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Why is a sadistic Palestinian boy getting royal honors? ["Palestinian" Islamic leadership creating racist little monsters murderers & B'tselem whines]
Makor Rishon ^ | Feb 24, 2022 | Yishai Friedman

Posted on 07/27/2022 12:52:15 PM PDT by Conservat1

Why do so many Palestinian boys join the cycle of violence? The attitude of Palestinian society to Ahmed Shawiki, who went to prison for the murder of a Jewish woman and was recently released, tells the story of the institutional brainwashing of Palestinian youth and children

"How does it happen that a 14-year-old boy (his name is Muhammad Shahada) was killed by our soldiers in El Khader today? Why?" asked the left-wing activist, Hagit Ofran, without an answer. This is an incident in which he fired at three Molotov cocktails throwers at Israeli vehicles. One of them, Shahada, was shot dead by IDF forces. Ofran pointed an accusing finger at the IDF, Israel, and MK Mossi Raz of Meretz answered her question and stated that "this is what an occupation looks like; a circle of Molotov cocktails and killing."

How does this really happen? How does a 14-year-old boy take a Molotov cocktail and try to burn Jews who are traveling in their car? How is such a reality created? Why do so many Palestinian children and boys recruit themselves for terrorist acts against Jews?
The left has a simple answer - Israel is to blame. We make them fight us. What is left for a 14-year-old boy? Watch YouTube videos or throw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli vehicles? He has no choice.
The truth is that it is very difficult to expect a Palestinian boy not to enlist in a violent nationalist struggle against the Jews. He receives constant signals and messages that this is his calling in life. The story below is of those boys who experience brainwashing by Palestinian society to the point of losing their humanity.

A few days ago, a young Palestinian man, Ahmed Shawiki (Shwike) [أحمد شويكي ], a resident of East Jerusalem, was released after 20 years in an Israeli prison. The attitude of the Palestinian society towards Mr. Shawiki is like the hero of the nation. Politicians and clerics make pilgrimages to him, funerals were held in his honor and interviews with him were conducted in the Arab media. "What are your dreams, what do you plan to do after you're released?" asked him an interviewer with teary eyes like Andy Dufresne who escaped from "Shawshank" prison from "The Shawshank Redemption."

But our "Andy Dufresne", Mr. Ahmed Shawiki, was a member of a sadistic group of boys from East Jerusalem, who committed crimes as brutal as those in "A Clockwork Orange (1979)", to the point of murdering Jews wherever they were Jews.

Any society that exalts a man like Ahmed Shawiki as a miracle is a sick society that has lost its conscience.

In 2001 Ahmed Shawiki, a boy aged 13 and 11 months who attended school in Abu Tor, joined a squad of boys and children from his school called the "Black Panther" who decided to murder Jews. Their school (!) became their training base, including making the Molotov cocktails and equipment. After a few months of training, the boys, aged 13-16, decided to go on the first operation to exterminate Jews. Finally, they succeeded in their mission. Equipped with black stocking hats and gloves, knives and tear gas, the gang, and the boy who was with them, went on a murder spree on the Promenade of the Governor's Palace, and hid behind the trees. There they recognized an Israeli couple who were traveling for pleasure. Schwicky and his friends began to chase the couple, who each split off in a different direction. The girl, Moran Amit, 25, a kibbutznik from Kibbutz Kfar Hanasi and a law student, was captured by them when she stumbled in her escape. Shawiki and his friends murdered her with knife stabs.

This was not the only incident in which Jews were tried to be murdered. Another time they tried it was the boy Shawiki's job to whistle. If an Arab passes by on the boardwalk, he must whistle once and he will not be touched. But in case a Jew passes by, he must blow the whistle twice, so that they know who to kill.

Shawiki failed in his duty. His two friends, who were waiting for him to leave, saw a young man walking along the boardwalk but did not hear a whistle. They decided to check for themselves and sprayed him with tear gas. This one started asking for mercy in Arabic after seeing that he had an Arab ID card, they released him and waited for the Jewish victim. And he arrived. A 64-year-old Jew running on the boardwalk. The gang sprayed him with tear gas, demanded money from him, and when he said he didn't have any, they stabbed him in all parts of his body. It is not clear how, but that elderly Jew survived the attack.
Another time, the group of boys decided to set fire to a Jewish building on Naomi Street in Jerusalem. Shawiki bought two bottles of gasoline and hid them in the place that became their base of operations - the school they attended. And so the group went out and threw Molotov cocktails in the hope that the house, where Jews live, would burn down on its occupants. They failed in this action. Another event in which Vicky participated was when he and his friends stole gas cylinders in order to blow up a house, and bought a rope to be used as a fuse. They managed to blow up the balloons and burn the yard of the house but did not cause any casualties.

Not only did the gang want to kill Jews, but also Arabs who helped Jews like Fadel from the Jebel Mukaber neighborhood, whose house they tried to burn down without success.

At the end of 2001, a group of boys wanted to burn down the Gazebo cafe on the Promenade of the Governor's Palace. They hid bottles of alcohol which they threw into the restaurant. When they did not succeed in their mission, they returned to the place, broke into the cafe, poured the gasoline on the furniture, sofas and walls. Their mission was successful beyond expectations - the restaurant was completely burned down. In another operation, the burning of a guard's room in the governor's palace, a Jewish swick was spotted approaching the scene. The squad beat him with iron rods and fists until he lost consciousness, then they robbed him of his money. Continuing on their way, the Palestinian boys tried to continue murdering Jews but did not succeed.

