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The Liberal Lexicon A Conservative's Dictionary of Libberish ^ | ? | LIBERAL LEXICON

Posted on 04/26/2002 10:56:30 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK

The Liberal Lexicon
A Conservative's Dictionary of Libberish


In the amazing world of American politics, it often seems like the two major parties simply can't communicate, separated by the very words invented to describe the problems in the first place.  For decades, the Democrats have been refining their Anti-American, Pro Victimology rhetoric until, in today's setting, they speak a powerful specialized language, like scientists or mathematicians. Even the smallest expression contains volumes of earlier thinking under its simple surface.  Leftists have spent years distilling their endless self-pity and hollow complaints into a deliberately aggressive secret lingo which they understand among themselves, but exists only as a sinister, accusative mystery to those on the Right.            

Here at Trilobyte, this enigmatic, encrypted, malignant claptrap is called "Libberish."                               

Below, you will find a list of many Liberal Third Way Multi-Pluralist terms.  Each word or phrase is de-coded and explained into clear common English.  Admittedly, this list is incomplete.

Abortion:  Post-conception contraception.  That divine Democratic sacrament by which Liberal women can secretly expunge their bodies of the inconvenient results of their own licentious promiscuity. By sweeping their love affairs and irresponsible drunken rutting under the rug, Abortion elevates women into the ranks of the gods, deciding who will live and who will die.  It shows the world that women have a greater claim on the lives of their children than do the children themselves, that the Unborn are mere property, like slaves (or furniture).  In the Liberal world, Women are the smartest, wisest, most caring creatures in the cosmos, so when they turn on their own offspring and kill them, it must be a brilliant, compassionate decision, not to be questioned in any way.  Those Conservatives who arrogantly maintain that Liberal women are shameless tramps (who view sex as mere recreation instead of procreation) and sleazy whores who, once maddened by their fear of pregnancy, labor and delivery become cowardly killers, destroying the most defenseless, vulnerable creature they can, the innocent child in their womb (the blameless child who can't even run away from the murderous grasp of its own mother), those Conservatives (most likely Christians) are the real extremists. They're bastards from Hell who just want to punish Democratic Women for having fun.  They don't understand that it's a good, holy thing when Democrats kill the unborn.  C                 

Activism:  The noble pursuit of saving the world by destroying the old Capitalist structure and replacing it with the new Inclusive Redistributionist paradigm of Utopian Global Governance.  Insofar as Liberals know best about everything, they must save the world from itself wherever and whenever it moves too dangerously toward Free Enterprise (the enemy of the People).  Activism promotes Utopianism, the lack of Activism lets the world backslide into Profitseeking and Exploitation.  The flow of human events must be pushed forward into the Utopian future, not backward into the dark ages of Conservatism.  Activism is the work of heroes, those selfless troopers in the war for men's minds.  The activists of today are the Liberal saints of tomorrow.  C                

Affirmative Action:  The assignment of labor in accordance with color and gender quotas.  A remedy for the historical discriminatory practices of the illegitimate white patriarchal majority.  A true economic expression of white cultural guilt.  Giving women and minorities their proper place in a true Inclusive Third Way Society.  Undermining the traditional economic role of the white male oppressors.  Creating a national economic profile that "Looks like America."  Repaying the slaves for past cultural crimes against them.              

Affirmative Action is the most minimal effort the Guilty White Society can make to compensate for its past sins against Women and Minorities: giving economic opportunities to people because of their historical race and gender victim-status.  (see Victim; see VictimologyC                      

Baby:  The Fetus in your womb that you intend to keep.    C                                     

Bigotry:  A term of righteous derision (equitable with Intolerance and Hatred) which usually means: A deep seated dislike of those people who are "different" from you.  This difference can be one of color, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, health, income, social standing, race, weight, intellect, height, etc.  When someone disagrees with the social agenda of any political Identity group, it's because of bigotry.  The accusation of Bigotry is an all-purpose smear because there are so many Identity issues that no one can help but offend someone.  In fact, in the course of a normal life everyone inevitably makes remarks that can be called insensitive many years or decades later.  These remarks can then be dredged up as proof positive of (what else?) Bigotry.                              

It's important to note here that Liberals, no matter how vicious and hateful, cannot be Intolerant or practice Bigotry.  Liberal Hate Speech is not Hate Speech.  It's Free Speech.  Intolerance of what Liberals perceive as Intolerance is not intolerance.  Liberal Bigotry against White Men, the Rich, Conservatives, Corporations, and the whole host of Liberal enemies is simply not bigotry.  It's called "Fighting the Good Fight."  It's the Struggle.  More accurately put, it's Good Hate.   C                         

Capitalism:  The most loathsome sociopolitical monetary philosophy in all human history.  Capitalism allows the clever and sneaky among us to exploit the valuable labor of the poor and become undeservedly wealthy through a process specifically designed to keep the People grubbing around in literal Serfdom while the Economic Royalty prospers.  Created by White Supremacist European Patriarchs, Capitalism (and the vile worm in its heart, Logical Positivism) is the slave owner's dream come true: Billions of laborers working day and night to fill the coffers of a few shifty, underhanded bastards at the top of the social ladder.              

Everyone knows that the natural resources of the planet are owned in common by the all People of the World.  One person can't take a Profit without depriving someone else of their fair share.  Capitalism distributes  property and funds in an unjust, unfair manner, leaving destitution and starvation in its wake.     

However distasteful it seems to the Leftist mentality, Capitalism is politically entrenched (if only for the moment) in all our lives.  The goal of Liberalism must shift (temporarily) from the utter destruction of Free Enterprise to the "New Democrat" strategy of using the means of Capitalism to accomplish the goals of Socialism.  This is the origin of Third Way Parliamentary Redistributionism.  C                         

Christians:  The Liberals' greatest competition for the heart and soul of the World.  Without a doubt, Third Way Sociologist Parliamentary Utopianism is a secular humanist political religion.  It has it's own saints (like FDR, Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Karl Marx), it's own miracles (Food Stamps and Welfare which parallel the Loaves and Fishes;  The famous Liberal Bleeding Heart parallels the Christian Stigmata); it has  its own beatified celebrities (Princess Diana and JFK Jr.), and most importantly it has its own apostles (like the Leftist media writer-pundit types and the Teachers' Unions) who spread the Gospel of Liberalism every day in every informational venue.          

Obviously Christians and Christianity get in the way of this Holy Crusade.  Not just because they make Liberal Moral Relativism look bad, but mostly because they compete with Liberalism for the control of the Public Mind.  There are no two more diametrically opposed social/spiritual perspectives, and each wants to dominate the entire planet.          

To win this battle, Liberals must forcibly eject Christians and Christianity from the schools and every other public place so that Liberalism can fill the subsequent vacuum.  Christians must be insulted and reviled at every opportunity as dangerous gun-toting superstition-driven extremists dedicated to bridging the separation between Church and State, shoving their values down the throats of The People.  Even God must be demonized.  The Liberal agenda must be taught in the schools in order to wholly take over the affairs of State and governance.   Christianity must be destroyed.    (Note:  Black Christianity is 99% Multicultural Liberalism, and therefore immune to the intense hatred reserved for White Christianity.)  C          

Community:  That tightly-knit amalgamation of one or many gay, black, feminist, Hispanic, asian, native American, and other victimological groups who hate their position in the economic structure of the United States and intend to shame their oppressors at the top into giving them, free of charge, the kind of lives for which others have had to labor for decades to achieve.  C              

Compassion:  The single most efficient weapon in the Leftists' arsenal.  Armed with Compassion, the Liberals have rescued four generations of black Americans from the unfair demands of employment and marriage.  From behind the shield of Compassion, Liberals have taxed this evil country into near-oblivion; for decades they've hounded and derided our most profitable businesses, finally driving them overseas in search of freedom from the Democrats' constant hatred of achievement that passes as Compassion for the poor.  The logical foundation of Redistributionism is Compassion: we must help the poor by giving them the money of the rich.  It makes no difference whatsoever that none of the Liberal solutions have ever fixed anything (usually creating more and more problems in their wake), because as long as those Liberal social programs are rooted in Compassion, people who refuse to work for their own wealth will always vote Democratic.   C                            

