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  • Work without Men

    12/07/2016 6:29:21 AM PST · by Kaslin
    American Thinker ^ | December 7, 2016 | John Horvat II
    Now that the elections are over, there is much talk of trade and jobs. Predictably, the highest priorities are being given to negotiating new trade arrangements and tax policies that will bring back jobs to America. It is true that businesses in America are overtaxed and overregulated. Anything that can be done to alleviate these burdens will be most welcome and stimulate the business climate. Such measures will indeed create jobs and open up opportunities, but they alone will not make America great. America faces a grave moral crisis that needs to be addressed. As Charles Murray and so many...
  • The Election's Ominous Results

    12/07/2016 5:54:45 AM PST · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 7, 2016 | Sha'i ben-Tekoa
    Yes, it is good that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, especially in light of revelations of her private email security breaches and pay-for-play administration of the State Department. If true, she belongs in prison. However, what is ominous is the number of voters who, despite all that was known of her crimes, still voted for her. This is not a sign of a healthy American electorate. It seems the same citizens who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 after his disastrous first four years voted for her. Many people who go the polls in our generation are simply not thinking....
  • Trump Day One To-Do List: Repeal $1.7 Billion Of Dodd-Frank Rules

    12/07/2016 5:47:04 AM PST · by IBD editorial writer · 11 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 12/6/2016 | Staff
    Regulations: Donald Trump will have a busy first day if he plans to undo much of the damage inflicted on the economy by President Obama. Nevertheless, here's one more item to add to his list: Overturn $1.7 billion in Dodd-Frank rules. The Dodd-Frank financial "reform," passed by Democrats and signed into law by President Obama in 2010, is arguably the most misguided and economically harmful piece of legislation ever imposed on the country (the second, arguably, is ObamaCare). As we've noted in this space before, one of the main reasons the economy has been stuck in neutral for the past...
  • The Left’s Retreat into Fantasy

    12/07/2016 5:45:36 AM PST · by Kaslin · 17 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 7, 2016 | Taylor Lewis
    The Left, it seems, has lost its grip on reality, and is dead-set on creating its own actuality. And the election of Donald Trump seems to have been the catalyst for the breakdown of the liberal mind. Weeks after Trump’s unexpected victory, Hillary boosters are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the would-be first woman president was beat by a gauche pussy-grabber. Instead of going through the five stages of grief, they’ve taken to creating an alternative universe where their ideology is still unquestioned orthodoxy. So what do losers do when confronted with their own impotence?...
  • Cecile Richards or Tom Perez for DNC Chair

    12/06/2016 7:56:00 PM PST · by cmj328 · 28 replies
    The American Prospect [Left-Wing Site] ^ | December 5, 2016 | Robert Kuttner
    Both of these leaders are charismatic, in their 50s, widely admired, and good at details as well as at rousing grass roots enthusiasm. As full-time party leaders, either could re-energize a party in an understandable funk. None has Democratic enemies.
  • China Should Heed Pearl Harbor's Lessons

  • Letter from Pennsylvania: Allegheny County’s Shale Gas Reserves are Huge

    12/06/2016 2:32:29 PM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 6, 2016 | Colin McNickle
    Simply put, the numbers are stunning: In Allegheny County, Pa., alone, estimates of “totally technically recoverable reserves” of shale natural gas exceed 150 trillion cubic feet. “This is nearly five times the minimum required for classification as a super-giant gas field and enough natural gas to provide all of America’s needs for more than five years,” recently wrote Gregory Wrightstone and Justin Skaggs in Oil and Gas Investor. Wrightstone, a petroleum geologist/consultant at Wrightstone Energy Consulting in Allison Park, Pa., and Skaggs, a geologist with Pin Oak Energy Partners in Akron, Ohio, say at today’s depressed market prices, “the...
  • Dennis Prager: Is Donald Trump a Misogynist?