So what did we have here? Children and teenagers who time and time again tried to murder Jews until they succeeded. They planned the murders, the arsons, the beatings and the robberies in detail. A violent and sadistic group of children who attacked Jerusalem.

"The appellants acted as a well-oiled and skilled terrorist cell, and took advantage of the fact that they are holders of Israeli identity cards living in the heart of Jerusalem, in order to inflict their wrath on the Jewish residents of Jerusalem," the judges of the Supreme Court wrote in response to the appeal filed by the boys. "The appellants planned and carried out many terrorist attacks, starting with throwing Molotov cocktails on a building where Jewish families live, to burying and igniting gas cylinders with the aim of blowing up that building on its occupants, and ending with acts of assault and robbery and murderous stabbings of innocent bystanders on the boardwalk, after the minds of the attackers because they are Jews. This criminal activity of the appellants lasted several months, and was the result of careful preparation and meticulous organization during which the members of the squad equipped themselves with weapons and other means they needed to carry out their plan, and even trained before each attack in order to improve the execution and the chances of success."

Hugging the murderer

The question arises, what makes such children become real monsters? See every Jew as a target for murder and burn down Jewish houses on their occupants?

Apparently it starts when the Palestinians make these boys the heroes of the Arab nation.
As mentioned, Ahmed Shawiki, that violent and anti-Semitic boy who anywhere else in the world would be ashamed of his monstrous and criminal actions, is a Palestinian hero.

The "religious man", Mr. Ekrima Sabri, made a pilgrimage to him. Sabri, is the former mufti of Jerusalem, a very influential cleric in the Arab society in Israel and in the world. He crossed his legs to pay respect to the man whose entire work was to insert a knife into the heart of a 25-year-old Jewish woman. The Palestinian Authority and its dignitaries made a pilgrimage to him and have already presented him with a certificate of honor. This certificate of appreciation is for what? for his work for the Palestinian nation.

In general, this whole gang of criminals, most of whose members, those stupid ten-year-old boys, are serving life sentences, are respected as kings in Arab society. Sports tournaments are held in their honor and campaigns about the cruelty of the Israelis who detain "boys" and "little children" for many years have been launched for their sake.

In Israel, the murder of the late taxi driver Derek Roth by two 14-year-old Israeli boys is remembered in horror. The names of these murderers will forever be remembered to in infamy. There is nothing more twisted than teenagers who become animals of prey. But in Palestinian society, animals of prey receive all the respect in the world. Ahmed Shawiki, a murderous boy with blood on his hands, is a "proper monster" and deserves all the respect in the world, in the eyes of the Palestinians and their leaders. Instead of ignoring his existence, being ashamed of him and his actions, he is applauded. This is how generations upon generations of brainwashed people are produced.

When that entire terrorist squad becomes culture heroes, and people of honor from the Palestinian leadership and elite, the Palestinian youth have no choice but to be a part of this violence.

So when Hagit Ofran asks, "How is it that a 14-year-old boy was killed by our soldiers?", we should ask the leaders of Palestinian society, its educators, teachers, journalists and all those who helped in the anti-Semitic and nationalist brainwashing, until when will you poison your boys and children? How long will beasts of prey like Ahmed Shawiki be the heroes of Palestinian society?

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1 posted on 07/27/2022 12:52:15 PM PDT by Conservat1
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To: Conservat1

Because they blow up so early is the standard reason

2 posted on 07/27/2022 12:53:29 PM PDT by NWFree (Somebody has to say it 🤪)
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To: All

And Soros/Haaretz/NIF/B’tselem supports this twisted cult.

3 posted on 07/27/2022 12:56:37 PM PDT by Conservat1
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To: Conservat1

The cycle of violence indoctrination has been ongoing for many decades.

4 posted on 07/27/2022 12:57:17 PM PDT by cranked
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As more and more ancient civilizations are unearthed from earlier than we though possible, I am starting to believe we had many high points of civilization and technology until they were inevitably destroyee by their eras versions of liberals and paleosimians

5 posted on 07/27/2022 12:57:51 PM PDT by dsrtsage ( Complexity is just simple lacking imagination)
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To: Conservat1

“Any society that exalts a man like Ahmed Shawiki as a miracle is a sick society that has lost its conscience.”

Welcome to the world of islam. It’s only been around for close to 1400 years starting in Mecca when Muhammad was around 40 years of age. And their doctrine is, and always has been, to make everyone alive a muslim. And those are your two choices.


6 posted on 07/27/2022 1:00:18 PM PDT by whitney69
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To: cranked

The 1929 Hebron massacre for instance, was on non-Zionist religious pious Jews.

7 posted on 07/27/2022 1:16:52 PM PDT by Conservat1
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To: Conservat1

cause they hate Jews, more than they love their children...

8 posted on 07/27/2022 1:20:51 PM PDT by Chode (there is no fall back position, there's no rally point, there is no LZ... we're on our own. #FJB)
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To: Chode
'cause they hate Jews, more than they love their children...'


That is it.

9 posted on 07/27/2022 1:22:21 PM PDT by Conservat1
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To: Conservat1

Here are some reasons.

Not for squeamish.

10 posted on 07/27/2022 1:33:23 PM PDT by Norski (Revelation 22:20)
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To: cranked

Uhhh-‘cause they’ve been inbreeding for years and have IQs south of 67?

11 posted on 07/27/2022 1:58:20 PM PDT by cabbagesNkings
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To: Conservat1

US State Department, European Union, the UN, the Biden administration, BLM, the Teacher’s Union, the Congressional Black Caucus, Antifa, Academia, the NY TIMES, the Washinton [Bezos] Post,

12 posted on 07/27/2022 4:05:55 PM PDT by MarvinStinson
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