Conservatives:  The meanest, most evil, ignorant, arrogant, selfish, vicious, spiteful, hypocritical, greedy, brutal, immoral, mean spirited, negative bastards ever to walk the Earth.  They hate everyone and everything.  Completely without value or Compassion, willing tools of the International Business Community, they exploit and ruin everything they touch.  They'd force people to live by working, force women to bear and raise inconvenient children, force old people out onto the streets to starve.  They would turn back the course of history and create a worldwide medieval fiefdom with Rich Fat Cats lording it over a polluted planet of serfs.  They'd put criminals in jail, or execute them just for fun.  They want to see burning piles of homosexuals in the public square.  They want to re-enslave Women and Minorities.  Conservatives are murderous, destructive NazisC                  

Corporate America:  The true enemy of The People, Corporate America is a tiny but powerful monolithic Special Interest group comprised of the most evil creatures ever to live: the Fat Cats.  Buckminster Fuller called them "Merchant Princes," and they own the whole world.  But their ownership is totally illegitimate because the means of production must reside in the hands of the numerous Proletariat, and not the few evil Bourgeoisie.  Corporate America creates the misery of the impoverished majority, then trades on it for the worst element in the Cosmos:  Profit.  Resources must be distributed freely, not for the benefit of rich white men who have raped and the polluted the entire planet, enslaved the women and people of color, deprived the impoverished masses of opportunities, and prevented the redistribution of Wealth so necessary to the success of the masses.  Corporate America is evil, plain and simple.  It must be destroyed, replaced with employee-owned profit-sharing companies.  The Fat Cats should be killed.  C                         

Corporate Welfare:  Immoral tax breaks and cushy sweetheart Government contracts for the most vile element of our society: Capitalist Corporations.  While our inner cities rot, while our children starve in the streets or kill each other for drugs, while Injustice prevails throughout the land, untold billions of dollars are given to the Sadistic Fat Cat Corporate Vampires who already have too much money.  How much misery could be alleviated if we spent that money on the Victims of America instead of the Victimizers?  Where is our Conscience?  The People need that money right now!!  Down with Corporations!!  No more Corporate Welfare!!  C                                       

Corruption:  The inevitable, despicable result of Free Enterprise intermingling with Republican White Male Supremacist Politicians;  Fat Cats working in collusion with Patriarchal Oppressors to produce a society where the poor lower classes are victimized by the Greed and Profit-Taking of the illegitimate achiever class.  Money, the bane of the proletariat, can ruin even the best of intentions.  Idealism spoiled by avarice is rampant in the Government: Corporate lobbyists actually write the legislation, then bribe the Conservatives to engineer their immoral special interests into the public law (which should be used to destroy the Fat Cats, not empower them).         

Corruption is a uniquely Republican crime.  No matter how much money the Leftist Sociologists take from Hollywood Elitists, Chinese Communists (in exchange for nuclear weapons and missile technology), Labor Unions, or Feminist and Gay bundling groups, Democrats are never called corrupt.  These contributors are noble Third Way Sympathizers who give freely to those decent Liberals who need millions to fight the good fight on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised.  No matter how many Democrats are statutory rapists, perjurers, thieves, ex-cons, drug addicts, killers, quezmos, embezzlers and adulterers, they remain uncorrupted by the billions that flow into their lives.  They are the Crusaders of Socialism, above reproach.   C            

Crime:  Those lamentable but fully understandable illegal actions to which the Poor People are driven by the White Wall Street Fat Cats who won't give them enough money to buy the kind of lives they deserve.  The People commit crimes when they've been driven mad by poverty, deprivation, economic inequality, and social abuse.  Women and Minorities, the Poor, and other Victims never commit crimes because they're bad people.  We must "understand" them.  Only white men are bad people, and from them alone flows all crime.  C                

Date Rape:  A self-delusionary excuse for abortion (created by the Institutional Feminists) which allows girls to go out on the town with the boys of their choice, have a fun (and often drunken) evening, have sex with that very boy, come up pregnant, then get an abortion based on a claim of rape that does not have to be reported to the authorities or proven in a criminal court.  If a girl can convince herself that her inconvenient pregnancy is a product of a new category of rape (but a rape nonetheless), then she can destroy the child without feeling like the cowardly murderer that the Conservative Extremists would have her believe she is.  Many nice young men have had their reputations ruined by the accusations of young Liberal women who didn't want to bear their child (and so cried rape to justify an abortion).  And so it should be.  Men are patently evil, and women, despite their natural perfection, are no more than sexual targets for male predators, and should not be forced to bear the offspring of such gender based crimes of lust and power.  Innocence ruined (by Date Rape) should be Innocence restored (by Abortion), and that's that.  C     

Diversity:  The essential "biology and behavior as culture" reasoning which serves as the foundation for the political theory known as "Inclusion."  Because gender, skin color, sexual preferences, social behavior, and political needs are immutable, genetically determined traits, many kinds of specific behaviors (like homosexual pedophilia and abortion) are thought to be the "culture" of their practitioners. There's the culture of Homosexuality, Feminist culture, African American culture, etc., a separate culture for each sub-species.  Each culture must be "included" as an important member of the Liberal Parliamentary Utopia so their specific needs can be incorporated in The Law.  To ignore Diversity is a race crime (see Reparations), because Inclusion requires that no one be rejected or ignored; however, this principle of Diversity does not apply to Republicans, Christians, gun owners, Capitalists, or straight white men.  They're the enemies of Diversity, so no inclusion for them.  C                 

Drugs:  The plague of the poor and the joy of the wealthy Democrats.  While ghetto dwellers kill each other over drugs and drug money, Hollywood elites and everyday Democrats consume drugs by the ton.  The War on Drugs is the single most efficient Liberally designed drug supply program ever invented.  It jails the poor Liberals and empowers the rich Liberals.                  

Drugs are wonderful.  They accelerate the mind, opening fresh vistas of creativity and deep new insights into life.  Unfortunately, drugs are illegal.  If the day to day Liberals want to keep taking drugs, then someone else will have to get busted.  The Poor, they're the scapegoats who are busted to protect the rich drug users at the top of the party (like Ted Kennedy and Marion Barry).  As long as the Democrats continue to use drugs, the Poor will continue to fill our drug jails.  C                          

Equal Access to Opportunity:  The notion that jobs, housing, seats on Corporate Boards, placement in Colleges and Graduate Schools, memberships in country clubs, etc., be disbursed as evenly to blacks, women, and any other legitimate victim-group as they are to white men.  These hard-earned victories of life are described as "Privileged Opportunities," and people of little accomplishment are said to have been deprived of those very opportunities by a Corrupt and Bigoted social infrastructure.  People in the lower classes are just as smart and clever as are the upper class folk, and they're entitled to the chance (opportunity) to interact and compete with their Oppressors as equals.  Regardless of their circumstances or so-called "Qualifications," America must accept it's victims into the economic and influential upper echelons of culture where they can indoctrinate society with VictimologyC              

Equality:  Sameness.  Sameness of income regardless of position in a company;  Sameness of neighborhoods, each with the right proportional balance of race, gender and sexual preference groups;  Sameness of value, each person no better or worse than any other, each equally precious;  Sameness of wealth, everyone well off but no one richer than anyone else; Sameness of politics, everyone a Politically Corrected Third Way Multi-Plural Sociologist Liberal, every other point of view a crime.  Sameness as defined by the Left is the model for a perfect Global Liberal Utopian Citizen, proud of the fact that he's no better than anyone else.  If he's below this standard, he's a Victim and must be helped.  If he's above this standard, he's an Oppressor and must be made poor, brought down to the level of his Victims.  If he refuses to comply with his own disenfrenchisement, he must be demonized and then utterly destroyed.  C                      

Extremists:  Anyone who disagrees with the Democrats in any way.  The Democratic cause (International Parliamentary Sociologist Redistributionism) is such a perfect, noble, almost holy goal that anyone who opposes it in any way is certainly a monster.  These monsters include:  Gun owners and gun advocates; Fat Cat rich people; International Businessfolk; the Military; White Protestant Christians; Anti-Abortionists; Heterosexual Activists; the Boy Scouts;  International Corporations; Republicans and Conservatives; the Business Community; Morality-based ethics; Achievement-based Elitism; Selfishness, Greed, and a whole host of erroneous notions based on the success of the individual instead of the success of the Sociologist Government.  Those who oppose Liberalism are evil, they must be destroyed.  C                   