    12/06/2016 1:48:57 PM PST · by EveningStar · 24 replies
    Townhall ^ | December 6, 2016 | Dennis Prager
    You have to marvel at the ease with which our fellow Americans who call themselves progressive label those with whom they differ as sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and bigoted. I always wonder: Do they believe it? Or do they say it because they lack intellectual arguments? I have come to believe that both are true.
  • Sowell: The Left's Gambles

    12/06/2016 10:32:24 AM PST · by jazusamo · 19 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 6, 2016 | Thomas Sowell
    Sometimes life forces us to make decisions, even when we don't have enough information to know how the decision will turn out. The risks may be even greater when people make decisions for other people. Yet there are some who are not only willing, but eager, to take decisions away from those who are directly affected. Something as personal as what doctor we want to go to has been taken out of our hands by ObamaCare. What job offer, at what pay rate, someone wants to accept has been taken out of their hands by minimum wage laws. Sick people...
  • Here's why rural Ontario is fading and cities aren't (Out of touch urban elitist in Canada alert)

    12/06/2016 9:41:06 AM PST · by SouthernerFromTheNorth · 53 replies
    Ottawa Citizen ^ | Madeline Ashby
    Here's why rural Ontario is fading and cities aren't The urban-rural divide is swiftly becoming one of the most pressing issues of economic policy in this century. From Europe to England to the United States and yes, here in Canada, the sweeping changes to physical landscapes have translated to sweeping changes in political landscapes. As David Reevely pointed out last week, Ontario’s urban centres have seen economic growth and recovery that the stretches of rural land separating those centres simply haven’t. There are multiple reasons for this, one being that Ontario’s municipalities have been practising a policy of intensification for...
  • Trump Carrier Deal Weathers Bogus ‘Crony Capitalism’ Charges

    12/06/2016 9:10:00 AM PST · by GonzoII · 64 replies
    Lifezette ^ | 06 Dec 2016 | Jim Stinson
    When President-Elect Donald Trump helped convince Carrier Corp. to keep 1,069 jobs in the Indianapolis region, you would have thought he had all employed all manner of socialism to achieve this success — judging from the criticism lobbed by political adversaries. The opposition to the Carrier deal came mostly from the Right — but in some cases, came from the Left, too. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, an early Trump supporter, called it “special-interest crony capitalism.” The Weekly Standard founder and the father of “NeverTrump,” William Kristol, said it violated the rule of law and was arbitrary government bullying (although Trump is...
  • Ending Multicultural Madness

    12/06/2016 5:40:55 AM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 6, 2016 | Peter Skurkiss
    The United States is importing people with a religious and cultural propensity to commit horrific acts of hatred and revenge against Western Civilization. This is madness rooted in politics. On November 28, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born Muslim inspired by ISIS, went on a rampage at Ohio State University. He injured 11 when he rammed his car into a group of students with murderous intent and then immediately went on a knife attack before campus security shot him dead. No soon had this fanatic's body reached room temperature then Stephanie Clemons Thompson, employed as something called an “assistant director...
  • The Problem Isn't the Alt-Right – It's the Alt-Reality

    12/06/2016 5:09:49 AM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 6, 2016 | Tom Trinko
    We hear about the alt-right and the alt-left, but the real issue is the alt-reality. Most Americans' perceptions of the world are shaped by information they get from primarily liberal sources such as the media, academia, and government. That's why many Americans live in an alternate reality where Hillary did nothing wrong at Benghazi, abortions occur only due to rape, global warming is supported by 97% of scientists, the economy is doing great, emotions are good and reasoning is bad, Republicans are racists, Castro was a kind and caring man, and Trump is an insane tyrant. The reason liberals have...
  • Trump's Energy Revolution Can't Come Soon Enough

    12/06/2016 5:00:57 AM PST · by IBD editorial writer · 10 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 12/6/2016 | Staff
    Politics: If you want to know why the economy has been struggling so much under President Obama, look no further than the arbitrary and capricious decision by his Army Corps of Engineers to block the Dakota Access pipeline it had already approved. How many days does he have left in office? In July, the Corps said it had approved 200 water crossings and easements for the 1,172-mile pipeline to cross Lake Oahe, Lake Sakakawea and the Missouri River. When it's finished, the $3.8 billion project will transport 450,000 barrels of oil a day from western North Dakota to Patoka, Ill....
  • Why Obama Likely is Secretly Glad Hillary Lost

