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'Opioid overdoses are skyrocketing': as Covid-19 sweeps across US an old epidemic returns

(Michael Yon) Dispatch 53: Washington, D.C.: A few hints on combat safety in America

(Vanity) One America News Network under cyber attack


*Chit-Chat* Request to please help send this Ivermectin information graphic to the World. Thank you!

*vanity* online ammo suppliers.

3D plastic gun stuff

A Brief History of Antifa: Part I

A Rundown Of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China

A sign of the times? First human drug trial in US for a pill that reverses nuclear radiation poisoning

A Yugolsav gives a warning to Americans

ABH NATURE’S PRODUCTS, INC, ABH PHARMA, INC., and STOCKNUTRA.COM, INC. Issues Nationwide Recall of All Lots of Dietary Supplement Products

Antifa Mapping Images

Any Ham Radio Enthusiasts Here on Free Republic?

Apollo 11 in Real Time

Apollo 11 in Real Time

Armed America by Clayton Cramer ~ Book Review

Best Mini PCs 2019

Bill Clinton Budgeted to Receive Nearly $1 Million in Taxpayer Money in 2014

Bill Clinton Pocketed Nearly $16 Million in Taxpayer Money Since 2001

Billboards for Donald Trump's conviction (E-Mail from the move on demonratcommieblmantifaterrorscumpedophilegoatrapers)


BREAKING: Documents Released in Epstein Case Last Night Contain Redactions – THAT CAN BE UNREDACTED WHEN COPYING TO NOTEPAD

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Contact Tracing

Cd’A pens support for rights of armed citizens

CNN: Trump to Announce Bump Stock Ban Within Days

Coins vs Rounds vs Bars

COMMS Alert!! (prepare for plan B)

Communist Goals (1963)

Cooking in the 1800s

Dangers of a World Where "Almost Anyone Can be Arrested for Something"

Deputies use Taser to rescue moose from hammock

Deputies use Taser to rescue moose from hammock

Did Obama just say he was the first US president from Kenya? ??

Digital Parenting: The apps you can use to protect your child

Dr. Ardis has the chart for Ivermectin! Must Watch!

Dr. Joseph Mercola advises on what you can do if weaponised bird flu is released

DUMBASS FUCKHEADS Millennial poll: America ‘racist,’ not ‘great,’ Obama better than Washington

East Coast Comcast DNS blocks conservative web sites

Edmond man says cheap drug for dogs cured his cancer

Épidémie à Coronavirus COVID-19

Exclusive – #IAmTheNRA: NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Releases Video Responding to San Francisco’s...


FReeper Input on Home Security Systems

Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly At Helm Of Gun Safety Group In Colorado

George Carlin National Press club: politicians[Brain Droppings]

Graphene is being transmitted from the Vaccinated to the Not-Vaccinated; destroying Red Blood Cells & causing Blood Clots

GRAPHICS for EDUCATING - Redpilling the public

Gunshot Wounds: What Happens If You’re Shot?

Ham Radio Enthusiasts - Ever heard of a Quansheng UV-K5 handheld radio

Hemp Batteries are Eight Times More Powerful than Lithium, Scientists Discover

HomeSchool K-12: Dear Abby, Here Are The Two Big Reasons Why Kids Lack Motivation

How a $2.7 Billion Submarine Was Crippled by Defective Parts

How do you get TV over the internet?

How to (legally) protect a small inheritance from the IRS?

How to Bust Dominion Vote-Flipping in Your State: Citizens Demand the Ballot Images

How to Complete an AR-15 80% Lower Receiver


httpantifa. Who Are They?

Hydroxychloroquine, a less toxic derivativeof chloroquine, is effective in inhibitingSARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro

In case you missed it here's the Homeland Security Committee Final Report Outlining Biden Family Selling US Policy for Personal & Financial Gain

It's a Perfect Time to Go Hunting for Wild Mushrooms

It's a Perfect Time to Go Hunting for Wild Mushrooms

Justice Department Secures Agreement from Pennsylvania Jail to Provide Medications for Opioid Use Disorder

Ken Bone says son was suspended from school for gun-range photo

Lawyer: Landmark suit against Antifa is for 'all Americans who are threatened by these criminals'

LIZ-FYI: bodycam shows Mohamed Noor with his head in his hands moments after opening fire

Lot 15: Engraved Smith & Wesson Lever Action Repeating Carbine —(The predecessor of all Winchester Rifles, the rarest of the rare!)

Matt Bracken Exposes SES, Govt Civil War and How to Fight Social Media Censorship (Must see show!)

McCabe's shocking claims prove the bloodless coup rolls on

Moooove On Text sent to Me.

My small act of defiance while at liberal relatives' home...(Squantos tested)

My Time Shooting With the Liberal Gun Club

NASCAR unveils schedule updates through Aug. 2

NC Electoral College - contested election rules

Plastic 3D "guns" Confiscated in Australian Raid

POST 13 Illegals In US Receive Government Benefits, Costing Taxpayers Billions: Experts

President Trump will Chair UN Security Council [Iran]

Q Anon: FRiendly FReeper Collaboration to understand Q drops

Remote desktop access required ADVICE ON MINI I.T.

Scientists Film Hummingbirds Flying Through Waterfalls, And It's Beautiful And Genius

Smart Phone Question

Soviet Acknowledged Obama One of Them

Soviet Acknowledged Obama One of Them

Tech Help Please, Win 10 problem or WiFi adapter?

The 20 Greatest Quotes From Rush Limbaugh

The Blind. (Phil Robertson movie)

The Complete Guide to AR-15 Barrels (Twist, Length, Rifling & Type)

The Exchange.

The Generosity of Donald Trump: Where He's Donated All $1,378,333 of His Presidential Salary

The Pistola Con Caricato Revolver

The President's Speech July 3, 2020

The Squirrel Grenade (EXTREMELY funny article)

The truth about Obama’s illicit ‘Operation Hammer’ and all involved

These Megalomaniac Technocrats Are On Course To Wreck Earth And Outer Space

They're 'Unconstitutional': Sheriffs Are Refusing to Enforce Stay-at-Home Orders

This is a great collection of really funny memes, etc!

Undercover Cop Caught Cutting Fences on Jan 6?... New Evidence Intensifies Suspicions Surrounding Key Fedsurrection Player

US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey Who Killed Ashli Babbitt is a Brazilian Immigrant and Black Lives Matter Militant (Truncated)

US Marine critically wounded after jumping on grenade has message for Americans: 'You are worth it'

Use Emergency SOS via satellite on your iPhone 14 and XR

USPS Informed Delivery (vanity)

VANITY: Suggestion for first aid kit, among other things

Video shows the amazing reverse-filter that stops small particles but lets large ones through

VIDEO: Best selling author (and Freeper!) Matt Bracken hosts the Alex Jones show

Wal-Mart vs. Polit-Morons

WAY COOL Stunning large-scale model railroad layout

Web Hosting Question

Well, NPR Just Delivered A Headshot To The Anti-Gun Left's School Shooting Narrative

What Is a Funnel Cake and How to Make it at Home?

Why a Helium Leak Disabled Every iPhone in a Medical Facility

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Breathing While Shooting

WIFI INFO/Mesh, Repeater, or an Access point ?

Windows 7 will not go gentle into that good night: Ageing OS refuses to shut down (UAC problem?)