Fairness:  The underlying goal of Activist Government. The deliberate pursuit of Government defined, Government mandated, and Government enforced Sameness (Equality).  Because the Constitution insists that people are created equal, it becomes the duty of the Sociologist Activist Government to make certain that their lives are equal, that they achieve equally.  "Inequity equals Iniquity," and if people achieve unequal results in their pursuits of life, it's because social crimes are being committed, crimes which have to be corrected through the pursuit of Fairness.  Underachievers and Overachievers must be equalized, the Poor must be made Rich, we must pretend that the stupid are smart.  It's not enough to be created equal, we must obtain equal results from life.  It's only fair.  C                      

Fetus:  The Baby in your womb that you intend to abort.  C                   

Free Speech:  The Constitutionally guaranteed shield from behind which Liberals may strike out with the swords of misinformation, lies, and hate.  The Third Way Sociologists' dream of Worldwide Fascist Liberalism is too important to risk in a fair battle of facts, so  Liberals must disguise their intentions with every semantic veneer and smokescreen possible to make their cause appear just and benign.  Because their goal is so essentially noble that it cannot be threatened by the disgusting character of their leaders, Liberals must simultaneously hide the faults of, and utterly destroy the enemies of, those high placed crusaders of the Faith.  Lies, obfuscation, denials of criminal behavior, slander, physical threats, the re-defining of basic grammatical concepts, Politically Corrected language, disinformation, hysterical ravings, revised history, verbal bullying, and the informational pollution known as "Spin" are all pressed into the Liberal's service under the rubric of "Free Speech."  From behind this shield, every vile and unethical language crime may be perpetrated on behalf of the Leftists' agenda.  Bile and venom and vitriol are not Hate Speech if perpetrated by Democrats.  They're Free Speech.  C                      

Freedom To / Freedom From:  The ideal social circumstances in which Liberals, all people, even the whole world ought to live: With the Government's permission to do the things they like, and the institutional power to repel the things they don't like.  Examples of the Freedoms To include:  The freedom to have sex with anyone or anything you please, including children and pets and toys, even in public, as an expression of art and love; The freedom to heap endless verbal aggression on anyone who doesn't agree with your politics; Freedom to destroy any inconvenient young person while simultaneously demonstrating for the rights of convicted murderers; and Freedom to decide what's right and wrong according to one's preferences of the moment while calling any other opinions "rigid and archaic;" In short, the freedom to creatively live life in whatever unrestricted manner you choose, with the full funding and approval of the Worldwide Libertine Redistributive Communal Authority:  International Liberalism. Freedoms-From include:  Freedom from Religion, God, and religious principles in general; Freedom from Starvation; from Christianity, Christians, and  their Moral scrutiny; Freedom from any negative criticism of any kind; Freedom from authority, arrest, and police brutality; from discomfort, from failure; Freedom from Capitalism, work, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia; from Fear and Economic Insecurity; from Poverty; Freedom from the prehistoric Ethics of Monogamy, Fidelity, and Honesty; Freedom from any restrictions of any sort.  C          

Government Funds:  Those trillions of dollars which appear magically in the coffers of the Third Way Sociologist Parliamentary Utopian Government as a consequence of its dearly held obligation to do good in the world.  Socializing the planet is very expensive, and these funds (which may once have been the property of the Oppressors) are put into the service of that noble goal.  Liberalism has its own agenda, and the taxpayers have no claim on their own money.  They are of no consequence to the Democrat's cause.  Their money belongs to the Liberals, and to their dream.  C                         

Greed:  The immoral desire to gleefully accumulate vast personal and corporate Wealth by depriving the Poor of the money they so desperately need.  Wealth is a natural resource, like air or water, and everyone is equally entitled to a fair share, but no more.  Those who amass more than their fair share are literally stealing it from others (and thereby committing a social sin).  Greed is an economic crime, and it should be punished severely, preferably by death.  C            

Guilt:  "Backwards Causality"-based responsibility for the past.  The evils of today cause the evils of the past.  Today's racists are to blame for yesterday's slavery.  Victimological History is created by current inequities.  The past is spun worse and worse with every passing moment that the Liberals don't get their way; the horrors of the past are amplified by every refusal to knuckle under to Third Way Sociologist Fascism.  Upon each new anti-Liberal transgression is heaped the stain of an ever more evil History until everyone who isn't a Liberal has committed every crime since the beginning of time.  In this way, the enemies of Liberalism regenerate eternally from one generation to the next, inspiring each successive generation of Leftists to hate our common History more and more. C                      

Guns:  The most Politically Incorrect devices in the whole world.  They have a mind and an evil spirit of their own.  Guns kill people, all by themselves.  People, unless they're white men (who are born killers), are seduced by the deadly siren song of guns, lulled into murder by an insidious power greater than their own.  The presence of a handgun in any situation actually causes someone to commit a crime (or a fatal accident).                      

But the most dangerous facet of guns and gun ownership is this:  With guns, Conservatives and Republicans, White Supremacists, Christians, and Racists can defend themselves against the Liberal Activist Government and its Utopian goals.  These enemies of the Sociologist Pacifist Multiculturalist Parliamentary Utopia can actually resist the Leftist-engineered flow of future history.  Conservatives can actually kill the Liberal Sociologists who come to arrest them for being Politically Incorrect.  Oppressors can defend themselves against their own victims, and that's no good.  Only the Liberal Utopian Government should be allowed to have guns, so it can kill those enemies of the State who dare resist the self-evident wisdom of Liberalism.  C                      

Hate:  The single core psychological element present in the heart of every single person who is not a Liberal.  Anyone who disagrees with the International Fascist Feminist Liberal Parliamentary model of Global Geopolitics is a hate monger.  Racism, Sexism, Conservatism, White Supremism, Homophobia, 2nd Amendment support, Capitalism, the Stock Market, Banking, Fat Cats, Corporate Pinheads, Bigotry, Republicans, Heterosexuality, Christianity, White Privilege, Rednecks, Euro-centrism, Racial and Domestic Slavery, Wage Inequity, Exploitation of the Poor, the War on Drugs, English-Only initiatives, Multi-National Businesses, Starvation and Poverty and Debt etc., they're all branches of the same singular tree called Hate.  Hate perpetrated on the People to keep the evil Cultural Overlords in power.            

The only way to destroy this omnipresent hatred is to Out-Hate it, to angrily drive it from the face of the Earth.  By this logic, the Democrats can launch the most hateful pre-emptive attacks on their political enemies and still remain immune to charges of being hate-mongers themselves.  Their own Hate is Good Hate.  C          

Hate Speech:  Any negative or critical view of Liberalism, its goals, its core constituents, or its activities no matter how radical, outlandish or arbitrary.  Any display of self-defense against any assault from the myriad of Leftist cause-groups.  If the Homosexuals accuse you of Intolerance, anything you say in your defense is Hate Speech.  If you claim that Affirmative Action is a mistaken policy, that's Hate Speech.  If you question the Compassion of Welfare, that's Hate Speech.  Even Christian prayers are Hate Speech aimed at non-Christians.                        

Conservative by nature, Hate Speech is the opposite of Free Speech.  Hate Speech is a political crime, and it should be punished with jail or death.  Hate Speech is the Republicans' weapon of choice in the war of words.  C                    

Heart:  That single element of love held in common by each and every human being (except Conservatives, Republicans, and Capitalists) from which flows sympathy, empathy, care and concern for the Poor, the downtrodden, the children, indigenous peoples, animals, the Earth itself.  The Liberal heart bleeds for those who are denied the decadent freedoms inherent in a Worldwide Utopia.  People without free housing, food, education, or health care tug at the Liberal heartstrings, creating the need for legislation to redistribute the assets of the Wealthy Fat Cats to where this Heart tells us it will do the most good.  The "Least Among Us" must be rescued from the inequities of Free Enterprise.   C                             

Homophobia:  The Republican engineered failure of Liberalism to convince the American Public that homosexuality is really cool.  America is so evil that the acceptance of  Homosexuals is the only way that it can rid itself of it's curse of cultural guilt.  Homosexuality is wonderful, and anyone who thinks otherwise must be punished by exposure to it 24 hours a day, in public.  Children must be made to welcome the advances of Homosexuals; only in this way can the future come to love Homosexuals as much as they love each other.   C                        

Homosexuals:  Those eerie, mysterious, yet blessed souls among us who were born with the wonderful urge to have sex with people of their own gender.  Consecrated by Nature, these sweet hearted  mutations show us the way to a true open minded tolerance for those who are "different" (yet not really different at all).  They challenge us (and lead us) to explore alternate lifestyles which may very well pleasure us more than our current pedestrian sexual appetites.  There's a whole universe of new sensual delights out there just waiting to be discovered, if we could only shed our heterosexual taboos and join those hardy explorers in their endless pursuit of new forbidden pleasures.                            