    12/06/2016 4:21:57 AM PST · by Kaslin · 43 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 6, 2016 | Doris O'Brien
    Am I the only person who thinks that in Barak Obama’s heart of hearts lies a glimmer of glee now that the Clintons won’t be moving into the White House when he moves out? Roll your eyes in skepticism, if you will. But hear me out before launching a barrage of Bronx cheers. Yes, yes, I know. Obama took time out from his busy presidential schedule to campaign for Hillary. On the other hand, he’s taken time out to play golf, fly off to vacations, fund-raise, and do other things unrelated to the business at hand. Face it: the garrulous...
  • Keith Ellison Supported the BDS Movement and Admired Louis Farrakhan

    12/06/2016 3:58:25 AM PST · by SJackson · 19 replies
    Tablet ^ | Jeff Ballabon
    Keith Ellison Supported the BDS Movement and Admired Louis Farrakhan. So Why Are Jewish Democrats Supporting Him for Chairman of the DNC? The Minnesota congressman has long ties to the Nation of Islam. [Updated.] In late 1993 and early 1994, Keith Ellison and I were both deeply involved in politics and policy, he as a civil rights lawyer and radio talk-show host in Minnesota, and I as legal counsel to a United States senator. During that time, Louis Farrakhan’s national adviser, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, gave a speech at Kean College in New Jersey in which he attacked Jews, Catholics, homosexuals,...
  • Bill Whittle's Firewall: Hillary's Final Disgrace-Just when you think she cannot sink any lower

    12/06/2016 3:54:56 AM PST · by SJackson · 33 replies
    Frontpagamagazine ^ | 12-6-16 | Bill Whittle
    Just when you think she cannot sink any lower, she finds a way. Transcript: Well, as I write this, the Clinton campaign has decided to join in the three-state election re-count launched by Jill Stein, who, like all communists, is eager to raise a lot of money – around seven million dollars, so far. That means that Jill Stein has raised twice as much money to RECOUNT votes as she did trying to get them in the first place. Now of course, any ADDITIONAL money raised by Jill Stein she gets to keep; my guess is that will result in...
  • Ellison’s speech was an Islamic-supremacist, chauvinist diatribe

    12/06/2016 3:51:54 AM PST · by SJackson · 9 replies
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 12/05/2016 | Seth Frantzman
    The real story with Ellison is that, as with so many religious-nationalist Muslims in the West, his views dovetail much more logically with the extreme Right. In mid-November Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison announced he would run for chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. He received support from influential Democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Senator Chuck Schumer, who is expected to be the Senate minority leader in 2017. Ellison’s personal story in many ways is the kind that makes America exceptional: a black man who converted to Islam and found himself at the center of American politics. As such he...
  • Do Jews Defend Their Values by Helping Anti-Semites Immigrate to America?

    12/06/2016 3:47:13 AM PST · by SJackson · 20 replies
    Where does American Jewry stand on the Obama administration’s admittance of 10,801 Syrian refugees to the United States in fiscal year 2016? A poll hasn’t been conducted, ostensibly because the mere conception of one would convey an improper presumption that Jews, by virtue of being Jews, should feel differently than other Americans about a predominantly Muslim wave of Middle Easterners arriving in the country. The Jewish community, though, has made it clear that opening America’s doors to Syrian refugees is one of its defining priorities. The recent attack at Ohio State University, however—perpetrated by a refugee who lived in Pakistan...
  • Why You Should Worry About Virgins in Paradise

    12/06/2016 3:38:26 AM PST · by SJackson · 26 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | 12-6-16 | William Kilpatrick
    Why You Should Worry About Virgins in Paradise Will our ideological war against Islamic Supremacism ever get out of first gear? In the wake of Abdul Artan’s car and knife attack at Ohio State University, the usual questions are being asked:  What was his motive?  Did he have psychological problems?  Will there be a backlash against the Muslim community? But to those of us who suspect we already know the motive, the most pertinent question is the question of what can be done to defeat Islamic terrorism.  The answer according to many experts is that you can’t defeat jihad without...
  • ‘We’re teaching university students lies’ – An interview with Dr Jordan Peterson (long but worth it)

