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Keyword: demoralization

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  • The ‘1619 Project’ Gets Schooled

    12/18/2019 8:52:36 PM PST · by Borges · 10 replies
    WSJ ^ | 12/16/2019 | Elliot Kaufman
    ‘So wrong in so many ways” is how Gordon Wood, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian of the American Revolution, characterized the New York Times’s “1619 Project.” James McPherson, dean of Civil War historians and another Pulitzer winner, said the Times presented an “unbalanced, one-sided account” that “left most of the history out.” Even more surprising than the criticism from these generally liberal historians was where the interviews appeared: on the World Socialist Web Site, run by the Trotskyist Socialist Equality Party. The “1619 Project” was launched in August with a 100-page spread in the Times’s Sunday magazine. It intends to “reframe...
  • What comes next after the United States?

    06/15/2019 9:05:40 AM PDT · by ProtectOurFreedom · 98 replies
    American Thinker ^ | June 15, 2019 | Eric Utter
    As Washington was the "one indispensable man," the U.S. is the one indispensable nation. The less its leaders and its citizens believe that, the more it is proven to be true, as the world situation deteriorates. Yet many Americans are experiencing a crisis of faith, deeper and more sinister than the "malaise" with which Jimmy Carter said we were afflicted in the late 1970s. Truth be told, the United States has been in the midst of a "Cold Culture War" for several decades. That war is essentially over. The progressives won. In 1993, Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.) coined the phrase...
  • Sharice Davids’ success proves Johnson County is turning bluer

    11/28/2018 10:11:01 AM PST · by GuavaCheesePuff · 20 replies
    The Kansas City Star ^ | November 28, 2018 | STEVE ROSE
    In the national explosion known as the midterm elections of 2018, ground zero had to be the Kansas 3rd District congressional race. There, a political novice who is Native American, openly gay and whom hardly anyone had ever heard of a year ago, swept away a historically popular, four-term Republican incumbent with 20 years of political experience, renowned for his campaigning skills and fundraising prowess. Sharice Davids was the most unlikely of candidates to beat Rep. Kevin Yoder. But that was before Yoder was body-snatched by President Donald J. Trump. To really grasp how that alliance had morphed two men...
  • Will The GOP Base Really Stay Home If Kavanaugh Isn’t Confirmed?

    09/27/2018 1:42:41 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 81 replies
    FiveThirtyEight ^ | September 26, 2018
    Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s weekly politics chat. The transcript below has been lightly edited. micah (Micah Cohen, managing editor): As far as we know, Republicans are pushing ahead with Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court — for the moment, anyway — amid accusations of sexual assault and misconduct from at least two women. Nate made a semi-compelling argument that that’s a bad move politically. The counter-argument was succinctly expressed by Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti in an interview with Politico: “A defeated Kavanaugh nomination would not only demoralize the conservative base, it could seriously jeopardize Trump’s relationship with the...
  • Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion and Control of Western Society (Complete)

    10/03/2017 7:48:20 AM PDT · by HLPhat · 8 replies
    Bezmenov Lecture, Los Angeles, 1983 ^ | 1983 | Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman)
    Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman), a Soviet KGB defector, explains in detail his scheme for the KGB process of subversion and takeover of target societies at a lecture in Los Angeles, 1983. Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB propagandist who was assigned to New Dehli, India - and defected to the West in 1970. Bezmenov explains his background, some of his training, and exactly how Soviet propaganda is spread in other countries in order to subvert their teachers, politicians, and other policy makers to a mindset receptive to the Soviet ideology. He also explains in detail the goal of Soviet...
  • 59 Congress Members Demand Hagel Explain Meeting with Anti-Christian Extremist

    05/13/2013 12:04:52 PM PDT · by Nachum · 18 replies
    breitbart ^ | 5/13/13 | Ken Klukowski
    Monday morning, Congressmen Steve Scalise and John Fleming—both Republicans representing districts in Louisiana—sent a letter signed by 59 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon, demanding answers regarding Pentagon officials meeting with an anti-Christian extremist. This story began two weeks ago when Breitbart News reported on at least one such meeting. Since that time it has become a growing controversy, as Breitbart News reported additional disturbing details. Now Congress is weighing in. The Scalise-Fleming letter begins: It has come to our attention that as recently as April 23, 2013, Pentagon officials...
  • Schools offer ‘safe spaces’ to combat ‘toxic masculinity’