Homosexuals are special, delicate beings.  More sensitive to the deeper threads of physical fulfillment and immune to traditional sexual guilt, they sail the inner ocean of profound sensation for its own sake, unbridled by shame or guilt.                   

Homosexuals represent the Libertine wing of the Democratic Party, the lusty, socially disobedient half of the Liberal heart.  Sexual experimentation opens the door to new levels of Pleasure, and the Democratic Party is the party of pleasure; Endless bliss guaranteed by the Government, without judgment or consequence.  To this end, the Democrats are led to new heights of "Special Rights (or more accurately, Redundant Rights) Legislation" to protect Quezmos as if they were an endangered species.  The Left must safeguard its sexually inquisitive heart at all costs. Sex is one of the core concerns of the Democrats.  From condom distribution to Abortion to Homosexuality, Liberal sexuality must be woven into the law.  C            

(      )-Americans:  Hyphenated Americans are those people who want to be American citizens while still displaying utter contempt for both the country itself and the wholesome, traditional Americans who now comprise the evil white Oppressor class.  This dual-status allows the self-defined Victim groups to actually be Americans while simultaneously avoiding the endless abuse reserved for the Unhyphenated Americans who they're free to hate (because of the Hyphen).  Dividing Americans conquers America.  First come the Ethnic divisions, then the economic divisions, then issues and accusations of injustice and guilt, then the Struggle against Injustice.  In just a few steps, Americans are divided up into angry factions which accuse each other of intolerable and unacceptable grievances.  In this way America is factionalized, broken into bitter, mutually intolerant groups who attack each other ad infinitum, then require the Liberal Activist Third Way Sociologist Government to referee the very conflicts it's created.  Hyphenating Americans is the old "Divide and Conquer" game.  It's worked very well. C                 

Identity:  That basic political self which is allied with whatever contemporary victim group one might choose to represent him-or-herself to the Government as an injured party seeking economic redress from an historically evil patriarchic culture.  The use of political Group-Identity permits each woman to claim damages for all the rape and forced domesticity of the past; it allows today's black people to claim that they were brought here against their will, bound in chains, kicking and screaming.  All homosexuals can claim that American society beats and kills them because of who they love.  In this way, the crimes of history are pulled into the present where they still plague each and every modern-day victim, who can then demand compensatory protective legislation and/or economic restitution for the money and respect they, through their predecessors' suffering, are unjustly denied today.  C                            

Immigration:  The social tool with which Democrats undermine and inevitably disenfranchise the Power and Wealth of the upper class. Like a mirror image of the tactics used by the Allies to destabilize German culture as punishment for World War Two, the Democrats stand back and applaud as the American way of life is undermined by millions of illegal foreigners who send money out of the country and disrupt society with as many drugs and as much crime as possible.  The ever-evil traditional America deserves to be plowed into the land-fill of history, it's streets filled with alien criminals.  As long as people like Ted Kennedy make TV and radio commercials which encourage pregnant foreign women to sneak across the border and birth their children in America (where they'll be citizens), then this noble goal of "Capitalism crushed by the weight of foreign Socialists" will certainly come to pass.  C                    

Inclusion:  The manner in which the support and loyalty of minority Identity Groups is guaranteed;  The assignment of political favors according to the generally accepted visual and behavioral stereotypes associated with gender, racial, and sexual  Identity Groups.  In pursuit of the minority, gay, feminist, and ethnic "voting blocks," Liberals claim to represent the interests of all these Victim Communities.  To this end,  PC thug organizations like NOW, NAACP, LaRAZA, UAW, the AFL-CIO, the Teamsters, AFSME and NAMBLA line up to be seen with Liberals in the hope that voters will believe that every person of every stripe and perversity has a place in the Democratic Party.                   

It's absolutely forbidden to point out that this is just Cosmetic Diversity, that these different faces and genders are all America-hating Third Way Sociologist Parliamentary Utopians in the first place, that there is no room at all for truly differing opinions, no room for Intellectual Diversity.  It's just as semantically illegal to admit that Liberal Inclusion is Politically Corrected Selective Inclusion.  There's no inclusion whatsoever for Gun Owners, Right-Wing Christians, heterosexuality advocates, Republicans, Conservatives, Fat Cats, Corporations, Oppressors, Multi-National Companies, or Angry White Men.  They're the enemies of Liberalism, and there are no seats for them at the Democratic table.  C              

Injustice:  Systemic Inequality.  Inequity equals Iniquity. When one person has less than another, or when one person has more than another, Injustice prevails.  When one person is smarter, richer, prettier, or happier than another, then the social scales are tipped at an unfair angle, and it's up to the Government to set things right.  From the plight of Women-and-Minorities to the sad medical state of the poor, systemic inequality is a true social crime that's been with us since the very founding of America.  It's up to the Third Way Sociologist Utopian Parliamentary Activist Government to equalize everyone, to make everyone the same, to make each person an equal citizen of a Worldwide Compassionate Liberally Corrected Enlightened Parent State.  Only then will Injustice join Capitalism on the dung-heap of history.  C                 

Intellectual Diversity:  There is currently no such concept anywhere in the Liberal Lexicon.  C                       

Karl Marx:  The father of the Struggle.  Marx is the hero of Democrats everywhere.  He showed us the evils of Wealth and Profit.  His hatred of the business community is the model for all the hate that's accrued in the Liberal heart down through the decades.  Once Liberals discovered that Socialist Hate would be tolerated (even encouraged) by college teachers, the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, CNN, in fact almost the entire spectrum of TV's news and political departments, Hollywood stars, and millions of envious, victimized Leftists on the street, the malignant contempt inherent in Marxism rose like a mist into the American Democratic soul where it festered into the omni-directional fire hose of rage against anyone and anything normal and wholesome that we see today.  Nowadays, anyone who has the temerity to disagree with any Liberal cause of any sort instantly incurs such venomous wrath that it's like the doors of Hades itself have been thrown open to wreak vengeance on him.  Reviled and castigated as a Mean Spirited enemy of the People, a devilish killer-Nazi (hell bent on destroying the Future), a bigot, a sexist, a racist, Christian Right Wing Extremist, and a whole host of ever-new, ever-creative invectives, slanders, and slurs, all designed to destroy him, these charges will follow him around forever, reinforced daily as they filter throughout the Democratic Network. Inevitably the lies prevail and the person is disgraced, an eternal political pariah.              

While Karl Marx is seldom publicly recognized as the undercurrent of Democratic Party politics, his legacy of victimology-inspired "class ethnic gender envy" -based Good Hate lives on, healthy and strong, in the heart of today's Leftists.  C               

Looking like America:  Cosmetic Diversity.  The essential Liberal assertion that your political power and interests reside in the color of your skin and the configuration of your genitals.  By this formula, the Democrats need only surround themselves with Women and Minorities to claim that Liberalism "Includes" all their different, diverse voices and needs.  In this way, the Democrats "Look Like America"  in stark contrast to the Evil Right Wingers who look like rich old white Fat Cats.  It makes no difference whatsoever that all the gender and ethnic faces are Leftists as well, united in the crusade for International Redistributive Utopianism.  What counts is the illusion of Politically Corrected Diversity, not real Intellectual Diversity.   Intellectual Diversity is the enemy of the Left.  No Third Way Sociologist is ever allowed to voice or think anything but the standardized party line.  C            

Mean-Spiritedness:  The single constituent quality common to all the enemies of Third Way Sociologist MultiPluraLism.  Anyone who says anything negative about the goals of Liberalism is mean-spirited.  They're cultural criminals, irredeemable and unforgivable.  Politically incorrect, they hate everything good.  They work toward a world where there are no homosexuals, no promiscuity, no welfare, no minorities, no free women, and no drugs.  They promote evils like work, heterosexual marriage, lower taxes, and traditional morality (all the worst of human notions).  Conversely, Liberals can never say anything bad about anyone, Liberals are wonderful.  C          

Mentor:  A seasoned, benign socialist who is willing to help a young, underprivileged victim of Capitalism learn the ropes and tricks involved with getting his own slice of someone else’s hard-earned pie.   C                        

Moral Relativism:   Situational Ethics.  The essential equity between opposing moral and legal paradigms.  Ethics are just an opinion, no one person can tell any other what's right or wrong.  Any sense of propriety and honor can be politically adjusted to fit handily into any current circumstance.  If a Republican president lies to the nation, he's a disgrace.  When a Democratic president does the same thing, he's defending the Constitution.   If a Conservative cheats on his taxes, he's a social criminal because his victims need that money and he won't give it to them.  When a Democrat cheats on his taxes, it's because he's been systematically denied any other opportunities to make more money (besides, millionaires cheat like crazy, so why not go bust them instead? Let's be Fair, now).  

