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  • Saudi Man Dies After Allegedly Trying To Sodomize A Donkey

    08/13/2014 5:01:42 PM PDT · 79 of 117
    xarmydog to Dallas59

    Sounds like he got the Sheik kicked out of him.

  • Coroner: Robin Williams hanged himself with belt, had cuts on wrist

    08/12/2014 6:46:40 PM PDT · 142 of 177
    xarmydog to caww

    I have two daughters.Both have the highest I.Q.’s possible.My first born graduated high school at fourteen,went on to cosmetology school,graduated at seventeen.At which time she enlisted in the Navy.She is Bi-Polar.She can be as sweet as can be and in an instant be so evil so as to be scary and does not care who or what she hurts.I have had to distance myself and my family for fear of harm coming to them.She is evil and very cunning,which combined is a recipe for disaster.
    Thankfully my other daughter is a successful attorney with numerous degrees.I love them both the same,but on the same token I tread very softly.Yes it pains me.

  • Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will “Fire On US Citizens” ["Litmus Test"]

    01/27/2013 2:26:29 PM PST · 76 of 77
    xarmydog to LoneRangerMassachusetts

    Training in the early 70’s was much the same.My personal belief, from what I know,yes I believe troops will fire if ordered.Sad but true.Straight leg infantry for six years,hopefully times have changed.If soldiers find out their loved ones have been killed,anger will prevail.

  • Obama has chosen John Kerry as Secretary of State

    12/15/2012 4:28:26 PM PST · 110 of 176
    xarmydog to Terry Mross
    GOT Flamed last election for reminding people how skery and McCain were in charge of the POW reports[many still coming in]and refused to acknowledge them.Families were beside themselves.Shredders were in full mode.How could the worst of the worst be in charge?It was reported the powers that be wanted to make it all go away.Much more to the story but must do your own research,WARNING You will be disgusted. When people I know ask,why so fired up.I say,It could have been me.The highest Officer's imprisoned there stoutly recommended McCain be Court Marshaled at the very least.
  • Congratulations to Jim Robinson for His Political Sagacity Overwhelmingly Accurate

    11/10/2012 3:39:37 PM PST · 30 of 250
    xarmydog to bigheadfred

    Jim had been warning us for years.Mit was from Masshole and allowed the most liberal teachings to go forward and then tried to cover his ass.Gay marriage,not my fault,Romneycare,O used as a format.I believe it would have same old same old with a different name.Yeh,I voted for him thinking he would grow a set of nads,surprise!,NOT.He was weak,in his thoughts that he had it in the bag.And thinking the dems would not cheat,what a turd!If the government was not so corrupt,I believe he would have won by a landslide.And he concedes without a fight.County’s voting more than are registered??? military votes late,plane crashed and whatever excuse that worked,it comes down to,you get what you pay for.May God have mercy on our souls.

  • Shark Meets the Real Jaws (Aussie Tourists 'Jumping For Joy' As Monster Crocodile Gobbles Up Shark)

    11/03/2012 4:34:05 PM PDT · 39 of 39
    xarmydog to James C. Bennett

    Had a quack doctor who initially diagnosed it as a spider bite as she already had two.Treated the spot on her stomach as past history.I spent a lot of time researching myself and found that when MRSA left untreated,tends to colonize.She had four spots on her stomach after one month of treatment before they did biopsies.Instead of a good diagnosis at first where she could have taken pills to combat the infection,It turned into three days in the morning for drips,three hours after work for another one.Veins collapsing,for one week.And she continued working.Pin this shot,all were given in the ER!!I am not a smart man,but if in a serious accident,would not want to be exposed to that situation.PS,ALL MRSA patients were treated there.Scenario,bad car accident,taken to ER,where that is prevalent.Do you trust them???HELL NO>

  • GOP Establishment Not Happy with Ryan Pick

    08/14/2012 6:28:13 PM PDT · 34 of 37
    xarmydog to publius911
    I was flamed last election year.I did not vote.First time in a long time.The main reason was I despise McLame to the point of no end.I was enthralled with Gov.Palin as to me,she was a breath of fresh air.But the memories of McCain and Kerry being placed on a joint assignment concerning POW'S and what took place sickened me.destroying records of known POW”S that were still alive,discounting actual live accounts,etc.Shredders were working overtime in their HQ.Outside,Parents were beside themselves wanting any or all of what became of their loved ones.Our Govt.just wanted it to GO AWAY as it did.Do not disregard the fact that the two highest ranking soldiers in the camp wanted him court marshaled for High crimes and misdemeanors,amongst others.Check it out.War Hero my butt.I could have been one of the captives.I voted with my heart.NOT THIS TIME!We,as a people,are in big trouble.Along with our off springs and theirs to.We need strong leaders,not REMP ones.72-78 US ARMY INFANTRY,I could spot them a mile away.They were as bad as the enemy.Sad to say,their knowledge cost many men their lives May God look over them all,no matter what branch they belong to.It is all connected.We are one means just that.God bless.
  • Obama partially backpedals on gun control speech while Senate Dems surge ahead

    07/28/2012 1:23:38 PM PDT · 11 of 12
    xarmydog to abclily

    Smells like good cop/bad cop to me.

