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Will All Perversions Soon Become "Normal"?
TooGoodReports ^ | 07/15/03 | Allan C. Stover

Posted on 07/15/2003 7:38:03 AM PDT by bedolido

What the hell is happening in America? Every perversion and "choice" is being presented to us as "normal," as though challenging us to disagree and confess we think they're abnormal. Such a confession would earn us one of those labels meant to silence us (bigot, homophobe, redneck, intolerant, or just plain "not with it").

The Supreme Court's endorsement of sodomy was bad enough, but we should worry as much about the gradual intrusions that the gay, lesbian, bisexual, sadomasochist, transgender, transvestite, and other members of the "sexual rights" gang and their cohorts make on decent American society. The Baltimore Sun recently published an obituary that gave us another milestone on America's march toward complete decadence: "Pepper LaBeija, 53, a famed queen of Harlem drag balls died of a heart attack May 14 in New York." Ms/Mr. LaBeija's given name was William Jackson, the obit informs us. It gave her/him equal billing with the late Rachel Kempson, the matriarch of the Redgrave acting clan and a British star in her own right; and Rob Kling, "the founding father of social informatics-how computers influence social change." Newspapers such as the Sun felt her/his death deserved national coverage because William Jackson dressed in flamboyant women's clothing. Ms/Mr. LaBeija, her obit informs us, was fortunate to have outlived other transvestites such as Angie Xtravagana and Avis Pendavis.

USA Today noted, "Suddenly, without much fanfare or backlash, mainstream entertainment has fallen head over heels for gays and lesbians, as well as the occasional transgender or bisexual counterpart, with an embrace that goes beyond the passing flirtations of the past." Hollywood's pro-gay bias pervades the movies and television shows. The movie American Beauty portrayed gay "partners" as educated, handsome, clean-cut professionals, and the man who disapproved of their "partnership" as an uptight Marine redneck and a latent homosexual.

They're winning the war, and they've dug in for the long haul by going after the youth of America. We read of 14-year-olds who announce in school that they've "outed" as gay, lesbian, or transgender. The pro-gay media acts as though these adolescents have the maturity to make such decisions.

Lisa Dombrowski, assistant professor of film studies at Wesleyan University, told USA Today: "This is a generation that has grown up with more images of gays, lesbians, transgender, and bisexuals." Hollywood and our jaded media intend to provide them with even more such images. Disney gave them the movie Sweet Home Alabama, in which "Disney didn't have any concerns about the movie's gay character, the hometown friend who is 'outed' by Reese Witherspoon." Disney hosts gay days at its amusement park. The Bravo channel will feature Boy Meets Boy, a dating show. ABC will feature "It's All Relative," about a woman raised by two gay "partners."

ABC News reports: "Today, an updated version of Marvel Comics' Rawhide Kid series will hit comic book stores. The gunslinger, who first made his debut 48 years ago, comes out of the closet." ABC at least gave some time to the other side: "Some parents and conservative groups are mortified that Marvel Comics would promote a gay character. 'It is an assault on children because it is sending them the message that homosexuality is an acceptable, normal lifestyle,' said Robert Knight, director of Concerned Women for America's Culture and Family Institute. 'It is also a perversion of Westerns. All Western heroes have been portrayed as straight shooters - and that just doesn't mean hitting a target with a gun. It's a matter of character.'"

Americans object to the idea that they must accept these sweeping societal changes as normal, even when they feel deep down that they're abnormal. The Supreme Court ignored our objections and found a hitherto unknown clause in our Constitution that endorsed sodomy. The pro-sodomy media made a convoluted connection from that decision to the legalization of gay "marriage" in the United States.

Vermont already allows "civil unions" between homosexuals. Canada-whose government is riddled with the most extreme leftists on the continent-has given legal sanction to such "marriages." The Associated Press reported: "An appeals court ruled that Canada's ban on homosexual marriage was unconstitutional and hours later two Canadian men tied the knot in the country's first legal same-sex marriage." A Canadian appeals court overturned the law that defines marriage as "a union between a man and a woman." Hordes of American gays and lesbians will stream across the border to get "married," then stream back and demand that we recognize those marriages. Those of us who won't accept them, or any other such "rights," such as the right to be a homosexual Boy Scout leader, will again be labelled bigots, homophobes, rednecks, latent homosexuals in denial, or all of the above.

