Since Feb 6, 1998

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I publicly confirm my acknowledgment that God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Ghost are the Rulers of the Universe
I desire them to be the Keepers of My Soul, the Guardians of all those I hold dear to my heart

Those who know me on this forum, know that I am far from perfect
Although that is true, I don't want to leave any doubt that I know there is a Holy Trinity
that They are omnipotent and deserving of my devotion

It may not always look like it, but when the chips are down, They have that devotion above all others

I do believe it is my duty to respect my fellow man
I also believe that I fail that duty more often than I would like
Here's to a constantly expended effort to do better

This is the flag I am proud to honor
I cherish the principles of our Founding Fathers
I admire the framing of our Constitution and it's tenets
The Bill of Rights and the Constitutional Amendments
are our ultimate safety net, the glue that hold this nation together
There is no nation on earth, whose founding documents
provide more protections to it's citizens than ours

Those who have fought and died for this flag, for our Constitution
deserve no less than that I defend it, that I defend those founding principles
for which they laid down their lives, my freedom to guarantee

It is my duty to see that they did not die in vain

I pledge allegiance to this flag and to the republic for which it stands
one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all
And if I am going to pledge allegiance to this nation and it's flag
then I must pledge my undying support and allegiance
to those who serve, a number of whom will die that I might live free
Before God and man, I solemnly confirm that I do

The United States of American seeks to conquer no people
but to set them free to find their best self determining destiny
absent the oppression of tyrants and worse

The U.S. does not seek out conflict, but it will go to the ends of the earth
to conquer the evil intent of wicked men who seek to harm it, it's citizens
and it's friends around the planet

God save this free republic, a beacon to the world

The United States of America is not perfect
None the less it is the last best hope for humankind on planet earth

It is mankind's good fortune, that the United States, the most powerful nation on earth
does not desire to conquer land or subjugate people

Sadly, other nation states thinking themselves to be no different than the United States
fail to realize the importance of this fact, and that by detracting from the U.S.
they weaken it and impede it's ability to work on their behalf

Currently one major power in Europe fancies itself morally superior to the U.S.
By so doing, and vocally challenging the U.S., it gives hope to those who wish the U.S. ill
And when nations give hope to those who wish to do the U.S. ill,
they strengthen the very people who would ultimately destroy their own nation

The United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the World Trade Organization
the North American Free Trade Agreements, the move to create a Free Trade of the Americas zone
and other entanglements have very deleterious effects on the U.S. and it's ability to seek it's own best destiny
We must not allow these insidious ties to bind us in ways that will destroy our very being

One of the most prominent threats to U.S. sovereignty is the United Nations
When I mentioned how lucky the world was that the U.S. was not desirous of conquering nations
I failed to mention that the U.S. is governed by the will of the people.  It is a Republic
It's representatives answer to the people, something we all too often take for granted

The United Nations is NOT a republic, it answers to no one
It's new rules and creations such as the International Criminal Court
are not passed by the majority of people, nor even the will of some of the people
The United Nations owns no land, does not have any population, does not have an income source
does not have it's own army, and no formal constituency

It rules by edict, setting minimal hurdles for itself, which find far less than 50%
of it's nation state participants having to approve of it's plans, for them to be approved

The United Nations seeks to be a world government on this basis
If it should attain that status, your representative form of government will be absolutely worthless to you
The United Nations will over-rule it at will, with those nasty entanglements I mentioned earlier
making it impossible for our leaders to ignore it's edicts

For this reason, I state that there is only one course of action when it comes to the United Nations
and that action cannot come soon enough

Further, I state that trade agreements such as NAFTA and organizations such as the WTO
should be relegated to the ash heap of history

We practiced trade before these insidious ensnaring traps were instituted
and that trade facilitated this nation becoming second to none

That was healthy, these are not

There are three other things that threaten this nation like never before

1. uncontrolled borders and the invasion by millions of people in numbers
so vast that assimilation is impossible

2. extending financial support via trade to a nation that makes no bones
about it's intention to bury the U.S., invade it's neighbors and dominate the world
It's not a Republic and it does plan on conquering lands and subjugating people

3. the enemy within, the democrat (nothing democratic about it) party and it's
willingness to be used by socialists, marxists and terrorists that desire nothing less than
the utter destruction of the United States as we know it

Thanks to Jim Robinson for creating Free Republic
and to his sons John and Chris for their efforts to improve it
keep it running smoothly and support their father

Thank you for coming to Free Republic
May your life and our nation be richly blessed for your having done so

I will argue my point with anyone, but when the thread is done
I will start off fresh with you on another, no ill will carried over

If you are here trying to converse, learn and do something positive for our nation
you deserve my respect, and you'll get it
If you're here to disrupt, you won't