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Same-sex “Marriage” and the Persecution of Christians in Canada
Crisis Magazine ^ | May 28, 2015 | EA Z. SINGH

Posted on 05/28/2015 3:55:34 AM PDT by NYer

Trinity Western U

Canada legalized same-sex “marriage” in 2005, the fourth country in the world to do so. During the rushed public debate that preceded legalization, the Christian and traditional understanding of marriage as the union of a man and a woman had strong support. Polls showed a deep split among Canadians, and the majority (52 percent) were actually against legalization at the time that it occurred.

Opponents of same-sex “marriage” were given all kinds of assurances. The preamble to the Civil Marriage Act states that “everyone has the freedom of conscience and religion,” “nothing in this Act affects the guarantee of freedom of conscience and religion and, in particular, the freedom of members of religious groups to hold and declare their religious beliefs,” and “it is not against the public interest to hold and publicly express diverse views on marriage.”

But how quickly things change. Since the watershed moment of legalization, Canadian social norms have shifted rapidly, and what was once considered fringe or debateable has become the new normal.

Today, different opinions on “gender identity” and same-sex “marriage” are no longer tolerated. Our society is sweeping away respect for religious faiths that do not accept and celebrate same-sex “marriage,” and the Civil Marriage Act’s assurances seem merely farcical. It is not premature to speak of open discrimination against Christians in Canada.

Christian Lawyers Need Not Apply
The Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms declares that Canadians have a fundamental “freedom of conscience and religion” and “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression.” But constitutional guarantees are at the mercy of lawyers, and Canadian lawyers have emerged as among the most fiercely intolerant of anyone, including their own colleagues, who fails to support same-sex “marriage.”

This extreme intolerance became evident last year when Trinity Western University, the largest privately-funded Evangelical Christian university in Canada, set out to establish a law school. TWU’s plans were approved by British Columbia’s Ministry of Education, which seemed like the final green light. But in a truly unprecedented move, the law societies of three provinces, including Ontario, voted to deny accreditation to the law school.

The law societies gave only one reason, and it had nothing to do with sufficiency of the legal training of TWU graduates. The sole sticking point was the fact that TWU has a campus covenant which, among other things, asks students to abstain from same-sex (and heterosexual) sexual relationships outside of marriage, and states that marriage is reserved for man and woman.

The benchers who sit on provincial law societies are some of the most powerful lawyers in the country. In debating the TWU covenant, many of these elite lawyers made comparisons between the opposition to same-sex “marriage” and racism. For instance, one Ontario bencher said: “we can draw a useful analogy between public attitudes towards interracial dating and interracial marriage in 1985 and discrimination based on sexual orientation in 2014.” In British Columbia, one bencher put it this way: “there is no way to avoid asking … what this Law Society would do if the community covenant related to interracial marriage, even if that precept was based on religion as it was in the case of the Bob Jones University.“

The implication could not be more clear: Christians who believe in traditional marriage are the modern-day equivalent of racists, and warrant identical exclusion. Christian lawyers across Canada are now repeating the words of prominent Ontario lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos: “I did not attend TWU, but I share its biblical view of marriage…. Do my religious beliefs, particularly about marriage, somehow disqualify me from ably practicing law? That is the inevitable conclusion and consequence if we endorse barring TWU law graduates from practicing law.”

Not only are Christian lawyers being pushed out by their colleagues, but they are also experiencing ostracism from their clients. As the debate over TWU heated in the media, some of Canada’s most powerful corporations created Legal Leaders for Diversity (LLD), a group that now includes over 70 of Canada’s largest corporations. Through LLD, these companies aim to alter the legal landscape by choosing to do business only with pro-gay law firms. Never before has there been a concerted effort to essentially starve Christian law firms out of business.

Catholics Seen as Opposed to Human Rights
The view that Christians are no longer fit for certain jobs is spreading out beyond the legal profession. In March, Toronto’s city council voted to remove the nomination of a Catholic school trustee to the city’s Board of Health. The trustee had not shown any wrongdoing or incompetence, and city councillors didn’t even try to argue this. Their stated concern was that the trustee had a history of voting in line with Catholic teaching.

In particular, some councillors were concerned that the trustee had consistently opposed gay-straight alliances in schools (a 2012 Ontario law states that these activist gay groups must be permitted inside all publicly-funded schools, including Catholic ones).