It gets worse. The 2003 North American Conference on Bisexuality will be held later this year in (where else?) California. One of the speakers is Joan M. Garry, executive director of "Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the nation's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender media advocacy organization." Another star is comedian Rob Yaeger, billed as "the Earth's only bisexual, genderqueer, trans-affectional, sex radical, frequently kinky, Catholic-raised agnostic-atheist" and on and on. The ads for the conference make it sound as normal as a convention of birdwatchers. Does anyone really believe that bisexuality is normal?

San Francisco made history in March when Theresa Sparks was named the Woman of the Year in the 13th Assembly District. Theresa Sparks was a man who had a sex change operation and is now considered a woman. Theresa had been instrumental in getting the city to pay for city workers' sex-change operations.

Is there an end to it all? Will the Supreme Court next endorse pedophilia, necrophilia, incest, and bestiality? Keep your eye on Hollywood and the media. When they start making the case that those perversions are normal, our Supreme Court won't be far behind.

To comment on this article or express your opinion directly to the author, you are invited to e-mail Allan at .

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1 posted on 07/15/2003 7:38:03 AM PDT by bedolido
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To: bedolido
2 posted on 07/15/2003 7:48:41 AM PDT by GrandMoM ("Vengeance is Mine , I will repay," says the Lord.)
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To: All
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3 posted on 07/15/2003 7:49:13 AM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: bedolido
"Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As to be hated needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace."

-- Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

"Vice, in its true light, is so deformed, that it shocks us at first sight; and would hardly ever seduce us, if it did not at first wear the mask of some virtue."

-- Lord Chesterfield (1694-1773)

4 posted on 07/15/2003 7:49:35 AM PDT by Joe Brower ("An elected despotism is not the government we fought for." -- Thomas Jefferson)
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To: bedolido
My new theory: Marxism sought the overthrow of Western values and used Class Warfare as a primary tool. It sought to turn everything into an "Us vs Them" battle. Unfortunately for the Marxists, in modern societies, everyone realizes that you are not poor for life and you are not rich for life. Today you are an "Us", tomorrow you may be a "Them", so Class Warefare has less appeal.

But sex can be a tool for "Us vs Them". It's deeply ingrained in each person. Although change is possible, most people say "I am who I am, nothing will change me". So it's a good tool for dividing society into groups and therefore weaken societal links, eroding Western values.

5 posted on 07/15/2003 7:52:23 AM PDT by ClearCase_guy
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To: bedolido
speaking of perversions: TAG LINE CONTEST over here!

WINNER GETS A FREE COPY OF THIS (the book, not the girl, stupid)

6 posted on 07/15/2003 7:52:55 AM PDT by FreeTheHostages (but please note the contest judge is drunk)
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To: FreeTheHostages
I already lost $20 during the auction for the right to use Laz's Tag line. What a rip off! New to FR and already being screwed by experienced members.
7 posted on 07/15/2003 7:55:07 AM PDT by bedolido (Ann Coulter... A Conservative Male's Natural Viagra)
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To: Van Jenerette
8 posted on 07/15/2003 7:59:41 AM PDT by Van Jenerette (Our Republic...if we can keep it!)
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To: bedolido
9 posted on 07/15/2003 8:00:09 AM PDT by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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To: ClearCase_guy
hmm classes that can't ever change. A maxist fantasy.

So the homos say CHILDREN can come out but they can never CHOOSE to go back to a normal life.

