Since Apr 19, 1999

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Hello Fellow Freepers, Way back in 1995-96, I saw the postings of a man named Jim Robinson on the old Prodigy Whitewater bulletin board. He was great! Then he was gone....and I saw a message that said he had started his own site called “Free Republic.” The rest is history. I lurked for a long time before posting. Posting led to outright freeping of President Bubba. I will never forget freeping at the White House the evening before the House Managers Dinner in Washington. A small group of fellow Freepers also greeted Clinton when he spoke at the University of Chicago commencement in 2000. A larger group, as well as people from other websites freeped in the Daley Center in December of 2000, chanting for the end of the “counting” of votes in Florida. I only checked in occasionally during the Bush years. The election of Obama has brought me back to vent my frustration....and get my freep on once more. This time its the 9/12 March on Washington as well as local Tea Parties. There is alot of work to do!