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MYTH BUSTED: Actually, Yes, Hitler Was a Socialist Liberal
Louder with Crowder ^ | January 28 2016 | Courtney Kirchoff

Posted on 02/09/2016 2:07:44 PM PST by Torcert

A favorite tactic employed by leftists is to describe the Nazis as “right wing,” with Adolf Hitler, their leader, as the grand leader of this “right wing” movement. Rewriting history is pretty common for leftists, as their history is littered with injustice (the KKK was founded by Democrats, did you know?). Injustices they claim to fight against today. Awkward.

But thanks to this nifty thing called “history” in combination with “the internet,” we can bust this myth once and for all. Thoroughly. Or until a leftist insists on ignoring it. Then we’ll hold them down and tape their eyes open. Just kidding, that’s only what a leftist would do.

Adolf Hitler wasn’t “right wing.” If you take nothing else from this post, just remember Hitler was a socialist. With terrible facial hair. There’s an easy way to remember it, too. NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers‘ Party. Associate it with blunt mustaches.

What does National Socialist German Worker’s Party mean? Glad you asked. Is it different from “Democratic socialism”? Only in semantics. A Democracy is mob rule, which is why America is actually a constitutional, representative republic, NOT a democracy. A representative republic protects the minority from the majority, whereas a democracy is the rule of the majority. Leftists get caught up in words, getting tripped up over “National Socialism” as opposed to “Democrat Socialism.” But it’s just that. Semantics. So when Hitler ginned up hatred for the Jews, he could get the mob to agree with him. He could get the mob to believe him. There were no representatives to stop Hitler. He was one man helming the desperation of a majority of people. Spot the difference?

When we examine Hitler’s Nazi Germany through the lens of history, most, if not all of us, think of the Holocaust. In fact the holocaust might be the only thing we associate with Hitler’s Nazis. We’ve all been told of the Jews being marched off to death camps where they were worked, tortured, then gassed. We’ve also heard of the experiments conducted by Hitler’s Dr. Mengele. All terrible practices which we rightly find horrifying. Unless you’re one of those people who think Planned Parenthood is great.

What we don’t often hear or learn about is how Hitler ruled the rest of Germany, what his domestic policies were for the German people he didn’t march off to death camps. Hitler’s domestic, socialist policies will be the focus of this post. Trigger warning: they’re eerily similar to what American Democrats tout today. Double trigger warning? He initially had the support of the mob of people. So replace many of Hitler’s policies with something you hear from Bernie Sanders…

Employment for All

After that depression, Hitler made a huge promise to his people: employment for all. How did he do it? Roads and infrastructure

So Hitler created jobs…through government. While at the same time, he criticized certain segments of the population, demeaning them, blaming the countries woes upon them. The rich, they just ruin everything. Sound familiar? Big Education

If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch WW2 Surivor’s Account Draws Chilling Similarities between Nazism and Liberalism.

Public education, where children are at school all day long, with state-funded and state-sponsored curriculum… convinced yet? Nationalized Healthcare

Also from the WW2 Surivor’s accounting of Nazism:

After Hitler’s health care was socialized, free for everyone. Doctors were salaried by the government. The problem was, since it was free, the people were going to the doctors for everything. When the good doctor arrived at his office at 8 a.m., 40 people were already waiting and, at the same time, the hospitals were full. If you needed elective surgery, you had to wait a year or two for your turn. There was no money for research as it was poured into socialized medicine. Research at the medical schools literally stopped, so the best doctors left Austria and emigrated to other countries.

Gun Control

Yes, Germany had gun control. It started before Hitler with a national gun registry

Finally, Hitler just took the guns from Jews. An armed citizenry is a dangerous one, after all. Hitler even said this about guns in the hands of the people: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.”

So excuse us Second Amendment supporters when we here Obama, Sanders and Clinton talking about regulating guns more than they’re regulated today. Call us paranoid. We’ll keep our guns.

The Police State

If you dared oppose the Nazis or Hitler politically, especially with your words, you better watch out. The Gestapo was on the hunt for political dissidents, many of whom would simply vanish.

In Conclusion

Hitler was a horrible human being. But aside from how he treated the Jews, aside from his monsterous ways, his polcies were anything but “conservative.” He wanted big government, he wanted big eductation, he wanted thought control. He hated political dissidents. He loathed free-speech. He feared an armed citizenry.

So stop saying “Hitler was right-wing.” No, he wasn’t. If anything, he was a full-fledged left-winger. With a horrible mustache.

