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The True Islamic Morals- ^ | 04.10.2001 | Turan

Posted on 10/04/2001 12:48:43 PM PDT by Turan

The True Islamic Morals

Some people who say they are acting in the name of religion may misunderstand their religion or practice it wrongly. For this reason, it is a mistake to form any idea of that religion from the activities of these people. The best way to understand Islam is through its holy source.

The holy source of Islam is the Qur'an; and the model of morality in the Qur'an is completely different from the image of it formed in the minds of some westerners. The Qur'an is based on the concepts of morality, love, compassion, mercy, modesty, self-sacrifice, tolerance and peace, and a Muslim who truly lives according to these moral precepts is highly refined, thoughtful, tolerant, trustworthy and accommodating. To those around him he gives love, respect, peace of mind and a sense of the joy of life.

Islam Is A Religion Of Peace And Well-Being

The word Islam has the same meaning as "peace" in Arabic. Islam is a religion that came down to offer humanity a life filled with the peace and well-being in which God's eternal mercy and compassion is manifested in the world. God invites all people to accept the moral teachings of the Qur'an as a model whereby mercy, compassion, tolerance and peace may be experienced in the world. In Surat al-Baqara verse 208, this command is given:

You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you.

As we see in this verse, people will experience well-being and happiness by living according to the moral teaching of the Qur'an.

God Condemns Mischief

God has commanded humanity to avoid evil; he has forbidden immorality, rebellion, cruelty, aggressiveness, murder and bloodshed. Those who do not obey this command of God are walking in the steps of Satan, as it says in the verse above, and have adopted an attitude that God has clearly declared unlawful. Of the many verses that bear on this subject, here are only two:

But as for those who break God's contract after it has been agreed and sever what God has commanded to be joined, and cause corruption in the earth, the curse will be upon them. They will have the Evil Abode. (Surat ar-Ra'd: 25)

Seek the abode of the hereafter with what God has given you, without forgetting your portion of the world. And do good as God has been good to you. And do not seek to cause mischief on earth. God does not love mischief makers.' (Surat al-Qasas: 77)

As we can see, God has forbidden every kind of mischievous acts in the religion of Islam including terrorism and violence, and condemned those who commit such deeds. A Muslim lends beauty to the world and improves it.

Islam Defends Tolerance And Freedom Of Speech

Islam is a religion which fosters freedom of life, ideas and thought. It has forbidden tension and conflict among people, calumny, suspicion and even having negative thoughts about another individual.

Islam has not only forbidden terror and violence, but also even the slightest imposition of any idea on another human being.

There is no compulsion in religion. Right guidance has become clearly distinct from error. Anyone who rejects false gods and believes in God has grasped the Firmest Handhold, which will never give way. God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (Surat al-Baqara: 256)

So remind, you need only to remind. You cannot compel them to believe. (Surat al-Ghashiyah: 22)

To force anyone to believe in a religion or to practice it, is against the spirit and essence of Islam. Because it is necessary that faith be accepted with free will and conscience. Of course, Muslims may urge one another to keep the moral precepts taught in the Qur'an, but they never use compulsion. In any case, an individual cannot be induced to the practice of religion by either threat or offering him a worldly privilege.

Let us imagine a completely opposite model of society. For example, a world in which people are forced by law to practice religion. Such a model of society is completely contrary to Islam because faith and worship have value only when they are directed toward God. If there were a system that forced people to believe and worship, people would be religious only out of fear of the system. What is acceptable from the point of view of religion is that religion be practiced in an environment where freedom of conscience is permitted, and that it be practiced only for the approval of God.

God Has Made The Killing Of Innocent People Unlawful

According to the Qur'an, one of the greatest sins is to kill a human being who has committed no fault: ...If someone kills another person - unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth - it is as if he had murdered all mankind. And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind. Our Messengers came to them with Clear Signs but even after that many of them committed outrages in the earth. (Surat al-Ma'ida: 32) Those who do not call on any other deity together with God and do not kill anyone God has made inviolate, except with the right to do so, and do not fornicate; anyone who does that will receive an evil punishment. (Surat al-Furqan: 68)

As we can see in the verses above, those who kill innocent human beings without a cause are threatened with evil punishment. God has revealed that killing one person is as great a sin as killing all mankind. Anyone who respected the prerogatives of God would not do harm to even one individual, let alone murdering thousands of innocent people. Those who think that they will escape justice and punishment in this world will never escape the account they must give in the Presence of God on the Last Day. So, those believers who know they will give an account to God after their death, will be very careful about respecting the limits God has established.

