To: rwilson99; TEXOKIE

:: I still think his number one goal is to avoid Arkanside. ::

It has been his goal since July 5, 2016.

697 posted on 12/20/2018 4:52:18 AM PST by Cletus.D.Yokel (Catastrophic, Anthropogenic Climate Alterations: The acronym explains the science.)
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To: All

Total as of 6AM Eastern, on 12/20
$2,593,364 of $1.0B goal
Raised by 43,395 people in 3 days

698 posted on 12/20/2018 4:54:46 AM PST by Enigo54 (Hank Reardon was right)
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To: Enigo54
Saving the Republic, one Freeper at a time!
699 posted on 12/20/2018 5:06:19 AM PST by Enigo54 (Hank Reardon was right)
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To: Enigo54
God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.
700 posted on 12/20/2018 5:13:23 AM PST by Enigo54 (Hank Reardon was right)
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