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Caught on Tape: ‘Hold onto your hat,’ says one U.S. intelligence official
Newsweek ^ | January 31, 2003 | Michael Isikoff and Michael Hirsh

Posted on 01/31/2003 3:39:37 PM PST by aculeus

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To: aculeus
Generally speaking, Democrats and anti-Americans will NEVER believe the evidence presented to them --- because they don't want to.


***An Informative Discussion on regarding an article by - Spokesperson's Unit dated January 19, 2003: "AL-QAEDA IS A DANGER TO THE FREE WORLD" (updated 013003)

WASHINGTON "A DOZEN PAKISTANIS ARRESTED IN CREDIT CARD FRAUD PROBE" by Jerry Seper (ARTICLE SNIPPETS: ""They made $5 million and we just don't see it in lavish lifestyles or expensive toys," Mr. McNulty said, noting that task force investigators were concerned about a lack of tangible evidence to show how the credit card ring spent its illicit profits." ..."Mr. McNulty said the man suspected of being the ringleader, Shah Nawaz, fled to Pakistan with others named in the scheme. He said some of the ring's profits were transferred to banks in Pakistan and Canada, noting that investigators traced $100,000 to specific outlets in those two countries. He said the scheme operated mostly on the East Coast, from Virginia to New York, and primarily focused on credit card, Social Security and immigration fraud.") (January 30, 2003)

***An Interesting Discussion on regarding a NY DAILY article by James Gordon Meek: "REPORT: IRAQI SPIES IN U.S." ( ARTICLE SNIPPET: "WASHINGTON - Iraq sent spies from Canada to New York and Washington this month to snoop and stir up anti-war demonstrations, according to a government report obtained by the Daily News.") (January 30, 2002)

BBC "GERMANS GUILTY IN IRAQ SUPERGUN CASE" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "A court in the German city of Mannheim has convicted two businessmen of supplying weapons-making equipment to Iraq in violation of UN sanctions. Engineer Bernd Schompeter was sentenced to five years and three months for dealing in drills that can be used for boring tubes for long-range cannons, capable of launching nuclear, chemical or biological warheads. A second defendant, Willi Heinz Ribbeck, was given a two-year suspended sentence for failing to alert his superiors to the sale of the drills to Mr Schompeter by his Burgsmueller machine company.") (January 31, 2003)


HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH - INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2002: "STEALING THE FIRE" (NY Premiere) - "Stealing The Fire" is directed by John S. Friedman and Eric Nadler. This documentary video was produced in USA/Germany. (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Filmed over five years on four continents, Stealing the Fire focuses on Karl-Heinz Schaab, a German technician convicted of treason in 1999 for selling top secret nuclear weapons plans to Iraq. The film unflinchingly exposes a web of government and corporate intrigue and lays bare an unbroken chain of events and people that connects today's nuclear weapons underground with the atomic bomb program of Nazi Germany. Stealing the Fire investigates the 60-year history of a German multi-national corporation that directly profited from the Holocaust and in recent decades became a leading supplier of nuclear weapons technology to developing nations, including Iraq and Pakistan.")

*** "CLINTON AND CHINA ARMED IRAQ" by Charles R. Smith (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Thanks to Bill Clinton and his Defense Secretary William Perry, the Chinese army's Electronics Design Bureau modified the American fiber-optic communication system, changing it into the Tiger Song secure air-defense system. The Chinese army then exported the newly modified system to Iraq. Today, Tiger Song stands ready to kill U.S. pilots. Thank you, Bill Clinton and William Perry, for your services to the Chinese People's Liberation Army and to the Iraqi armed forces that now protect Saddam Hussein.") (013003)

