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White House: No More Compromise on Contraception
WSJ ^ | FEBRUARY 12, 2012 | Jared A. Favole & Julian E. Barnes

Posted on 02/12/2012 7:59:57 PM PST by Qbert

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew on Sunday defended President Barack Obama’s decision to relax a requirement that religious employers cover contraception in health plans, saying the president struck an appropriate balance and wasn’t open to further compromise.

“I have to say that the solution that we came up with puts no religious institution in a position where it either has to pay for or facilitate the provision of benefits they find objectionable,” Mr. Lew said on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

Mr. Lew said the president put out a solid plan, and when asked whether there is more room for compromising said, “No. This is our plan.”

In an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Mr. Lew said, “We’re going to go ahead and implement it.” He said the White House has “broad consensus – not universal consensus – that this is an approach that’s right.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said Friday it wanted the entire birth-control mandate rescinded.  “The only complete solution to this religious liberty problem is for [Health and Human Services] to rescind the mandate of these objectionable services,” the bishops said in a statement issued late Friday.

“We note that today’s proposal continues to involve needless government intrusion in the internal governance of religious institutions, and to threaten government coercion of religious people and groups to violate their most deeply held convictions,” the bishops said, while also urging Catholics to write to their representatives in opposition to the policy.

A long fight could damage the president’s support among Catholics who favored him in the last presidential election.

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KEYWORDS: abortion; contraception; contraceptionmandate; lyingmuslim; obama; phonycompromise; waronreligion
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To: Qbert

The thing to consider about waivers is that the original mandate stays in place. A waiver exempts you from it but the mandate is still there and can be reinstated at any time.

21 posted on 02/12/2012 8:19:06 PM PST by Mind-numbed Robot
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To: ElkGroveDan

“I do believe he is on a path to the lowest popular vote for any incumbent President in history.”

From your lips to God’s ear.

Now, if only the Stupid Party would cowboy up on the issue of poll watchers.

22 posted on 02/12/2012 8:20:16 PM PST by dsc (Any attempt to move a government to the left is a crime against humanity.)
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To: Qbert

Liberal Catholics sell out again for nothing?

23 posted on 02/12/2012 8:20:42 PM PST by sickoflibs (You MUST support the lesser of two RINOs or we all die!)
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To: Qbert

I wish someone would explain to me by what constitutional authority can the president grant waivers to bills legally signed into law? It’s my understanding these actions do not come under the powers granted to president by the constitution. What am I missing?

24 posted on 02/12/2012 8:24:28 PM PST by vortigern
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To: muawiyah

Lew The Liar! I watched him with Chris Wallace, It was a lying talking points fest. I thought my head was going to explode!

25 posted on 02/12/2012 8:25:53 PM PST by Empireoftheatom48 (Let's get the hell rid of Zero)
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To: MulberryDraw

In general, they only collect more premium when a couple moves to family status after their first child is born.

This is just more evidence that, to liberals, human beings are just parasites on this earth and even for each other. They view each new life as a “net cost” to society instead of a valuable contributor to it. They don’t understand that if our nation keeps killing babies and contracepting itself to the point that we have less than 2 children per couple, we are placing the burden of Social Secruity and Medicare on fewer and fewer people. We need more young people to pay the bills that this administration is running up, not less.

26 posted on 02/12/2012 8:27:59 PM PST by VinceASA
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To: Psycho_Bunny

Barak is using his “ex cathedra” voice on this issue.

27 posted on 02/12/2012 8:28:57 PM PST by glorgau
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To: Qbert
It's good to be the king...

28 posted on 02/12/2012 8:29:23 PM PST by Repeal The 17th (We have met the enemy and he is us.)
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To: ElkGroveDan
I do believe he is on a path to the lowest popular vote for any incumbent
President in history.

don't count on it, the (stupid) ppl voted for him last time, too....
many are still alive, but not in Chicago.

29 posted on 02/12/2012 8:30:32 PM PST by skinkinthegrass (Kill the terrorists, Protect (all) the borders, ridicule all the (remaining) Liberals :^)
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To: sickoflibs

The liberal Catholics are with the conservative Catholics on this one. There’s a link on it.

