Since Aug 29, 2004

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I have been visiting FR since about 2001. I manage rental property in a northern state, both our own, and for other people. I have also worked in bars. Beer Kegs are heavy. So are beer drinkers.

We have a ten-year old Maine Coon cat, which we adopted from the animal shelter. His name is Noorvik. We have no children, but I have found that adults can have just as loud and showy a tantrum as any two-year old.

I imagine that I will be adding to this page as I learn my way around.



Pet Peeve(s):
The endemic misuse of the apostrophe.
dangling particibles.
Musical Artists I enjoy:
Zevon, Warren
Da Yoopers
Royal Crown Revue Squirrel Nut Zippers Chris Rea
Cave,Nick & The Bad Seeds Rachmaninoff Authors, Essential:
Heinlein, Robert
Rand, Ayn > McDonald, John. Francis, Dick Hiasson, Unk> Richard Marcinko (Rogue Warrior)Drake and Pournelle for Military SF. 10/17/04 Art: No art yet. 9/5/04