As in the case of TWU, councillors used an analogy to racism. The chair of the Board of Health asked: “Would we allow that as a society if it was black-white alliances? That’s what human rights are about….” Another councillor said: “These are actually human rights issues, the right for gays and lesbians to lead an equal life in the city of Toronto.”

The writing is on the wall. A mere decade after same-sex “marriage” was legalized in Canada, citizens who do not support same-sex “marriage” are outside the bounds of social acceptability. It is now considered in the public interest to deny them career opportunities and advancement.

Children as the Next Frontier of Gender Diversity
This coming September, all publicly funded schools in the province of Ontario, whether Catholic or secular, must begin to teach an aggressive new sexual education curriculum which is categorically opposed to Catholic teaching on sexuality and the human person.

Starting in grade three, the curriculum introduces children to the idea that gender is fluid, and that little boys can decide to be girls, or vice versa. The message is that transgender desires are just as perfectly normal as homosexual leanings.

This message is already being propagated by our media. For instance, Canadian public radio recently covered the case of a 12-year-old boy who chose to “come out” as a girl one year earlier. This “heartwarming” story includes details such as the fact that the boy’s puberty has now been chemically stopped, and he may be put through female puberty instead.

Young Canadian children have been “coming out” as transgender, and are being encouraged by officials in schools and government, and by the media. Currently, a Catholic school in Alberta is being pressured to allow a 7-year-old transgender “girl” to use the girls’ bathroom. Last year, the province of Alberta issued a new birth certificate to a 12-year-old “boy” who was born a girl.

Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s largest pro-life organization, accurately expresses the dilemma that Ontario’s Catholic schools are facing:

It is unclear how Catholic schools can implement teaching on birth control, abortion, the idea that being male or female is a social construct, gender expression, and the 6-gender theory, even if retrofitted with a “Catholic lens.” Catholic moral teaching forbids abortion and the use of artificial contraception as grave evils. The theory of gender identity, gender expression and the idea that there are more genders than just male and female directly contradict Christian anthropology of the human person.

The Dawn of a New Dictatorship?
Canada continues to pioneer through a vast social experiment. The legalization of same-sex “marriage” represented the victory in our laws and public morals of a view of the human person and human sexuality that is seriously incompatible with the Gospel. This is turning out to be a zero-sum situation, and Christians are starting to be seen as public enemies.

Last May at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., Princeton professor Robert George spoke precisely of these changes in our Western culture, and of the coming persecution of Catholics and other like-minded Christians. Here in Canada, his predictions are already coming to pass:

The days of socially acceptable Christianity are over. The days of comfortable Catholicism are past…. Powerful forces and currents in our society press us to be ashamed of the Gospel … ashamed of our faith’s teachings on marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife. These forces insist that the Church’s teachings are out of date, retrograde, insensitive, uncompassionate, illiberal, bigoted, even hateful … these same forces say you are a homophobe, a bigot, someone who doesn’t believe in equality. You even represent a threat to people’s safety. You ought to be ashamed!

…One may in consequence of one’s public witness be discriminated against and denied educational opportunities and the prestigious credentials they may offer; one may lose valuable opportunities for employment and professional advancement; one may be excluded from worldly recognition and honors of various sorts; one’s witness may even cost one treasured friendships…. Yes, there are costs of discipleship—heavy costs.

Trinity Western University is now fighting expensive court battles in three provinces, and will likely wind up at the Supreme Court. The Toronto Catholic school trustee is considering an appeal to a human rights tribunal. Thousands of parents have protested against the new sexual education curriculum in Ontario, pulling 15,000 kids out of school to demonstrate their outrage.

But Ontario’s premier, who is herself a lesbian in a same-sex “marriage,” has announced her resolve to introduce the curriculum despite the protests. The tsunami of gender identity politics is only gathering speed, bringing ever more pressure upon those who dare stand in its way.

May the Canadian experiment serve as your warning to America.

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Foreign Affairs; Government
KEYWORDS: ac; canada; catholic; evangelical; gaymarriage; gays; homosexual; marriage; persecution
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1 posted on 05/28/2015 3:55:34 AM PDT by NYer
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To: Tax-chick; GregB; SumProVita; narses; bboop; SevenofNine; Ronaldus Magnus; tiki; Salvation; ...

Catholic ping!