    01/17/2017 6:07:54 AM PST · by C19fan · 35 replies
    Campus Reform ^ | January 16, 2017 | Anthony Gockowski
    Several universities are taking advantage of the new year to renew their efforts against “toxic masculinity,” with some schools hosting events that will “construct new futures for masculinities.” At the University of Oregon, for instance, students are invited to attend a “healthy masculinities conference” where they will “engage in collective imagining to construct new futures for masculinities, unrestricted by power, privilege, and oppression.”
  • US government says it will now use the term ‘sexual rights’

    09/18/2015 8:10:21 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 40 replies
    AP via ^ | September 18, 2015 | CARA ANNA
    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.S. government says it will begin using the term “sexual rights” in discussions of human rights and global development. The statement at a U.N. meeting this week comes after years of lobbying from groups who have argued that the U.S. should show global leadership on the rights of people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. The statement, posted on a State Department website, says sexual rights include people’s “right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to their sexuality, including sexual and reproductive health, free of coercion, discrimination, and...
  • Obama’s Tasteless Welcome of Pope Francis

    09/18/2015 10:42:52 PM PDT · by Vision Thing · 32 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | September 18, 2015 | Katrina Trinko
    Maybe we shouldn’t expect anything much from a president who gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod filled with his own speeches, and who gave former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a set of American movies on DVDs that didn’t work in the U.K. But the way this White House is choosing to “welcome” Pope Francis is appalling. When Francis arrives at the White House on Wednesday for a welcome reception, his greeters will include “Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Anglican bishop who’s now a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a think-tank with ties to the...
  • Obama will not be impeached.

    05/19/2013 6:21:13 PM PDT · by staytrue · 90 replies
    self | 5-19-13 | self
    Everyone who thinks one of these scandals will remove Obama from the White House is sadly mistaken. Let's look at Nixon to see what it takes to remove a President. In Nixon's case, it took a well prepared and knowledgeable witness John Dean, a lot of tape recordings, a press that hated Nixon, and a political party that was the same as the president and somewhat honest and fair minded. In Obama's case, we have nothing close to John Dean, we have no recordings, the media still likes Obama and the democrat party is ruthless and corrupt as the mafia....
  • Interview with Yuri Bezmenov

    04/11/2013 9:47:28 PM PDT · by OneWingedShark · 46 replies
    UselessDissident on ^ | 24 Nov 08 | Useless Dissident
    ... Griffin: I think you’re trying to tell us something… to this country. Bezmenov: Oh yes. I am trying to tell you that it has to be stopped, unless you want to end up in [a] gulag system, and enjoy all the advantages of socialist equality, working for free, catching fleas on your body, sleeping on planks of plywood, in Alaska this time, I guess. That’s where Americans will belong unless they will wake up, of course, and force their government to stop aiding Soviet fascism. ...
  • First Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Cases Detected in North America

    01/15/2013 3:34:14 AM PST · by TArcher · 70 replies
    US News ^ | 08 Jan 2013 | Jason Koebler
    The fears of major health organizations have come true: Gonorrhea that is immune to the last remaining effective oral antibiotic has been detected in at least nine North American patients, meaning the era of "incurable" gonorrhea could be close.
  • Bin Laden Killing: How the White House, Pentagon and CIA Botched the Storyline

    05/06/2011 5:28:29 AM PDT · by markomalley · 60 replies
    Fox News ^ | 5/6/2011 | James Rosen
    From the very first moment the world learned that American forces had killed Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden, even the tiniest details from the momentous event have captivated the nation. Every single nugget of data has been the stuff of breaking news, handheld "alerts" and watercooler discussion, in a way the country has never previously witnessed. No landmark event of the 20th century, from World Wars I and II to the Cuban missile crisis, from the moon landing to the fall of the Soviet Union – not even the attacks of September 11, 2001 -- have been as widely...
  • The Demoralization of America- Yuri Bezmenov. Prophecy to Reality.