God Commands Believers To Be Compassionate And Merciful< In this verse, Muslim morality is explained: ...To be one of those who believe and urge each other to steadfastness and urge each other to compassion. Those are the Companions of the Right. (Surat al-Balad: 17-18) As we see in this verse, one of the most important moral precepts that God has sent down to His servants so that they may receive salvation and mercy and attain Paradise, is to "urge each other to compassion".

Islam as described in the Qur'an is a modern, enlightened, progressive religion. A Muslim is above all a person of peace; he is tolerant with a democratic spirit, cultured, enlightened, honest, knowledgable about art and science and civilized. A Muslim educated in the fine moral teaching of the Qur'an, approaches everyone with the love that Islam expects. He shows respect for every idea and he values art and aesthetics. He is conciliatory in the face of every event, diminishing tension and restoring amity. In societies composed of individuals such as this, there will be a higher civilization, a higher social morality, more joy, happiness, justice, security, abundance and blessings than in the most modern nations of the world today.

God Has Commanded Tolerance And Forgiveness Surat al-A'raf, verse 199, which says "practice forgiveness", expresses the concept of forgiveness and tolerance which is one of the basic principles of the religion of Islam.

When we look at Islamic history, we can see clearly how Muslims established this important precept of the moral teaching of the Qur'an in their social life. At every point in their advance, Muslims destroyed unlawful practices and created a free and tolerant environment. In the areas of religion, language and culture, they made it possible for people totally opposite to each other to live under the same roof in freedom and peace, thereby giving to those subject to them the advantages of knowledge, wealth and position. Likewise, one of the most important reasons that the large and widespread Ottoman Empire was able to sustain its existence for so many centuries was that its way of life was directed by the tolerance and understanding brought by Islam. For centuries Muslims have been characterized by their tolerance and compassion. In every period of time they have been the most just and merciful of people. All ethnic groups within this multi-national community freely practiced the religions they have followed for years and enjoyed every opportunity to live in their own cultures and worship in their own way.

Indeed, the particular tolerance of Muslims, when practiced as commanded in the Qur'an, can alone bring peace and well-being to the whole world. The Qur'an refers to this particular kind of tolerance:

A good action and a bad action are not the same. Repel the bad with something better and, if there is enmity between you and someone else, he will be like a bosom friend. (Surat al-Fussilat: 34)


All this shows that the moral teaching offered to humanity by Islam is one that will bring peace, happiness and justice to the world. The barbarism that is happening in the world today under the name of "Islamic Terrorism" is completely removed from the moral teachings of the Qur'an; it is the work of ignorant, bigoted people, criminals who have nothing to do with religion. The solution which will applied against these individuals and groups who are trying to commit their deeds of savagery under the guise of Islam, will be the instruction of people in the true moral teaching of Islam.

In other words, the religion of Islam and the moral teaching of the Qur'an are not the supporters of terrorism and the terrorists, but the remedy by which the world can be saved from the scourge of terrorism.

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To: Frumious Bandersnatch
I thought that "Islam" meant "submission," not "peace." Or are "submission" and "peace" synonomous in Araby?

I've read that "islam" does mean both. Now, there could be other words that mean just peace or just submission, but islam means both.

21 posted on 10/04/2001 1:16:46 PM PDT by A.J.Armitage
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To: mccain2004

Our own Judeo-Christian scriptures have their own disgraceful parts--for example, the stuff about hating and stoning homosexuals, adulterers, etc. But the main message of all religions is the same--love God and our fellow man. We need to throw out the bad and keep the good (and most of it is good).

"And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury); but say, "We believe in the Revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; our God and your God is One; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam)."" [29:46]

22 posted on 10/04/2001 1:22:20 PM PDT by Last
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To: mccain2004
If you actually read this article, you'd know he is no buddy of anyone who supports bin Laden. That's like linking you to your "fellow Christian," Timothy McVeigh.

I don't know if McVeigh ever claimed to be a Christian, but I can take my Bible and show you that he wasn't (unless there was an unreported last-minute conversion that took place. That seems doubtful, because he was defiant right up to the end and there was very little about his final minutes that went unreported.)

And that is the problem with your point. You can't read the Bible in a reasonable manner and believe God condones what Timothy McVeigh did. But our Muslim friend who wrote this article only told half the story about his "holy" book. A person can read the Qur'an in a resonable manner and find some justification for doing what the terrorists did. That is why many Muslims throughout the world - even in the U.S. - were celebrating the attacks initially. The only reason the celebrating stopped (for the most part) and the apologists were sent out in front of the cameras is because they realized we were serious about punishing the guilty, and they wanted to get out of the line of fire.