INA - INTERNATIONAL NEWS ANALYSIS TODAY: "YOUNG BUT DEADLY -- DESPERATE SADDAM TO USE CHILD SOLDIERS" by Toby Westerman (January 29, 2003) "STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS BY PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH" (SPEECH SNIPPET: "Tonight I have a message for the men and women who will keep the peace, members of the American Armed Forces: Many of you are assembling in or near the Middle East, and some crucial hours may lay ahead. In those hours, the success of our cause will depend on you. Your training has prepared you. Your honor will guide you. You believe in America, and America believes in you. Sending Americans into battle is the most profound decision a President can make. The technologies of war have changed; the risks and suffering of war have not. For the brave Americans who bear the risk, no victory is free from sorrow. This nation fights reluctantly, because we know the cost and we dread the days of mourning that always come. We seek peace. We strive for peace. And sometimes peace must be defended. A future lived at the mercy of terrible threats is no peace at all. If war is forced upon us, we will fight in a just cause and by just means -- sparing, in every way we can, the innocent. And if war is forced upon us, we will fight with the full force and might of the United States military -- and we will prevail.") (January 28, 2003) - UN NEWS CENTRE: "THE SECURITY COUNCIL, 27 JANUARY 2003: AN UPDATE ON INSPECTION Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC, Dr. Hans Blix (as delivered)"

FOX "POWELL: 'SADDAM SHOULD TELL THE TRUTH -- NOW'" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "DAVOS, Switzerland -- There is a relationship between Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and terrorism, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday, warning that without strong international action, Iraq could use its lethal weapons or share its technology with terrorists.") (January 26, 2003)


WWW.WHITEHOUSE.GOV - Office of Global Communications: "APPARATUS OF LIES Saddam's Disinformation and Propaganda 1990-2003"



GLOBAL (includes Public Eye)





An Informative Discussion on regarding this article on by Johan Freitas, in Caracas, with Luis Garcia, in Miami: "9-11: CHAVEZ FINANCED AL QAEDA, DETAILS OF $1M DONATION EMERGE" (123102)

*** "MULLAH OMAR URGES JIHAD AGAINST U.S. WAR ON IRAQ" by Hasbanullah Mutawakel, IOL Correspondent (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Peshawar, December 18 (IslamOnline) - Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar exhorted Muslims on Tuesday, December 17, to prepare for Jihad against the United States if it unleashes a military offensive against Iraq. In a statement published in the Pakistani Mashraq newspaper, Mullah Omar stressed it was time for the Islamic nation to stand in the face of world atheism and to attack American interests worldwide.") (121802)



*** "TRINIDADIAN ISLAMIC GROUP THREATENS TO USE CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS" by Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The reporters for the Trinidad Express talked to a man who said he was a chemical engineer who had received explosives training in the United States. They were shown various materials and told they could be used to manufacture a form of nerve gas as well as toxins strong enough to poison the island's water supply. An expert from the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute watched video footage of the reporting trip and said the man in the lab "sounded as though he knows what he is talking about and what he intends to do". It is not clear who the Islamic group is, although it is likely to be related to Jamaat al-Muslimeen, a radical sect that launched an unsuccessful coup attempt in Trinidad and Tobago in 1990. The group told the Trinidad Express it sympathised with Osama bin Laden and the Bali bombers, and harboured ambitions to stage an Islamic revolution on the island, even though Muslims make up only 6 per cent of the local population.") (January 30, 2003)


***INSIGHT On The News online: "NEW TERROR THREAT FROM CARRIBBEAN" by Scott Wheeler (January 17, 2003)



***INSIGHT On The News online: "The World: Trinidad and Tobago TERRORISTS DEVELOP ISLAND OPERATION" by Scott Wheeler (122402)


stepping back in time...An Interesting Discussion on regarding a BBC article dated July 28, 2002: "CARIBBEAN COUP ATTEMPT REMEMBERED" (BBC ARTICLE SNIPPET: "The crisis began with the blowing up of the police headquarters building in the capital, Port of Spain. After that, groups of young Muslimeen, armed with AK47's, swarmed into the parliament building, known as the Red House, and Trinidad and Tobago Television, TTT. Muslimeen leader, Yasin Abu Bakr, a former Trinidadian policeman, called for public support. Instead Trinidadians stayed home and watched as the six-day drama was reported on local and regional radio and then picked up by the international media.") (August 29, 2002)