    12/06/2016 3:24:55 AM PST · by jalisco555 · 44 replies
    C2C Journal ^ | 12/1/16 | Jason Tucker and Jason VandenBeukel
    (Snip) Jung’s propositions was that whatever a person values most highly is their god. If people think they are atheistic, it means is they are unconscious of their gods. In a sophisticated religious system, there is a positive and negative polarity. Ideologies simplify that polarity and, in doing so, demonize and oversimplify. I got interested in ideology, in a large part, because I got interested in what happened in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Cultural Revolution in China, and equivalent occurrences in other places in the world. Mostly I concentrated on Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. I was...
  • Donald Trump Shuffles the Ideological Deck

    12/05/2016 6:41:20 PM PST · by Mariner · 58 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | December 5th, 2016 | By Gerald F. Seib
    If President Barack Obama sought to usher America into a postracial era, it is increasingly apparent that President-elect Donald Trump is opening the door to the postideological era. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to identify a clear ideological bent in the incoming president’s early moves. It’s probably a mistake to try, because the definitions of left and right, liberal and conservative, are being scrambled right before our eyes. Some Trump moves so far track with his populist outsider campaign image. Others are moves a conventional conservative could make. Some on his team would have been comfortable picks by any standard-issue...
  • Election Integrity Matters

    12/05/2016 4:18:59 PM PST · by Kaslin · 15 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 5, 2016 | Ken Blackwell
    President-elect Donald Trump blamed his loss of the popular vote on election fraud. While that’s not likely, it doesn’t matter. Vote fraud is a serious problem that can subvert elections. The Trump administration should put electoral integrity at the top of its agenda. What sets the U.S. apart from so many other nations is that the government is accountable to the people, who actually choose their leaders. In the case of Donald Trump, they rejected the virtually unanimous advice of their “betters,” the cultural, business, and political elites who expect to rule. Average folks took back America. The greatest threat...
  • Jerry Brown Farts in General Direction of Dairy Farmers

    12/05/2016 3:55:22 PM PST · by Kaslin · 31 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 5, 2016 | Katie Kieffer
    Holy cow! Dairy farmers are balking at crazy climate change legislation that will rob America’s middle class of affordable dairy products.The Golden State used to be a place you could visit for a relaxing vacation filled with sunshine, palm trees and bayside avocado burgers—and then fly home to live a relatively free life—leaving California residents to cope with the “crazy” aspects of the state, like sky-high taxes. Not anymore. California is America’s largest milk-producing state. Thanks to new regulations from CA Gov. Jerry Brown, one thing is certain: if you love milk and cheese, significantly higher costs are coming your...
  • Dark Horse Picks For Trump: Joe Lieberman And Ted Cruz

    12/05/2016 2:58:24 PM PST · by Kaslin · 63 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 5, 2016 | Wayne Allyn Root
    Here are two high profile, “outside-the-box,” get-your-attention picks for Donald Trump’s administration: Joe Lieberman and Ted Cruz First, forget Mitt Romney. Lose him like a bad case of the flu. Mitt is bad karma. He didn’t just not vote for Trump, he actively tried to humiliate and destroy Trump. He denigrated Trump. He was jealous, vicious and hateful towards Trump- a very bad combination. He called a press conference with one purpose: to bad mouth Trump. He called Trump a "con man, phony and fraud.” The millions of Americans who believed in Trump…who fought for Trump…who defended Trump against...
  • Laughing At Liberals As They Lose Their Minds

