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  • Some discussions with Zen Master

    12/03/2021 9:28:44 AM PST · by LS · 19 replies
    self | 12/3/2021 | LS
    Some of you may recall that a couple of years ago when Gorsuch and Kavanagh were going through their confirmations, and when Trump was having "short lists" and nominating appellate court judges, I had a source on the court system whom I referred to as Zen Master to keep his identity secret. He is well placed, but more important, has uncanny instincts and does his research. In a six-year period, he never missed a call. He would alert me to who would be on the USSC short list, who the appellate appointees would be, and how the character of the...
  • Today's News: The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

    10/27/2021 12:49:23 PM PDT · by LS · 7 replies
    Uncover DC ^ | 10/27/2021 | LS (aggregator & commentator)
    1. Former Communist News Network camera operator arrested for threatening to kill Matt Gaetz. 2. 2. The Senior Skank wants to know if there is a way to remove a sitting VP (i.e., Kampuchea)? (Links & images at the site---25 stories)
  • Random Thoughts on the Demented Perv Biteme

    08/27/2021 5:27:54 PM PDT · by LS · 61 replies
    self | 8/27/2021 | LS
    This is more of a "round-the-horn" summary as I see things, but here we go. Early on, I thought Biteme was being run by one person (no, not Zero and not Jill). A Soros type. Now, I am increasingly convinced that there are 5-6 factions in the WH that have some degree of control over Biteme; that he tends to go with the last faction he is briefed by. Right now, that appears to be the State Dept. faction of Winkin-Blinken-and-Nod. I came to this conclusion after I read a book about the 2020 DemoKKKrat campaign by Edward-Isaac Dovere. He's...
  • How the Future Went: The Wild Wednesday Webcast

    02/17/2021 5:48:39 PM PST · by LS · 1 replies
    Wild Wednesday Webcast ^ | 2/17/2021 | LS
    Please join me at 9:00 EST for my webcast. Tonight, "How the Future Went," an amazing look at how we saw the future in the 1950s and 60s, especially space. I will have comments about Rush to open the show, and there is a free for all Q&A at the end. Please join: free, but register at the link:
  • Freeper Larry Schweikart (LS) Banned on Twitter

    02/07/2021 5:03:08 PM PST · by BeauBo · 81 replies
    Twitter ^ | 7 Feb 2021 | Self
    @LarrySchweikart Account suspended Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules
  • Larry Schweikart: Much different perspective than many on our side have...but for first time in years these people fear us

    01/08/2021 8:23:35 AM PST · by Bigtigermike · 123 replies
    LarrySchweikart ^ | Larry Schweikart
    Much different perspective than what many on our side have from yesterday, and certainly nothing that you'll hear from Hoax News. But I had a call from a friend in the movement. This is his perspective, but I tend to agree with it. He saw yesterday as a victory of sorts. Yes, Trump lost, but that was expected to most of us. What was not expected was that antifa or not, patriot's or not, a relative handful of people sent the elite spudgebudgers screeching like children, running for their basement. The very people that last summer had claimed Trump was...
  • LS: “1) Just finished a discussion with a pro-Trump congressional source on procedures. Very high....

    12/30/2020 8:24:18 PM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyColonel · 435 replies
    Twitter ^ | 30 Dec 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    Larry Schweikart: 1) Just finished a discussion with a pro-Trump congressional source on procedures. Very high. 2) On Jan. 6, all that is needed is 1 senator (Hawley) and 1 Congressman (Brooks) to bring an objection to an elector slate (almost certainly AZ, since that will be the first contested. 3) The rules are made by the previous congress; the laws already in place bind the procedures. 4) Pence has no authority on his own to accept or reject any slate. According to source, he will turn to the Parliamentarian for a ruling on how to proceed.
  • Larry Schweikart on Twitter (a very good read)

    12/11/2020 8:29:54 PM PST · by DoodleBob · 136 replies
    Twitter ^ | December 11, 2020 | Larry Schweikert
    1) I never, ever thought we would survive 4 years of Zero. Certainly not 8. But here we were in 2016. 2) God gave Zero a spirit of sloth. He was by far the laziest president I ever saw. He got a stimulus bill, Ocare, & a bunch of exec order "treaties" in 8 years that . . .2) contd . . . Trump undid in about 45 minutes. Zero's legacy is today only "the first black president." Really, if you'd told me that in 2009, I'd say you were smokin' whacky tobaccky.3) "Well, Schweikart, they won't make that mistake...
  • Larry Schweikart on Twitter: Pleased to report I have been appointed by President Donald Trump to a 4-year appointment to the Board of Directors for the National Board for Educational Sciences.