stepping back in - ALEXANDER'S GAS & OIL CONNECTIONS: "ARREST OF TRINIDADIAN MAN UNCOVERS POSSIBLE PLOT FOR COUP ATTEMPT" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "23-06-01 The arrest of a Trinidadian man by federal agents has uncovered a possible plot to overthrow the government of Trinidad and Tobago using weapons purchased in South Florida, according to US authorities and Trinidadian officials. Keith Andre Glaude was arrested in a sting operation three weeks ago in Broward County after he allegedly tried to buy high-powered weapons for use by a militant Muslim group in Trinidad, leading agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to believe he was part of a potential plot to provoke an insurrection. "These are not hunting-type rifles," said Eduardo Halley, a spokesman for the ATF. "These are not weapons you buy for sport." Glaude's cas "is a matter of national security," said Hylton Guy, the islands' police commissioner. The case evolved over a year of cat-and-mouse manoeuvres between Glaude and his contacts in Trinidad, on the one hand, and an ATF agent in South Florida. It culminated three weeks ago in a sting operation, as Glaude was about to drive off with 70 submachine guns and 10 silencers in the back of his van.") (July 31, 2001)

***FT.COM - FINANCIAL TIMES: "JAPAN 'LOSES' 206kg OF PLUTONIUM" by Bayan Rahman in Tokyo (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Japan on Tuesday admitted that 206kg of its plutonium - enough to make about 25 nuclear bombs - is unaccounted for. Government scientists said that 6,890kg of plutonium had been extracted since 1977 from spent nuclear fuel at a processing plant about 120km north east of Tokyo. But that is 3 per cent short of the amount the plant was estimated to have produced.") (January 28, 2003)

An Interesting Discussion on regarding a UPI article via "RUSSIA DEPORTS AMERICAN OVER TERROR ALERT" (ARTICLE NOTE: The American is identified as Megan McRee, age 35.) (012903)

FOX (AP): "28 PAKISTANI AL QAEDA SUSPECTS ARRESTED IN ITALY" (ARTICLE SNIPPETS: "During the raid of an apartment in the city center, they uncovered about 2 pounds of dynamite, 165 feet of explosive fuse and various types of detonators, the police statement said.The official said police also uncovered maps of Naples with "sensitive" targets circled. He refused to elaborate. Italian news reports citing unidentified sources said the areas marked included the U.S. Consulate in Naples and NATO bases in nearby Bagnoli and Capodichino."... "In addition, religious texts in Pakistan's Urdu language and other documents were also found in the apartment, as well as photos of "martyrs of the Jihad," the police statement said.") (January 31, 2003)

PAK - PAKISTAN TODAY: "THE FRANCHISING OF HEZBOLLAH" by Avi Davis (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "Western intelligence has now revealed a high level of cooperation between Bin Laden and Imad Muganiyeh, the Hezbullah terrorist who masterminded some of Hezbollah's most spectacular atrocities and kidnappings in Lebanon. Reports have Muganiyeh first meeting with Bin Laden as early as 1995 and those meetings have continued. More than this, since al-Qaida fled Afghanistan at the end of last year, the Sunday Telegraph reports, between 80 and 100 al- Qaida fighters were provided with false passports by Hezbollah before being relocated to southern Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The same report acknowledges that Hezbollah, working hand in hand with al-Qaida, has set up cells in the Far East - including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. It is well known that Hezbollah has operated in Gaza and the West Bank for years, but the recent revelation by the Shin Bet in Israel that al- Qaida has now also joined them there, is chilling evidence of a level of cooperation previously unsuspected. Such news comes as a dire warning to American, Israeli and Jewish communities throughout the world.") (122702) "IS HIZBULLAH INVISIBLE LEADER INVOLVED IN ACTIVITIES IN CANADA?" (ARTICLE SNIPPET: "In the United States, authorities believe that perhaps one of the world's most wanted men is behind the Canadian organization, which has raised funds, falsified documents and purchased military equipment for Hizbullah. In Washington, officials currently suspect that the agents sent to Canada to gather support for the Hizbullah work for Mugniyah, a top-level Hizbullah leader and the suspected mastermind of numerous attacks worldwide.") (120102)