    12/05/2016 2:48:11 PM PST · by Kaslin · 34 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 5, 2016 | Kurt Schlichter
    I reached peak Twitter this week when I was sucked into a tweet battle with a liberal dwarf. True story. Donald Trump’s victory had the militant munchkin fuming. I have to admit that I was a little short with her myself.But I should be smiling – we conservatives should all be smiling – because everything is going our way. For heaven’s sake, our next Secretary of Defense is going to be nicknamed “Mad Dog.” We just spent eight years being ruled by people who would prefer it be someone nicknamed “Hugs N’ Stuff.”The liberals are truly going nuts, and it’s...
  • Trump Right not to Bow Down to China

    12/05/2016 2:31:54 PM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 5, 2016 | Daniel John Sobieski
    There once was a time when China was afraid of offending us, but liberal pundits, politicians, and those human equivalents of the dodo bird, career diplomats, are aghast that President-elect Donald Trump took a congratulatory phone call from the democratically elected president of Taiwan Tsai-Ing-wen. Trump acted to “buck diplomatic protocol”, the chattering class harrumphed, and offended China, whose leader, President Xi JinPing, President Obama bowed to in 2014 at the APEC Economic Leader’s meeting in China. Trump’s hyperventilating critics forget that to accept a call from a foreign leader is not conducting foreign policy. President-elect Trump knows full well...
  • Editorial: Pipeline protesters win Pyrrhic victory

    12/05/2016 2:19:59 PM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 37 replies
    Grand Forks Herald ^ | December 5, 2016 | By Tom Dennis
    There's a reason why Republicans soon will control not only the presidency, but also the Senate, the House, 33 governorships and both chambers in 32 states. The reason can be found in the Dakota Access Pipeline case. With its elevation of identity politics above all else, its twisting of facts to accuse others of racism, its fanatic claim of being above the law and its wild exaggerations of environmental risk, the protest helps explain why so few Americans are willing to give the Left power. The protesters won an important battle on Sunday, when their efforts convinced the Obama administration...
  • Can Trump Push Islam towards Reform?

    12/05/2016 2:06:48 PM PST · by Kaslin · 79 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 5, 2016 | Jonathan F. Keiler
    The mainstream media and the Obama administration, like the media and governments in many Western countries, goes out of its way to excuse Islamist terror, and actively paints a picture of Muslims in the West victimized by supposed Islamophobia. This tendency is bolstered by the corresponding refusal to acknowledge Islamist terror for what it is, substituting euphemisms or generalities to cover what are clearly murderous acts done in the name of Islam. Most ludicrous of all, is the penchant -- particularly by Barack Obama -- to discourse theologically about the “religion of peace.” In fact, this refusal to accept reality...
  • The DNC Has a Political Death Wish

    12/05/2016 1:53:11 PM PST · by Kaslin · 36 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 5, 2016 | G. Murphy Donovan
    Experience is the best teacher – or so says the conventional wisdom. In practice, the most common lesson is that too many folks never learn – especially those encumbered by ideology. Or as a philosopher might put it, "what we learn from history is that no one learns from history." Worse still, those who cannot, or will not, learn are prone to repeat mindless behaviors. Call it tone-deaf. Better still, call it political autism. Alas, while Western culture swirls in the crapper, Brussels and Washington political elites still insist on flushing. Social democracies are probative. In Europe, the left learned...
  • K-12: Occupied Territory

    12/05/2016 1:07:26 PM PST · by Kaslin · 10 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 5, 2016 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    The U.S. government published the dark truth about K-12 schools in the famous "A Nation at Risk" report of 1983. Here is that truth: if a foreign country created the schools we have now, we would conclude that they were "an act of war" against our children. A Nation at Risk told us that the simplest way to understand the mediocrity and malaise so common in K-12. We shouldn't assume there is anything natural about this decline or anything mysterious. It's a man-made attack by a vicious enemy who infiltrated our schools and made them dysfunctional. But what country would...
  • THE HEART OF TERRORISM: Pakistan named and shamed. Will it reform?