    12/08/2020 4:37:49 PM PST · by DoodleBob · 32 replies
    Larry Schweikart on Twitter ^ | December 8, 2020 | LS
    Pleased to report I have been appointed by President Donald Trump to a 4-year appointment to the Board of Directors for the National Board for Educational Sciences. This is a non-revocable appointment. I am now an embed in the unfortunate case Trump cannot overturn the fraud. 12:35 PM · Dec 8, 2020·Twitter Web App 1.9K Retweets 155 Quote Tweets 12.5K Likes
  • Our own LS appointed to Board by President Trump! (If I'm not mistaken)

    12/08/2020 9:50:59 AM PST · by reagandemocrat · 69 replies
    Twitter ^ | December 8, 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    Pleased to report I have been appointed by President Donald Trump to a 4-year appointment to the Board of Directors for the National Board for Educational Sciences. This is a non-revocable appointment. I am now an embed in the unfortunate case Trump cannot overturn the fraud.
  • Federalism Has Failed

    11/06/2020 9:16:49 AM PST · by Qiviut · 47 replies ^ | November 6, 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    Op-Ed by Larry SchweikartThomas Jefferson was a very smart guy. Maybe James Madison, when it came to politics, or Ben Franklin was his better in areas of science but overall, Jefferson was one of the most intelligent of our Founders. His concern over the dominance of elites is today well-confirmed.But in other ways, Jefferson had some blind spots. For example, his deal with James Madison to relocate the nation’s capital to a federal district in Virginia—so that Virginia would have disproportionate control of government—has now completely backfired. As of today, the state of Virginia went for Joe Biden over Donald...
  • Here is the latest I know

    11/04/2020 7:34:18 AM PST · by LS · 197 replies
    self | 11/4/2020 | LS
    Spent considerable time on the phone with Richard Baris who has been up all night watching these votes. (I signed off last night thinking both WI and MI were secure!) 1) Baris thinks WI is legit, that the blue areas overperformed the way Cankles should have in 2016. 2) He thinks MI is suspect. Overcoming a 600,000 lead with utter top-end performance out of absentees? Baris recommends WH demand a re-canvass. Passed this rec along to WH. 3) PA: Baris thinks the Trump lead, especially in areas left to count, is insurmountable even for Philly Phraud. WH needs to be...
  • Eye on Politics: Roll Tide! Vote by Mail Analysis

    10/28/2020 12:28:14 PM PDT · by Qiviut · 11 replies ^ | October 28, 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    As the Democrat lead in the Vote By Mail (VBM) mounted two weeks ago, many Republicans panicked. Not only do Democrats usually lead in “early” voting (which includes both VBM and “In-Person Early Voting,” or IPEV), but this year in particular—with the China Virus—their emphasis on VBM has resulted in stunning voting levels. So far.Then, suddenly, the Democrats peaked. On or around October 16, their VBM numbers, especially in Florida, began to slow. Although they had one last burst for the “Souls to the Polls” of October 24-25, it was their last gasp. When IPEV started in Florida, Republicans came...
  • Eye on Politics: Analyzing Early Vote Totals

    10/22/2020 12:49:04 PM PDT · by Qiviut · 35 replies ^ | October 21, 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    There is a terrific scene in the movie “Gettysburg” where Union Colonel Joshua Chamberlain (played by the less than sane Jeff Daniels) is in command of Little Round Top on Day 2 at Gettysburg. The Rebels have been coming up the hill at them all day, and Chamberlain’s Maine regiment is out of ammunition. But they have been instructed they cannot abandon that position, or the entire Union line will cave in and the South will win. As the Confederates prepare another assault, Chamberlain convenes a council with his commanders and concludes they can’t shoot, and they can’t run. So...
  • Eye on Politics: The Fall Back