  • Five Types Of Looters You Must Prepare For

    06/24/2012 5:09:28 PM PDT · 79 of 84
    xarmydog to Farmer Dean

    Just make sure you unhook the battery.Could fry the computer.Just sayin.

  • Wolves maul a woman to death at a zoo in Sweden

    06/17/2012 8:40:17 PM PDT · 145 of 162
    xarmydog to JRandomFreeper
    In Texas,Coyotes are open game.The damage they instill is horrendous.I have always been partial to German Shepperd's,which is similar in looks to a Cayote.After witnessing the damage they can inflict I lost all feelings for them[cayotes].Ranchers despise them and it is an unwritten rule,if you see them shoot them.Had a friend who had a mare.He showed up in time to save the foal,but not the mother.He kept it[I think out of sympathy],but the left side was disfigured. Growing up on a farm in upstate NY,when the corn was ready to put in,there was a bounty on Raccoons.They were very destructive.They would take a bite of one,throw it down and move on.It was shocking how much damage they could do in one night.We would hunt them on horseback at nigh with dogs.Pelts went from four dollars to twenty five depending on the Quality.Till the EPA and all the number people stepped in.Put the farmers out of business.Had to have feed for the winter.What was once beautiful farmland went obsolete seemingly overnight.
  • An Open Letter to Bottom Dollar Foods

    06/17/2012 1:16:57 PM PDT · 33 of 35
    xarmydog to xarmydog

    Having listened to the hype of plastic bags that do not deteriorate,I live in southwest Texas.I have a large yard that is cleaned off.A plastic bag became entangled in a mesquite bush and I observed it for two months until I could no longer stand seeing it anymore from my kitchen window.When I finally got off my a#%,I went and grabbed it and it disintegrated in my hand.Poof,gone.One suggestion,[had to convince wife],Go to produce section and double bag produce.You get bags that are sturdy and great for leftover dumping and garbage.She is a believer.

  • What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....?

    05/27/2012 1:04:29 PM PDT · 530 of 632
    xarmydog to MountainDad
    In the very early seventies,being an infantryman,training involved riot control.With Woodstock,hippies and all that,it was not uncommon to be trained to hate these anti Americans, and prior to any ]New Studies],there were many soldiers that would not hesitate to open fire on there own countrymen. My take is that after many family members who were killed,will have a very profound impact on the soldiers whose families were decimated from their own fire. It is a very slippery slope.God bless them all!!!!

    05/26/2012 3:32:13 PM PDT · 78 of 83
    xarmydog to mamelukesabre
    WORKED IN A body shop some years ago.Had a ten year old wolf/Shepperd mix that lived there.Did not care for anybody much,but on the weekends,his food bowl was empty along with the toilet water.
    After about three months,I could not stand the treatment he was getting.He took a liking to me as I fed him scraps and fast food.One three day weekend ,I was just devastated at his pitiful condition.So i told the owner I was taking him home.It was explained to me how vicious he was etc.
    At the time I was driving a jeep and I told him if he could make it in,he was going home.He did.Wife freaked out but my daughter was popular and had many girlfriends over all the time.He would sit in the backyard proud as can be,tongue hanging out.The kids would run by pet him and move on.Only hangup was,if you wanted to pick up your child,you had to get me or the wife to approve.Once the neighbors figured it out,they loved it!I was so proud of him and I think he was of me RIP,HOBO
  • Police charge father after he offers to help girls during snow storm

    03/19/2012 12:30:27 PM PDT · 54 of 104

    I had a music store back in the eighties from where I gave music instructions on a certain night.There was a room for that purpose only.There were 9 girls and 3 boys.The amount of knowledge they could absorb was stunning.
    But,I had one student that DID NOT WANT to learn.Dad pressured her[even though he played]to have her take lessons from me.For the student,it was a traumatic experience.Her mother tried to make me give her lessons so I tried to allow her mom to sit in.No go.If the child made a mistake, the first thing she did was look at her mom.It became very sad as all the child did was cry.I finally told her mom,no more.I can and will not force anyone to play if the desire was not there.After her mother screaming at me and more or less threaten me,it was over.Poor child.At any time,[which i never gave much thought to]any student could have made an ugly made up story about me[he touched me!]and my world would never have been the same.In this day and age would I ever do it again??NO WAY
    Same with Scouting.I feel after all the extensive Military training I have under my belt I could teach the skills of first aid, compass,all the basics a scout needs.No Way It only takes one incident to derail your life.Or one spoiled little child who is mad for whatever reason or another.[No playstation,T.V.,etc.]