    10/07/2008 8:08:46 AM PDT · by RetSignman · 33 replies · 3,362+ views ^ | October 7, 2008 | RetSignman
    If there is anyone who are confused by our present day crisis and have questions with no answers, you have to look no further for what is coming to America. I'm begging for everyone to go the source url and pay particular attention to 5 minutes 30 seconds into the interview. Yuri Bezmenov prediction has reached a stage, unless we act, this Republic will be lost. I also would ask everyone to save the url from disappearing forever. As noted on the site most links are no longer available but the top link with the video of the interview, 'The...
  • Would Democrats approve, today, of Truman's Full Censorship during the Korean War? [vanity]

    02/08/2007 10:28:50 AM PST · by syriacus · 4 replies · 336+ views
    The Waterloo Daily Courier and The American Forum | January 9, 1951 | UP
    From The American Forum During the Korean Conflict, press censorship went through different stages. Censorship was voluntary until the Chinese Army entered the war. U.S. military commanders complained that correspondents had released information about troop movements, recovery of American prisoners from the Chinese and the use of a new combat airplane. Tougher restraints were imposed upon the press. All news stories were required to submit news reports and film to Army and Air Force censors. On March 13, 1951, all news stories and film were also required to be approved by censors in Japan. In January 1953, a Joint Field...
  • Waiting for a Chance to Co-Exist in Baghdad (NPR bashes surge for not occuring fast enough!)

    02/08/2007 8:39:48 AM PST · by Yo-Yo · 11 replies · 290+ views
    National Public Radio ^ | 8 Feb 2007 | Anne Garrels
    Morning Edition, February 8, 2007 · Some Iraqis in Baghdad are eagerly awaiting a U.S. troop "surge," fearing a delay in action may cost them their lives. In one neighborhood, both Sunnis and Shiites see the arrival of U.S. troops as their last chance to live as a mixed community. Click on "Listen" to hear to the radio story.
  • How did GOP right get it so wrong? (Dick Armey editorial)

    11/05/2006 10:30:35 AM PST · by Hydroshock · 139 replies · 3,274+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | 11-4-06 | Dick Armey
    Somewhere along the road to a "permanent majority," the Republican Revolution of 1994 went off track. For several years, we had confidence in our convictions and trusted that the American people would reward our efforts. And they did. But today, my Republican friends in Congress stand on the precipice of an electoral rout. Even the best-case scenarios suggest wafer-thin majorities and a legislative agenda in disarray. With eight days before the election, House speaker-in-waiting Nancy Pelosi has already begun her transition planning. Where did the revolution go astray? How did we go from the big ideas and vision of 1994...
  • To Vote Or Not To Vote - A tough call for conservatives.

    11/06/2006 12:30:43 PM PST · by neverdem · 144 replies · 2,226+ views
    National Review Online ^ | November 06, 2006 | John Derbyshire
    November 06, 2006, 7:15 a.m. To Vote Or Not To VoteA tough call for conservatives. By John Derbyshire Of course, it is not a matter of simply “staying home.” I shall be voting not only for my U.S. senator and representative, but also for a state senator and assemblyman, a county clerk and comptroller, and a town councilcritter. You probably have a similar array of positions to vote for. By all means do the best you can for your state and district. Whether or not it is the case that all politics is local, it is certainly the case...
  • Don't Vote

    11/03/2006 7:35:36 PM PST · by Political Junkie Too · 27 replies · 908+ views
    Don't ^ | 11/3/06 | Self
    "Don't vote until you know where the candidates stand on the issues." That's the message on the AARP website, but you have to go there to see it. How many people have seen the commercial of the singing and dancing politician, while the voice-over tells people "don't vote" until you go to their website to learn the issues? Yes, the campaign is about going to their website, but how many people really will do that? How many people will just get the subliminal message to "don't vote" because their politician is just playing them with a song and dance and...

    11/03/2006 3:57:04 PM PST · by CWOJackson · 149 replies · 3,973+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 3 November 2006 | patrick j. buchanan
    Entering the weekend before his midterms, George Bush and his party appear fated to lose the House they have held for a dozen years. The Senate is on a knife's edge. The latest polls continue to show that by 52 percent to 37 percent Americans wish to see a Democratic takeover. Approval of Congress has never been lower. Americans think the nation is on the wrong track. Support for the war in Iraq has collapsed to a third of the nation. What went wrong? Certainly, on three traditional Republican issues – strong military, conservative judges and lower taxes – the...