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The California Transgender Bill That Should Alarm All Americans ^ | August 19, 2020 | Jane Robins

Posted on 08/19/2020 11:53:58 AM PDT by Kaslin

As commentator Dennis Prager often notes, truth is not a left-wing value. The Left pays homage to the higher value of accomplishing its agenda, by whatever means necessary, and any lie that advances the agenda is justifiable for the greater good. This reality is starkly apparent in the realm of transgender ideology – and it’s playing out in the California legislature.

A committee in the state Senate recently passed a bill designated AB 2218, which would establish a Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund to finance medical interventions for trans-identifying individuals. Such interventions could include puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones (testosterone for females, estrogen for males), and mutilating surgeries such as mastectomies and castrations. The full Senate may vote later this month.

Opponents of the bill are marshaling public opposition by pointing out that AB 2218 would provide taxpayer funding to sterilize children. This claim is true. But the bill’s supporters have reacted to the resulting public outrage by simply denying the charge. 

Bill sponsor Assemblyman Miguel Santiago testified at the Senate hearing that “nothing [in the bill] talks about sterilizing kids. Nothing, I will repeat, in this bill points to anything to do with children.” Senator Susan Rubio chimed in that she had read the bill “very, very carefully” but “didn’t find anything about sterilizing children.”

No, the word “sterilizing” doesn’t appear in the bill. But AB 2218 would fund “gender-affirming health care services, such as [but presumably not limited to] hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery.” Since puberty-blocking drugs are a standard part of gender clinics’ services, they could be funded as well. All of these interventions can lead to sterilization of children.

As the California Family Council has uncovered, the Transgender Care unit of the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center warns on its website that infertility is likely to result from chemical interventions: “For youth whose pubertal process has been suspended in the earliest stages [by puberty-blocking drugs], followed by administration of gender-affirming (sic) hormones, development of mature sperm or eggs is unlikely at the present time . . .”  No sperm, no eggs, no fertility. The website warning continues: “While options are being explored to preserve future fertility for transgender youth, the current reality is that cryopreservation is very expensive, in many cases prohibitively so for those with ovaries” (known in the real world as “women” and “girls”). 

UCSF is working with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) on a federal study to administer the kinds of interventions covered by AB 2218. The study’s patient consent forms warn that infertility is a likely outcome of the experimentation.  (The risible claim that children are capable of consenting to lifelong sterility is discussed here and here.) 

Boys’ “[t]aking feminizing medications after or while being on [puberty-blocking drugs] will likely lead to infertility,” CHLA states matter-of-factly. Among several listed reasons for this outcome is that “[s]perm will not mature . . . . and [t]he ability to make sperm normally may or may not come back even after stopping taking feminizing medication.”

What about girls who take puberty blockers and testosterone? “It is not known what the effects of testosterone are on fertility,” CHLA says. “If you started puberty blockers in the early stages of your puberty, then you will not have mature enough eggs to reproduce.” Whether stopping the drugs will restore the girl’s fertility is anybody’s guess.

In the consent form for parents of trans-identifying children, CHLA is blunt: “If your child starts puberty blockers in the earliest stages of puberty, and then goes on to gender affirming (sic) hormones, they (sic) will not develop sperm or eggs. This means they will not be able to have biological children.” Sign here, please.

So it’s beyond dispute that the interventions funded by AB 2218 can or will cause infertility. Maybe the leftist bill’s supporters are arguing, instead, that the funds will be used only for adult patients rather than children. But this isn’t true either. The bill states repeatedly that the resources will be used for trans-identifying “people” or “individuals” – nowhere limited to individuals 18 years of age or over. In fact, the “findings” section of the bill gives statistics about the number of “youth 12 to 17” who are viewed as gender-nonconforming. Why would this be in the bill if children weren’t covered?

Numerous physicians and other mental-health professionals have sounded the alarm about AB 2218, not only because it would advance sterilization of troubled children (and adults) but also because of other devastating physical and psychological consequences of these experimental interventions (see herehere, and here). This is not “fear-mongering,” as the radical bill supporters claim; it’s the undeniable truth. 

But truth isn’t a left-wing value.

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1 posted on 08/19/2020 11:53:58 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Just another reason people are leaving California.

2 posted on 08/19/2020 12:05:25 PM PDT by cuban leaf (The political war playing out in every country now: Globalists vs Nationalists)
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To: Kaslin

What kind of world do we live in where it is considered hateful and “transphobic” to be against the sterilization and mutilation of children?