23 posted on 10/04/2001 1:27:47 PM PDT by Gil4
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To: Last
"Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just." [60:8]
24 posted on 10/04/2001 1:27:59 PM PDT by Last
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To: Turan
The holy source of Islam is the Qur'an

Here we go again. Let's consult the source:

Medina Suras
The Chapter of Women
[Chapters from the Koran]
The Harvard Classics 1909–14

But if there befalls you grace from God, he would say—as though there were no friendship between you and him—‘O would that I had been with thee to attain this mighty happiness!’ Let those then fight in God’s way who sell this life of the world for the next; and whoso fights in God’s way, then, be he killed or be he victorious, we will give him a mighty hire.

What ails you that ye do not fight in God’s way, and for the weak men and women and children, who say, ‘Lord, bring us out of this town 19 of oppressive folk, and make for us from Thee a patron, and make for us from Thee a help?’

Those who believe fight in the way of God; and those who disbelieve fight in the way of Tâghût; fight ye then against the friends of Satan, verily, Satan’s tricks are weak.

Do ye not see those to whom it is said, ‘Restrain your hands, and be steadfast in prayer and give alms;’ and when it is prescribed for them to fight then a band of them fear men, as though it were the fear of God or a still stronger fear, and they say, ‘O our Lord! why hast thou prescribed for us to fight, couldst thou not let us abide till our near appointed time?’ Say, ‘The enjoyment of this world is but slight, and the next is better for him who fears;’—but they shall not be wronged a straw.


Why are ye two parties about the hypocrites, when God hath overturned them for what they earned? Do ye wish to guide those whom God hath led astray? Whoso God hath led astray ye shall not surely find for him a path. They would fain that ye misbelieve as they misbelieve, that ye might be alike; take ye not patrons from among them until they too flee in God’s way; but if they turn their backs, then seize them and kill them wheresoever ye find them, and take from them neither patron nor help,—save those who reach a people betwixt whom and you is an alliance—or who come to you while their bosoms prevent them from fighting you or fighting their own people. But had God pleased He would have given you dominion over them, and they would surely have fought you. But if they retire from you and do not fight you, and offer you peace,—then God hath given you no way against them.

Ye will find others who seek for quarter from you, and quarter from their own people; whenever they return to sedition they shall be overturned therein: but if they retire not from you, nor offer you peace, nor restrain their hands, then seize them and kill them wheresoever ye find them;—over these we have made for you manifest power.

25 posted on 10/04/2001 1:31:00 PM PDT by SlickWillard
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To: Turan
Thanks for your post. Turkey has been a staunch and very important ally for the US since as long as I can remember. Every religion can be twisted and perverted. I can cite hundreds of verses from the Bible that sound very bloodthirsty. Some though, are pretty good, and one is applicable to folks condemning anybody's religion.

"Before you point out the mote in your brother's eye, pluck the beam out of your own eye."

26 posted on 10/04/2001 1:33:09 PM PDT by jimt
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Comment #27 Removed by Moderator

To: Last
Islam sneaks up on you, pretending to be friendly until your back is turned -
28 posted on 10/04/2001 1:35:52 PM PDT by Gasshog
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To: mccain2004
The parts of the Bible that seem so harsh to modern people are the parts that were applicable to ancient Israel. Christians from the first century onwards have said that the civil law commanded of Israel in the Old Testament simply doesn't apply today. Christianity has always held to progressive revelation, meaning God shows us things more clearly as time goes on.

You can find NO harsh commands in the New Testament--THE standard by which the Old Testament commands are judged. The Koran has no such distinctions though...even getting harsher in its later parts.

There is simply no comparison between the love of Jesus and the harsheness Mohammed.

29 posted on 10/04/2001 1:38:27 PM PDT by AnalogReigns
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Comment #30 Removed by Moderator

To: Turan
Thanks for joining and posting to Free Republic. I hope that you will find this forum a source of valuable information and insight. That you would take time to monitor the postings here and offer your own views shows that you are concerned with issues of individual rights and liberty. I welcome your contributions and encourage you to gain as much wisdom as you can here.
31 posted on 10/04/2001 1:46:42 PM PDT by LJLucido
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To: Turan
The True Islamic Morals-

Sorry to have to ignore you, but we don't have too much time for academics right now.

We're busy with reality; In the actual world, Muslims either enjoy mayhem and murder, or are deaf dumb and blind.

People need to be dealt with according to what they do, not what they say.
In both cases, they need to be dealt with first.