  • Myths, Legends, & Misconceptions of the Wolf

    08/21/2010 3:14:45 PM PDT · 54 of 111
    xarmydog to goat granny
    I had at one time a dislike for shooting coyotes as they resembled a German Shepperd which is one of my favorite types of dog.Had many over the years.
    Then,one day I heard a terrible scream come from the backyard.It was a coyote making off with my little daschund that was my constant companion for 12 years.As I was screaming and trying to divert the coyote,it stopped with my dog in it”s mouth turned and looked at me and disappeared into the brush.
    That was all it took.I built a 25 ft. deer stand with a place to sit with shade,and when I am not busy,drag an ice chest up and with my 223,with Leopold scope,and some binocs,watch over the area,and shoot them.They are crafty,but a buddy of mine enjoys helping out once in a while.Sometimes we get lucky,sometimes don”t.
    But the cold ones are a good way to pass the time.Oh,and we use our coyote distress callers to invite them in!
    Next one I get will be named goat granny even if is a male!!Regards.
  • Myths, Legends, & Misconceptions of the Wolf

    08/21/2010 2:42:27 PM PDT · 49 of 111
    xarmydog to goat granny
    Alaska has filed suit against the feds for not allowing culling as they are taking over wildlife.Killing because they can.Not for food.but practice.
    The main reason,other than the numbers,is the interbreeding with the coyotes which in turn,turns out a very vicious animal with the natural instincts of both.Not good.
    In Texas,it is a shoot on sight for coyotes as the damage they do is ugly.Very cunning and viscous.
    Some of the damage I have seen to livestock,especially horses,is sad.
    When a Rancher puts hi or her livestock out to pasture,they expect return on their investment.Coyotes and such can put then in the hole.
    I have 400 acres undeveloped behind my property and they are getting closer by the year.I do not even want to go into the diseases they bring.Rabies being at the top.
    Oh yes,they breed as fast as they can.
    I cull as many as I can.
  • Thoughts on a good carry gun (caliber, make) and holster type.

    08/13/2010 4:15:55 PM PDT · 117 of 161
    xarmydog to IOWAfan
    I own a Bersa Thunder in 380 and at 15 ft with 102 grain hollow points,it will go through a 50 gallon barrel.In one side and out the other.The exit holes are impressive.
    Very accurate out of the box and only jammed once during break in.It takes a few rounds to break it in though as it is pretty tight.Sadly,the ammo has been hard to get where I am though,but it is improving.35 dollars for a box of 50.
    I was impressed with the gun though and not disappointed at all.
  • Sea snail saliva may become new treatment for most severe pain

    08/08/2010 8:13:59 AM PDT · 30 of 30
    xarmydog to aruanan

    Sorry for not replying sooner.It looks a little similar to the shell picture in the bottom,but with different coloration.
    It measures 9 and 3/4 inches long and about the same when measured from the’foot’as I call it to the top of the ‘wing ‘as I call it!
    The wife collects them and there is another one beside it that is six inches long that has multiple ‘horns’around it.
    Both are very pretty especially the large one that has a mother of pearl look to it.
    As you may have well known by now I am no Marine Biologist!
    The colors do not look like the ones you posted.She has one that I have never seen and it is strange looking.
    The small 6 incher is a dark tan/light brown,and the other is dark tan.
    If I knew how,I would send a picture.Hope it helps and if you have an inkling as to what lived in it,i would be curious to know.
    We used to hide messages to each other in the big one!Later,xarmydog.

  • Sea snail saliva may become new treatment for most severe pain

    07/28/2010 2:22:39 PM PDT · 24 of 30
    xarmydog to aruanan
    My wife is deathly afraid of water.On a vacation in Corpus Christie,she found the nerve to venture out about up to her ankles.
    She stepped on a sea shell that was huge.She picked it up and rinsed it out.
    Before we left the beach,she was offered a large sum of money for it,which she declined.When I explained to her what had lived in it and what might happen if she had been stung,she was horrified.
    It is on display along with other various sea things in our bathroom.
    It has been awhile since we have owned it,but I still check it out every once in a while.Just in case!PS,It is huge!
  • Sherrod: I'd Consider Legal Action against Breitbart

    07/22/2010 6:46:53 PM PDT · 122 of 129
    xarmydog to LeonardFMason

    All my friends say the same.She is and always will be a Racist.Lipstick on a...etc.