    12/05/2016 12:29:19 PM PST · by Jyotishi · 12 replies
    The Pioneer, Ideal Media ^ | Tuesday, December 6, 2016 | Editorial
    THE HEART OF TERRORISM Pakistan named and shamed. Will it reform? At the Heart of Asia (HoA) summit which concluded on Sunday in Amritsar, Pakistan was well and truly cornered for promoting terrorism. Its isolation can be understood from the fact that for the first time, a HoA declaration named the Pakistan-based terror outfits, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, as forces that are working to destabilise the region. This is a severe indictment of Pakistan, since not only do the two organisations operate from Pakistani soil but they also get overt and covert support from the establishment, especially from the Army there....
  • Oh, Oh -- Trump Thinks That Flag Burning Should Be Criminalized

    12/05/2016 7:26:20 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 83 replies
    Forbes ^ | December 5, 2016 | George Leef
    Last week, president-elect Trump sent a tweet that ought to alarm the majority of Americans who voted for another candidate as well as most of those who voted for him. Here’s what Trump wrote: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail!” The very last thing we need in America is more activism meant to punish people for thinking the wrong things. Our college campuses are awash in left-wing thought control, whereby students who say or write anything that hypersensitive students...
  • The Winners and Losers of the Carrier Deal

    12/05/2016 7:18:50 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 33 replies
    National Review ^ | December 1, 2016
    No one ever doubted Donald Trump’s talent for theater, a gift he is exercising with some flair in the matter of the Carrier air-conditioner company’s facilities in Indiana. Carrier had planned to move a furnace operation to Mexico and to shutter a plant in Huntington, Ind., where it manufactures electronic controls. After the intervention of President-elect Trump and Governor Mike Pence, Carrier has agreed to keep the furnace operation going in Indiana, albeit with several hundred fewer employees. It still will close the electronics plant and offshore those 700 or so jobs. It will move about 600 jobs from the...
  • Trump’s victory is unsurprising in racist America

    12/05/2016 6:07:27 AM PST · by pabianice · 125 replies
    UMass Daily Collegian ^ | 12/4/16 | Azarael
    People of color, particularly Black Americans, shouldn’t be surprised in the least by Donald Trump’s presidential victory. Although part of me feels like we shouldn’t be acting like we haven’t already survived, despite vicious attempts to destroy us, I can understand the shock. It’s the same thing as saying no matter how much one can prepare for death, you’re never really ready. We’ve been preparing for different forms of death for hundreds of years. And yet, here we are in fear, though our fears have morphed into realities time and time again through Jim Crow, lynchings, police brutality (which has...
  • Here's Why Trump's Carrier Deal Is So Important

    12/05/2016 2:46:03 AM PST · by expat_panama · 38 replies
    Investors Business Daily ^ | 12/02/2016 | Editorial
    Economy: President-elect Trump's deal with Carrier isn't important because it saved 1,000 jobs. It's important because of the message it sends to businesses everywhere: Help is on the way. The reaction to Carrier's decision to retain some of its employees after meeting with Trump has been amusing. On the one hand, Trump's critics say the deal was a mere trifle, since there are still so many people out there hurting. On the other hand, they claim that Trump is acting like a third-world despot. A few headlines paint the picture: "Trump's Carrier Victory Is the Economy's Loss" "Trump's Carrier deal...
  • Carr: The future’s calling for our Mr. Secretary

    12/05/2016 1:29:22 AM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 24 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | December 4, 2016 | By Howie Carr
    In case you missed it, John Forbes Kerry went before some women’s group in Washington last week and said: “I am not going to go quietly into the night.” Quietly, loudly, nobody cares how you go, Liveshot, just as long as you go. He spoke for an hour — talk about cruel and unusual punishment for an audience. During the course of those 60 interminable minutes, Kerry claimed he hasn’t decided exactly what he’s going to do next, so let’s help him out with some suggestions. How about opening an Iranian restaurant? He could call it The 12th Imam —...
  • Trump could be the most significant president of our time

    12/04/2016 10:20:50 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 32 replies
    The Hill ^ | December 4, 2016 | Trent Duffy and Terry Holt
    President-elect Trump may not have a popular vote mandate, but he possesses raw political assets that are even more powerful: superior communications skills, a highly energized, devoted and organized grassroots following, and true fearlessness. A master entertainer; he has captured America’s attention, with friends, foes and those in-between on the edge of their seats wondering what he’ll do next. Trump deployed these assets for maximum impact to win the nomination and the Presidency. Yet the political chattering class continues to underestimate the Donald. Here’s a news flash for Official Washington: President Trump could be one of the most consequential chief...
  • Hateful behavior emerges again; where will it end?