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These are the standard responses to the truth that eviscerates one of the most pervasive lies from the national Socialist Left:

1. Repetition of the Nazis were ‘right-wing’ – as though a lie repeated enough will somehow make it the truth.

A concept postulated by both Hitler and Lenin..

2. The ubiquitous ‘North Korea’ talking point – this one is almost universal in it’s use – the national Socialist Left has also used this red herring to try and deny that the USSR as well as Venezuela being socialist.

3. The ‘conflict’ angle – here the left will try to assert that conflict amongst Statists somehow proves one isn’t statist (Tell that to Trotsky).

Just as conflict amongst Muslim sects does not make one sect ‘non-Muslim’ such is also the case with th various factions of collective thought.

1 posted on 02/09/2016 2:07:44 PM PST by Torcert
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To: Torcert

We knew that already.

2 posted on 02/09/2016 2:11:13 PM PST by TBP (0bama lies, Granny dies.)
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To: Torcert

That’s weird. /s

The left claims he was a radical extremist right winger.

3 posted on 02/09/2016 2:14:28 PM PST by Eddie01 (If you burnin' bandwidth with your mind, find time to pay the organ grind - Donate to FreeRepublc)
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To: Torcert

Passing this a long to my daughter, who is in high school, so she can irritate her socialist teachers with it.

4 posted on 02/09/2016 2:14:48 PM PST by dragonblustar
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To: Torcert

” Hitler was a socialist. With terrible facial hair. “

Hitler wore his “facial hair” that way because, as a corporal in the trenches of WWI, he found that a full
moustache prevented his gas mask from sealing tightly.
And now you know.

5 posted on 02/09/2016 2:14:56 PM PST by sparklite2 ( "The white man is the Jew of Liberal Fascism." -Jonah Goldberg)
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To: Torcert

Anyone with at least half a brain knows this.
That explains The Left..............................

6 posted on 02/09/2016 2:15:24 PM PST by Red Badger (READ MY LIPS: NO MORE BUSHES!...............)
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To: Torcert

Alois Schicklgruber’s Nazi Party was the right-wing of the socialist movement, with the left being Trotsky-Lenin’s Communist party. US left-wingers hate the Nazis because the Nazis betrayed the socialist movement (and various treaties between the Nazis and the Communists) by attacking Russia.

The US left is so poorly educated that they cannot envision any other system of governance other than socialism, and therefore, if another system is at odds with their grand vision, it must be Nazis. Point to the US Constitution and they will dismiss it as just more right-wing talking points.

7 posted on 02/09/2016 2:18:12 PM PST by PIF (They came for me and mine ... now it is your turn ...)
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To: Torcert

Hitler hated Communism and Capitalism. Above all he was a Nationalist and an extrajudicial criminal. He crushed the Socialists in the NSDAP in 1934 to keep the professional military, and industrialists happy. It also kept himself in power and alive.

8 posted on 02/09/2016 2:19:06 PM PST by Moonman62 (The US has become a government with a country, rather than a country with a government.)
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To: Torcert
What is Left? What is Right?

What Is Left? What Is Right? It is extremely unfortunate that the writers on political philosophy today have undertaken to measure various issues in terms of political parties instead of political power. No doubt the American Founding Fathers would have considered this modern measuring stick most objectionable, even meaningless.

Today, as we mentioned, it is popular in the classroom as well as the press to refer to "Communism on the left," and "Fascism on the right." People and parties are often called "Leftist," or "Rightist." The public do not really understand what they are talking about.

These terms actually refer to the manner in which the various parties are seated in the parliaments of Europe. The radical revolutionaries (usually the Communists) occupy the far left and the military dictatorships (such as the Fascists) are on the far right. Other parties are located in between.

Measuring people and issues in terms of political parties has turned out to be philosophically fallacious if not totally misleading. This is because the platforms or positions of political parties are often superficial and structured on shifting sand. The platform of a political party of one generation can hardly be recognized by the next. Furthermore, Communism and Fascism turned out to be different names for approximately the same thing ~ the police state. They are not opposite extremes but, for all practical purposes, are virtually identical.

The American Founding Fathers Used a More Accurate Yardstick

Government is defined in the dictionary as "a system of ruling or controlling," and therefore the American Founders measured political systems in terms of the amount of coercive power or systematic control which a particular system of government exercises over its people. In other words, the yardstick is not political parties, but political power.