NATIONAL "LEADING TERROR SUSPECT TIED TO CANADIAN CELL Imad Mugniyah: Academic Fears Operations Could Be Launched 'In and From' Canada" by Stewart Bell (111202)

*** MOST WANTED TERRORISTS: "IMAD FAYEZ MUGNIYAH" aka "Hajj" (WANTED POSTER SNIPPETS: "Mugniyah is the alleged head of the security apparatus for the terrorist organization, Lebanese Hizballah."..."The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension and/or conviction of Imad Fayez Mugniyah."..."SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS")

181 posted on 01/31/2003 10:03:37 PM PST by Cindy
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To: MeeknMing

182 posted on 01/31/2003 10:06:45 PM PST by Cindy
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To: Madame Dufarge
They never learn and never are sorry about the damage their agendas cause.

That is one of the cores of being a rat.
183 posted on 01/31/2003 10:12:12 PM PST by Grampa Dave (Stamp out Freepathons! Stop being a Freep Loader! Become a monthly donor!)
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To: philman_36; swarthyguy
Phil, Thanks for giving us this great link!

Have you read this incredible book?
184 posted on 01/31/2003 10:32:50 PM PST by Grampa Dave (Stamp out Freepathons! Stop being a Freep Loader! Become a monthly donor!)
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To: Hillarys Gate Cult
You could slam Eleanor Clift's head several times onto an Iraqi nuke and she still wouldn't accept that they exist.

Apparently I'm less cynical and pessimistic than you. I would be happy to give it a full trial, and I wouldn't stop at "several times" either!

185 posted on 01/31/2003 10:55:14 PM PST by Stultis
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To: Reactionary
131 posts, and no one's yet invoked the watchword: STRATEGERY!!!
186 posted on 01/31/2003 10:56:31 PM PST by ellery
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To: aculeus
From the full article:

“I’m all for it,” said Rep. Jane Harman of California, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. “It’s very important to have popular and multinational support for this effort.” Harmon said the administration’s body of evidence, which has been shared with the intelligence committees, is strong enough that it will accomplish that purpose. If so, Harmon said, she was still hopeful that Iraq would be forced into compliance and war could be averted.

Good for her. Her position is closely in line with Bush; eg. that Saddam would comply, and war be averted.

Time will tell if significant numbers of democrats echo her recognition, that Saddam has failed to comply, to disclose, to disarm.

Iraq has been given sufficient "chances" and soon the hammer will drop. Sadly, some innocent civilians will die.

That blood rightly belongs to Saddam and his top henchmen; as does the failure to feed and medicate the citizens, from oil sales revenues, under UN sanctions.

Colin Powell has played his role effectively, and next weeks he will have the world stage, to detail the folly of Iraq's games. At that point, anybody still calling for yet more appeasement will look like fools.

Too bad it couldn't happen closer to elections.

187 posted on 01/31/2003 10:57:19 PM PST by truth_seeker
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To: CyberAnt
Eleanor Clift has a mind?
188 posted on 01/31/2003 11:00:31 PM PST by arasina
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To: CyberAnt
I wonder if this will change Eleanor Clift's mind ...??

The only thing that will change Eleanor's mind is a lobotomy.

189 posted on 01/31/2003 11:28:27 PM PST by Mr. Mojo
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To: Route66
"Once again, they will take Saddam's word over Bush's word"

Is that amazing or what?

The question is real simple:

One of these men is the constitutionally elected president of the United States, and the leader of the free world, and the other is a despot and a murderer of his own people who invaded a neighboring country without warning a few years ago.

One of them is lying.

It really shouldn't be all that difficult to figure this out.