32 posted on 10/04/2001 1:46:42 PM PDT by Publius6961
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To: Last
Correction from a Muslim.

These are the verses like they should be read:

"[88] Why should ye be divided into two parties about the Hypocrites? Allah hath upset them for their (evil) deeds. Would ye guide those whom Allah hath thrown out of the way? For those whom Allah hath thrown out of the way, never shalt thou find the Way. [89] They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): so take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (from what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks." [4:88&89]

Hypocrites were some people who pretended to be Muslim but were not. They were inner enemies of Islam.

The Surah goes on to talk about the same people: the hypocrites, not the Jews, not the Christians:

"[90]Except those who join a group between whom and you there is a treaty (Of peace), or those who approach you with hearts restraining them from fighting you as well as fighting their own people. If Allah had pleased, He could have given them power over you, and they would have fought you: therefore if they withdraw from you but fight you not, and (instead) send you (guarantees of) peace, then Allah hath opened no way for you (to war against them). [91] Others you will find that wish to gain your confidence as well as that of their people: every time they are sent back to temptation, they succumb thereto; if they withdraw not from you nor give you (guarantees) of peace besides restraining their hands, seize them and slay them wherever ye get them; in their case We have provided you with a clear argument against them." [4:90&91]

Interesting, you who you call yourself Bible Believer. The Quran says about you otherwise:

"Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the Believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant." [5:82]

Indeed, your trials to make me and other Muslims hate Christians is a big failure. Where I come from, I have many close Christian friends. I celebrate Christmas with them, they celerbrate Eid with me. Even Jews; I have not made friends with a Jew who wasn't a wonderful person. They made me understand the difference between "Jewish" and "pro-Israel". A very religious group of them made a demonstration in front of the UN in June, holding banners like: "Zionism is Racism", and "Palestine Is For The Palestinians", and "Stop Killing Palestinian Children".

It's much easier to plant the good seed of love in our hearts than to try to poison our minds with hate. Visit Bethlehem and see for yourself what the word "tolerance" means.

33 posted on 10/04/2001 1:50:50 PM PDT by Last
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To: AnalogReigns
but you can not forget the atrocities of the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition and the vile statements of Martin Luther the founder of Protestant Christianity (please see
34 posted on 10/04/2001 1:51:50 PM PDT by arielb
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To: Turan
the truth is that most Muslims in Turkey are good people. I probably wouldn't be here today if a Turkish muslim didn't risk his life to save my father's ancestors
35 posted on 10/04/2001 1:55:28 PM PDT by arielb
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To: Turan
Perhaps with your expertise you could answer a couple of questions on Islam. In the chapter, or sura, of the Koran often called the Merciful", at about 55:57 to 55:77, much is made of the virgins that Allah will supply "for those who fear the majesty of their Lord".

Are these virgins real human women or something else? If real human women, where are they from?

36 posted on 10/04/2001 2:04:53 PM PDT by atafak
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Comment #37 Removed by Moderator

To: Turan
Whoever wrote this article a) doesn't speak or understand Arabic and b) at most has read only a small part of the Quran. More likely, this is verbatim what he has been told by one or more Muslim friends.

First off, the word Islam has no relation with the word for peace (salaam / or shalom in Hebrew). It is instead the imperative form of the verb "aslama", or to "submit". In other words, the name literally is a command to submit to the will of Allah ("The God"), and more pertinently to the teachings of his supposed prophet, Mohammed. When someone starts off with a lie or at the least an accidental untruth, they are one of two things. They are a liar and/or they are ignorant. In either case, this article is garbage.

Regarding the peacefulness of Islam, the bulk of the text of the Quran and long history clearly demonstrate that it is a religion of conquest and NOT peace. If they had somehow gained the technological superiority and dominance which the west has had since around 1400, they would have used it to crush our ancestors into the dust.

Ann Coulter may have been canned for saying so out loud, but in a holy war only one side comes out alive and unconverted. Christians need to realize this. Most Jews, especially those in Israel, found it out long ago.

38 posted on 10/04/2001 2:08:32 PM PDT by katana
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To: BibleBeliever
Just like Christianity "smears itself" because in certain parts of the Old Testament calls on Israel to exterminate its enemies including every woman and child? Watch your back your friend. The Muslim bashers will go after Christians next and then where will you be?
39 posted on 10/04/2001 2:13:24 PM PDT by Austin Willard Wright
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To: mccain2004
If I proclaimed a belief in such, it would be a valid question.
40 posted on 10/04/2001 2:14:31 PM PDT by atafak
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