    12/04/2016 6:17:43 PM PST · by artichokegrower · 23 replies
    Sacramento Bee ^ | December 4, 2016 | Gregory Favre
    Unlike our president-elect, I don’t know one Corinthian, but I am familiar with Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, and in recent days some of his words have whisked me back to my earliest years. “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”
  • The 'Taiwan Card' Is a Busted Flush, Beijing Believes

    12/04/2016 2:10:39 PM PST · by Kaslin · 22 replies
    PJ Media ^ | December 4, 2016 | David P. Goldman
    President-elect Trump's brief telephone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen drew a stronger reaction from the American mainstream media than it did from Beijing. The official China Daily entitled its editorial yesterday "No need to over-interpret Tsai-Trump phone call," writing: For Trump, it exposed nothing but his and his transition team's inexperience in dealing with foreign affairs. If he could make the unusual action due to lack of proper understanding of Sino-US relations and cross-Straits ties he will have to recognize the significance of prudently and appropriately addressing these sensitive issues after being inaugurated. Is Beijing just trying to put...
  • Amnestarian Lindsey Graham: Another Reason Why We Elected Trump

    12/04/2016 10:40:37 AM PST · by Kaslin · 28 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 4, 2016 | Arthur Shaper
    President-elect Trump is quickly assembling his Executive cabinet. Key leaders in Congress are ready to repeal Obamacare and the disastrous Iran deal. But on immigration, legislators in Congress are already moving against his long-term plans--and the will of the people. It’s not so much that I’m surprised, as astonished—at the rank stupidity or suicidal arrogance of some elected officials—Sen. Lindsey Graham specifically—and he’s at it again. During the primary, Trump punked Graham by releasing his phone number to the public. Undeterred, Graham desperately tried to break into the first-tier. He cut one commercial: 18 Ways to Destroy Your Phone, or...
  • My Experience with the Alt-Right

    12/04/2016 10:22:12 AM PST · by Kaslin · 144 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 4, 2016 | Bruce Bialosky
    During the last election campaign all of a sudden I kept hearing about the Alt-Right. Since I thought I was pretty well read and had never heard of them, I considered them to have the same social relevance as a Miley Cyrus song. I decided to investigate this supposed social phenomenon as soon as the election was over and I was done writing about real issues important to the campaign. I started by sending emails to mainstream Republicans asking them if they knew anyone who considered themselves members of the Alt-Right. The answer was a universal no. Then I sent...
  • This painting was looted by the Nazis, then seized from my living room

    12/04/2016 10:13:48 AM PST · by EveningStar · 100 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | December 4, 2016 | Craig Gilmore
    Two agents from U.S. Homeland Security’s ICE unit arrived at my door in September looking for a Polish lady — not a person, but a painting: Melchior Geldorp’s “Portrait of a Lady.” She had, they informed me, been looted by the Nazis from the National Museum in Warsaw. Unsure if these gentlemen were indeed who they claimed to be, I didn’t invite them in. But I knew exactly what they were seeking: My partner, David, and I had purchased this very portrait — ostensibly the work of a different artist — a decade earlier from a major auction house in...
  • The Unpopular Truth About The Popular Vote

    12/04/2016 10:06:35 AM PST · by Kaslin · 34 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 4, 2016 | Derek Hunter
    Just like the “recount” is a naked attempt to discredit Trump’s victory, this “smart take” is a deliberate deception designed to keep the unshowered angry. The Nation magazine put it this way, “The preliminary count had Democratic Senate candidates gathering 46.2 million votes to 39.3 million for Republican candidates.” That and $2.50 will get you a cup of coffee from the aforementioned unshowered, probably with earlobes stretched to the size of Frisbees and an impromptu lecture on the “justice” of fair trade coffee beans.But it’s a fraud.Those numbers aren’t a lie, per se, but how the left is using...
  • Vicious Palestinian Politics