Once you do that, then your only argument against war has to be that we have the moral obligation to allow this man to murder a whole bunch more people before we feel that our involvement is justified.


Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.

I guess the anti-war people would rather have the inevitable death of several thousand (or tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands) more innocent people on their collective conscience, than the overthrow of one oppressive, murdering, tin-pot dictator.

190 posted on 01/31/2003 11:32:22 PM PST by Luis Gonzalez (The Ever So Humble Banana Republican)
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To: Hillarys Gate Cult
"You could slam Eleanor Clift's head several times onto an Iraqi nuke and she still wouldn't accept that they exist."

Same missile, but I would be attacking an entirely different section of the body.

She still wouldn't get it, but at least I would feel a little vindicated.

191 posted on 01/31/2003 11:35:44 PM PST by Luis Gonzalez (The Ever So Humble Banana Republican)
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To: Luis Gonzalez
We've got more on them than that. No 'smoking gun', perhaps, but enough circumstantial evidence to choke a blue whale. I can't wait to see what they decide to declassify.

I'm feeling warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

192 posted on 01/31/2003 11:45:06 PM PST by Steel Wolf
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To: Archangelsk; Reactionary; _Jim
"...I beg your pardon, but you have no idea what you're talking about..."

We've a good idea, Arch. During a recent Discovery Channel program, they confirmed the existance of Echelon, and even described some of its' capabilities.

It's not the scary-snoopy thing that was bounced around here during klintoon, but it's real, and apparently works pretty good...........FRegards

193 posted on 02/01/2003 12:08:34 AM PST by gonzo ( You can save the whales, so collect the whole set......)
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To: aculeus
Prediction: you will all be underwhelmed (just like last year).
194 posted on 02/01/2003 12:10:28 AM PST by The Great Satan (Revenge, Terror and Extortion: A Guide for the Perplexed)
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To: Bonaparte
Of course there are no WMD in IraQ. The moon landing was faked, there was no such thing as a NAZI concentration camp, tinfoil hats protect you from the truth, and yes, there is a Santa Claus. We made all of this sh@# up because we just want to make American oil companies rich. The tooth fairy is real, so is the Easter Bunny, I gave at the office, the check is in the mail, public schools are great, democRATS are honest, etc, yada, yada...You can't reason with an Ass - all he's interested in is a warm place to sh#@, loose shoes, and a tight piece.
195 posted on 02/01/2003 12:47:40 AM PST by eldoradude
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To: geedee
Your cartoon is right on the money..
196 posted on 02/01/2003 4:29:09 AM PST by KSCITYBOY
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To: gonzo
We've a good idea, Arch. During a recent Discovery Channel program, they confirmed the existance of Echelon, and even described some of its' capabilities.

It's not the scary-snoopy thing that was bounced around here during klintoon, but it's real, and apparently works pretty good

"Bwahahahahaha". That's the sound of a lot of employees are making at your insistence that a one-hour TV program and a nonsense-filled web site has anything to do with knowledge.

197 posted on 02/01/2003 5:43:15 AM PST by Archangelsk (Quote from a friend, "I'm SF, the world is my lane.")
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To: CyberAnt
"I wonder if this will change Eleanor Clift's mind ...??"

. . .Course not. . .Eleanor and 'the others' will just ante up for another excuse. . .

. . ."tapes were altered. . .may not be authentic. . .they were only kidding around. . .tapes were scenes from an Iraqui move that Saddam was making. . .just FICTION!!!"

. . .or, 'this just raises more questions'. . .can hear the gnashing of their teeth. . .

198 posted on 02/01/2003 8:52:41 AM PST by cricket
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To: chance33_98
Whoa and 'wow' re your links. . .
199 posted on 02/01/2003 8:53:52 AM PST by cricket
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To: HiJinx
Isn't Isikoff the reporter who broke the Lewinsky story?

More like Issy tried to suppress the story that he had for a very long time, until he was forced to go with it after other news groups started reporting it.

200 posted on 02/01/2003 9:11:36 AM PST by ladyinred
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