So much for the liberal hypocracy about supporting a person's right to choose.
10 posted on 07/15/2003 8:02:25 AM PDT by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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To: bedolido
According to the enlightened Left, we all should "live and let live".
Problem is, the radical sodomites, feminists, atheists and cultural nihilists have absolutely no intention of scaling back their raison d'être.
Their intention is obvious...a total repudiation of Judeo-Christianity in this great nation.
This is the part that the Left is oblivious to when they rush to defend their depraved friends.
11 posted on 07/15/2003 8:03:35 AM PDT by jla
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To: jla
NEED TO PASS A CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT THAT SAYS MARRIAGE IS FOR ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN......or......they are going to keep pushing their perverted agenda and the left (liberals, who believe in nothing but their own "enlightened" craving for power)...will corrupt the land, nature, and culture.......

LETS CRY OUT FOR JUSTICE!!!!!!!!! to be done..........
12 posted on 07/15/2003 8:21:36 AM PDT by Emilio
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To: bedolido

13 posted on 07/15/2003 8:27:05 AM PDT by bmwcyle (Here's to Hillary's book sinking like the Clinton 2000 economy)
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To: Emilio; All
Below are the house subcommittee members with the FMA introduced on May 21, 2003.

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Chairman Sensenbrenner's Photo


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Committee on the Judiciary

107th Congress Flag

F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., Chairman

Subcommittee Members


Subcommittee on the Constitution

Mr. Steve Chabot, Chairman

362 Ford HOB, Tel: 202-226-7680
Mr. King Mr. Jerrold Nadler
Mr. Jenkins Mr. John Conyers
Mr. Bachus Mr. Robert Scott
Mr. Hostettler Mr. Melvin Watt
Ms. Hart Mr. Adam Schiff
Mr. Feeney  
Mr. Forbes  


14 posted on 07/15/2003 8:47:44 AM PDT by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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To: bedolido
Isn't Hollywood already coming out with a film glorifying Kinsey and his pedophile friends? Anyone have any info on its release?
15 posted on 07/15/2003 8:51:58 AM PDT by my4kidsdad
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To: bedolido
The Bible tells us that as we get closer to end times, people will embrace all kinds of lust, indecency, perversion, and sin. As much as I hate watching these things come to pass, I take comfort in seeing the prophesies fulfilled, and knowing that God keeps His word. I just keep looking up, knowing that as His child I am in the world but not OF the world... this is all temporary- there is a much better place waiting.
16 posted on 07/15/2003 9:18:14 AM PDT by Ferret Fawcet (Trust God's authority, not man's majority.)
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To: bedolido
The wicked call good evil, and evil, they call it good. There really IS wickedness and there really IS evil. Wicked and evil men and women are in positions of power(House, Senate, Supreme Court, White House, local courts, state governments, faculty etc. etc.) and are seeking to destroy our culture. A lot of people still don't really believe that.
17 posted on 07/15/2003 9:22:34 AM PDT by vigilo (I have spoken. (har, har, snicker, snicker))
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To: Ferret Fawcet
What we're seeing come to pass is when Jesus said in the last days people will call good evil and evil good. You can't call homosexuality evil, transgenderism, pedophilia, etc without someone saying you're a bigot or homaphobe (sp).

We must train up a new generation of Christian leaders to combat this current darkness.

18 posted on 07/15/2003 9:24:35 AM PDT by bedolido (Ann Coulter... A Conservative Male's Natural Viagra)
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To: my4kidsdad; All
We used to believe in God, Mom, Applepie, and the Boy Scouts...Now it's all about gay marriage, killin' babies,and to hell with the Boy Scouts...Oh yeah, the ACLU wants to ban God too.Times are changing in our country, that's for sure. Liberal politicians are giving the store away. Soon it will be hard to voice comments like these over the INTERNET the way this PC crap is taking hold.
19 posted on 07/15/2003 9:30:21 AM PDT by Old Phone Man
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To: bedolido
The movie American Beauty portrayed gay "partners" as educated, handsome, clean-cut professionals, and the man who disapproved of their "partnership" as an uptight Marine redneck and a latent homosexual.

Looks like this person never actually saw the movie American Beauty. The gay "partners" were a mistake - they were not actually gay - while it is true that the uptight Marine murderer seemed to be a latent homosexual (that was far from a positive representation of homosexuality)

20 posted on 07/15/2003 9:31:46 AM PDT by Last Visible Dog
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