    12/04/2016 9:40:36 AM PST · by Kaslin · 1 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 4, 2016 | Michael Curtis
    The mills of democratic politics in Palestinian organizations grind slowly, if they ever grind at all. This was borne out once again at the 7th General Congress of the Fatah section of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) held in Ramallah, the capital of the West Bank, on November 29, 2016, the anniversary of the day in 1947 when the UN General Assembly approved the Partition of Palestine. This was the first such conference since 2009. It was attended by 1400 delegates compared with 2355 in 2009. The main function of the Congress was to elect the leader of Fatah, the...
  • 2017: Cycles and Food for Thought

    12/04/2016 9:01:56 AM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 4, 2016 | Mike Konrad
    I am not one given to prognostication; I have seen too many predictions fall flat on their face. But next year, 2017, will be the anniversary of a number of major historical events concerning religion and the Mideast. That these would all converge on year is surely cause for speculation and remembrance, even if nothing comes of it. Anyone who ever took higher math knows that when waveforms are added together the result can be something altogether unexpected. For example: the addition of certain harmonic sine waves can produce a square wave. From smooth curves one can create catastrophic change....
  • Why Blue States Are the Real ‘Tea Party’

    12/04/2016 8:39:12 AM PST · by Sir Napsalot · 52 replies
    NY Times Opinion Pages ^ | 12-3-2016 | Steven Johnson
    When the modern Tea Party movement coalesced in the early days of the Obama presidency, its allusion to the political grievances of the protesters in Boston Harbor a couple of hundred years earlier seemed plausible enough: Its members felt that their taxes were too high and their interests not adequately represented by the remote authorities in Washington. But the election of 2016 presents a challenge to that historical lineage. The home states to the Tea Party are actually doing great on the taxation and representation front. It’s the progressive blue states that should be protesting. Start with the Electoral College....
  • Winning the Jihad War

    12/04/2016 8:28:50 AM PST · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 4, 2016 | James Lewis
    With Trump's excellent team, such as USMC (Ret) General James Mattis in charge, the U.S. government has all the battlefield expertise it needs to win the Jihad War. We can start by keeping in mind that the U.S. military won every engagement it wanted to win in Iraq -- the ones we lost are due to our dreadful civilian bumblers. Nevertheless, losing naval control of the Gulf, for example, still puts us in a damned awkward position. Vladimir Putin has put on an almighty show of military fireworks, most obviously when Assad invited Putin into Syria to fight against American-backed...
  • Buzz Aldrin, Apollo, and America’s Spirit

    12/04/2016 7:42:17 AM PST · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 4, 2016 | Robert Charles
    America’s Apollo astronauts -- 24 of whom travelled to the moon, 16 of whom walked on the moon, all of whom made mankind’s moon steps possible -- are a sobering lesson in patriotism and risk-taking, not to mention lifetime stamina. The topic arises – a teaching moment, as they say -- because Buzz Aldrin was recently evacuated to New Zealand from a South Pole expedition. First word is, he is okay -- if still intrepid. Aldrin, one of the first two humans to walk on the moon, Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 11, is now 86. You would not know...
  • Trump's Carrier Is Not Obama's Solyndra

    12/04/2016 6:44:44 AM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 4, 2016 | Daniel John Sobieski
    No sooner had president-elect Trump announced a deal had been reached with air conditioner manufacturer Carrier to keep 1,100 manufacturing jobs in Indiana rather than being shipped to Mexico, the usual suspects began chattering about “corporate welfare”, “crony capitalism”, and the hypocritical picking of winners and losers. Carrier is an established business, not a pipe dream like the green energy failures President Obama subsidized like Solyndra. It is one of many U.S. businesses struggling to survive in the Obama era of high taxes and oppressive regulation. Trump has promised to cut corporate taxes and eliminate oppressive and job-killing regulations, but...