    10/14/2020 10:50:52 AM PDT · by Qiviut · 9 replies ^ | October 14, 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    In a terrific scene from the movie The Patriot, Mel Gibson’s American militia forms the center of the patriot line against hardened British redcoats. Gibson asks them to fire just two shots, then fall back. “A lot can happen in the time it takes to fire two shots,” responds one militiaman. “That’s why I’m not asking you to fire three,” replies Mel. When the Americans fire their two shots, they run like banshees over a ridge. General Cornwallis, thinking he has the enemy broken, sends in his reserves—only to find it’s a trick: Mel and the Americans have stationed a...
  • The Polls Are Pumpkin Goo. (Larry Schweikart Twitter thread)

    10/06/2020 2:59:12 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 82 replies
    LS Via Twitter ^ | 10/5/2020 | By Larry Schweikart
    Folks I am pissed. (I NEVER use that word, so excuse me). But this is ridiculous. First, if you're new, I don't "do" polls because they are flat out lying. However, I think it is legit to ask not only if they are lying (they are) but WHY? There are several explanations. Explanation 1: They lie because they are in such a bubble that they have pre-conceived notions of what the poll "should" show. Living in their NY/DC bubbles, with their Swamp friends, they "know" that Americans must hate Drumpf. That means that they view any and all results...
  • MUST READ: Author and Analyst Larry Schweikart: WE ARE WINNING so Big that DemoKKKrats Have Literally Resorted to Civil War

    09/27/2020 6:34:03 PM PDT · by bitt · 66 replies
    GATEWAY PUNDIT ^ | 9/27/2020 | Jim Hoft
    Best-selling author and analyst Larry Schweikart broke down the latest swing state numbers and they are DEVASTATING for the DemoKKKrats. Schweikart points to the latest returns from Florida and the latest registration trends in FL, NC, PA, AZ, NM, and Nevada that are through the roof for Republicans. see his tweets!
  • Eye on Politics: Vacancy at the Supreme Court

    09/21/2020 12:30:15 PM PDT · by Qiviut · 12 replies ^ | September 21, 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    By now only someone living in the most remote reaches of equatorial Africa could not know that Ruth Ginsburg died and that there is now a vacancy at the U.S. Supreme Court . . . right in time for the election chaos the Democrats had already planned to roll out.This will be Donald TrumpÂ’s third USSC appointment. In case you were interested, no, it doesnÂ’t come close to the record for a first-term president. Obviously, George Washington, who named all of the original Supreme Court justices (six) has the record. But William Howard Taft, an otherwise inconsequential president, also named...
  • Schweikart: Democrats’ COVID Miscalculation Could Doom Biden

    09/16/2020 2:56:16 PM PDT · by EyesOfTX · 41 replies
    DB Daily Update ^ | David Blackmon
    Writing at, historian Larry Schweikart has a terrific analysis arguing that the Democrat Party has made a huge miscalculation in its exploitation of the China Virus crisis, a blunder that likely has already cost the Biden/Harris ticket – or is it Harris/Biden? – the election. Schweikart further argues that the blunder will result in Democrat losses up and down the ballot. Arguing that the Dems overplayed their hands on the China Virus and really rolled out their Soros-funded riot strategy too early in the summer, Schweikart says those mistakes have allowed President Trump to own the “law and order”...
  • Eye on Politics: The Great COVID Miscalculation

    09/16/2020 1:06:06 PM PDT · by Qiviut · 12 replies ^ | September 16, 2020 | Larry Schweikart
    All along, something about the timing of both the China Virus and the riots bothered me. Yes, of course in and of themselves they were both tragic, horrible, and costly in terms of life and livelihoods. But still, I couldn’t help thinking back to October 2016 when the Hillary Clinton campaign dropped the “Access Hollywood” tape and I kept thinking, “It’s too soon. They should have waited.”In previous columns I explained why the timing of that—its rushed appearance—allowed Trump to recover. Yes, it may have broken even larger momentum, but in the end, it only cost Trump Minnesota and New...