Only the most vicious, zero-tolerance reaction is due when Republicans stray.  But when a Liberal get busted, every consideration must be made to mitigate his act down to an accident or a misunderstanding.  No stone must remain unturned, every twist of logic and grammar must be used in the cause of "Understanding" the crime in whatever manner necessary to forgive it (along with the Liberal).  Leftists are too valuable to be considered bound by the law.  They're above it, they do whatever they please.   C

MultiCulturalism:  The single greatest political idea in all human history.  MultiCulturalism is the remarkable combination of Marxist Socialism, American Leftist World-Saving Activism, 1960's Hippy Libertinism, the envious Victimology of Women-and-Minorities, the Redistributionist demands of the Poor, the Biology as Destiny argument of the blacks and homosexuals,  all linked by the "Government as Social Engineer and Parent" vision of the Liberal Sociologists; It's Fascism, Orwellian history revision, Managed Capitalism, and the Good Hate of the Blame-America-First Progressives all rolled into one magnificent cause:  A Worldwide Libertine Redistributive Parliament governed by an Enlightened, Proportionally Appointed body which referees the petitions of each special political interest group according to the immutable laws of Social Justice, dispensing Politically Correct funds and creating an ever-better world in the process.  C                      

Nazis:  Conservatives.  Republicans. Anyone who is not a Progressive Third Way Liberal.  Any political identity group/party opposed to the Democrats.  The guilty world-wide economic achiever-class.  C            

New Democrat:  The physical and semantic veneer applied to an old-time sociologist Liberal attitude which sufficiently disguises traditional Leftist Redistributionism as a market-friendly, Third Way moderate social philosophy which wants to use the means of  successful Capitalism to accomplish the ends of Benign Utopian Socialism.  A New Democrat encourages Market success so it might be regulated into traditional redistributionist social programs to help the very victims that the old-fashioned Democrats created.  A New Democrat is an old Socialist with a new look and the same old goals: Che Guevara with a shave and a credit card, Jane Fonda waving an American flag, Karl Marx with a stock portfolio.  C        

Oppressors:  White men. Rich white men, poor white men. Educated white men, ignorant white men. White men with guns. Christian white men, conservative white men, white men with short hair. Straight white men with jobs and families. All white men, past present and future. Every white man is a racist, sexist, homo-hating, arrogant white patriarchal supremacist who has raped every woman, enslaved and then lynched every black man, killed every Indian, and humiliated every homosexual all down through history, from ancient Europe until now in America. White men are guilty of every crime ever committed, if not directly, then by causing their victims to commit them in frustration. No white man has ever done anything good, and never will. He bears the guilt of his heritage. If not for white men, war itself would not exist. The world would be a global commune of universal equality. Food would grow freely everywhere, it would be summer everywhere, and everyone would be healthy and happy, tan and rich, though money would be gone. White men keep Utopia from happening. The only white men of any dubious value are Liberal white men who are graduates of the Hillary Bobbit Academy of Liberal Masculine Dignity, wherein guilty white men emasculate themselves on behalf of their countless victim-groups whose special interests the Liberal Activist government should place over their own.  (See White Men)  C            

Poverty:  The Republican engineered failure of Liberalism to sufficiently redistribute the Wealth of the nation so every job, no matter how simple, pays an upper middle-class wage.  C          

Power:  Like air, and Wealth, Political Power is a natural resource that springs from Nature itself.  Power is a birthright, and everyone is entitled to the same amount, no more.  It can only be accumulated by depriving other people of their fair share. (If Whitey has too much, it's because Blacks have too little, etc.)  Lack of Power causes all the problems that plague the People.  For the International Third Way Sociologist Parliamentary Utopia to flourish, Power must be redistributed from the Oppressors to the People.  When the Victims are empowered, Injustice will finally be conquered.  It's incumbent upon the Politically Correct Liberal Government to disenfranchise the Fat Cats on behalf of the People.  C          

Privacy:  Secrecy.  Privacy is the fig leaf behind which the average Liberal Leftist may commit all the crimes and perversions so necessary to live out the contempt he or she feels for the system of normal morality which the cruel and evil Christian American culture tries to "jam down the throat" of the People.  Behind the shield of Privacy, all the favorite crimes of the Democrats abound:  Statutory rape, de facto Bigamy, Theft and embezzlement, Bribery, Investigation and Intimidation, Murder and its cousin Contraceptive Abortion, Drugs, Homosexuality, Sedition and Conspiracy, Slander and Information Contamination, Sabotage, Adultery, and the rest.  In the realm of Privacy, there is no law, and therefore no crime.            

In the end, no one should have to skulk around in the dark back alleys of society to exercise their private pathologies.  Society must allow them to practice their beliefs in public.  Because we can't condemn them for what they do in private, they should be allowed to do it in front of America's kids at the mall.  C                         

Profits:  One of the most vile concepts ever invented by Man, Profits are no more than immoral booty, stolen from the workers by the Corporate Pirates who exploit them with no regard for their well-being, who indeed laugh as the workers suffer.  If not for Profits, everyone would be economically well off, healthy and happy.  Redistribution of Profits is the only moral way to end the constant abuse of the People by the Fat Cats.  C                  

Racism:  The Republican-engineered failure of Liberalism to sufficiently socialize the American economy to where black success can be measured solely by how much guilty white charity each black receives.  (note: Blacks cannot be Racists, Black Racism is an impossible term.) See Social Justice.    C                       

Redistribution:  The transfer of funds from the wealthy achiever-class to their poor victim-class.  Because the gap between the Rich and the Poor is as wrong and immoral as it is wide, the solemn duty of the Third Way Sociologist Parliamentary Utopian Government is to take money from the achiever-class and redistribute it to the perpetual victim-class.  In this way, the Rich are punished for their guilty success, and the Poor are rewarded for their undeserved wretchedness.  C         

Reparations:  That sum of money legally due to today's blacks for the crimes committed upon their ancestors all down through history.  American history in particular (and the whole American culture) is one big long race crime for which punitive damages are now in order.  Minorities, not the whites, built this country.  But they never got paid for their work.  Their descendants are the beneficiaries of that Debt even though the minorities of today are not (and have never been) slaves, and have received in excess of 6 trillion dollars' worth of social(-ist) programs and cash handouts for the last 40 years in a failed attempt to eliminate the cruel Legacy of Slavery and equalize the races.  Today, only tens of trillions of dollars in cash will do, enough to give every minority a lifestyle befitting his true nobility, appropriate to his status as a victim of the 6000 year African Holocaust.  C           

Rights:  Powers, Privileges, Freedoms and handouts that issue forth from the Government and flow down to the People.  Despite the Constitutional claim that rights come from God and are merely guaranteed by the Government, Liberals view the Government as the eternal wellspring of every type and sort of new right that they can imagine.  These new, fictitious rights include:  Free decent housing; free food, clothing, education; free health services, good paying employment, economic security, and a classless society wherein all traditional oppressors are gone and their traditional  victims are elevated to the noble status they've been denied all along.  Federalizing the assets of the Fat Cats is the only way to accomplish these wonderful goals.  C

