Since Oct 19, 2001

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Religion is man attempting to come to God through works. Christianity is God coming to man through Jesus Christ.

Josh McDowell, More Than a Carpenter

"The problem with Christianity is not that it has been tried and found wanting but that it has been found difficult and left untried"

GK Chesterton

"Salvation is part of an direct and individual relationship with Christ. Religion offers salvation as part of a corporate system of conditions and works. That is not to say that Christians shouldn't attend church -- I don't want to send the wrong message. It is important to meet regularly with like-minded believers and we are told in Scripture not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. But church is NOT religion. It is an expression of corporate worship by individual believers. The person who thinks membership with a church makes one a Christian is as deluded as a person who thinks standing in a parking lot makes one a car."

Omega Letter Intelligence Briefing: Special Report: Religion and Salvation 10/29/11

"If the Bible IS true, then the world is divided into two camps. Not three, or five or a hundred. Only two. On one side are those that believe in the God of the Bible. On the other side are those that believe in the god of this world, by whatever name."

Omega Letter Intelligence Briefing: A House Divided 10/28/11

Religion will only rob you from the true relationship you can actually have with Jesus Christ.