2 posted on 05/28/2015 3:56:02 AM PDT by NYer ("You are a puff of smoke that appears briefly and then disappears." James 4:14)
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To: NYer

The Heterophobes are pressing hard

3 posted on 05/28/2015 4:04:04 AM PDT by Fai Mao (Genius at Large)
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To: sneakers


4 posted on 05/28/2015 4:07:47 AM PDT by sneakers
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To: NYer

Why do muslims get a pass on all of this?

Just look up “homosexual marriage in the Koran “ and see what you get

5 posted on 05/28/2015 4:08:17 AM PDT by silverleaf (Age takes a toll: Please have exact change)
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To: NYer

Too late.

I am almost certain that the SCOTUS will support “same-sex marriage”. As an aside, a more Orwellian term would be difficult to find.

The only thing that may prevent overt governmental and institutional persecution of people and businesses who support traditional marriage (redundant, I know), is that the Court may allow the First Amendment to trump perversion in some circumstances, which, of course, will be yet another boon to litigation.

6 posted on 05/28/2015 4:20:29 AM PDT by Westbrook (Children do not divide your love, they multiply it)
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To: NYer
These people are basically trying to deny human biology and psychology. There is a reason religious faiths (of which Christian faiths are only a subset) promote a certain view of marriage--it is because the religious views closely match the biologically driven urge to pair-bond for the purpose of producing and protecting offspring.

Furthermore, this eagerness to push children into believing that they are "transgender" just because they show interest in activities that are not stereotypical for their gender is horrific. It is nothing less than child abuse that is celebrated and promoted by the self-appointed "tolerant" liberals. In reality, the fact that a girl is a tomboy means nothing about her born gender, which is female (and, 99% of the time, heterosexual). And the fact that a boy shows interest in a typical female activity like cooking or fashion does not mean that he is "transgender" (or homosexual).

If a child pretends to be a dog, is it enlightened to start treating him/her like a dog--feeding him/her dogfood, buying dog toys--and to surgically alter him/her to physically resemble a dog? If not, then why is it "enlightened" to treat a boy or girl who shows interest in an opposite gender activity as if he/she is really the other gender?

7 posted on 05/28/2015 4:22:03 AM PDT by exDemMom (Current visual of the hole the US continues to dig itself into:
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To: NYer

What I take from this article is the notion that belief in traditional sexuality-marriage is defined as “racism” by LGBT activists and their friends in the legal societies and business elite in Canada.

The activists and their big business supporters in this country have the same definition.

People who believe in traditional views of sexuality and marriage have been defined as “KKK” meaning anything goes in how they can be treated, including ironically a second class “Jim Crow” status in society for them.

8 posted on 05/28/2015 4:37:10 AM PDT by Nextrush ( FREEDOM IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS, DON'T BE PASTOR NIEMOLLER)
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To: NYer

Just this morning, I saw yet another story about the joys of being transgender. A 12-year-old girl decided she was a boy, and Mom was all for it. Then the kid killed herself. Naturally, Mom blames our evil, bigoted society for the loss. On and on it goes.

9 posted on 05/28/2015 4:37:19 AM PDT by madprof98
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To: NYer

Catholics against human rights for gay guys? But in another thread, we are being told that Catholics are responsible for gay marriage. My head hurts!

10 posted on 05/28/2015 4:47:32 AM PDT by miss marmelstein (Richard the Third: "I should like to drive away not only the Turks (moslims) but all my foes.")
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To: exDemMom

I used to pretend to be animals when I was a kid - imitating dogs, cats, lions that I saw on tv. After an hour of humoring me, my mother told me to stand up and behave.

11 posted on 05/28/2015 4:49:46 AM PDT by miss marmelstein (Richard the Third: "I should like to drive away not only the Turks (moslims) but all my foes.")
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To: NYer


12 posted on 05/28/2015 4:52:35 AM PDT by Incorrigible (If I lead, follow me; If I pause, push me; If I retreat, kill me.)
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To: NYer

BTTT for a great article.

This is what will happen in the USA in the next few years if the Supreme Court invents a “right” to same sex marriage through the 14th Amendment, in their ruling expected in one month’s time.

Eventually, holding Christian beliefs about marriage and homosexuality will brand Christians as haters who must be shunned by society.

How 2% of the population has amassed such power across the globe is hard to fathom. They are about to reorder society without a fight.