Separation of Church and State:  The anecdotal principle that religious ideals must not be legislated into public policy.  Democrats use this imaginary notion to drive their real enemies (Morality, Heterosexuality, Capitalism, Self-Reliance, Monogamy, etc) out of the schools (especially the schools) and other public places so that their own one true religion, Third Way MultiPlural Libertine Fascism, can take the place of the evil White European Social Paradigm in the minds of our children, and in the Law.  Through the death of White Christianity, the Crusade of Liberalism will triumph.  C               

Sexism:  The Republican engineered failure of Liberalism to sufficiently Feminize American society to the point where Women run the country by sheer dint of their statistical numerical majority.  Political power must be passed out by the Government according to socially proportional numbers, and Women are more than 50% of the population, requiring more than 50% of the power.  A worldwide Feminist Government is the female birthright, denied by the hateful Conservatives who despise Women and want to physically abuse and enslave them.  Wonderful, all-knowing, all-caring and compassionate, Women would build a Politically Corrected Inclusive Utopian Planet, but the evil Nazi Republicans stand squarely in the way of this noble future. C                   

Shame:  Guilt.  The self-loathing that the enemies of Utopia should feel because of their greed and their insensitivity to Social Justice.  Republicans and Conservatives are so bloody evil that they can't even see how bloody evil they are.  There is no horror in this world that doesn't flow from their lack of Social Conscience, so it's the duty of every Democrat to heap Shame on every single Republican every single day. They must be made to hate themselves, through endless Shaming.  "Shame!  Shame! Shame On You!!" has been the constant Liberal mantra for the last 50 years.  The result is that, within the Democratic constituency, Republicans and Conservatives are plainly seen as guilty monsters who ought to loathe themselves but won't, preferring to proceed with their terrible political war-crimes.  C                    

Social Engineering:  The finest pursuit of Government, the creation of society.  People, left to their own devices, make wrong choices and inevitably become evil.  Evil people create an evil society around themselves.  The Government, with its Liberal wisdom and power, must engineer a society where Evil doesn't (and can't) exist, where Evil is a crime.  If Utopia is to is to become real, the People must be forced to do the right things.  Nothing can be left to chance.  Bad influences like Free Enterprise, Profits, Corporations, Special Interests, Guns, Racism and Sexism, Christians, Conservatives, and a whole host of other unhealthy Republican contaminants, must be legislated out of existence for the good of all.  These malevolent forces must be replaced with the Redistribution of Wealth, Diversity, Inclusion, Homosexuality, Moral Relativism, and International Multiculturalism.  Only a series of Progressive Liberal Activist Social Engineering Programs can accomplish this noble goal.  C          

Social Justice:  That wonderful principle which defines society as a paint-by-the-numbers pastiche of equally entitled victim-groups who should be deliberately included in the outer, larger society according to their guilt-driven social demographic percentages, not by personal achievement. Social Justice is the demand for a Numeric Parliamentary Model of society based on "fairness," specifically "Political Identity Fairness." Since blacks, women, and gays have been hurt by American history, it only makes sense that adjustments must be made in the American future to correct these ancient, systemic inequities. Social Justice is the realization that some (all) liberal special-interest groups deserve more than they’ve got (or earned), and that it’s the role of Liberal-Activist Government to legally provide these people with the lives they truly deserve by redistributing The Wealth from the oppressor class to the victim class.  See Oppressors and Reparations.   C              

Special Interests:  The evil Big Money concerns that fund the Conservative and Republican hate-agenda.  Oil, Guns, Alcohol, Tobacco, Wall Street, the Pharmaceutical Companies, etc.; all the evil greedy Capitalists who own the World and enslave the People.  The Right is wholly owned and controlled by these Special Interests, trying to create a global Medieval society: Billions of serfs and only a few MultiNational Corporations at the top, selling Death to the masses who slave their lives away for those very Special Interests.                 

(Note:  Leftist Special Interests are not called "Special Interests."  The Abortion community, the Quezmo community, the Social Justice community, the Feminists are all called The People .  They are the true and good apostles of the Third Way Utopian Crusade, immune from the Good Hate of the Democrats whose hope for the destruction of America and Capitalism they share.) C            

The Fat Cats:  That small five percent of evil White Men who own everything and keep everyone else poor.  They set up the structure of society so that Wealth does not trickle down to the noble masses, but instead it trickles up to the Fat Cats where it collects in the hands of the privileged few.  The richest five percent are worth more than all the other people in the world put together.  These economic bullies hoard the money that the lower classes need so badly just to survive.  By refusing to give their money to the People, they become criminals, and as such it's okay to mount an unparalleled campaign of Liberal Good-Hate against them.  The Democrats have hated the Fat Cats for a hundred years, calling them every vile name in the book, hounding them with endlessly punitive progressive taxes, and finally driving most of the major corporations offshore to countries where they were heartily welcomed, not despised.  Then the Democrats demanded that they come back for more abuse.  The Fat Cats have hijacked and held hostage the world's Wealth for far too long.  Wealth belongs to the People, not to the Fat Cats.  C         

The Government:  The most powerful political tool of all time.  A simple majority (274 votes out of a possible 546, including the President) rules the land.  Any Liberal, armed with the hearts and votes of a mere 274 people, can  push around 270 Million Americans as if they were children.  There is no substitute for the Power of the Federal Government.  Any agenda can be imposed on America (and inevitably the whole World) if only a mere 274 politicians agree with it and vote for it.  

With Government, all things are possible.  C          

The Legacy of Slavery:  The constantly hostile social (and economic) environment in which black folks have found themselves ever since Slavery was dissolved.  This evil, white racist social infrastructure is the sole explanation for "Black Failure in America."  Crippled by Slavery, the black folk just can't keep up without the very kind of help that they're so despicably denied by an inherently White Supremacist culture.  Drugs, murder, alcoholism, crime, riots, gambling, welfare, disease, immorality and such, have nothing to do with it at all.  White folks just don't do enough for black folks, don't help them enough, don't "love" them enough.  Eliminate this Legacy of Slavery and blacks will prosper in America.  C                         

The Military:  The most heinous institution ever devised by the mind of Conservative man.  The Military is the tool by which the powerful Fat Cats at the top of society use the noble masses of one country to dominate and defeat the noble masses of another country.  Poverty is created by funding the Military, then the Poor are driven by their need into the Military where they are used to kill the Poor of other countries who've been driven by their own need to defend the powerful Fat Cats of their own country.  And all the while, trillions of dollars that should be given freely to the Victims of Capitalism are instead wasted on the power games of the Rich, which could destroy the whole World in the end!  No More Corporate War!!  The Military should only be used to spread Peace!!  C                    

The People:  The huge, worldwide victim class; that international majority of people who are exploited, excluded, poor, oppressed, underprivileged, mocked, abused, left behind, and denied opportunities for the sake of Corporate Profit.  Blacks, women, minorities, hispanics, eskimos, Pacific Islanders, asians, Peruvian Indians, Australian Bushmen, Central Americans, Africans,  Homosexuals, migrant workers, janitors, Amazonian Pygmies, Tasmanians, indigenous tribes and cultures everywhere.  The People are the Victims of Capitalism.  Every single Liberal activity (without exception) is aimed at redistributing The Wealth from the Fat Cats to The People.  (Important Note:  Fat Cats, White gun owners, White Christians, Republicans, Business Owners, Conservatives, Economic Royalty, and Capitalists are not included as People, they are Oppressors.)  C                  

The Poor:  Those noble, hard-working people all over the world who live in destitute circumstances because the greedy Wall Street Fat Cats have too much money and just won't give it to those who need it more than they do.  Burdened by unfair demands on their meager resources, the Poor can't get out of the trap laid for them by the evil Corporate Capitalists.  While the Fat Cats eat thousand dollar dinners, the children of the poor die of starvation.  While the children of Wealth summer in the Caribbean, the elderly parents of the poor die of unattended diseases.  Even though Housing, Food, Clothing, Education, Employment and Economic Success should be Constitutionally guaranteed rights, the Poor are still forced to pay for these things.  That's why they can't get ahead in life, they don't get enough free stuff.  When Liberals rule the world, the Poor will live like kings on the resources of their exploiters. (see Greed) C                           