IANAD but the link between high testosterone levels and female fertility problems is pretty well established. When I was a teenager I went to a gynecologist because my cycle was irregular and very heavy. They did a hormone test and found my testosterone levels to be about 3-4 times what they should have been. They told me I had cysts in my ovaries. If I hadn’t gotten the right medication to correct the hormonal imbalance I would probably have full-blown polycystic ovarian syndrome right now.

If an adult wants to sterilize himself/herself that should be a personal choice, but children do not yet have the maturity to understand the consequences of their actions.

3 posted on 08/19/2020 12:17:50 PM PDT by FormerFRLurker (Keep calm and vote your conscience.)
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To: Kaslin; null and void; LS; The Mayor; radu; bitt; SkyDancer; Tilted Irish Kilt; ladyjane; malach; ..

News out of California! Kevin Kiley is to be commended for taking on Fidel Newsom! Please share with anyone you know in CA.

Our Court Case Against Newsom is Set for Trial

A California Superior Court has set the date for the trial in our case against Gavin Newsom.

The trial begins at 9 AM on October 21 at the Superior Court of California, County of Sutter, 1175 Civic Center Boulevard.

The case of Gallagher and Kiley v. Newsom is about more than one unlawful Executive Order. It’s about making Gov. Newsom answer for his illegal one-man rule.

It’s about vindicating the constitutional checks and balances that have served our country so well for 233 years.

These last five months, the genius of our Founding Fathers has given way to the recklessness of our floundering Governor. This case is our best chance to restore the rule of law, check and balances, and representative government.

Governor Newsom is understandably nervous. Ours is the first case where he’s suffered a loss in court, with a Judge issuing a Temporary Restraining Order against him in June.

That’s why his cavalcade of lawyers at the Attorney General’s Office has worked frantically, pulling out all the stops, to delay this legal reckoning. He even ousted from the case the Judge who ruled against him.

Further, the Governor knows that an adverse outcome at trial will be the coup de grâce in his failed pandemic response.

With California having the most COVID cases and the worst economy of any state, Newsom now faces the ultimate blot on his record: a court finding that he put our Constitution through a paper shredder.

Getting a trial date before the election was a major victory for us, as the Executive Order at issue overhauled the election unilaterally. If trial was delayed until after Nov. 3, as Newsom desperately hoped, he would have argued the issue was moot as a way to escape judgment.

The trial will be open to the public, and Assemblyman Gallagher and I will be representing ourselves.

Well, we’ll be representing ourselves in the technical legal sense – but really, we’re representing the people of our state against a runaway Governor who’s left 40 million Californians without a voice in their own government.

*Sign up below for updates on our case against Gov. Newsom

4 posted on 08/19/2020 12:19:38 PM PDT by ExTexasRedhead
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To: cuban leaf

Transgender procedures on Children = Our generation’s thalidomide crisis.

5 posted on 08/19/2020 12:33:35 PM PDT by who_would_fardels_bear
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To: who_would_fardels_bear

Leftists and Science. This bears on a response in a thread I posted the other day, specifically, the "SCIENCE IS REAL" part.

The Leftists and Useful Idiots have signs all over the place around here. It is neck and neck (and I think the Black Lives Matter signs are winning the Stupidity Race) but the one that really shows their abject inability to think for themselves is the "In This House We Believe" sign.

It is the lawn sign version of the "COEXIST" bumper sticker.

In This House, We Believe:
Black Lives Matter
Women's Rights are Human Rights
No Human is Illegal
Science is Real
Love is Love
No Matter Your Faith or Ability Kindness is Everything

I see that sign all the time. Every time I see one of those asinine signs, I easily imagine the two faces you would see on the faces of people you might challenge on it.

One face would be vacuous stupidity, and the other face would be contorted outrage.

But when I take the time to think about those signs, these are the thoughts I think:

    • Black Lives Matter as much as any other lives including Blue Lives. Actually, a Police Officer of any color is 18 times more likely to be murdered by a black than a black is to be killed by a Police Officer. Don't Blue Lives Matter?
    • Are Women not Humans? Are you talking about Abortion? Don't fetuses and infants have rights?
    • Yes they can be, and as long as there have been borders, there have been illegal humans. Your front door to your house is a border. Even dimwits like you would take issue with someone walking unannounced in your front door and occupying your couch.
    • Oh, like the science that states someone with XX chromosomes is female, and someone with XY chromosomes is male? Isn't that science, or do you want to say that is not "Science"? Or, the "Science" regarding a contagion that you invoke to shut down the economy of a country and put millions of people out of work and hundreds of thousands of businesses into bankruptcy, destroying our future and our children's future?
    • What you mean but don't have the intellectual integrity to say is "Sexual Love" is "Sexual Love" because only an idiot would maintain a man cannot feel love for another man, or a woman can feel love for another women. So, to you Sexual Love between two men or two women is exactly the same as the Sexual Love between a Man and a Woman? Do you also believe that Sexual Love between adults and children is "Sexual Love"? Or "Sexual Love" between a human and an animal is Sexual Love? Or Sexual Love between a Human and a Potted Plant is Sexual Love?
    • What do Faith or Ability have to do with "Kindness"? And kindness isn't "Everything". When someone is trying to cut your throat, even the simplest and stupidest of humans recognize that "Kindness" takes a back seat to whatever means you must employ to defend yourself, some of which do not involve "Kindness".