13 posted on 05/28/2015 5:00:32 AM PDT by exit82 ("The Taliban is on the inside of the building" E. Nordstrom 10-10-12)
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To: NYer; zot; piusv; Salvation; Alex Murphy

Marco Rubio said it all yesterday in his statement that Christianity and Christians are the next group to be driven out because of the Gays attacking ‘hate groups’. The MSM misquoted him, on purpose, to make him into a homosexual hater, instead of showing his true statement that it is the gays who hate Christianity and Christians.

On CBN Radio he said: “If you think about it,” Rubio said, “we are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech. Because today we’ve reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homophobe and a hater.”

go to Brietbart for story:

14 posted on 05/28/2015 5:08:26 AM PDT by GreyFriar (Spearhead - 3rd Armored Division 75-78 & 83-87)
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To: madprof98

Last month in NJ, a troubled young man who thought he was a woman jumped off a bridge. Every headline identified him as “trans” and ascribed his suicide to “bullying”. If you read the articles further, you found out that he suffered from severe depression and constant physical pain, and that the bullying was not “transphobic” but was in response to on-line suicide threats that he made and did not carry out: “Go ahead and do it, you whiner,” not “Die, you sicko fag.”

15 posted on 05/28/2015 5:10:22 AM PDT by heartwood
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To: exDemMom

I’m sorry but your appeals to logic and reason fall on deaf ears in today’s society. There’s a mass delusion spreading across the globe. Prophecy is being fulfilled.

16 posted on 05/28/2015 5:58:12 AM PDT by CitizenUSA (Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.)
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To: NYer
Article presents both an accurate and terrifying status report of what is going on in Canada…. in fact, there are even more egregious examples that could have been used. Everyone knew that the ‘preamble to the Civil Marriage Act’ was just a thinly disguised pacifier to get those on board who were sitting on the fence on the issue or were otherwise amby-pamby in their beliefs. And today here we are and the only ones surprised were the blithely naïve.

No reasonable person could look at some of the things that have gone on with anything less than a realization of incredulousness. A child claims that he/she is really trapped in the body of a sex that is opposite to what it should be…. Really? And parents and a school system support this unbelievable mess? My opinion is that the best position to take is to claim that there is no such thing as homosexuality, heterosexuality, lesbians, gays, queers, straights etc etc etc. There is only the characteristic of sexuality that God gave to us and this can manifest itself in God approved or God disapproved ways….. and as such, there is 1. Sexuality that manifests itself in sexual relations that are normal in nature and approved (between a husband and wife), 2. Sexuality that results in sexual relations that are normal as far as the mechanics but disapproved (between men and women who have no marital commitment between them) and 3. Sexuality that manifests itself in ways that are across the board disapproved because they consists of elements that are unnatural, abnormal and perverted.....for crying out loud, let's call it what it is. As for the kids, the terms to use for their sexuality are immature, confused, developing…..and they need to be under the guidance of those who are firmly in category 1 so that they too can end up being in category 1 as opposed to becoming perverted, mutilated wrecks. What is being taught to children today is unconscionable.

Matthew 18:5 And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. 6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. 7 Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

17 posted on 05/28/2015 6:21:43 AM PDT by hecticskeptic (In life it's important to know what you believeÂ….but more more importantly, why you believe it.)
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To: exit82
This is what will happen in the USA

The USA, Ireland, UK and other countries as this perverse "right" continues to spread.

18 posted on 05/28/2015 6:28:17 AM PDT by NYer ("You are a puff of smoke that appears briefly and then disappears." James 4:14)
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To: GreyFriar
“If you think about it,” Rubio said, “we are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech. Because today we’ve reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homophobe and a hater.”

Rush talked about this yesterday, as well. This is just the beginning ... to be followed by the legalization of polygamy, and the progressivist concept of gender as being liquid, to be defined by the individual. This is a return to paganism.

19 posted on 05/28/2015 6:32:44 AM PDT by NYer ("You are a puff of smoke that appears briefly and then disappears." James 4:14)
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To: miss marmelstein
Catholics against human rights for gay guys? But in another thread, we are being told that Catholics are responsible for gay marriage. My head hurts!

Must have missed that thread. Meanwhile, progressive catholics in SFO are San Francisco Protesters Redefine Catholicism

20 posted on 05/28/2015 6:35:13 AM PDT by NYer ("You are a puff of smoke that appears briefly and then disappears." James 4:14)
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