The Rich:  That greedy minority of Capitalist Americans who have risen to the top of the economic pyramid by forcing the noble majority into endless poverty and victimization.  The Rich are mean spirited, evil enemies of the Third Way Shared-Resources ethic, stingily hoarding The Wealth so desperately necessary to the well-being of The People.  The Rich take food from the mouths of poor children and force the elderly to live like animals.  How dare they accumulate money while The People starve?  How dare they bequeath their ill-gotten booty  to their decadent, undeserving offspring while the sons and daughters of their victims die in service to the immoral system that abuses them?  The Rich are a curse on an otherwise Utopian planet.  One day,  The People will rise up and destroy them all.  C            

The Struggle:  That eternal Liberal effort to overthrow the corrupt traditional American culture on behalf of all the wonderful (yet sadly wretched) constituents of the Left.  The endless battle between the noble forces of Universal Political Correctness and normal evil American society.  Anarchy versus Law.  Good Hate versus Bad Hate.  Up with the poor, down with the Rich; up with Homosexuals and down with heterosexuals; up with Women and Minorities, down with White Men.  Up with Redistribution, down with Free Enterprise.  The People, United, will never be defeated.  (see Karl MarxC         

The Wealth:  Cultural Profit.  That enormous body of money, generated by all human activity, to which the People (and not the Fat Cats) have an essential claim.  However, this body of wealth has been hijacked by rich people; and so it becomes a basic function of the Third Way Liberal Sociologist Government to confiscate the Wealth from the Fat Cats and give it to the People who actually worked for it.  Wealth is not private property, earned by individuals.  It's public property, to be distributed evenly according to the rules of Victimology.  C                        

The World:  The sum total of all the People on Planet Earth, in whose name and on whose behalf the Liberal Activists pursue the destruction of Capitalism.  Phrases like "Every other civilized country in The World provides ....." and "The Poor People of The World are sick and tired of ...." and "Every humane country in The World supports ...." and "The World needs more ....," are injected into every discussion designed to show just how evil and insensitive America truly is.  Our horrible nation is surrounded by a "World" that knows better than we do about absolutely everything held dear in the Liberal Heart.  America is always wrong, The World is always right.  C          

Truth:  Those obvious, self-evident principles known to all Liberals which form the basis of their political views.  Above debate, these truths serve as an ever present body of dogma for the secular political religion which is Third Way Sociologist Parliamentary Utopianism.   Here are a few examples:      

1.  All people should love and revere each other.  Social ill will must be punished.               

2.  The plight of the Poor is the number one problem in the whole World.  Since White Capitalism is the root of all social injustice, its profits should be given to the impoverished masses.               

3.  The Liberal end justifies the means.  The glorious goals of International Feminist Sociology trump any criticism of its tactics.  A Liberal may commit any crime in the cause of building a better world.                       

4.  The enemies of the Left aren't just wrong, they're evil.  The crusade of Liberalism is a pious, holy Struggle; it's The Good Fight, with the Angels on the Democrats' side and the devils on the Republican side.  Anyone who threatens the march of Leftism must be demonized and destroyed.  When an angel kills a devil, the saints of Sociology are pleased.                 

5.  Truth is whatever the Democrats want it to be.  Since they're always right and everyone else is always wrong, whatever they say is the truth.  Reality is fluid, malleable, with layers and textures just waiting to be explored by the creative Liberal in defense and cover-up of their political (and moral) vigilantism.  Language is the tool of choice.  Politically correct the language and you politically correct the culture.  Taxes become "contributions;" Perjury becomes "misleading the court;" Adulterous activity in the Oval Office itself becomes "ministering to a young person" or an "error in judgment."  With the right focus-group research, there is no ugly, negative reality that can't be creatively distorted into a positive Spin for the Liberal cause.  Spin becomes Truth when it's repeated a thousand times.   C                           

Tyranny:  That imaginary power of the majority to coerce the noble minorities into UniCultural submission to Conservative Nazi-ism.  In the mind of a Liberal, "The Tyranny of the Majority" is the very thing that the Constitution was created to prevent.  As long as the majority is comprised of White Oppressors, then the majority is tyrannical.  An enlightened Liberal majority cannot be a tyranny because the Liberal majority is made up of minorities. The Minorities are wise and good, the White Male Supremacists are evil, so the Tyranny of the Majority refers exclusively to the rule of the white supremacist patriarchic cultural paradigm over the noble Sociological Union of its Victims.  Majority Rule = Bad.  Minority Rule = Good.            

(Despite the original intent of the Constitution to protect the Common Majority from a Royal Minority, in today's America the Majority must be disenfranchised from its Wealth and Power to accommodate the plethora of minority demands upon that socially corrupt and Guilty majority). (see Reparations) C                    

Understanding:   Sympathy and empathy directed toward those of us who simply can't be what the evil White Overlord society demands that we be.  Criminals like drug user-dealers, thieves, husband-killers, female statutory rapists, gay pedophiles and other serial offenders must be viewed as victims of oppressive forces beyond their control.  People can be driven mad by restrictive social expectations, committing crimes out of sheer agitated frustration.  The poor man is driven to steal bread, the ghetto teen is forced to sell drugs to make the money he needs for snazzy tennis shoes, the gay pedophiles are driven to travel the world in search of sexually compliant child prostitutes because our rape laws are insensitive to their exotic needs.  People commit crimes because our laws do not honor who they are and society does not share its wealth with people it does not honor.  Crime is their only recourse, and is therefore no crime at all.  The true crime is the legal code of an oppressive Heterosexual White Christian Supremacist culture which criminalizes anything it doesn't understand.  Free Mumia!!   C            

Utopia:  That wonderful vision of the future world where everyone has a perfectly wonderful life; where everyone has a global entitlement/right to free food, housing, clothing, education, employment; a right to freedom from fear, economic inequality, and from domination by Capitalist Fat Cats.  Free everything:  Free medical care, free love and sex of every sort, free money.  The weather will be wonderful everywhere.  Everyone will live the same government-designed, government-guaranteed, government-fulfilled dream:  Third Way International Politically Corrected Sociologist Parliamentary Redistributionist Libertine Utopianism.            

The primary obstacles to this finest of all human dreams are: Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, Capitalists, and Caucasians.  C                       

Values:  Liberal Sociologist goals and concerns.  Redistributing more money to the Poor; Demanding that Women and Minorities be given high-powered corporate jobs because of the color of their skin and the configuration of their genitals;  Making sure that everyone welcomes openly predatory Homosexuality into public life; Providing more contraceptive Abortions to protect the health and convenience of unwed mothers;  Spending more on Gun Control and public school dispensed condoms; Praising and empowering single parent and gay households; Pursuing more hate-crime (thought-crime) legislation.  These are true values.             

Conservative values, like two-parent heterosexual families, monogamy, faith based ethics, personal responsibility, moral consistency, humility and self-control, drive and self-reliance, aren't really Values at all.  They're Bigotry, exclusion, Racism and Sexism, Homophobia, White Supremacist propaganda, Eurocentric arrogance; Basically they're just plain Evil.  They're the code of the Oppressors, profoundly insulting to the majority of people.  C           

Victim:  Any poor female or non-white soul who would have a wonderful and fulfilling life if not for the evil machinations of the Right Wingers.  C                         

Victimology:  The Left's Zero-Sum accusation-game which accounts for the failures of the noble lower class by blaming the success of the criminal upper class.  For centuries, The Rich have been accumulating their wealth by actively depriving the poor of the opportunities so necessary for economic achievements of their own.  Since one cannot achieve wealth except through the poverty of someone else, those wealthy among us are the true cultural criminals.  The lower classes may commit Crimes, but it's only due to the madness which comes from the constant poverty, humiliation, and deprivation to which they have been subjected for thousands of years.  From tooth decay and obesity to getting stuck in the snow, there is no misfortune in the life of a Liberal that can't be blamed on The Rich, or the Republicans (who are the pawns of The Rich).  From petty theft to rape, armed robbery, drug addiction and murder, the Liberal constituent is never to blame.  It's always America's fault, because America (through its hell spawn Capitalism) is evil at its core.  It's America that's guilty.  When the Democrats finally destroy America and Free Enterprise, all today's victims will be made completely whole by International Third Way Redistributive Utopianism.  C           

Welfare:  The finest and most successful constituent-breeding social program of all time.  The number of poor people stuck at the bottom of society's ladder has more than doubled in a mere forty years, and they all vote Democratic to keep the cash rolling in.  Under the rubric of Compassion, the Democrats give them just enough money and services to keep them dependent on the program but not enough to get out of its comfortable clutches.  C