30 posted on 02/12/2012 8:30:43 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Qbert

He does what George Soros tells him to do...

31 posted on 02/12/2012 8:30:49 PM PST by angelcindy ("Those who follow the crowd,gets no further than the crowd")
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To: Qbert

he just doesn’t get the “consent of the governed” part

32 posted on 02/12/2012 8:33:12 PM PST by RatRipper (I'll ride a turtle to work every day before I buy anything from Government Motors.)
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To: Psycho_Bunny
So many people have spoken out on this issue that I am amazed that you missed it.

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33 posted on 02/12/2012 8:34:12 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Qbert

LOL! The Whitehouse sent Vice President Bite-me onto Bill Cunningham’s radio show to talk “Catholic-to-Catholic” tonight. Bite-me spun, but I wish Cunningham would have pressed him a lot harder....

34 posted on 02/12/2012 8:34:13 PM PST by Joe 6-pack (Que me amat, amet et canem meum)
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“Will no one rid me of this troublesome president?”

35 posted on 02/12/2012 8:37:50 PM PST by Arkansas Toothpick
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To: Qbert
This was cleverly stage-managed--the announcement came on Friday and took some time to analyze so by the time the Catholic bishops came out and denounced it, they had lost time and meanwhile the media was pushing the Obama talking points. The result is that a lot of people are confused and think there was a concession by the Obama administration.

Not to mention that people seem to think it is reasonable to compromise between a basic right and a political policy agenda...or to take poll results as an indication of what the Catholic Church should be saying about contraception.

Luke 16.8: "The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."

36 posted on 02/12/2012 8:40:11 PM PST by Verginius Rufus
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To: VinceASA; MulberryDraw

I heard some lib on one of the morning talk shows making the point—that use of contraception is a “cheaper” alternative to having children. And it would be so at the end of life—cheaper to get rid of those useless old people. What is happening to this country?

37 posted on 02/12/2012 8:46:41 PM PST by Fu-fu2
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To: Salvation
RE :”The liberal Catholics are with the conservative Catholics on this one. There’s a link on it.

We shall see.

Obama was only really worried about those lib Catholics that supported Obama-care and this was a fake (non-existent) compromise to give them a face save to join him again. If this is still a story in a week then Obama’s scam has failed.

38 posted on 02/12/2012 8:48:09 PM PST by sickoflibs (You MUST support the lesser of two RINOs or we all die!)
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To: mardi59

As a matter of fact and public record:

Kathleen Sebelius

In May 2008, Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann said that Kathleen Sebelius should stop receiving communion because of her support for abortion rights, and that she should not again take it unless she publicly stated that she opposed abortion rights.[22][23][24]

[edit] Joe Biden

After Joe Biden, a pro-choice Catholic, was nominated as a vice presidential candidate in the 2008 presidential election, Bishop Joseph Francis Martino of Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, said Biden would be refused communion in that diocese because of his support for abortion rights.[7] Biden was not refused communion in his then-parish of Wilmington, Delaware.[25]

[edit] Patrick Kennedy

In November 2009, Bishop Thomas Tobin barred Representative Patrick Kennedy from communion because of his position on abortion.[26] Kennedy told the Providence Journal that Tobin instructed priests in the diocese not to give him communion; Tobin denied this.[26]

39 posted on 02/12/2012 8:54:03 PM PST by stanne
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To: Verginius Rufus

I wouldn’t sweat it- there is time. Remember, Obamacare was even favored to some degree in the polls in the early stages before people started learning about the details... and then everybody with at least half a brain hated it.

Obama may think he’s being really clever here- but the more this drags on, the more I think he’s going to regret. He’ll move on to his next piece of the Constitution to shred... but people of faith won’t forget what he did here. You don’t force religious people to subsidize abortifacients.

40 posted on 02/12/2012 8:56:29 PM PST by Qbert ("The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry" - William F. Buckley, Jr.)
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