6 posted on 08/19/2020 12:40:17 PM PDT by rlmorel ("Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies"- George Orwell)
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To: Kaslin

The democrats are for anything that is anti Christianity. Absence of a moral compass will eventually result in a crash.

7 posted on 08/19/2020 12:43:58 PM PDT by drypowder
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To: Kaslin

Transgenderism is a mental disorder

8 posted on 08/19/2020 1:07:31 PM PDT by Sir_Humphrey (Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people -Socrates)
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To: Kaslin

If the left can do it, so can we. It looks like time for civil disobedience. To hell with this tranny nonsense. Stand up for normalcy. If that doesn’t work, perhaps we can utilize some of the means of persuasion the other side uses. Wouldn’t they be surprised!

9 posted on 08/19/2020 1:10:28 PM PDT by bk1000 (Banned from Breitbart)
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To: cuban leaf
Just another reason people are leaving California.

Problem is that many leave their hellholes that they helped to create, and then settle somewhere else and try to change that too.

10 posted on 08/19/2020 1:26:42 PM PDT by voicereason (The mped RNC is like the "one-night stand" you wish you could forget.)
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To: Kaslin

A bunch of woke people and their children going for a Darwin Award, pharmaceutical category.

11 posted on 08/19/2020 1:32:15 PM PDT by omega4412
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To: Kaslin

Paying for abortions and now this

12 posted on 08/19/2020 1:45:13 PM PDT by ronnie raygun
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To: voicereason

Those are mostly the last to leave.

13 posted on 08/19/2020 2:48:19 PM PDT by cuban leaf (The political war playing out in every country now: Globalists vs Nationalists)
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To: cuban leaf
Those are mostly the last to leave.

That's not true. Just look at places like Colorado, Austin, TX, etc. It's much the same way that people from the Northeast U.S., infect the Southern states.

14 posted on 08/19/2020 4:23:00 PM PDT by voicereason (The mped RNC is like the "one-night stand" you wish you could forget.)
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To: Kaslin

If the state tax dollars won’t pay for plastic surgery and boob jobs for straight women, why on earth would they pay that for the gender confused?

15 posted on 08/19/2020 4:35:50 PM PDT by blueplum ("...this moment is your moment: it belongs to you... " President Donald J. Trump, Jan 20, 2017))
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To: ExTexasRedhead

Fidel Newsom
Rather, Saddam Newsom. He is fostering a lot of horrible experimentations and baseless actions playing around with people’s lives and health.
Next step, the wood chipper.

Or, Josef Newsom. He is presiding over horrendous experimentation outcomes in bizarre bills that provide state funding for potential atrocities to growing children. And self-mutilating adults.
Next step, twins.

The ship of California is on an iceberg collision course.

16 posted on 08/19/2020 5:11:18 PM PDT by malach (We live in interesting times.)
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To: rlmorel
I have seen two of those signs in my neighborhood.

Either the occupants are naive in that they believe all that nonsense. Or else they are naive in that they believe that if Antifa or BLM comes to their neighborhood they will pass them on by.

I like your thoughtful rejoinders to each of the vacuous statements.

How sad they we have come to times where such a sign is viewed like spreading the blood of a lamb on a lintel in hopes the thugs will pass over these idiots.

17 posted on 08/19/2020 7:36:47 PM PDT by who_would_fardels_bear
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To: who_would_fardels_bear

I live in the Bluest of states, and there are a lot of those signs around here.

The sad and nearly frightening thing is that they are that naive, and I believe they DO believe it.

It really destroys any illusion that intelligence can overcome propaganda coupled with human weakness.

The weakness of wanting to belong and show how virtuous one is.

18 posted on 08/19/2020 7:42:57 PM PDT by rlmorel ("Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies"- George Orwell)
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To: Kaslin

“In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.”

(New Testament, Jude: 1:7)

19 posted on 08/19/2020 8:29:16 PM PDT by Cedar
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To: AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Arthur Wildfire! March; Berosus; Bockscar; cardinal4; ColdOne; ...

20 posted on 08/19/2020 11:48:32 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie.)
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