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Due to spying by the likes of NSA and their buddies in the technocracy, I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible.

However, here are some thoughts I’ve jotted down.

Feel free to cut and paste from these.


My parents were immigrants. Most of my children are immigrants.

All entered the US LEGALLY with immigration visas, obtained by submitting the paperwork, paying the fees, being subject to criminal background investigations and medical examinations, promising to stay off government assistance, with likewise vetted American citizen sponsors swearing affidavits to same, and waiting for the wheels at the State Department to turn.

Allowing people to enter illegally, with no vetting whatsoever, and obtain government services unavailable to LEGAL immigrants is an insult and an affront to all of us who obey the laws of this great country.

Please support the funding for the border wall to help minimize this menace to our national security.

I find it hypocritical to the highest degree that the most strident voices in opposition to The Wall live in gated communities with 24/7 armed security.

Questions for “Liberals” and “Progressives”

Knowing that government corruption and abuses of power are exponentially proportional to the money and power it has, why would you want to give the government more money and power?

“Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenagers."
~ P.J. O’Rourke

Do you want to live in a global, collectivist tyranny, where what you eat, where you live, what you wear, what you say, even what you think, how you heat or cool your home, what medical procedures you are allowed and how long you have to wait for them, as well as hundreds of other facets of your private life, are all regulated and controlled by legions of pie-eyed government apparatchiks?
Or do you want to live like free people, determining your own destiny and living as you please, within the confines of fair play and doing no harm?

On Climate Change

The most vocal climate alarmists, like Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio, own multiple mansions, each of which has a larger “carbon footprint” than the average suburban subdivision.

They fly all over the world at will in private jets that consume more fossil fuel in an hour than my car does in a month.

They cavort on massive diesel powered yachts that consume more diesel fuel in an hour than a food delivery van does in a week.

They drive around in expensive, gas-guzzling sports cars, and chauffeur driven limos and SUVs, often accompanied by more of the same containing guards armed with weapons forbidden to us commoners.

They import exotic foods from all over the world with no thought for the cost and waste involved in doing so.

DiCaprio even flew all the way to Hong Kong just for a haircut before flying to Hollywood for the Golden Globe awards, where he excoriated “climate change deniers”.

And they want you to shiver in the dark in large population centers where the government can control your movements and your energy and food consumption. They might even let you drive around in a little electric tuna fish can, if you can afford it.

And they want to raise YOUR taxes to “feed the poor” and to provide what they call “health care” to those who can’t afford insurance, while exempting themselves from the same plan.

AND they want us to take them seriously.

All while these same people are vested in carbon credit exchanges where they stand to enrich themselves by orders of magnitude for doing nothing, all on the backs of the American consumer and taxpayer.

Where I’m sitting right now was once buried beneath two kilometers of ice. There were no factories, no electricity, no cars, no aerosols, and the ice melted.
The first order determinant of Earth’s climate is the Sun. Second order would be cosmic radiation and the strength of Earth’s magnetic field. Third order is seismic activity. It is likely that Man’s activity has about a sixth order or less effect on climate.

If you believe the donkeys in the EPA can control climate by taxing and regulating you into the stone age, you’ll believe anything.

Questions for climate alarmists

1. How does the transfer of trillions of American taxpayer dollars to 3rd world tyrannies through a “carbon credit exchange”, where elites like Algore and other cynical investors skim off the top to become ever more wealthy, stop “global warming and pollution”, when the U.S. already has cleaner industry than any of the 3rd world tyrannies?

2. If we can do it without an influx of free foreign money, why can’t they?

3. What are the “correct” sea level, the correct global temerature, and the correct proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere?

4. What agent caused the melting of the vast global ice age just a geological heartbeat ago?

5. What are the FIRST ORDER determinants of weather and climate on Earth?

6. Why should we take any of the climate alarmists seriously when they live as though there were nothing to be alarmed about?

On why we voted for Donald Trump
We voted for a hard-nosed, ass-kicking, eye-gouging, street-fighting businessman who would put the interests of his country above the fragile sensibilities of our enemies and fair-weather “friends”.

Every black eye, every kick in the teeth, every insult and affront this president gives to the enemies of our freedom only makes us appreciate him all the more.

The democrat party, the GOP elites, the totalitarian globalists, the deep state, the EU, Academia, big media, big entertainment, big sports and all their sycophants, toadies, junkies and groupies have clearly demonstrated that they are committed, visceral enemies of our Creator-endowed rights and freedoms. Their howls of disdain and shrieks of opprobrium are music to our ears.

On the 0ccutards

Occupy is a violent, seditious organization responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in damage in cities throughout the U.S, squatting on public and private property, defecating, urinating, and fornicating in public, denying access to business and services, blocking roads and traffic, assaulting police officers and bystanders, rioting, looting, setting fires, destroying property, even committing rape and murder.

On the Democrat agenda

Concerning the accusation that Donald Trump is a "Russian Asset".

They are saying that powers hostile to the U.S. want to see the U.S. enjoying:

And before the Chinese Communists unleashed their bioweapon ... All of the above are the stated policy objectives of Donald Trump. All of them have been implemented, most with phenomenal success, even in the face of fierce, vitriolic, hateful opposition.

Ergo, in order to promote the lie that Donald Trump is an asset for powers that are hostile to the United States, you must be at least one of the following.

On Democrats and Russia

The democrat party used to LOVE Russia.

They supported unilateral disarmament. Remember?

They even asked the KGB for help to defeat Ronald Reagan.

Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union. He and his wife wrote articles gushing about the superiority of Soviet life over life in the West.

Ah, but they are not Soviet Russia any more. They have a mostly free market economy, now.

Their national logo is no longer the Sickle and Hammer.
It is the Imperial Crest of the Tsar, a direct rejection of the bolshevik revolution, a disavowal of the Soviet system and a slap in the face to all of its fans.

As a global exporter of energy, why would Russia want an American president who fosters, not only American energy independence, but the U.S. as the world's leading energy exporter, in direct competition with Russia?

On Donald Trump being Intellectually Deficient

Donald Trump leveraged a $2 million loan into a $9 billion, world-wide property development and hospitality empire, putting thousands of people to work, raising property values and tax revenues with every development, while Barrack 0bama was smoking choom and reading Saul Alinsky.

At a time when he should be enjoying the fruits of his labors, living a life of ease and luxury, he decided to enter politics with the standards of Americanism and American Exceptionalism in order to boost the economy and improve the lives of all Americans.

In his first political contest, he beat at least a dozen polished career politicians, including the "smartest woman in the world", to become President of the United States.

On Capitalism (Free Market) and Socialism (Central Control)

OK, so monopolies are bad. Right?
So why is a government monopoly on anything "good"?

The word, capitalism, is a pejorative for "free enterprise" or "free market".
The word, socialism, is a euphemism for collective control of pretty much everything.
So, would you prefer to live in a free market cooperative, or a centrally controlled collective?