Using this type of yardstick, the American Founders considered the two extremes to be anarchy on the one hand, and tyranny on the other. At the one extreme of anarchy there is no government, no law, no systematic control and no governmental power, while at the other extreme there is too much control, too much political oppression, too much government. Or, as the Founders called it, "tyranny."

The object of the Founders was to discover the "balanced center" between these two extremes. They recognized that under the chaotic confusion of anarchy there is "no law," whereas at the other extreme the law is totally dominated by the ruling power and is therefore "Ruler's Law." What they wanted to establish was a system of "People's Law," where the government is kept under the control of the people and political power is maintained at the balanced center with enough government to maintain security, justice, and good order, but not enough government to abuse the people.
The 5,000 Year Leap - W. Cleon Skousen

9 posted on 02/09/2016 2:22:02 PM PST by Heartlander (Prediction: Increasingly, logic will be seen as a covert form of theism. - Denyse O'Leary)
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To: Torcert

I left a liberal friend speechless when I explained to her that left vs. Right was BS. Liberals love to compare hitler to conservatives.

I explained that nazi’s were socialists. Communists and fascists were simply a similar form of government, like the difference between coke and pepsi. These are ALL forms of collectivism that require total government control of the population.

The constitution and conservatism want limited government, and these collectivist systems cannot exist without total government control. You either have freedom or you have collectivism, they don’t coexist.

She literally could not speak, she never heard an opposing view like this before.

10 posted on 02/09/2016 2:22:17 PM PST by bigtoona (Lose on amnesty, socialism cemented in place forever Trump is the only hope.)
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To: Torcert
And let's not forget another aspect of Hitler's socialized medicine (Aktion T-4) which was really about the secret euthanasia of "undersirables" because they were a burden on society.

Who's pushing for euthanasia today? The Left, that's who.

11 posted on 02/09/2016 2:22:36 PM PST by ConjunctionJunction
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To: Torcert

“But aside from how he treated the Jews, aside from his monsterous ways”


How has communism treated Jews? How has communism not been monstrous? Communism is just socialism taken more strongly. So Hitler could be considered socialist / proto-communist, and EVERYTHING fits.

12 posted on 02/09/2016 2:26:08 PM PST by Uncle Miltie (Marco "Stepford" Rubio.)
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13 posted on 02/09/2016 2:33:14 PM PST by DoughtyOne (the Free Republic Caucus: what FReepers are thinking, 100s or 1000s of them. It's up to you.)
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Yes, I realize that... just wanted to post one more refutation of one of the biggest lies of the national Socialist Left as future reference.

14 posted on 02/09/2016 2:33:34 PM PST by Torcert (Veritas odium paret. (Truth creates hatred.) - Terence)
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To: Torcert
After the war, and during the election, Churchill stated that the Labour Party was just like the Nazis.

Was he implicating the LP with rounding up Jews? Of course not. His implication was that they were socialists.

15 posted on 02/09/2016 2:33:36 PM PST by deadrock (I is someone else.)
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To: dragonblustar

Sad that she has to deal with that..

16 posted on 02/09/2016 2:34:34 PM PST by Torcert (Veritas odium paret. (Truth creates hatred.) - Terence)
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To: Torcert

I think that the best characterization is to point out that Nazi’s and Communists (and Democrats) are STATISTS. They believe that the state is paramount and the individual is subordinate to the state.

Modern conservatives believe that governments are instituted to protect the rights of the INDIVIDUAL.

Democrats obscure the issue by holding up made up “rights” such as health care or issues like global warming. They claim that individuals need help. Their answer is always more government and government intrusion into private affairs.

Modern liberals do not really believe in “choice”. They believe that since they know better that results should be controlled and dictated by the state.

17 posted on 02/09/2016 2:34:47 PM PST by the_Watchman
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To: Eddie01

Yes, but beyond saying that and the North Korea TP, they don’t have much to back up that tired talking point.

18 posted on 02/09/2016 2:35:37 PM PST by Torcert (Veritas odium paret. (Truth creates hatred.) - Terence)
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To: Torcert

The red in the Nazi flag was meant to attract Communists.

Mussolini was a Communist and had edited their newspaper.

19 posted on 02/09/2016 2:36:31 PM PST by TBP (0bama lies, Granny dies.)
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To: Moonman62

See Item #3 on my comment.

20 posted on 02/09/2016 2:37:04 PM PST by Torcert (Veritas odium paret. (Truth creates hatred.) - Terence)
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