White Men:  Devils in human guise.  Redneck Oppressors, killers and thugs.  Racists, Rapists, Slave Owners.  They kill homosexuals, destroy the environment, they build and use nuclear weaponry on the innocents of the world.  Thieves, murderers, sadists and mobsters,  they scheme in the dead of night to deprive Women and Minorities of their Governmentally created and dispensed Rights.  They plot to end social handout and giveaway programs, laughing at the wretchedness of their Victims.  Malignant bastards of the worst order, everything they touch withers and dies.  They've caused every social catastrophe in history from the 6000 year African Holocaust to Capitalism to the demise of Hiroshima and the extinction of the Great Auk.  They beat baby seals to death with clubs, they eat the seared flesh of lower, gentler creatures to sustain their evil lives.  Brutal Neanderthals, they've destroyed the great African civilizations of the past and stand squarely in the path of the coming Feminist Utopia wearing the gruesome, bloody pelts of their conquests like so many wolf skins hanging on a barbed wire fence.  Destroyers of Nature, they grunt and bull their way over history (past and future) as if the whole planet was theirs alone, running roughshod over The People like they weren't even human.  Arrogant monsters from the dark side of the human psyche, overly heterosexual, inflexible in their goal of world domination,  White Men are the worst form of life on the planet.  Dangerous beyond belief, if left to their own devices the Earth itself will die.  Their single most heinous quality is their unrelenting Negativity.                          

Liberalism must destroy White men.  C                                                  

White Privilege:  That unfair and ignorant state of grace and bliss in which most of today's White European Americans live as beneficiaries of a corrupt, racist culture which keeps them at the top of the social ladder while simultaneously keeping minorities (and Women) down in the sewer of economic life.  White folks have no idea of how lucky they are:  They're undeserving recipients of all the best jobs, the best neighborhoods, the best opportunities and best lives;  while all the time, people of color who are just as smart and talented (maybe more so), just as hard-working (if not more so), just as deserving of success (perhaps more so), go under-appreciated and underemployed in an oppressive Social setting which has kept them at a disadvantage for centuries.   C                      

White Supremacy:  America's singular underlying Injustice.  White European Men have dominated North American culture far too long.  They have only their own best interests at heart: they suppress, dominate, lynch, molest, kill and enslave everyone in their sight, and it's time they were stopped.  There is no injustice, no race crime, no rape, no economic white boy success that can't be explained by the essential built-in advantage given by the white majority to its ignoble offspring.  The suffering of the Ethnic Class is the consequence.              

Happily, in the public eye, White Supremacists have been reduced to gun toting Christian Fanatics.  Any current white or Christian enemy of Third Way Sociologist International Utopianism can be called a White Supremacist, and once the charge is made it sticks forever.   C                         

Women-and-Minorities:  A composite word designed to describe the Siamese Twins of the Left.  Eternally joined at the hip, the pathetic travails of both Women and Minorities comprise the essential core legendry of Victimology.  For all of human history, Women and Minorities have been treated unfairly, abused by the powerful cultural overlords who exploit and limit them with real and domestic slavery.  Women and Minorities are the oppressed majority, dominated by the brutal white male minority who have literally owned them for millions of years.  Whippings, foot-binding, lynching, clitorectomy, chains, veils, church bombings, harems, the buying and selling of husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, is the never-ending litany of cruelties heaped on (who else?...) Women and Minorities.  This is the stuff of joy for the Victimological Sociologists on the Left who want to disenfranchise the evil Corporate Fat Cats who still own everybody and everything.  Inextricably linked, the political strands of Women and Minorities and Democrats are braided into a single strong cord that stretches into the dim mists of the future, where Women and Minorities rule the world.  C                  

Zero Sum Game:  The remarkable idea that people can steal Wealth from each other just by succeeding at life.  Since Wealth belongs to everyone equally, no one can accumulate more than his fair share without depriving someone else of their own portion.  The hollow-eyed poor are dying in the streets because the Fat Cats have billions of dollars that should be given back to the Victims of the legalized thievery known as Capitalism.  People should not be allowed to have more money than their neighbors until the whole World has enough free food, free shelter, free medical services etc.  Even though Wealth is essentially evil, it's far too important to be left in Greedy, private hands.  The Government must nationalize all money and pass it out according to the immutable laws of Liberalism.   C 

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Editorial; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: ammunition; betrayal; dems; denial; libberish; liberalism; liberals; libs; terms; understanding
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1 posted on 04/26/2002 10:56:30 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK
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To: CincinnatiKid ,jd792 ,dixie sass,chesty puller,antivenom,muggs ,Grendelgrey ,GRRRRR ,usconservati
2 posted on 04/26/2002 10:58:13 PM PDT by ATOMIC_PUNK
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3 posted on 04/26/2002 11:22:31 PM PDT by coydog
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To: coydog
Sorry, I couldn't read it all. I don't have a blood pressure problem, and I don't want to get one...;-D
4 posted on 04/26/2002 11:35:56 PM PDT by Judith Anne
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Are you sure "trilobyte" is not a mispelling of "troglodyte?"
5 posted on 04/26/2002 11:38:41 PM PDT by Torie
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Great list except for 'Abortion'.

Why do I say this?

It is a hot-button issue with everyone and you will not convice any Libersls to see the light by suddenly confronting them with the 'A' word.

Someone will start reading this list and think to themselves, "Oh crap, there are those abortion protesters again." and disregard the rest.

Start them off with the other things, THEN as they come around bring up what abortion really means.

As a former sheeple, I speak of what I know.

5 years ago, my reaction to this list would have been exactly as I described above and I know a lot of people who would otherwise be convinced except for seeing that 'A' word.

Kind of like that one issue poster who injects abortion into every thread that she's on. As evil as abortion is, it will turn your intended audience off every time.

Bring them around slowly....

6 posted on 04/27/2002 12:07:45 AM PDT by Looking4Truth
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Bookmarked, bookmarked and BOOKMARKED! A true classic!

I haven't laughed this hard since Teddy Kennedy appeared in public with his neck brace and I got the opportunity to insult lil Jimmy Carville!

7 posted on 04/27/2002 12:44:06 AM PDT by Humidston
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Hi and thanks for the thread and the ping !!!!
8 posted on 04/27/2002 2:41:30 AM PDT by Snow Bunny
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Comment #9 Removed by Moderator

Comment #10 Removed by Moderator

11 posted on 04/27/2002 3:12:35 AM PDT by SpyderTim
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To: ATOMIC_PUNK; doubter
Good one, Punk. He missed some great targets in the enviro world but over all a fine effort. And then we have doubter:

Doubter liberal swine since March 31st, 2002

12 posted on 04/27/2002 3:15:14 AM PDT by Movemout
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To: Movemout
indexing for later
13 posted on 04/27/2002 3:30:45 AM PDT by grammymoon
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To: grammymoon
14 posted on 04/27/2002 3:34:28 AM PDT by f.Christian
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To: Doubter
The interesting thing with this post is that it says more about the poster than it does about "the liberals", or rather the straw-man image of the liberals that it tries to paint.

Considering that ATOMIC PUNK made no comments about the article when posting it at all, your statement is pretty transparently false. Even allowing that you are right, please tell us: what does it say about this individual?

15 posted on 04/27/2002 4:11:20 AM PDT by coloradan
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This is great, Punk, thanks for posting it.

It's definitely a keeper, and I will be sending it to a few people who will appreciate it.

16 posted on 04/27/2002 4:28:53 AM PDT by GiovannaNicoletta
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You are dead on with this. Good post.
17 posted on 04/27/2002 4:44:27 AM PDT by mrfixit514
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To: Movemout;ATOMIC_PUNK
He missed some great targets in the enviro world...

Yeah! What about all of our forest friends? They have rights, too! What about the evil capitalists raping of Mother Earth?

(I'd add more but I'm about to hurl.)

18 posted on 04/27/2002 5:01:25 AM PDT by uglybiker
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To: ATOMIC_PUNK Oh I like these folks!
19 posted on 04/27/2002 6:08:13 AM PDT by Valin
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bumped and bookmarked!
20 posted on 04/27/2002 7:09:43 AM PDT by AK2KX
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